Top 7+ 3D sculpt Apps for Tablets & ipad

The best 3D sculpt App for Android and iPad

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It’s a common technique for creating characters where the 3D model is sculpted like clay.

The process of creating a character known as “3D sculpting” is becoming increasingly popular.

In this technique, a model is shaped as if it were made out of clay.

The name given to the digital tools that are used to shape the models is “brushes,” and each brush has a variety of functions that can be used to achieve a variety of effects on the model.

Animated or computer-generated art projects often use 3D sculpting during the early stages of concept development.

Because most sculpting software relies heavily on graphics, the vast majority of sculpting programs are designed to run only on personal computers and not on mobile devices.

On the other hand, as mobile computing has become more popular, more streamlined versions of sculpting software that are optimized for tablets have become available.

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The transition from pens and drawing tablets to tablets is very natural because sculpting on a computer is typically done with a pen and drawing tablet.

Brushes, which have a variety of purposes, are the primary tools used to shape the models.

Projects involving animation or computer-generated imagery rely heavily on this technique in the planning stages.

As a result of their widespread usage in industrial settings, computer programs for sculpting provide a wide range of choices.

With the rise of tablet computers, tablet-friendly sculpting applications are now accessible.

Tablets are a logical progression for PC sculpting, as the pen and drawing tablet are the most common tools used.

Tablets allow you to work from any location, which is an additional benefit.

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Here is a list of the 7+ best apps for iPad and Android that let you sculpt.

When making this list, we looked at the ratings and reviews of the apps because that’s the best way to figure out if an app is worth downloading.

We also showed apps with a range of prices, including some that were free.

All of them had a good mix of features and were easy to use.

Lastly, to make this list as useful as possible, we made sure that our choices were good for both iPad and Android tablet users.

Top 7+ 3d Digital sculpt apps for Android and iPad

  1. Nomad SculptPlatform: iPad and Android )— Industry standard  & Leading Sculpt App:  Editors Pick for 3D Art- Best for Beginners and pros alike- $14.99 lifetime
  2. Forger (iPad)— The best 3D App for professionals( FREE)
  3. Scultura(iPad)- With an advanced clay engine and artist-tested tools, Sculptura is the most intuitive and powerful 3D sculpting app ever designed for your iPad.
  4. 3D Modelling App( iPad & Android)- Free App ( $8.99 /month for InApp Purchases)
  5. Sculpt +( Android)- Sculpt+ is a digital sculpting and painting app, designed to bring the sculpting experience to your smartphone or tablet, sculpt anywhere anytime!
  6. uMake ( iPad , iPhone & Mac)— Easy and affordable 3D Design( $7.99 /Month)
  7. Sharpr3D(iOS & Windows)- Industrial CAD Software ( $25 /Month)
  8. D3D Sculptor – Free Offers in-app Purchases (Android and iPad )- d3D Sculptor is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D modeling, texturing and painting

We’ve put together a list of the top 7+ 3D Apps  ( iPad and Android) for sculpting applications. 

Due to a large number of choices, we’ve narrowed our list down to the best based on the following criteria:

  • Listening to what consumers have to say is the best approach to determine whether or not an app is worthwhile.
  • The app’s ratings and reviews were also taken into consideration. Also, How easy the app is to learn and also how well it can be used for professional work.
  • We looked at a variety of pricing points, from free to premium, to find apps that had a fair balance of features and accessibility.
  • In terms of functionality, we looked for applications that could be used by a wide range of people, had a small set of restrictions, and were also good and competent models.

1.Nomad Sculpt( Editor’s Pick)

Nomad Sculpt is an iPad and Android sculpting software.

Purchase the app if you want to use it on your iPad.

It can be downloaded for free on Android and unlocked with in-app purchases.

Well, there are a few limitations to the free version.

Brushes, polygon cutting, and loops are all included in the entire range of features. It is also responsive to pressure.

You can quickly travel back and forth between your alterations by separating them into layers, and you won’t have to worry about hurting any particular area.

  • iPad and Android are both supported.
  • About $15
  • Different brush types, pencil sensitivity, vertex painting, layering, rendering, and exporting are some of the most notable features.
  • Effortlessness: Quick and simple to learn, same brush sensitivity to ZBrush, and recommended for iPad and Android

Functionality and usability of Nomad Sculpt App

Nomad sculpt is. a multi-purpose tool, You can sculpt, paint ( Vertex painting), and make decent-looking 3d Models for 3d printing.

Even you can Export your 3d model to Procreate for UV painting. It is Great on the Go App and fun to use.

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Performance of Nomad Sculpt App

This is where Nomad excels. It’s amazing to use when you have iPad pro ( Decent latest model- 5th Gen Onwards).

However, support is excellent: I submitted a crash report during testing, and the developer published a fix the next day.

My Thoughts about Nomad App

When Nomad works, it’s a delight to use – it’s far easier to learn compared to ZBrush or any other 3d Tool on the market.

When it comes to pricing it’s a One-time purchase. $14.99 for a lifetime

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  • Platform: iPad and Android
  • Price: $14.99
  • Key features: Different brush types, pencil sensitivity, vertex painting, working by layers, rendering, exporting,  painting
  • Ease of use: Easy to learn, both iPad and Android versions recommended


  • Best Sculpting Experience on the go
  • Post-processing  Feature
  • Frequent Updates
  • Responsive Developer
  • Simple & Customizable user Interface


  • No Texture painting( Vertex painting)
  • Auto UV Unwrap – No control

2. Forger

Only on the iPad can you use Forger’s multi-touch sculpting, which makes it unique. It is capable of importing and exporting 3D models in the OBJ file format.

The mesh may be improved further using high-quality sculpting tools.

The problem is that Forger lacks rendering capability and is primarily utilized for modeling.

However, users point out that it contains modeling capabilities that are on par with computer-based modeling software in terms of their capability.

The iPad is the platform of choice, and the price is around $15

Many brush kinds, precise brush settings, and masks to isolate specific portions of the model; high-resolution characteristics stand out among these aspects.

Effortlessness: Professionals and novices alike will find it simple to use.

Functionality and usability of the Forger App

Forger kind of resembles Maya, so it immediately feels familiar.

It has a very slick interface, but several functions require you to use both hands, which takes some getting used to.

It has many more tools than the other apps, including an excellent Clay brush akin to Mudbox’s Wax tool.

You can also add new objects and hide geometry, allowing you to create far more complex scenes.

Performance of Forger App

This is where Forger falls apart.

It crashed all the time, and I’ve had it appear to save a project just to have my work vanish when I opened it again.

My Thoughts about Forger

When Forger works, it’s a delight to use – it’s far more compatible with Mudbox and ZBrush than anything else on the market.

However, it is just not worth counting on without stability. it also lacks post-processing like Nomad Sculpt.

At the moment, the software just accomplishes too much for the iPad.

Forger 3d vs Nomad sculpt- which App should You use

  • Platforms: iPad
  • Price: Free (limit of three active files) or around $15/year (interacts with Cinema4D)
  • Key features: Many brush types, detailed and precise brush settings, masks to isolate certain parts of the model, resolution features
  • Ease of use: Easy to use by both professionals and amateurs


  • Best Sculpting Experience on the go
  • Frequent Updates
  • Responsive Developer
  • Simple & Customizable user Interface


  • No post-processing Feature
  • Unstable

3. Sculpt+

Sculpt+ is a sculpting application available for Android devices that includes tools for sculpting and 3D painting right on the model’s surface.

In addition to brushes, there are other sculpting tools accessible, such as tools to flatten your object and tools to squeeze, push, and rotate it.

In addition, you’ll find tools for improving the overall quality of your work as well as for building foundation forms.

You have the ability to import and export models, as well as create renderings.

Users like it for being an excellent program that can produce high-quality models, which it certainly is.

However, for the time being, you can only paint in one opacity, and there are no tutorials to guide you through the process.

Android Operating System Price: Free
Features that stand out include 3D painting, adding textures, rendering, importing and exporting, and a selection of ten distinct modeling tools.

There are limited learning tools, but it is not overly complicated with little experience.

  • Platform: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Key features: 3D paint, adding textures, rendering, importing and exporting, 10 different modeling tools
  • Ease of use: Limited learning resources but not too complex after a little practice

4. Sculptura

Sculptura is another excellent iPad sculpting software.

It features ten distinct brush types for pulling, flattening, pushing, moving, and adding material.

Its engine is focused on producing high-quality, detailed meshes.

Additionally, there is an editing history that allows you to return to a previous stage if necessary.

Because the program is devoted only to modeling, it lacks rendering and painting capabilities, although it does allow you to add a single color or material to your model.

Additionally, it is readily linked via iCloud with other Apple devices, enabling files to be opened and viewed on other devices.

iPad Price: $10
Highlights include GPU processing, ten distinct brush types, and a high-quality, realistic mesh.
Ease of use: Getting started is really intuitive.

  • Platform: iPad
  • Price: around $10
  • Key features:  10 different brush types, high quality, detailed mesh,GPU processing
  • Ease of use: Very intuitive to get started


  • Good user interface
  • Decent sculpting Experience


  • Lack of Vital tools like  Crease and so on..
  • Pricey, considering the lack of vital features


Check out the Comprehensive List  of  Digital Resources needed to Start your Digital Art & Digital Sculpt Journey:


Create stunning creations – photographs, presentations, or 3D models — with the uMake app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which includes a content library and simple-to-use tools (Apple Silicon). is a platform for architects and interior designers.

Designing on the fly may be tough, all the more so when your iPhone or iPad cannot run Sketchup! uMake is the first 3D design software designed just for the mobile creative professional. empowers you to fully realize your imagination. Yes! I mean it! You may construct anything from a small three-dimensional object to a whole three-dimensional scenario.

Begin with a template or rapidly add 3D components, textures, HDR environments, fonts, and images to your canvas using the drag-and-drop method.

iPad and AndroidPrice: Standard Free and 7.99 USD/Month uMake offers an educational license that provides a large discount on a one–year membership.

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Shapr3D is an innovative 3D modeling program for industrial designers, engineers, product managers, manufacturers, and other design professionals.

Shapr3D is a formidable force in the realm of 3D modeling.

This application, which has received an average rating of 4.8 stars, is driven by the same modeling engine as the industry-standard modeling software SolidWorks.

It doesn’t take much time to look around the app’s user interface and notice that it’s designed with industrial designers and professional engineers in mind thanks to the features it offers.

Shapr3D gives you the ability to generate ideas while you’re on the move, and everything you do can be exported to desktop software at any moment for finer-grained customization.

It is also important to note that the app’s visualization features have undergone major upgrades over the course of the past several months.

These updates include the addition of new material, lighting, and environmental settings.

In a word, if you are searching for an app that may even be used in a semi-professional capacity, there is no need to go any further.

Platform: iOS

Price: Limited free version, around $240/year for a Pro subscription

One of the smartphone apps that offers the highest level of functionality and consistency is called Shapr3D.


  • Great for Mechanical parts  & jewelry design


  • Pricey( Monthly Sub)..
  • Not usable for Oraginc sculpting

7.D3D Sculptor

D3D Sculptor is a free app( Offers in-app Purchases) that combines modeling and sculpting tools like pushing, pulling, and extruding.

You can also paint on vertices and add textures.

Even though D3D can’t make very detailed models, it can help you come up with ideas when you need to see what they look like.

With this app, you can export your models as OBJ files so that you can edit them in more advanced software.

When it first came out, D3D got mixed reviews because some of its features weren’t finished.

However, in later updates, they finished and fixed many of these features, making them and the app as a whole more reliable.

Also, it seems like the support team listens to what users say and makes changes to the app based on what they say.

  • Platform: Android and iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Key features: Importing and exporting OBJ files, painting and texturing, working with masks, the different but limited number of brush types
  • usage: Very beginner-friendly

8.3D Modeling: Sculpt & Draw application

Direct modeling and sculpting functionality are both available in the 3D Modeling: Sculpt & Draw application, which is a more straightforward choice.

The user interface of the application is straightforward, and it’s not difficult to get started with it, but it still contains a wealth of advanced features and modeling options, such as the ability to change materials and do extensive edits on planes and vertices.

This program has been downloaded over one million times and has an average rating of 4.7 stars; it is an excellent choice for modeling on your phone, regardless of whether you are interested in sculpting or direct modeling.

Because the free version of the app does not permit exporting models, the free version can be thought of as functioning more like a trial version.

Platforms: iPad & Android

Price: App is free to download. $8.99/month for inApp Purchases

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