Are Adult Coloring Books Actually Helpful? Look at what Psychology says

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I’ve heard from friends, relatives, students, and customers that adult colouring books have been a positive experience for them. 

And, to be honest, I thoroughly like having my own to call my own. Even while my personal perspective is often mirrored by those around me, it doesn’t mean that an illustration a day keeps the worries at bay. 

The fact that I’ve noticed this as a common occurrence has led me to believe that colouring could be a useful therapeutic tool for many people.

But why is it so enticing?

  • It’s as though we’re longing for the carefree days of colouring in the house we had as kids.
  • Is it possible that it provides us with a creative outlet to disrupt our rigid routines?
  • Can we attain mindfulness by disengaging from turmoil and focusing on the here and now? Or is it another possibility?

After-effects experienced by adults who used colouring books were compared to those experienced by adults who worked in a studio with art supplies and a trained art therapist who provided discussion and guidance but did not provide explicit direction, according to the researchers

Subjects’ negative feelings of stress and anxiety were reduced by both activities; however, only the studio practice improved subjects’ already positive moods, resulting in increased feelings of self-efficacy and creative agency.

“Entering an art studio, having a blank page in front of them, and being asked to create art can be quite an anxiety-provoking experience for many adults, to the point where most of them avoid this experience entirely,” the researchers write( Source)

“However, it is precisely through experiencing this initial discomfort and leaning into it, rather than stepping away from it, that one comes to a new understanding of oneself.


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Adult coloring Book- Do they work? What Psychologists have to say…

Randomized controlled experiments were used in a recent study by Mantzios and Giannou to investigate the differences between colouring and free drawing. 

Free drawing and unguided colouring were shown to be indistinguishable in one experiment. 

Although there was no change in mindfulness between the two groups, those in the guided mandala-coloring group showed a decrease in their levels of anxiety.

Researchers at the International Islamic University Islamabad investigated further the potential to alleviate anxiety. 

When it comes to state and trait anxiety, the use of mandalas was found to reduce both in just 30 minutes, but the change in state anxiety was almost twice the difference in trait anxiety, according to a quasi-experimental study.

Adult colouring books have been shown to be beneficial in previous studies. 

For 20 minutes, Nancy C and Tim K  gave a group of college students either a blank page, a plaid print, or a mandala to colour. 

However, the mandala was slightly more effective in reducing anxiety than the other. 

Even though van der Vennet and Serice found no difference between those who had plaid pages and those who had blank pages in a replication trial, those in the mandala group reported less anxiety.


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An experiment published in the Creativity Research Journal found that 115 young women responded differently to colouring books and puzzle books than they did to puzzle books. 

On each of the seven days of the programme, participants coloured in pictures of animals, mandalas, and nature scenes, or worked on non-artistic puzzles such as Sudoku and word searches. 

They also completed questionnaires to assess their stress, depression, and anxiety levels before and after completing the activities. (There were no severe symptoms reported by any of the participants.)

Adult colouring books have been found to have a positive impact on more than only anxiety. 

A study by researchers at the University of Otago discovered that participants who coloured a logic-puzzle daily for a week had considerably lower levels of anxiety and depressed symptoms than those who did not colour the puzzle. 

Participants in a research of persons ranging in age from 19 to 67 engaged in colouring activities both independently and in an open studio atmosphere with an art therapist. 

The art therapy session, on the other hand, resulted in significant improvements in participants’ evaluations of their own creativity, self-efficacy, and ability to produce positive outcomes.

Adult colouring books have the appearance of being therapeutic, yet they are not beneficial in any way.

Do People Enjoy to color in ‘Adult’ coloring books?

Adult colouring books are Trending as of now, but you may be curious about the mental health advantages in has?. How can engaging your inner child improve your health?

Stress alleviation is key. Here’s why so many adults are colouring to reduce stress.

Helps you Practice with a Pinch of personalisation

Adult colouring books might be more beneficial if used properly. This involves analysing your colouring motivations: Coloring with friends or family? 

Coloring helps you relax? Need a break? When you discover what needs colouring in your life, you might locate related interests and feel more accomplished.

If a conventional colouring book seems tedious in the digital era, download a smartphone app that replicates one. Adult colouring books allow you to relax and focus on a simple hobby. Consider why you like colouring and see if it helps. Your motives might help you relax and be creative.

Coloring increases mindfulness

Coloring distracts your mind from troubles. Coloring involves reasoning, creativity, vision, and fine motor abilities, says psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala

Again, Marygrace Berberian Art therapist compares colouring to mindfulness meditation because it helps you focus on the present.

This creative expression reduces stress, according to science. Coloring mandalas reduces anxiety, according to a research. If you’re always anxious, an adult colouring book may help.

Coloring Teaches you Relaxation Technique

Do you ever feel like you can’t stop your inner monologue from overthinking and criticising?

Adult colouring books may be calming. By practising a hobby you’re not good at, you learn that you don’t have to excel at it to enjoy it. 

You learn to do for the purpose of it.

Coloring lets you get in touch with a part of yourself you may not have found yet. It’s a terrific approach to relieve ordinary tension. Some individuals paint instead of munching or smoking to relieve stress.

Many people Love  Adult coloring books because they appreciate being able to be a bit creative, and it has really helped people deal with stress.

My spouse purchased me a set of adult coloring books and some Glitter gel pens, and that’s what turned it from a chore to a delight.

I like the glitter gel than the plain. I’ve already shown you a handful of my final images.

I began with bigger photos but soon realised that the more complex the image, the more I loved it.I’ve largely done mandalas in the last year.

Few of my fave ways to do Adult coloring Books

Adult colouring books assist people to relieve stress by allowing them to be creative.

My wife’s closest friend advised us to try it, but I didn’t like it at first; I didn’t like using coloured pencils, despite buying numerous sets.

My wife bought me glitter gel pens, which made it fun. I adore the sparkly gel pens in colouring books. Glitter gel pens are better than plain ones. I usually start with larger pictures but quickly realised I liked more complicated ones.

I enjoy city pictures, animals, flowers, bridges, and ocean life. During lockdowns, I’ve mostly drawn mandalas and Big City Pictures.


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5 Tools you need to start Adult coloring

  1. Crayons
  2. Glitter Gel pens
  3. Color pencils
  4. Copic Markers
  5. Tombow Dual Brush Pen
100 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Set
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10 Best Adult Coloring Books you will enjoy coloring

1.Inspired by Cities

Drawings from the South of France

Lovely Italy is breathtaking.

Adult colouring books featuring prominent locations in Italy are a great way to satisfy your wanderlust while you wait for travel to be safe again.

Complete the 44-page book by filling in Michelangelo’s Creation, Genoa Cathedral, and Borghese Gallery.

You won’t have to be concerned about colours flowing into the other page since each page is single-sided.

Charming London -Coloring Book

Pick up this adult colouring book if you’re a big admirer of London-Charming London . To make it easier for you to colour in the locations, each sight was taken and then sketched by Lucy Hester.

Best City Themed Adult Coloring book
A Beautiful Paris Coloring Book For adults

From the Eiffel tower to the Sainte Chapelle, Champs-Élysées and many of the places that if you still do not know, you are about to do. In addition, it also includes the most typical dishes of Paris gastronomy.

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2. Inspired by Animals

 Cartoon kitty, has enchanted us, and we’re not immune to her charms. Choose this colouring book if you like to relax with a cat on your lap and if you’d want to put an end to the unending social media scroll….

3. Pusheen-themed Coloring Book

Best for dog Lovers
Amazing Dogs: Adult Coloring Boo

Use hues that inspire you.

This adult coloring book features over 30 creative dog designs with beautiful line drawings from our favorite artist. Each page has a distinct breed and theme, with each dog doing something different and typically arranged with different things.

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Best for Cat Lovers
Creative Haven Cats Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

Thirty-one drawings show cats in lovely settings. Elegant, sleek, and fluffy cats are shown among flowers, gardens, and other natural surroundings.

Images have boundaries. Perforated, one-sided pages make removal and display easy. Cats and other Creative Haven® adult coloring books are meant for skilled colorists.

Each is a great way to relax and relieve stress.

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4. Coloring Book with Animals

This colouring book for grownups is more than simply a colouring book. It include drink recipes and adorable animal caricatures.

Make a traditional cranberry cosmopolitan or effervescent Champagne punch with the accompanying recipes, then relax and colour as you go.

Toeing the line becomes more difficult the more you consume.

Best seller
100 Baby Animals Adult coloring book

Want relaxing illustrations? Looking for lovely baby animals? Want to see animals without leaving home? Then read this book.

This Coloring Book Café best-seller features newborn animals. Dive into an astonishing collection of over 100 gorgeous images and release your inner artist. This book features creatures from forests, jungles, farmyards, and seas.

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5. Tattoo Art based 

Adult Coloring Book With Tattoos: 

If you already have tattoos on your arms, this tattoo-themed adult coloring book is a great way to alleviate the need to acquire a new one. It offers 30 creative patterns from artists, such as skulls, snakes, and mermaids, and may even inspire you to make a significant mark of your own.

Best seller
Vintage Tattoo Designs: Coloring Book for Adults

Though colouring might help you relax, there are times when something other than mandalas and flowers would be a welcome change. This fascinating colouring book for adults is filled with iconic tattoo patterns that you may colour to your heart's delight.

How is it different from other tattoo design books?

  • There are a wide selection of designs to choose from, including birds and skulls as well as candelabras as well as anchors.
  • You may easily cut out your artwork to exhibit it or give away to a friend because each picture is printed on just one side of the sheet.
  • The freedom to express yourself—Discover tattoo ideas that range from simple to sophisticated, all of which provide enough opportunity for personalisation.
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6. Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders Volume

With Angie Grace’s collection of mandalas, you may bring the colors of your imagination to life on paper. Relax and enjoy the beautiful artwork while you work on it for a long period of time, and the tension will go away.

7. Flower based

She is the queen of adult coloring books and has released more than a dozen volumes. You’ll be in a meditative state in no time with this delightful World of Flowers edition.

For Garden Lovers
Bloom Adult Coloring Book

Relax with a wide variety of beautiful flowers in this incredible botanical coloring book for adults. Includes both simple and intricate designs to accommodate any skill level.

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8. Gold Fish Adult Coloring Book

If you are looking for a coloring book for adults, you don’t have to stick to mandalas and inspirational words. Creative Colouring’s coloring book for adults has 31 beautiful fish drawings, all of which have been infused with the fish’s serene essence.

Goldfish Coloring Book for Adults

A gorgeous adult coloring book with basic to sophisticated goldfish patterns for all skill levels. Adult and teen goldfish coloring book. 31 beautiful fish patterns for colorists. Designs bring hours of pleasure, stress alleviation, creativity, and relaxation. Full-page graphics are printed on high-quality white paper. Color these beautiful images to relax.

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9. Birds-Themed Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is a scientifically-proven way of promoting feelings of calmness and tranquility. Whether you want to unwind from the day’s stress, hone your artistic talent, or feel the benefits of meditative mindfulness, this coloring book is for you!

You can color each bird’s design with realistic colors or let your imagination run wild and use whichever colors you choose!
 This coloring book for adults also includes a free self-reflection guide to help you improve your mental health.

Best for bird lovers
Birds at Home Coloring Book

Relax and color America's most cherished birds and flowers with this delightful coloring book!

All 50 states recognize an official bird and blossom—and from Kentucky cardinals and California quail to Mississippi magnolias and Arkansas apple blossoms, they're all here!

Inside Birds at Home Coloring Book, wildlife artist Crista Forest presents accurately detailed illustrations of every state's emblematic treasures. Depicted in their natural environment, each pair of flora and fauna is ready to color with markers, colored pencils, watercolors, brush pens, or gel pens.

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10. Dragon-Inspired Adult Coloring Book

Doodle Dragons: Adult Coloring Book

This adult coloring book brings pleasant vibes and motivation. It has relaxing and delightful dragon patterns.No talents are required. This coloring book is fun even if you've never sketched.

Be creative. Get your personal enjoyment, relaxation, and stress alleviation.

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