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7+ Best Android Tablets for Graphic Designers

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Do you want to know which android tablets are ideal Design Tools for graphic design? We can help you with that whether it’s for art, drawing, or illustration.

The tablets are used by designers for artistic, digital illustration, or photo editing work since they make the task simpler and more enjoyable than using a mouse or touchpad.

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For digital illustration or picture retouching, drawing tablets are primarily used by designers since they make the process simpler and more enjoyable than using a mouse alone.

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Your work as a designer will be a lot simpler and more pleasurable if you have access to a drawing tablet.

The use of tablets by many graphic designers, illustrators, and artists has become more and more popular. Even when they are not in the office, an artist may complete work with the help of a decent tablet because it is portable, lightweight, responsive, and electronic.

Thankfully, that’s where we can help.

In this article, we’ve examined a variety of tablets to find the finest drawing tablets for Graphic design & best android tablets for drawing on the market right now. 

What are the best Android Tablets for Graphic Designers in 2024?

When you’re in the market for the best Android tablets for Graphic Designers, only the best will do. To us, while it’s quite a choice, the best Android Tablet for Graphic designers in 2023 is by far Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus ( Best overall and editor’s Choice) and Samsung Galaxy Tab A8-( Budget-friendly)

Interested in some of our other top choices? Check out our List below.

Android tablet vs iPad for Graphic design

When it comes to graphic design, choosing between an Android tablet and an iPad involves considering various factors such as performance, software compatibility, and user experience. Here’s a comparison to help you decide:

Android Tablets


  • Customizability: Android OS allows more customization in settings and software.
  • Variety of Choices: Wide range of manufacturers, sizes, and price points.
  • File Management: Generally offers more flexible file management and easier file transfers without needing software like iTunes.
  • Hardware Diversity: Options for expandable storage via microSD cards, various connectivity ports.
  • Google Integration: Seamless integration with Google services and apps.


  • Fragmentation: Varying hardware and software across devices can lead to inconsistent performance.
  • App Availability: Some professional graphic design apps may not be available or as polished as on iOS.
  • Quality Variance: Quality can vary significantly between different manufacturers and models.

Best For: Users seeking customization, variety in hardware options, and who are heavily invested in the Google ecosystem.



  • High-Quality Display: Known for their high-resolution, color-accurate Retina displays.
  • Performance: Generally offer robust performance with well-integrated hardware and software.
  • App Ecosystem: Access to a wide range of professional-grade design apps, often optimized for iPads.
  • Apple Pencil Compatibility: Superior stylus experience with the Apple Pencil, highly regarded for graphic design work.
  • User Experience: Renowned for their intuitive interface and reliability.


  • Price: Generally more expensive, especially for higher-end models.
  • Less Customizable: iOS offers less customization than Android.
  • File Management: Traditionally more restrictive, although improvements have been made with recent iOS updates.

Best For: Users who prioritize screen quality, app availability, and seamless integration with other Apple products.

For graphic design, iPads are often favored for their superior display quality, performance, and robust app ecosystem, particularly beneficial for professionals and those who use other Apple products. Android tablets offer more hardware diversity and customizability, appealing to users who prefer flexibility and integration with Google services. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and preference for the ecosystem.

What to look for when Buying an Android Drawing Table for Graphic Design and drawing

Using an Android tablet to draw is very similar to using paper and a pen, but it’s even better! If you have a good stylus, you will have all of the responsiveness and control that you could want.

However, you are free to try out different color combinations, make mistakes, and start over.

When you are done, it won’t be difficult for you to save, email, or upload your drawings to the internet because the program makes it very easy to do so. It only takes a few seconds to share them on social media, for instance!

When looking for the best tablet that comes with a stylus, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. On certain tablets, a pen is included as part of the package.

You will need to purchase the stylus separately if you have one of the other models.

Here are things to look for when buying Android Tablets to achieve a superb Design Experience. 

Pen pressure sensitivity:

In general, 4096 is the typical pressure sensitivity on a tablet, however, there aren’t many people who can tell the difference between tablets with greater or lower values of pressure sensitivity than this. 

This isn’t anything that has to be taken into consideration if sketching is a recreational activity for you but if you are looking at a pro-level drawing you need to consider the Pen pressure sensitivity of the Tablet.

Other important considerations include the following:


Keep an eye out for a screen that not only supports a diverse array of colors but also has a high resolution. In addition to that, you need to check the contrast and color accuracy. The quality of the artwork that you create on your brand-new tablet will be affected by all of these different factors.


The screen and stylus on the most ideal Android tablet for the drawing will have a high degree of responsiveness. Both the pen and the tablet ought to operate in sync and free of lags. In this manner, you may immediately observe the results of your drawings.

Even more advantageously, the most sensitive stylus will be able to detect both the pressure and tilt of the pen. Because of these features, you’ll be able to take your artwork to an entirely new level. Depending on how you use the pen, you can create shading that is either lighter or heavier.


In the same way that you would with a computer, you should evaluate the power of the processor. You will get a good idea of how well it can handle running demanding design programs or multiple apps at the same time by using this feature.

Connection( Cord or Wireless)

Tablets can be connected using either a traditional corder or a wireless Bluetooth connection. Both types are available. Although there won’t be any problems with connectivity when using a wired tablet, and it will be cheaper, it could be annoying to have to constantly connect and disconnect the cables.

On the other hand, if you choose a corded tablet, you won’t have the mobility that comes with using a wireless tablet because of the cord.

However, I have evaluated them all, so regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert, I hope you will discover something that piques your interest.

Active Drawing area

When it comes to drawing tablets, the optimal size is a 13 ” display or a 9 in x 13 ” screen. 

This is simple to handle for the majority of users and workstations, and it gives them extra space to sketch. 

The optimal size for drawing tablets without a screen is one that is closer to the size of your monitor, which is around 21 inches on average.

Stylus The stylus (pen)

The stylus can be either battery-operated (AES) or electromagnetic resonance (EMR), but in either case, it is intended to simulate the experience of writing with a traditional pen on paper.

Because EMR styluses are able to quickly differentiate between pen and touch inputs, the pen experience is significantly improved as a result.

Although they require some getting used to and compensation, AES styluses offer significant performance advantages over EMR styluses. However, these advantages come with certain drawbacks.


Tablets that already have the functionality of HotKeys built into them are gaining more and more market share.

These additional keys, which are typically located on the side of the keyboard, are there to help you save time and make your work process more efficient.

You will be able to save a significant amount of time by using hotkeys rather than manually switching between tabs, and apps, or even just selecting brushes in Photoshop.


Using the stylus to navigate the screen on your tablet can be inefficient at times, especially if you are working on a large piece of artwork while using a small tablet.

You will be relieved to know that the majority of tablets come equipped with a scroller that allows you to rapidly zoom in and out of your artwork as well as navigate it.

Budget tablets are good for starters to try, learn to get used to them, and then decide to go for expensive tablets. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus _ the best Android Overall Tablet for Graphic design[ Editor’s Choice]
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – the light Weight & Budget Friendly Android laptop for Graphic Design
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 â€” Cost-effective Android tablet for Graphic designers on a Tight Budget
  4. New Samsung S8 ULTRA – The best Ultra large Android Tablet for Designers
  5. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus – the best Android Laptop for HD Display(Great-looking full HD screen)
  6. Lenovo Yoga 7 (14) – Best Touchscreen Laptop for Graphic Design
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8– the best Budget Samsung[ Android ] tablet for Graphic design
  8. Lenovo Tab P12 Pro – the best for Premium hardware

Once you have a tablet, be sure to also get a tablet keyboard. Additionally, our list of the best alternatives to the Apple Pencil may be of interest to you if you’re looking for a stylus pen to support your tablet. a parent? See our article on the top drawing tablets for children.

The best Affordable Samsung tablet for Authors
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Galaxy Tab S7+ offers a lot longer battery life than the iPad Pro and can fit into any bag thanks to its thin design. The S Pen, a fantastic tablet stylus, is included with the S7+, just like it was with the S8 before it. When all things are taken into account, it even costs less than its younger sibling.

Tech Info: Resolution: 2800 x 1752 | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels) | Connections: USB 3.2, Bluetooth v5.0 | Type: Tablet computer | Active drawing area: 11.22 x 7.28 inch |
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Most Powerful Tablet for Movie watching
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, 10.4" Tablet SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, 10.4" Tablet

The greatest tablet for watching movies is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 if you love Android and prefer it to iOS.

Samsung products are renowned for having excellent displays, which is why they provide a better viewing experience than the other tablets on the market.

On this tablet, you can watch films, read e-books, and conduct regular office tasks.

The super AMOLED display will undoubtedly improve your movie-watching experience, which is why we suggest this particular tablet to you.

Quite expensive yet offers good value for the money.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Android tablet with stylus

Best tablet for Writers
NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

It can be challenging to find a writing tablet that is only meant to be used for writing. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is an excellent illustration of a tablet with several uses.

The S8 is a fantastic option for everything with long-lasting battery life, a gorgeous, high-fidelity screen, and a potent processing engine.

Even though the tablet's great features are all included, you also get the S Pen for free, which saves you money.

The S8 is one of the best all-in-one solutions available even though it is an expensive one.

Tech Info: Resolution: 2960 x 1848 pixels| Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels (S Pen | Connections: USB-C| Type: Tablet computer | Active drawing area: 12 x 8 (approx.) |
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
The best Affordable Samsung tablet for Authors
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Galaxy Tab S7+ offers a lot longer battery life than the iPad Pro and can fit into any bag thanks to its thin design. The S Pen, a fantastic tablet stylus, is included with the S7+, just like it was with the S8 before it. When all things are taken into account, it even costs less than its younger sibling.

Tech Info: Resolution: 2800 x 1752 | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels) | Connections: USB 3.2, Bluetooth v5.0 | Type: Tablet computer | Active drawing area: 11.22 x 7.28 inch |
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a stylus that can be stored away within a compartment on the back of the tablet when it is not in use.

This high-end tablet has a display that looks great and comes with up to 512 gigabytes of storage space, despite the fact that some consumers have reported receiving tablets with broken displays.

If you buy the product and discover that the screen is broken during the first thirty days of ownership, you can return it for a refund.

Users are going to really adore this tablet because of its superior performance, the fact that it can operate as a PC, and the availability of a pen.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

The Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus has a great 10.3-inch display, good overall performance, and a great price, which makes it a strong contender in the budget Android tablet market.

  • Great metal build quality
  • Elegant full HD display
  • Decent performance
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Lenovo Yoga 7i Lenovo Yoga 7i

Ever since they came out, the Yoga series has been one of the most popular 2-in-1 notebooks.

They are powerful, have a lot of options, and some of them have high-quality displays that are great for professional use including Graphics design.

The new model has some of the best industrial designs we've seen, from the way the chassis is shaped to the webcam bar that isn't a notch.

Its performance and battery life are on par with those of the best popular convertibles, and the whole thing works so well that it stands out.

  • Battery lasts a little over 15 hours of light productivity.
  • Portable.
  • Keyboard feels great to type on.
  • CPU can handle most student workloads.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Wrapping Up note

When it comes to tablets, this is a device that you will most likely want to use on a daily basis. This is because having the proper tools is essential for any artist.

It is possible that you will have a difficult time selecting the tablet that is suitable for your requirements due to the wide variety of options currently on the market.

In 2023, which Android tablet is the most effective for graphic design work?

If you are just starting out or are already an experienced graphic designer, you will find something useful on this list that you can use.

Check out the Samsung Tab 7 if, on the other hand, you are looking for the best tablet available overall that is ideally suited for graphic design.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the most compact camera that can still meet your requirements, then the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is without a doubt the best option for you.

After I’ve given you all of my information and details, which tablet do you believe is the most effective when it comes to graphic design?

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