7 + The Best AR apps for Designers in 2024 [ for iOs & Android]

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Many people use the internet as an escape from the daily grind. But what if the things you saw in real life were just as exciting? 

Modern technology has made it possible to figuratively change how reality is seen. You may point your smartphone at something and access a world of possibilities because of augmented reality (AR) apps.

But which AR app should you download when there are so many options? There is undoubtedly an app for each individual interest. 

And from our collection, which includes several AR games, you’ll choose the ideal one for you.

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What are the best AR Apps for Designers

10 Best AR Apps for artists & Designers

  • Houzz.com– The best for Interior Designers
  • Magic plan– The Construction & Reporting App
  • Decor matter– This app allows you to visualize an entire design or layout in your room
  • Quiver– the best AR 3d Coloring  app for Kids 
  • DULUX Visualizer( Android) (iOs) – the best  Visualize paintings on your House walls
  • ARLOOPA( Download) (iOS) ( Android)- Best app to add more Creativity
  • Youcammakeup- Best for Makeup Artists

Augmented reality: what is it?

Let’s quickly define augmented reality to start with. Simply described, augmented reality is an interactive experience in which alterations created by computers are applied to real-world environments and objects. It might be tactile, olfactory, auditory, or even visual.

The four primary categories of augmented reality (AR) in use today are markerless, marker-based, projection-based, and superimposition-based. 

The one that’s popular is markerless AR, which doesn’t rely on markers (pattern or object guides), even if most of these AR functions operate differently to meet expectations. 

You’ll see as you read on that it’s integrated into many of the featured apps.

1. HOUZZ.com

Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Check out Houzz if you're not sure where to begin with interior design. Millions of home professionals use this all-in-one app to find specialists, shop for products, and get ideas. You may examine how various decor items would look in your room with its augmented reality function, "View in My Room 3D."

Unlike more fundamental features, this AR visualising tool takes lighting into account. In this manner, you may precisely visualise how anything will look in your space.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2.Magic Plan

More than just picking out the ideal furnishings and colours are involved in MagicPlan interior design. 

Additionally, you’ll need to know a room’s measurements, which is where MagicPlan comes in. This tool for floor planning and construction uses augmented reality to generate digital blueprints and offer measurements.

MagicPlan only requires that you tell it where the corners are before moving it about the space. 

It will then generate a fairly realistic layout of the area, which will aid you in deciding what will fit. It also has a feature to calculate the price of items like wallpapering or retiling.

Download iOS Magicpaln

3. Decor Matter

Many augmented reality applications let you see particular furniture items in a space, but DecorMatters takes it a step further. 

You may see a complete design or layout in your space using the app, which has more than 6 million users. 

You have the option of creating your own project or browsing the plans of other users in your area.

An AR ruler is offered by DecorMatters to guarantee that you get the correct measurements. A store where you may purchase the furnishings you’ve stitched together in your virtual design is also included when you choose a plan.

Download iOS Decor Matter

4. Quiver

Consider downloading Quiver for your kids if you have any. Your kids can bring the characters they colour to life with this augmented reality software.

 You only need to print off image packs from the Quiver website, some of which are fee-based, and then let your kids color them in person. 

Point the camera at the completed pages while using the app to see the characters come to life. 

To make the experience even more entertaining and participatory, there are animations and additional effects.

Due to the required tools, the majority of AR apps and games are usually geared toward adults. Few young people often have access to smartphones. But Quiver is one of the few augmented reality apps that actually encourages creativity among users.

Download iOS Quiver

5. Dulux Visualizer

The Dulux paint company has a new app called Visualizer that employs augmented reality to help you choose the appropriate hue. 

You can select one from the app and then raise your phone to your face to see how it will appear on your wall. It doesn’t “paint” over things like TVs, picture frames, and other wall-hanging decorations.

Choosing a color can be made easier by using this app. Additionally, it has a function that lets you take a picture of something to find paint that is the same color.

Download Android DULUXVisualizer

Download iOS


Ever wished to get your picture taken with a mythological, extinct, or wild animal? Or do you prefer to picture your house filled with more than just furniture‚ÄĒsuch as cars, robots, and pieces of art?

All of those things are possible with ARLOOPA. Being able to mix many virtual objects and creatures with reality makes it one of the most fun augmented reality applications available. 

ARLOOPA also functions as a 3D scanning app. It allows you to render 3D models of objects that you take photos of. The abundance of filters and effects offered makes it easy to enhance the content captured using the app.

Interested? To obtain ARLOOPA right away, simply click the icons below. Although premium features require a paid subscription, the service is free.

Download iOS DULUXVisualizer

7. You CamMakeUp- The best AR App for Makeup Artists

Unsure of the colour of lipstick to buy? Want to see how you will appear without applying that hot pink blush? YouCam Makeup can save the day here!

With YouCam Cosmetics, you may utilize augmented reality (AR) technologies to view how different lipsticks, blushes, and eye makeup appear on you. 

Additionally, it has collaborated with a variety of cosmetics companies, such as Maybelline, Urban Decay, and L’Oreal. Even better, you don’t have to manually shade in a photo of yourself. The app instantly improves your appearance.

Download iOS YOUCamMakeup

Download Android YOUCamMakeup

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