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101 Blockchains is the world’s leading research-based platform for Blockchain and Web3 Practitioners. It was established in 2019, and it already has a community of over 60,000 professionals.

101 Blockchains is the online platform for independent research-based networking for enterprise blockchain practitioners around the world.

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They are a reputable and professional provider of blockchain certifications for businesses, as well as online education in this space.

By empowering leading enterprise professionals with practical, up-to-date knowledge and the necessary upskilling, the primary goal is to assist them in accomplishing their goal of becoming global blockchain experts.

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101Blockchains helps professionals improve their skills and advance to the next level of success by providing them with training courses of the highest caliber and certification programs that are acknowledged throughout their industry.

As per their website, they have teams of researchers, instructors, and subject matter experts comprised of real-world industry professionals who have immense knowledge and significant experience in their respective fields.

Quick Summary-101BlockChains


  • High-Quality Content:
  • Real-world examples
  • Practical Use-Cases:
  • A wide range of blockchain training courses
  • Well-presented & Researched Courses:


  • The website isn’t personalized after logging in
  • No Subtitles in Videos:
  • Not deep enough:
  • Graduation requirements are not given out upfront

Best For Business professionals, 101 Blockchains has a wonderful collection of training for most things Web3 related.

Overall Review: A great source for everyone who wants to get deep knowledge about blockchain technology. All the topics are well explained, well researched & well presented by the great staff of instructors.

Upskill yourself with interactive learning materials

Yearly plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go

Yearly+ plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go

Image from 101Blockchains

What is 101Blockchains:?

The largest online research-based network for enterprise blockchain practitioners is called 101 Blockchains. With 101Blockchains courses, you can acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts underlying blockchain technology and the ecosystem it supports.

Also, you can acquire the knowledge necessary to successfully implement blockchain technology.

You will be able to concentrate on your transformation because you have access to the most modern tools. This community is home to some of the most knowledgeable blockchain enterprise experts who are willing to share both their tactical and strategic expertise.

You will be able to become a more effective leader of both your team and organization after completing the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Course.

In addition to this, you will acquire the practical knowledge and tools necessary to assist you in developing superior business strategies.

This course is designed to provide business leaders, senior managers, and industry professionals with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding blockchain technology, its applications, and its impact.

Gaining knowledge from some of the most accomplished people in the industry can help you advance your career.

You’ll have an advantage over the competition after completing our online certification program for Enterprise Blockchain Professionals.

101BlockChains- Review

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Image from 101Blockchains

In any case, 101 Blockchains has been providing its platform with content for hundreds of students who are interested in gaining knowledge about blockchain.

They are, in the parlance of the business world, the enterprise blockchain practitioners, and they have a fairly sizable team that numbers more than 15,000 professionals.

The service provides its users with a variety of options from which they can choose and search.

Anyone can go to their website, look over the services and plans they have available, and then choose the specific class or skill they want to improve.

What we like:

High-Quality Content: You can Enhance your capabilities by taking part in high-quality training programs that are based on extensive research and many years of experience.-Courses offered in all the categories in the blockchain platform and the certifications are some of the best ones.

Real-world examples from a range of industries bring the learning to life.

Practical Use-Cases: You can Enhance your knowledge with a cutting-edge instructional approach that places an emphasis on real-world scenarios and applicable case studies.

A wide range of blockchain training courses & professional blockchain certifications for enterprise professionals. Also, well-organized and knowledgeable faculty help in the training process.

Well-presented & Researched Courses: The courses present well-researched subjects with several instances of how organizations utilize Blockchain or plan to use this new technology.

What we do not Like

The website isn’t personalized after being logged in. You keep getting offers for courses that you’ve already completed. This is minor and doesn’t change the experience of the programs.

No Subtitles in Videos: Videos are great, but would be even better with subtitles as it’s easier for some people to read and listen at the same time in order to learn.

Not deep enough: doesn’t go deep into the technology, again this is a very fast-moving industry, and almost impossible to stay up to date.

Graduation requirements are not upfront But seen at the very end.

Best 101Blockchains Courses of 2023

The following Subject areas are Fast Moving on 101Blockchains:

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Upskill yourself with interactive learning materials

Yearly plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go

Yearly+ plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go

Image from 101Blockchains

Metaverse Technology – Intermediate Level Course – Enroll Now
Crypto Compliance Fundamentals Course – Enroll Now
Metaverse Fundamentals Course – Enroll Now
Blockchain Certification

How is 101Blockchain Priced

The pricing structure of 101Blockchians is another possible area of contention.

101Blockchains has a straightforward pricing structure, and all of its plans are based on a subscription model.

Its Yearly plan( priced $25 per Month billed annually) for individual learners, grants subscribers unrestricted access to the platform’s more than 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go- priced at $25 per Month and Billed annually

With Yearly+ Plan ( priced at $75 per month -Billed annually)you can accelerate your skill development process at scale. You can access everything in the Yearly Plan, plus unlimited access to all of our certification programs. Priced at $75/Month billed annually.

With these 2 Yearly & Yearly+ Plans, you get Unrestricted access to more than 40 professional courses and more than 60 webinars available on demand, Demonstrations, interactive exercises, and whiteboard videos all with a focus on practical applications
You can also Access premium live events and live research sessions are only available to paying customers.

Certificate of professional membership that grants access to a community of blockchain specialists.

If you are not sure about the Yearly plans, You can Join Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals – A Free Course: 4 Days 15 minutes per day

101BlockChains Free Course

The “Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals” free online course is the best tool for blockchain career hopefuls. The free blockchain course teaches newcomers about blockchain technology, its uses, and career development.

You can Join Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals – A Free Course: 4 Days 15 minutes per day

What You Will Learn in the free course

The 1-hour Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals training is free.

The course has four modules and may be completed in four days with flexible learning in 15 minutes a day. Blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and blockchain digital transformation are covered in this online blockchain course. Bonuses include lectures, live events, webinars, and more.

  • What Exactly is Blockchain Technology
  • Important Enterprise Blockchain Terms
  • Smart Contracts Basics
  • Blockchain Digital Transformation

The free course is suitable for:

The course introduces blockchain technology and its commercial applications.

The course targets software developers, business analysts, technical consultants, and decision-makers. Startups and senior management can attend this course to learn about Blockchain.

This course is also suitable for beginners who want to learn about enterprise blockchain.

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FAQs 101Blockchains

Where do I find the access information for the Certification Programs?
The new Yearly+ Membership Program is the most convenient way to participate in all of our certification programs, as well as all of our professional training courses and masterclasses.

You will have unrestricted and unlimited access to all of the resources that are offered on 101 Blockchains, including certification programs if you sign up for the Yearly+ membership program. This access comes at no additional cost.

Is it possible for me to network with other Blockchain professionals?
Yes! You will be able to interact and network with other industry professionals as part of your membership, in addition to having access to a public professional profile that you can share with others in your field.

Does the course 101Blockchains require any prerequisites?
Absolutely not.

You can increase both your professional visibility and your skills by becoming a member of our organization, regardless of whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned pro.

Over 60,000+ professionals have been able to launch or advance their blockchain careers with the assistance of 101 Blockchains.

Since you are a member of 101 Blockchains, you will have unrestricted access to the library of highly regarded professional courses.

These courses will help you improve both your knowledge and your skills, which will enable you to take a leadership role in the blockchain industry.

Do I qualify for a discount because I have a yearly membership?
You will, in fact, receive a discount of forty percent off of each of our certification programs if you sign up for the Annual membership plan; however, if you upgrade to the Yearly+ plan, you will be granted unrestricted access to each of the certification programs at no additional cost.

Is Accreditation Available for 101 Courses?
Yes, all of the 101 Blockchains certifications are the only ones of their kind that are acknowledged by the industry and accredited by the CPD.

These certifications put a specific emphasis on blockchain and web3 technologies.

is the information Current & Frequently Updated?

Yes, because we have our very own independent research team comprised of industry analysts, our content is continually updated so that it is always accurate. Additionally, every week we add brand-new
content to the site.

Will the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Free Course help me to grow in my career?

Yes, Absolutely. You will become well-versed in the principles of Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Terminology, Enterprise Blockchains, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Digital Transformation if you take advantage of the free training course that focuses on Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals.

When you have a solid foundation built on well-defined ideas, you are already well on your way to becoming successful.

Additionally, supplementary materials such as complimentary lectures, online events, and expert webinars will assist you in staying connected with the most recent trends and selecting the appropriate growth route for your business.

What’s the pay range for professionals with fundamental enterprise blockchains skills

The salary of a professional with fundamental enterprise blockchain skills depends on the role he would be performing such as developer, engineer, architect, etc.

The Glassdoor report says the average salary for various enterprise blockchain roles varies from $17,000 and $2,71,000.

101BlockChains available plans

Cutting-edge skills to keep you sharp

Upskill yourself with interactive learning materials

Yearly plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go- Join Now

Yearly+ plan: Access 40+ training courses, masterclasses, and exclusive resources in one go

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