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Meet…MELBOURNE-based Founders of Artech Mellows:

Meet Manny & Div

Artech mellows is a Fusion of our Love for ART, Tech &  Gadgets.
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I’m Manny and I’m
a Digital Artist, Blogger, Gadgets & Tech Lover

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, daughter, and cute little Cavoodle doggo.  Artmellows is my blog site focussing on Digital Art, digital sculpting, Tools & Gears.

While running ARTech Mellows. I have visited 20+ cities thus far with travel guides on most of them available at my travel blog, PEP Lifestyle-travel

Through PepLifestyle- Travel blogs I share my experiences of traveling around different countries and over 20+ cities.

Check out ‘ARTECH Mellows’ for more information on  Digital Sculpt, Digital tools Buying Guide, and showcase portfolio. Feel free to get in touch for any business-related questions 

PS: I have also put together an eBook for you to give you a head start on Nomad Sculpt if you are interested in digital sculpting. Know more about eBooks here

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Mannie Acharya

Hey, there! I’m Manny, the art enthusiast behind Artmellows. I’ve been playing around with art since I was a kid trying to replicate my favorite Saturday morning TV characters. Since then, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks for making the art I love.
Call it obsessed? Maybe. I’m happy you’re here to join me in these art mellows and Adventures.


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