110+ Best Blog Niches to Make Money Online

Author: Div Acharya  Div Acharya is an entrepreneur, author, and a leading Blogging strategist specialising in the creation of excellent content and a brand presence that is sustainable online. 

She is committed to running  Blogging business and she teaches creative business owners the blogging strategy, skills, and systems they need to build a self-sustaining Blogging Business. 

Div is the co-Founder of Artmellows & Peplifestyle.com. She loves Blogging, Digital Marketing & Researching. Learn more about Div Acharya

If you want to make money Blogging, the first thing you need to decide is the Niche.

Blog niches: 

With the new blog niches, you can choose what you want to do and become successful if you make up your mind! 

Don’t waste your time by researching all the niches, check out these niches listed in tis Blog that are doing well right now! 

Some have been around for years while others are just starting to get noticed.

It doesn’t matter what niche you choose, just don’t be afraid to try something new that hasn’t been done before. 

Go on then, choose your niche now so you can start blogging about it!

The future of blogging

You might be surprised to learn that blogging is only a few decades old. It’s not hard to imagine how things might look in another decade or two, though. 

In the next 20 years, maybe we could see blogs that answer your questions and give you directions based on your current location; they could remind you of special events and send them via social media so your friends and family can be there with you; they may even ask if they can help you find a job or new home or recommend restaurants as you walk by. 

If you’re wondering what futuristic Blog niches would still exist in 10-20 years, make sure to read on!

Trends in Blogging

Trends in Blogging

Blogs can be incredibly effective at generating leads. It's so effective that B2B organizations with blogs report 67 percent more leads than those without( Source)

This is due to the social media and Google phenomenon, since consumers may not talk about companies on a regular basis, but they conduct at least a dozen searches every day, share useful articles with their friends, and discuss current events.

  • Trend 1: Reasonably Lengthy posts
  • Trend 2:Mobile Friendly Posts
  • Trend 3: Micro Niches( Niche down the main Niche)
  • Trend 4:Affiliate Marketing & Sponsored posts

How will you put these new blogging trends into practice now that you’ve learned about them?

To improve your content marketing strategy, you should incorporate at least some of these trends into your blog’s content plan.

If you want to boost your search engine optimization (SEO), you might consider using mobile-first formats or visual content.

In the end, taking advantage of each of these blogging fads can lead to fresh success.

These niches are listed below in order of popularity: food/recipes, lifestyle/parenting, and fashion/beauty (note these don’t actually fall into our low traffic category).

How to Find Good Niches to Blog About

The most often requested question I receive from new bloggers (by a wide margin) is:

How do I decide on a niche?

Here is the straightforward truth:

When you’re just getting started as a novice, the odds of finding the perfect niche are infinitesimally small.

Well, I’m passionate about Digital Art & Sculpting, Luxe cars, Golfing, and Outdoor fun…So, I’d be happy to write blogs on these topics.

Then search On Google (also Google Trends) How Many People Search About Your Niche (suppose Your niche is Adult coloring)

Check what Competitors Do in your Niche, Then Start Blogging.

Consider these to Choose a  NICHE that can Make Money!!

Typically, people start a blog, write about something they’re passionate about, and then abandon it when it fails to generate revenue.

If you want to create a legitimate blogging business, you must choose a topic based on four major business principles, not on personal interests.

  • Revenue Potential of the Audience
  • Affiliate Marketing’s Professional Leverage Potential
  • Conduct Keyword Research

Take Note of this simple formula for Success Blogging!!

  • To make a lot of money blogging, you need affiliate & Sponsored post income.
  • To make affiliate income, you need to rank on search engines and get web traffic.
  • To get web traffic, you need to rank for keywords that drive the most affiliate revenue.

Choose a profitable niche

Choose a profitable niche – If you are having difficulty determining your niche, ask yourself a few questions and compile a list of the answers.

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • What are some of your favorite and most enjoyable activities?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What are some of your favorite subjects to discuss?
  • What activities did you enjoy doing when you were younger?
  • What subjects do you know more about than the majority of people?
  • Are there any novels that you’ve read a lot that you would recommend?

Is there a thing called Profitable Niche

No, Not really!!

No such thing as ‘the most profitable niche’ exists due to the fact that what you consider to be profitable may not be the same as what I consider to be profitable.

Technically speaking, the greatest money is currently flowing through subsegments of the health, wealth, and relationship markets, and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

However, you’ll likely have the most success if you choose a niche that is still profitable while also being one in which you have unique experience and skill (or are prepared to hire individuals who have that experience and ability).

What are you a specialist in, what do you have unique experiences and stories to tell, or what are you eager to learn a lot about? 

What do you have a passion for? That is most likely your response.

What niche is most profitable for blogging?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Making Money Online -Blogging Business
  • Pets
  • Food & Recipe
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Finance 

What type of blog makes the most money?

  • Finance Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Outdoor blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • DIY Blog
  • Pet Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Marketing Blog
  • Health and Fitness Blog
  • Mom Blog 

Can a niche blog make money?

Yes, they can. Check out my Blog  How I made $100K Blogging in 2021.:

With a Blog, you can create a real connection with your Readers & Visitors!

If you provide quality Blog Content  (and you must) then people will eagerly await the next one that you Post.

There are many Blogging success stories. These are ordinary people who drastically changed their lives through Blogging. They have all kinds of sponsorship deals and several different revenue streams.

Some Bloggers became millionaires very quickly – there is no reason why you cannot be the next Blogging sensation.

The most successful Blogs are always planned. The Blog owner has thought through what they want to achieve with their Blog and put a plan of action in place. You must do the same. The starting point is to define the goal of your vlog.

What are you going to communicate with your Blog? You need to Blog about something that you can get excited about.

Remember that you want to make a profit from your vlog so you need to think about how you will do this. So start off by writing a list of all the things that interest you. Here are some good ideas for vlogs:

  • •Travelling the world or in your own city
  • • Making money online
  • • Beauty and makeup
  • • Owning pets like cavoodle, spoodle , moodle and so on,..
  • • Sports fan Blogs
  • • Learning specific skills
  • • Getting the girl/boy

Some of my fave Top Feminine Blogs

1. Luxury Lifestyle

The lifestyle niche encompasses everything under the sun related to Luxe Lifestyle – Luxe cars, Home decor, parenting, traveling etc

It’s a much broader blogging niche than most and lifestyle bloggers may cover anything from fashion to life advice.

Div at peplifestyle.com & pepdecor.com combines discussing lifestyle topics with promoting paid printables and other digital products.

Her blog typically brings in over $20,000 per month based on her published income reports.

2. Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? Not just travel niche down to 

  • Traveling with pets, 
  • traveling with small Kids, 
  • Traveling in RV, 
  • International Travel with pets
  • International Travel with Babies
  • International Travel with ADHD Toddlers

So, Niching down is the key!

Since most people don’t travel as much as they’d like, travel blogs are a way to live the experience through the written words of a travel blogger.

International travel, domestic travel, or even just weekend trips around the local area: people love hearing about another person’s travel experience and getting tons of suggestions before booking a trip themselves.

4. Fashion

Fashion has always been a big deal especially as lifestyle and fashion influencers dominate, so this is definitely a popular blog niche to enter.

This is evidenced by the many fashionistas making millions from their blogs.

Both men and women enjoy looking good, so you can write for one audience or even both.

Fashion blogs are saturated, However, you can NICHE down to :

  • Fashion for curvy, 
  • Fashion for Petite girls,
  • Fashion for teens, 
  • fashion for 40+ men, 
  • Fashion for 50+ ladies and so on…

Many fashion bloggers often branch out to include discussions on lifestyle and travel which opens up more creative freedom.

Fashion bloggers promote their favorite brands, create sponsored posts, and cross-post to their social media accounts to generate income.

5. Home Decor Blogs

You’ve finally found your dream apartment or House after searching, touring, and weighing your options. 

Now comes the exciting part: decorating! It’s time to settle in and make yourself at home. 

If you have no idea how to decorate or simply want some inspiration, you’re in luck.

Thus, interior design Each year, blogging grows in popularity.

Since January 2020, Div Acharya of Peplifestyle has been the founder and editor of this blog, Peplifestyle.

 Though a relatively new blog site,  Div has niched down to Home decor for suburban homes, apartment decor, and pet-friendly home decor.

Div’s  mission is to assist Millennials in discovering their personal style, becoming more daring and creative, designing a more beautiful home with what they have, and always putting their vision and voice first – 

your home is your starting and ending point each day; it should make you happy, feel safe, and cozy, and give you a warm and loving feeling.

What blogs do well online?-What niche is most profitable for blogging?

5. Digital Art ( Like sculpting & Digital painting& Art)

Art whether it is Traditional or Digital is hard to learn unpredictable, and sometimes super Fun!

As more people turn to online services for art (over 44% of Art based Digital  App users according to Stats)it then makes sense that they would utilize the Internet for Art apps like procreate & Nomad Sculpt and more…

From determining your ideal Artwork to tips for the very first artwork, How to sell your artwork & soon…

Well, You can niche down Art related blogs  to
  • Digital art
  • Traditional art
  • Digital sculpt
  • Digital painting
  • Adult Coloring

Manny Acharya of Artmellows.com shares his expert advice as Nomad Sculpt Artist and also advertises his paid products and Nomad coaching program.

6. Being Pet Parents of a Particular Designer breed

In fact, according to Petpawshub.com, Cavoodles are the most expensive and most Intelligent dog breeds.

There are so many facets to raising a puppy from birth to 2  years of age and first-time Pet parents desperately seek advice throughout the journey.

Seasoned pet parents are like a godsend to those entering every new stage, so you’ll undoubtedly build a readership with a parenting blog.

You can NICHE down to

  • cavoodles
  • Oodles
  • Poodles
  • Spoodles and Moodles
  • cockapoo Crossbreed
  • poodles
  • Havanese Breed
  • small pet
  • Birds
  • Parakeets
  • Snakes
  • Reptiles
  • Bunnies
  • Pet funerals

Div Acharya combines Pet parenting advice with fun printables for activities with kids, generating over $10,000 PER MONTH with a combined income from her blog and Affiliates.

Blog Niche Examples

Here is a list of futuristic niches and less competitive niches that you can tap into for your blog:

1. Automotive Blogs about Luxury cars, bikes, and so on; repair deals, Cleaning cars tips, and car accessories for men & women. selling and buying used Luxe cars, Tips to maintain Luxe cars etc…
2. Music Blogs about singer releases, concerts, etc
3. Specific Car Brand /cars Or specific color cars Like the Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce Red car, Black car etc
4. Science Futuristic science for  Kids and everyone

6.Travel: A site describing various travels by authors … travel during covid, travel with toddlers, travel with babies

7. Future niches and less competitive niches include:

Eco blogs, Technology blogs, Outdoor activities blogs, Health blogs, Soundproofing homes, Smart homes, garden decor blogs, and so on.

You can also write about a Technology blog niche if you know enough about it. 

This is one of my favorite niches because technology will be an inseparable part of our lives in the future. 

No matter what blog niche you’re into, it’s always nice to identify some futuristic blog niches as well which may not be highly competitive now but may increase their demand a lot later

Few of the FUTURISTIC Niches for BLOGS

  1. VR
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Bitcoin
  4. NFT
  5. Anime
  6. Resin art
  7. Adult Coloring
  8. Reviews
  9. sports articles always will be there
  10. Clickbaity fake news
  11. What you’re good at and can help people in
  12. Just go niche down( Micro niche) as possible everything else is already taken

Some more Niches to look for…Which niche is the most profitable?

7. Marriage & Wedding 

Niche down to gay & lesbian wedding Decor, Photography etc. The act of tying the knot entails considerably more than simply saying ‘I do!’

There are caterers, invites, and table toppers….and that doesn’t even begin to address the intricacies of post-wedding life!

If you survived the catastrophe, have been married for some time, and have SURVIVED— you may benefit from beginning a wedding and marriage blog.

The degree to which you go into detail is entirely up to you.

Niche Down to

  • Gay marriages
  • Lesbian Marriages
  • Marriage photography
  • Wedding Blogs for Couples with kids
  • Frugal wedding 
  • Cultural weddings -Hindu weddings, Greek weddings,Muslim weddings etc

Marriage 365 blogs, for example, dive deeply into every subject, down to fun date ideas with your spouse.

You can monetize your blog in a variety of ways, including through sponsored posts, affiliate links to wedding products, and even by offering personalized marital coaching.

8. The family Blogs

The family unit is one of the most critical structures in life, as it is responsible for developing future generations of happy and well-adjusted adults.

Maintaining a close-knit family in the middle of a fast-paced lifestyle is difficult.

Are you able to arrange enjoyable family outings, engage each family member, and maintain a high level of intimacy within your own family?

Create a blog for your family!

Integrate your blog with social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram to earn your audience’s trust and familiarity.

Niche down to the family tree, family Ancestry, Family games, Family Fun games, etc 

Consider It’s A Lovely Life for inspiration on the types of themes you can cover in order to build a successful family blog—this blog generates over $170,000 every month.

9. Personal Finances 

Personal finance is a broad term that encompasses budgeting, wealth creation, and maximizing possible revenue streams.

Numerous sites also have information on how to pursue a variety of side hustles and online business opportunities.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in finance to start blogging in this field; all you need is passion and purpose.

Michelle Schroeder began her blog as a pastime while working full-time, but she was able to develop it to over $100,000 each month by following her own recommendations.

10. Frugal Way of Life

Everyone could improve their spending habits, but adhering to a tight budget requires true commitment.

Living frugally requires regularly monitoring spending, making prudent financial decisions, and saving for the long term.

Naturally, people seek out tools to assist them in making the transition to frugal living, and your site will be quite beneficial to those considering this move.

The amusing part is that blogging about frugal living is profitable.

NICHE down to anything frugal:

  • Frugal makeup
  • Frugal Paleo Food
  • Frugal Keto Recipe
  • Frugal Home Decor

Many frugal blogs has built a sizable following through their blog, which earns them 5 figures a month.

What are the best blog niches for 2022-23

Cell Phones and Accessory

Smartphones, iPods, tablets are no longer a luxury; they’ve become an integral part of daily life for nearly 3 billion people globally — a number that is anticipated to grow by hundreds of millions in the coming years.

With consumers investing in the latest and most expensive models, it’s natural for them to seek out tutorials on features, model comparisons, and phone protection items.

You may wish to choose a sub-niche based on phone model or brand in order to narrow the emphasis and get more specific.

This blog is exclusively for iPhone owners and contains information ranging from shortcuts to apps.

3. Outdoor fun & Adventure

Outdoor fun is a huge niche for Guys and even ladies too, which makes sense considering they purchase Outdoor Gear and Skiing products at a much higher rate than their male counterparts.

Outdoor blogs like Outdoor fizz share beauty product reviews, hacks, and makeup/skincare tutorials.

When it comes to Outdoor fun blogs NICHE down to

  • Winter Outdoor fun
  • In the air fun
  • Helicopter rides
  • Parasailing
  • Paragliding
  • Ball Games ( Football/ volleyball )
  • RC helicopter
  • Parasailing
  • paragliding
  • Skiing
  • RC Boats
  • RC Cars

As far as Outdoor blogs go, most Outdoor fun influencers utilize their blog as an additional traffic source for their social media presence.

Environmental Stewardship

Experts unanimously agree that humans are primarily responsible for the majority of adverse environmental changes.

Nonetheless, we have the potential to mitigate the impact through sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

You can start a blog in this area that focuses on reducing waste and teaching readers about the small things they can do to help save the world on a daily basis.

Additionally, you can narrow your focus and concentrate on a specific industry, such as sustainable fashion design and clothing options.


In our lives, we have heaps of different forms of relationships with others.

From our parents and lovers to our hair stylists and coworkers, developing and maintaining reciprocal relationships with other humans is a critical aspect of life.

Even though it is critical…

That is not to say that everything goes according to plan…

If you’re an expert at developing long-lasting romantic or platonic relationships and have successfully navigated difficult situations, you can add value by blogging about relationships.

You can address professionals navigating the workplace, individuals dealing with challenging parental relationships, or even all of them, as The Gottman Institute does.

15. RV Lifestyle

This niche is growing in popularity year after year as more individuals seek alternative housing.

Few individuals live and travel in RVs full-time, which is excellent news for younger bloggers in this sector.

Your audience is likely to be interested in the logistics of RV life: how you earn money on the road, how you live comfortably in such a small area, and even how you set up systems such as an Internet connection.

Follow Your Detour utilizes use your RV blog to educate and fund your RV trips.

Also, NICHEdown to :

  • RVing with kids
  • RVing with pets
  • RVing without camper van
  • RVing with teens

Here’s how to Start & Run a Successful Blogging  Business in 15 Simple  steps 

When it comes to the technical aspects of things, setting up a blog is actually rather simple to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Find niche relevant available blog domain name and register it.
  2. Pick a platform or Content Management System suitable for bloggers – It has to be  WordPress.
  3. Sign up for a blog hosting account – Bluehost Hosting is what we recommend as the best hosting to begin your blog as a beginner(It’s cheap and easy to Instal). You can use either of them as per their Current offer. For Instance, many times Siteground offers some discount for new Clients and so on. We use Bluehost for most of our New Clients, However, for our own sites, we use WP Hosting..
  4. Install WordPress CMS.-This is very simple when you choose Blue host or Siteground as your Hosting provider.
  5. Pick a simple blogging WordPress theme. There are Hundreds and Thousands of Free and Paid Themes available on the internet. Pick One of your Liking and your Niche. Here is My blog for Kind of Themes to choose as per your niche
  6. Install  top must-have WordPress plugins for blogs like the SEO( we use Rankmath),Security/Backup( Jetpack) & GoogleSiteKit(Free).
  7. Customize your site and Tweak the blog settings with niche relevant colours and Font
  8. Write and publish your first blog post- YAY so Xciting!
  9. Start Marketing Your Blogs- SEO, Social Media ,Pinterest and Forums
  10. Define your success. Choose your definition of success and what your blog should accomplish.
  11. Be consistent. Sit down and write on a consistent schedule (doesn’t have to be every day).
  12. Connect with other Bloggers. Set up social media profiles to reach your fans.
  13. Grow with your blog. As your blog grows, so should you.
  14. Start Making Money $- with Ads, Affiliates , Sponsored postsGuest posts 
  15. Spread your Knowledge across the Globe  and ENJOY!

This whole process of completing all of these stages, despite the fact that they appear to be time-consuming, is actually pretty quick and straightforward since you are guided through the process by your hosting company, and then by the WordPress dashboard itself.

However, If you find them quite a lengthy process Or NO time to DIY, we offer 1.5 Hr Consultation and we walk you through all these steps. Contact us if you are keen to start your blogs ASAP.

Note to consider: When you’re ready to buy your hosting, make sure you use the above link for Bluehost. It is an affiliate link (meaning that we’ll get a small commission with NO extra cost to you), however, it will also unlock a $2.75 vs $3.95 discounted price for you

You won’t get this discount if you visit the Bluehost site in any other way than via the link above

Blog Niches to Look for…

16. Pregnancy & Infants

This specialty is actually quite precise, despite the fact that pregnancy encompasses a broad variety of topics: nursing, nutrition, and postpartum care, to name a few.

This stage of a woman’s life is both thrilling and challenging, requiring a great deal of support.

You do not need to be a medical doctor or a specialist in women’s health to blog about the subtleties of pregnancy and newborn care.

Being a woman who has directly experienced it is more than sufficient and it helps you connect with the moms who read your blog.

You may generate income while creating meaningful content by suggesting your favourite pregnancy and baby items.

This is precisely what the mother behind Swaddles to Bottles does, earning a good $9,000 per month in the process.

17. Attitude

A pessimistic outlook will only get you so far. Consciously focusing on positive thinking can make a significant difference in your life.

Oxford University conducted a poll of 246 entrepreneurs and discovered that those with a pessimistic view were less likely to fulfill their goals than those with a more optimistic outlook.

Changing one’s perceptions does need mental fortitude, and a mindset blog would aid others in their personal growth efforts.

There are numerous topics you may write about in relation to attitude, and the Blissful Mind does an excellent job of it — covering stress, imposter syndrome, and creating healthy habits, to name a few.

19. Retirement Blogs:

Saving for retirement is an often emphasized point by financial gurus, who encourage beginning savings as soon as feasible.

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of Americans remain ignorant of how to save appropriately for retirement, with more than 64% of Americans retiring with less than $10,000 in savings.

You may assist reduce this regrettable number by educating individuals of all ages through the use of a retirement blog.

Follow the lead of sites such as Retirement wisdom blogs and provide your blog with easily available resources, dissect retirement portfolio components, and assist visitors towards a happy and wealthy retirement.

Some of the Top Feminine Blogs

20. Hair Care, growing hair long

Hair comes in a variety of textures and styles. Curly, straight, wavy, and frizzy hair all require a different level of care and styling.

Anyone, not just hair professionals, maybe a hair care expert.

Individuals who deal with the daily upkeep of curly hair, such as the blogger behind Curl Centric, are uniquely suited to comment on the subject.

You can discuss your favorite hair products and techniques for maintaining health and luster in this niche, as well as develop follow-along guidelines for interesting hairstyles.

Photographs and videos will be critical for blog postings in this field.

Health and Well-Being

23. The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that promotes weight loss and reduced glucose levels by restricting carbohydrate intake and increasing healthy fats and proteins.

Numerous individuals have achieved enormous success through this way of living.

Create a keto blog but not just keto but Niche it down to 

  • Keto for Busy mums and dads, 
  • keto for young adults 
  • Keto for Teens
  • Keto for Elderly

and so on to share your unique journey with others.

You may provide your audience with fitness material, keto education guides, and sample meal plans.

Every single recipe Anna, the Keto sweetheart and every day mum of three, posts on Keto in Pearls is “kid-tested and family-approved.” 

“Badass babes” are the target audience for KetoGasm’s educational efforts. For those who get bored or frustrated with researching the diet on their own, Tasha, the site’s owner, offers a free online course on the ketogenic diet.

18. De-cluttering and organization

While Marie Kondo may be credited with sparking the decluttering fad that swept social media last year, organization has always been a hot topic.

The Seana Method is similar to Kondo in that it emphasizes how the organization brings order to all other areas of your life.

If you have an uncanny ability to get rid of old stuff and transform any place into a clutter-free zone, an organization blog would be a perfect fit for you.

By including video and visual content, you can demonstrate the benefits of organization to your audience while also attracting readers from social media networks.

25. A Paleo is the  Way of Life- Paleo Blogs

Similar to the ketogenic diet, the paleo diet restricts the use of processed and artificial ingredients, permitting only foods that were consumed by the first hunter-gatherers during the paleolithic era (hence, the name).

This style of life is followed by around 3 million people in the United States, who report improved digestion, complexion, and overall well-being.

For novices, it might be difficult to determine which meals are suitable and which are not, which is why starting a blog in the paleo niche can be really beneficial to them.

Real Food Liz -Keto Blog

Eat the Yolks author Michael Pollan has launched a new healthy-living blog. 

Every aspect of Real Food Liz is both lighthearted and insightful. Look no further than this site for information on primal skin care, reviews of paleo resources, and recommendations.

21. Farming

Did you believe that running a farm would be simple?

You’re responsible for caring for animals, raising food, and remaining relatively separated from the rest of society—all of which may deter people from considering giving it a try.

If you’ve ever lived on a farm or cared for farm animals, your experience may help debunk some of the myths surrounding farm life.

There are so many minute elements involved in operating a farm that content options are limitless.

Consider the broad expanse of this blog for inspiration.

22. Intelligent Homes/Smart Homes

By 20212-23, forecasts indicate that home automation will be used in approximately 59% of all houses in the United States, Australia, UK, and Canada.

Consumers have a lot to learn about how smart homes may simplify their lives.

Being an expert is less important than the authenticity and readability of the content you create to cover this difficult technology.

It’s critical to convey this information in a manner that a non-technical reader may comprehend on your blog.

NICHE down to

  • Smart homes for Busy Couples
  • Smart Home for Family with kids
  • Smart homes for elderly
  • Smart homes for Disabled 

Smart Home blog conducts in-depth assessments of a variety of smart home appliances, engaging and entertaining readers through a combination of video and text.

Femme Theme

Health Blogs

24. Veganism.

Veganism has swept the world by storm in recent years, with many A-list celebrities and medical professionals promoting it as a healthy lifestyle choice.

While people consider whether or not veganism is a good fit for their lifestyle, an informational blog outlining veganism can make a significant impact in whether or not they choose to follow this way of life.

If you decide to pursue a career in the vegan blogging area, don’t believe that you have to be an expert with a wealth of scientific and medical expertise to be successful.

Loving it  Vegan provides nothing but dish ideas for every meal, and the site earns approximately $12,000 each month from its efforts to promote veganism.

26. Fitness and Getting Fit

Let’s speak about the importance of getting FIT!

It’s a new year, and with it comes an unquestionably increased interest in health and physical fitness.

The fitness niche is almost saturated, So My advice is to Niche down your Blogs .. For Instance.  fitness for teens, Fitness for 11-Year-olds, Fitness Tips for Dog parents, Fitness for 16-year-olds, Fitness for Busy Mums and dads, On the go Fitness, fitness while Travelling, and son..

Personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of this need by creating a fitness blog in which they can share their knowledge and experience with readers, potentially creating a lucrative source of revenue for themselves.

According to an interview with Nerd Fitness creator Steve Kamb conducted by Blogger Jet, the popular fitness site produces six figures in annual revenue.

27. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle consists of three components: food, exercise, and positivity.

Getting all three regions under control might be a bit of a challenge.

Small children, demanding occupations, and hectic lives, in general, can all contribute to a diet high in junk food, a lack of physical activity, and a high level of stress.

Create a blog and share your tips on living a healthy lifestyle with the world to help others find their way.

There are numerous facets of healthy life that can be discussed.

Mindbodygreen is a Blog site for Meditation, health, food, movement, and beauty are just a few of the topics covered in this blog. 

To help you live your best life, Mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand that focuses on all the things that are good for you on the inside and out.

 F 3.1M â‹… Twitter 296.5K â‹…  Insta1.1M â‹… 7 posts/day

Blog Niches to make Money in 02022

28. Positivity in One’s Own Body

Self-confidence is extremely crucial nowadays, especially in the age of social media and online forums.

With the rise of the body positivity movement, people are encouraged to love and accept their bodies in all forms of media, including print and internet outlets.

Wisdom words, inspirational stories of strength and confidence, and conversations on body image are all themes that could be explored on a body positivity blog.

The blog The Curvy Fashionista tackles these themes as well as fashion, news, and lifestyle with an intimate and relatable flare, and it has helped blog owners make more than $100,000 each year as a result of their expertise.

29. Nutrition 

A well-balanced and healthy diet provides you with the energy you need to achieve your goals.

Nutrition bloggers such as Sarah B. at My New Roots offer meal and snack options, as well as the option of one-on-one consultations with their clients.

The power of nutrition can be promoted by nutritionists, dietitians, and other healthcare experts through coaching programs, informative blog postings, cooking and recipe suggestions, and instructional electronic publications, among other avenues.

Well + Good ( wellandgood.com )is a health and wellness blog that features articles on fitness, nutrition, beauty, and other topics. Interviews with fitness experts, fitness tips, and workout videos are all part of the site’s journalism focus.

30. Women’s Health

In the United States, there is a severe lack of access to health care for women.

According to the Commonwealth, when compared to eleven other industrialized countries, women in the United States are less likely to consider their healthcare to be of outstanding quality.

With the use of an unbiased blog, I hope to advocate for and educate about better women’s health care.

Post content on topics such as sexual health, nutrition, pregnancy, and illness prevention, in the same vein as the content found on the Healthy Women website.

Real-life anecdotes about other women’s experiences should be included to help women feel more connected and relatable to one another.

31. Weight Loss

Losing weight is an essential and fairly universal aim shared by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Starting is the most difficult phase, and having a blog specifically dedicated to weight loss might give your readers the extra push they require.

 With the tagline “Fitness secrets from a badass single mum,” Workout Mommy Blogs lives up to its name, and the blog is no exception. 

Run by a former personal trainer, Workout Mommy strives to provide ideas and inspiration on how to fit physical activity and wellness into your hectic schedule. 

Workout Mommy In addition, it provides practical guidance for working parents on how to cultivate healthy habits, deal with anxiety, and achieve fitness goals.

Hobby Blogs

32. Photography

People require high-quality photographs for a variety of reasons, including for their company website and social media accounts, among others.

Other photographers like drawing inspiration for their own work from the work of others and appreciating the work of their peers.

Whatever type of photographer you are, whether you specialize in nature photography or portrait photography, you can use your blog to attract new clients and establish an online presence.

Two Loves Studio is a blog dedicated to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ‘how to photograph food’. 

Rachel combines her passion for food photography and her education degree in order to share tips, techniques, and information on how to take better food photographs as well as how to start a photography business. 

She teaches masterclasses on Lightroom, composition, and business for food photography. Her most popular posts are about lenses and tripods, which will help you get the most out of your equipment.

33. Web Development & Web design 

Web developers are in high demand right now.

It is now 2022, and business owners from every field are aware of the worth of a site at this stage.

Those that learn to be full-stack internet developers will amass a substantial amount of money (if you know what I mean)

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the demand for these professionals is predicted to grow by about 13-14 percent by 2028.

If you’re a web developer or provide web development services, you may write a blog about anything related to your field, including trending design news, design fundamentals, resources, cool tools, and more..


People have increasingly begun to prefer buying online, which is encouraging news for anyone interested in starting their own e-commerce firm.

With Shopify and Woo-commerce, it is relatively straightforward and inexpensive to set up an online store; but, generating leads and closing sales is an entirely different ballgame altogether.

Do you have a successful online store or are you familiar with the e-commerce world?

Advice, case studies, tool recommendations, and other resources are available to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

35. Digital Marketing 

As we enter a new decade of technological growth, this is one of the absolute best niches to get your hands dirty in.

The need for a good digital marketing strategy is critical to the survival of most organizations nowadays, yet the majority of individuals are befuddled and intimidated by the prospect of putting one together.

Business owners and other online marketers who have a blog in this sector can benefit from the expertise of digital marketing specialists who have a track record of success on their side.

You can also utilize your digital marketing expertise to rank your site swiftly and direct readers effortlessly to your paid items and services.

Div Acharya is the author of one of the most informational digital marketing blogs on the internet today, and she has done all of the things listed above to earn nearly $100,000 from her blog per Year!

36. Yoga and meditation 

The creation of a yoga and meditation blog has the potential to generate additional money for yoga teachers.

Guiding novices through the stages of meditation, providing mindfulness counsel, and establishing oneself as a trusted yoga expert are all subjects that you can discuss with your students.

According to the founder of The Wildmind, meditation is as much about observing how chaotic the mind can be as it is about cultivating mental stillness—hence the name “WildMind.” 

Their guided meditations and essays by meditation experts will assist you in reconnecting with your own untamed mind.

37. Confidence in one’s own worth

If you have been through a terrible or sad event, it can be challenging to maintain feelings of self-worth.

Written counsel can help to soothe and support emotions, which can make the healing process more manageable.

Anyone who wants to write in this field with the noble goal of assisting others in coping and thriving is qualified to do so.

You can find tonnes of articles, tools, and tidbits about boosting happiness and positivity at Positive Provocations.com. Happy reading!

Business and Professional Development

38 . Writing

It is commonly believed that becoming a freelance writer is an unsustainable career path, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Freelance writers frequently struggle to establish their professional identity and secure well-paying writing jobs.

Blogs devoted to assisting freelance writers in their pursuit of financial success are also successful.

Jorden Roper of Creative Revolt provides practical guidance, resources, and even a paid course to help people start their own businesses.

She claims to be able to earn more than five figures per month from her freelance writing.

If you’re a seasoned writer, your wisdom is priceless to those just starting out. Writers can benefit from your guidance on positioning, branding, and enhancing their craft.

39. Tech-related things

Despite the fact that we are living in the technological age, there are still many significant advancements and new developments to be achieved in the future.

Just think about how many different industries there are, and how many different enterprises there are inside each area — there are millions.

And technology has an impact on each and every one of these individuals.

Your technology blog can include a variety of topics such as technology news and gadgets in various industries such as transportation and security.

As David Risley discovered when he transformed his blog, Tech Junkie, into a six-figure business, there is a lot of interest in technology these days

Start Your Blog, Today!

40 Interior Design  

In response to rising wages, people are looking for ways to clean up their homes.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to write a blog in this sector; you may simply be a design enthusiast who enjoys sharing their passion for the subject.

Homes to Love is an extremely useful blog that is less a source of information in and of itself than it is a collection of features culled from some of the most popular home design publications available. 

Bauer Media maintains the blog, which features content from Belle, Real Living, Homes +, and Australian House and Garden.

It is also profitable to blog on this popular subject, as blogs such as The Harper House generate over $6,000 per month in revenue.

41. Human Resources

All human resources experts are invited!

Employers and employees frequently have questions that arise on the spur of the moment and require prompt responses.

Having a dependable human resources blog that they can turn to at these times would be extremely beneficial and would also reduce the workload of that company’s HR department.

In order to produce detailed instructions, compile the most often-asked topics and scenarios you come across in your daily life. Include hyperlinks to further resources for readers to explore.

HR Bartender uses their blog to promote their services, speaking events, and books, amongst other things.

42. Computer Science 

For the majority of university students, this is one of the most difficult subjects to master.

Because large class sizes make it difficult for professors to interact with students, many students turn to online tools to assist them in comprehending.

Is he a computer science professional or simply a student who sailed through the course in record time?

You can create films that explain tough concepts and demonstrate how to solve sample problems in order to better prepare students to complete the course successfully.

Take it a step further and include industry news and changes in your material, such as this blog, to broaden its appeal.

43. Network Marketing 

Even while multi-level marketing (MLM) has a negative reputation, it does offer legitimate business opportunities.

Success is not guaranteed, and many up-lines continue to promote inefficient ways of building a long-term, profitable business.

Utilize your direct sales experience to provide guidance to other network marketers on the most effective methods of selling, recruiting, and building a successful organization.

If you consistently deliver an incredible value, you may be able to establish a paid coaching program and perhaps attract prospects to your own multilevel marketing firm.

MLM guru Ray Higdon has utilized his blog and considerable success to sell his services and business opportunity, which has grown to generate seven figures in annual revenue for hi

Marketing your Blogs Like a Pro!

44. SEO 

As time progresses, search engine optimization (SEO) will become ever more crucial.

Establishing an instructional blog within the SEO field will allow you to showcase your SEO knowledge.

While it takes effort to learn good SEO techniques, your blog will easily receive a large number of visits if the content and delivery of your blog make it a go-to resource for marketers and business owners.

One of the most respectable SEO blogs I subscribe to is Backlinko. Backlinko’s founder, Brian Dean, has used video and extremely high-quality content to grow his company into a seven-figure enterprise.

45. Choosing a Profession

If you’ve succeeded in landing your dream job, it’s likely that you’ve had to go through a number of hoops and hurdles to get here.

A specialty career requiring demanding certification programs and exams is a very different beast, and you can guarantee that ambitious professional are ready to receive as much assistance as they can get their hands on.

A blog crammed full of useful material was created by Young Architect, who also makes money from his value-packed premium boot camp and training programs.

You can reveal your innermost secrets in a career blog where you can share your greatest advice and resources based on your own life experiences.

46. Business Opportunities Available on the Internet

Making money online is no longer a pipe dream for most people these days.

Internet-based income generation has grown even more accessible for working moms, students, and full-time professionals in recent years.

What better place to learn about ways to make money online… than by searching for information on the internet?

Bring all of your information together to produce a complete directory of money-making opportunities and side hustles that are based on research and personal experience, rather than speculation.

Follow in the footsteps of people like Nick Loper who have made a living by mixing podcast promotion with affiliate links to generate income.

51. Blogging 

Is it possible to write about blogging?

Yep! The fact is that this is a specialized market — and a popular one at that.

People are interested in learning how to establish a blog and perhaps generate money from it—which is, after all, the ultimate goal, right? But where do you begin?

In the event that you’ve had success creating a loyal following and monetizing your blog, you might capitalize on the current demand and create a site for making money blogging!

You’ll discuss your favorite tools, resources, and strategies for generating site traffic, as well as for landing sponsorship and affiliate arrangements.

Take a look, many sites that write about “How to Blog “are making at least  $50,000 per month with great success.

52. Entrepreneurship 

For people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs and income, starting a business appears to be the logical next step.

However, according to the Small Business Administration of the United States, 50 percent of enterprises with employees survive for more than five years on average.

Businesses that want to succeed require a tremendous deal of drive, support, and encouragement to help them through this difficult period.

Entrepreneurs such as yourself can provide exceptional first-hand guidance through the use of an entrepreneurship blog in order to pay it forwards and raise the likelihood of others reaching their own financial success.

Aside from providing price services, Yaro also educates people on a variety of topics, earning him $40,000 each month from this endeavor.


53. CrossFit 

There are nearly 7,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide today, up from only 13 in 2005 when the sport first gained popularity.

What this means is that there is a greater demand for content like this since people are always looking for information about it, which increases the supply of such content.

What’s the best part?

There aren’t many blogs dedicated to CrossFit on the internet, which is a shame (Crossfit appears to be one of the leading blogs).

Creating a blog in this sector addresses a need for information while also having the potential to generate revenue.

54. Cycling

No matter if you bike for a living or just enjoy a good workout at the gym, starting a cycling blog may be a fun and innovative way to spread the word about your favorite sport.

Professional cyclists such as Juliet Elliott utilize their cycling blogs not just to promote themselves, but also to share their personal experiences with training, equipment, and competing.

55. Running

In addition to being a popular form of exercise for maintaining good health, running is also a hugely popular competitive activity all over the world.

Running enthusiasts can start a blog in the running specialty to share their knowledge and expertise on topics such as endurance, nutrition, training, and competition preparation.

As seen by Daniel Hamel’s success with his site Marathon Nation US, which generates over seven figures in revenue each year, the desire to be of help may absolutely pay off.

56. Gardening  & Fencing

Do you have a green thumb?

Those who have a natural aptitude for cultivating flowers, fruits, or vegetables might share their skills by starting a gardening blog.

Whether you are an expert in tomato growing or in creating beautiful flowers, your knowledge can be of assistance to someone who is just getting started.

This trio of garden bloggers provides straightforward information in Savvy Gardening . They can brush up on the fundamentals, such as bulb planting, or enlighten you with more advanced techniques, such as attracting beneficial insects.

You’ll discover numerous tips on edibles, ornamentals, container gardens, do-it-yourself projects, and even winter gardening. Their blog is worth following for seasonal inspiration!

You Grow Girl is another Popular Blog that has a wealth of information about plant care, as well as engaging crafts and interior design ideas.

57. Pilates

Pilates is frequently recommended as the most effective exercise for those trying to tone up, maintain weight, or even heal from an injury.

A Pilates workout is the best core-strengthening exercise since it incorporates endurance, flexibility, and strength movements.

Combining an informative pilates blog with another online platform might be extremely profitable….

Just ask Cassey Ho of Blogilates who earn over $4 million a year from her pilates blog and YouTube channel, which she started in 2009.

58. Poker 

To fully compete in the game of poker, you must have a high level of skill.

If you’ve been dabbling in poker for a while and have a lot of advice, consider sharing it with a poker blog or two.

Those who desire to compete on a professional level, as well as those who are simply ardent players, could benefit from learning new tips and techniques to improve their performance.

This is precisely the goal of Upswing Poker, which not only provides training but also provides news about the business and its surrounding professionals.

59. Fishing 

Is fishing one of your favorite recreational activities?

Perhaps you have a few gimmicks up your sleeve to ensure that you catch the biggest fish possible.

A fishing blog is a fantastic opportunity to share your enthusiasm with others and to further your knowledge of the sport.

Single Barbed delves into the finer points of fishing, including everything from recommended tools to information about future events. 

60. Arts & Crafts 

Because this is a rather large sector, you have a lot of room to express yourself creatively.

People are constantly on the lookout for entertaining craft ideas to do with their children or to use to make their own home décor.

Performing arts and crafts activities for events, school gatherings, and celebrations are also extremely popular choices for attendees.

A Beautiful Mess is a collection of crafts that includes everything from plant arrangements to scrapbooking.

Using social media platforms such as Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog and generate leads for the sale of your own items may be quite beneficial.

61. Golf 

Golf is a well-known sport as well as a recreational activity loved by millions of people throughout the world.

You might be able to nail down the fundamentals…

However, fine refining those talents will be tough if you do not have the proper coaching.

Niche it down to 

A golf blog can be a fantastic resource for last-minute assistance as well as ongoing recommendations.

Even the world’s best golfers recognize the importance of this — Stephanie Wei maintains a blog where she discusses technique, news, and competition updates.

62. Music

Music has the ability to transcend language barriers and bring people from all walks of life together.

Whatever your musical preferences, from hip-hop to classical piano, there is something out there for you.

As a result, you have complete control over the path of your music blog.

Jason Grishkoff founded Indie Shuffle in order to promote the music of independent musicians. After selling music promotions on the site, he was able to grow his blog to generate over $10,000 each week.

You can write reviews of recently released music, publish updates on your favorite musicians, and share your thoughts on concert experiences with other fans.

63. Riding a Horse 

Horses are cherished creatures who demand a great deal of love and attention.

Stacy Westfall channeled her enthusiasm for horseback riding into the creation of an instructional blog for horse owners and equestrians, which includes information on horse care, tips, and various horse contests.

Horse experience and knowledge can be turned into money by starting your own horse blog or by producing guest blog posts for equestrian magazines, among other methods.

64. Bird-watching 

Bird watching is still a popular pastime for many people.

According to the Federal Wildlife Service, more than 45 million individuals participate in this hobby.

Bird enthusiasts can use their cameras to document the species they have seen and photographed while on their trips.

The inclusion of informative articles on bird behavior and recommendations for good bird-watching in your site is another excellent piece of information to provide.

Take, for example, the enormous volume of interesting and diverse information available on Surf Birds.

65. Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Learning any style of martial arts is a lifelong process that requires dedication and skill on the part of the student.

The majority of people who learn martial arts spend a significant amount of time outside of the studio educating themselves on various techniques and motions.

Training, technique, and even health and nutrition can be discussed in depth on a martial arts blog, which can be a valuable resource for fighters in the early stages of their journey to mastery.

This site is dedicated to assisting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts competitors.

The possibility of generating cash through sponsored posts for gear and affiliate links are two such possibilities.

66. Dance is a verb that means to move.

This niche includes a diverse range of dance styles, ranging from ballet to belly dancing, among others.

You can share your knowledge of proper dancing methods, lessons for new dances, step-by-step choreography, and simply plain advice on how to become a better dancer with your audience.

Many dance teachers utilize their dance blogs to market their online dance lessons and coaching packages as a means of generating income for themselves.

Steezy offers tips on how to choreograph and freestyle for dancers, as well as materials for dance courses, with the option for users to test out their premium online lessons before committing to a subscription.

67. In the role of “Acting”

Acting requires a great deal of effort and countless hours of tough practice.

There are many various acting techniques available, as well as a wide variety of characters that an actor can play.

In the process of becoming an actor, there is a lot of exploration, and having an acting blog that reflects the essence of becoming an actor would be extremely valuable for members of the acting community.

Using a blog similar to Margie Haber’s, you might discuss the audition process, resources for novice performers, and acting technique recommendations.

68. Exercises for the bodybuilding enthusiast 

For bodybuilders to participate on the national stage, they must put in a lot of effort and maintain a stringent diet regimen.

A blog in this genre can certainly be started by someone who is a major fan, but you will be able to cover more ground and build a larger and more personal following if you have first-hand knowledge of the topics covered.

The reason for this is that, like Strong Lifts, you will want to talk about exercises and nutrition, as well as make recommendations for supplements, diets, and training routines.

Blogs on the gym and special workouts continue to be popular, with some, such as Leaving Work Behind, pulling in $4,000 per month in advertising revenue from readers.

69. Sewing 

Sewing is a passion of yours.

With a sewing blog, you may increase your revenue and expand your creative potential.

Tutorials for creating blankets, articles of clothing, and other items will be available to you.

For the purpose of driving traffic to your blog, it is recommended that you make use of social media networks that emphasize visual content.

Paid workshops, affiliate items, and books are the primary sources of money for blogs like While She Naps, which produce approximately $3,000 per month in revenue from advertising.

70. Painting

Using a painting blog, you may show off your work while also sharing the methods you’ve learned along the way.

The use of social media will be a terrific strategy for bringing visitors to your painting blog if you are a self-employed artist.

A wonderful approach to making money with your blog is to sell your paintings straight on the site itself.

You might also post connections to your online store on your blog and social media pages, as an alternative to using text links.

In order to maintain a steady stream of visitors to your blog, you must update on a regular basis.

It is interesting to see what Kem Studios produces.

With each blog article, the painter discusses a different aspect of painting while also including images of her own artwork.

71. Sports 

Taking part in and watching sports are popular global pastimes, whether you are a participant or a spectator.

Statistics, player updates, and power rankings are all devoured by the public at large.

A sports blog may be a good idea for you if you’re a passionate sports enthusiast who enjoys following all aspects of your chosen sport in great depth.

While a general sports blog will undoubtedly attract readers, narrowing your focus to a certain sub-niche will make things ten times more straightforward for you.

In addition to keeping track of trade rumors, the draught, injuries, and statistics, Fan Sided also provides a wealth of information on American football.

72. Outdoor Recreational Activities

Create an outdoor activity blog to inspire others to enjoy the fresh mountain air and to share your enthusiasm for everything the outdoors has to offer them.

It is impossible to include all of the topics that are available in this niche…

You’ll never run out of topics to say or write about throughout your life!

If you want to talk about backpacking, hiking, or sightseeing, you can do it by writing blog entries that will spread the excitement for adventure.

Mountain Mom and Tots is written by a mother who incorporates a family factor into her story-telling, allowing her to connect with readers on a personal and genuine level.

73. Journaling 

Bullet journaling has exploded in popularity as a method of organizing thoughts, planning routines, and maintaining continuity in life.

You begin by taking a blank diary and decorating it with your own lines, text, boxes, and drawings to express yourself.

Many people have testified to the positive influence that this journaling practice has had on their lives. Are you one of those people?

If that’s the case, you can use your journaling site to teach others how to start a bullet journal as well.

It’s critical to rely on visually attractive samples to demonstrate your points so that newcomers can draw inspiration from your work. You’ll need to make use of social media in order to accomplish this.

Take a look at websites like Life by Whitney for inspiration on how to monetize your blog.

For example, you could produce and offer a journaling course, or even pre-printed bullet notebooks that were entirely designed by you.

Interests and recreational activities

74. Motorcycles 

The cost of owning a motorcycle can quickly add up.

While a typical motorcycle may be purchased for as little as $10,000, this figure does not include insurance, maintenance, gas, gear, and other costs, which can push the price up to $50,000 or more.

As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that motorcycle enthusiasts are serious about their hobby.

Motorcycle enthusiasts would welcome a one-stop shop for information on the latest bike features, gear, accessories, and maintenance and repair guidance.

The writer behind Bike Exif provides all of this information and more, and as a result, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers.

75. Essential Oils  

Essential oils are praised for their therapeutic and health-promoting effects by those who use them.

Whether or not these alleged benefits are accurate, 34 percent of Americans consume a variety of these diffused oils on a regular basis.

Because these oils are in such great demand, and because studying the qualities and applications of each oil takes time, websites such as Recipes with Essential Oils can assist in shortening the learning curve for beginners.

Essential oils are also promoted as a primary product by a number of multi-level marketing organizations, including DoTerra and Young Living.

If you’re a regular consumer of essential oils and have found them to be beneficial in your life, please share your knowledge with others who are looking for alternative therapies or home remedies.

76. Pets.

Over 57 percent of the world’s population has a pet, with dogs and cats being the most popular among these owners.

People frequently seek advice on how to care for their dogs, from what food they should consume to what they should do on a regular basis.

Dog blogs, such as Puppy Leaks, provide advice on topics like care, activities, nutrition, and bonding.

In this niche, you can write about pretty much any pet you choose, whether it’s goldfish or guinea pigs, or everything in between.

77. Movies 

The cinema is a cultural and creative activity that is accessible to people of many languages.

There are always fresh films to look forwards to, as well as timeless oldies to ponder over.

Just as there will always be individuals who base their decision to attend a movie on a review they’ve read, there will always be people who base their decision to see a movie on a review they’ve read.

Create a movie blog where you may review and debate films in order to spark some thought-provoking discussions.

Cinema Blend goes one step further by publishing the most up-to-date movie news and speculations on a regular basis.

78. TV Shows 

Did you catch the new episode that aired last night?

Because not everyone has the luxury of time to catch up on television, people look for news and information from internet resources, as well as ways to watch their favorite shows online.

For those who are interested in the current television series and who, no matter how busy they are, manage to find time for their favorite shows, a TV blog is an excellent opportunity to pursue your interest in the medium even further.

In addition to offering reviews of popular shows, TV Fanatic goes so far as to provide episode-by-episode breakdowns of popular shows.

79. Broadway,

Over one billion dollars worth of tickets were sold for Broadway shows in only one year in New York City, thanks to the influx of tourists from all over the world.

Theater and musical enthusiasts are continuously researching and making plans for the shows they wish to see in the future.

When you specialize in the Broadway area, you can write reviews for various shows that may be used as a reference for newcomers and hobbyists alike.

You can also submit industry updates, speculations, and news about Broadway stars, just as The Broadway Blog does on a regular basis.

80. Horoscopes/Astrology

Whether it is considered superstitious by some or gospel by others, the fact of the matter is that people are concerned about what their horoscope says.

Astrology and horoscopes are particularly popular among millennials, who consume them online, opening the door to a lucrative market for internet apps and blogs that have piqued the interest of large venture capitalists and private equity firms.

Your blog can have horoscopes for each astrological sign on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Ganesha Speaks also contains astrology news that is relevant to politics, business, and other areas of interest.

81. Opera 

Have you attended opera performances on a frequent basis and are you able to provide recommendations to ensure that others have the greatest possible experience?

You might want to consider launching an opera blog where you can post the latest news, and performance reviews, and even sell Opera goods to make some extra income.

Because there aren’t many unbiased opera blogs out there that aren’t linked with an opera theatre, this is a hot field for beginner bloggers to get their feet wet in (although LA Opera is a good one to peruse for inspiration).

82. Laughter is the best medicine- COMEDY

Happiness is the best medicine since it relieves stress, eases tension and anxiety, as well as having the potential to help prevent heart disease, according to the Help Guide.

Do you have a natural ability to make people laugh?

The creation of a comedy blog will allow you to reach even more people!

Your ability to perform as a professional comic can be further enhanced by maintaining a comedy blog.

Similarly to The Chive, you can blog about jokes and stage appearances while simultaneously advertising your performance dates and stuff.

83. Video Games 

At the moment, the video gaming specialty is extremely popular.

It is not true what most people believe: video games are in high demand among both children and adults.

People engage in competitions while playing video games of various genres, and e-sport gaming has grown into a $1 billion business as a result of this.

It should not be difficult to generate traffic to your video game blog because avid gamers consume material on their favorite video games in a variety of formats, from magazines to online discussion forums.

It may be beneficial to further narrow your topic in order to rank higher in the search engines.

Nintendo-branded video game consoles and video games are the focus of Go Nintendo’s news, reviews, and tutorials, which are exclusive to Nintendo products.

84. MEME

A meme is a humorous image or video, frequently accompanied by text, that Internet users widely share on social networking sites.

They are frequently used to inject humor into news, politics, and daily life.

Finding the funniest meme is a significant task, but one that can be aided by the meme stockpile you’ve accumulated within your meme blog.

You may even develop and sell your own memes.

Sebastian Tribbie has made meme creations his career, earning upwards of $2,000 for each project for well-known firms.

85. Tabletop Games

Yes, board games are still popular with audiences of all ages.

In 2017, alone, approximately 5,000 new board games were released, with many more following in later years.

Board games are a social pastime that is frequently brought out at parties or social events to give amusement.

You can attract people to your board game blog by unpacking and reviewing freshly released board games.

Real money is made when you create your own board game and promote it to your audience.

Matt, the creator of Shut Up and Sit Down, takes it a step further by cross-posting video and podcast content.

86. Gossip About Celebrities

Social media has altered our habits of news consumption, including celebrity gossip!

According to Forbes, the majority of people initially learn about breaking news via social media, resulting in a 57 percent spike in traffic to news websites via social media channels.

This is excellent news for die-hard fans of celebrity gossip, who may capitalize on the trend by starting a celebrity blog that covers breaking news and keeps tabs on America’s favorite celebrities.

Increasing controversy almost always results in increased traffic.

Perez Hilton amassed his $50 million fortune through his celebrity blog, despite widespread criticism of his practices.

87. Crime 

Cold cases, missing persons, serial killers—people are compelled to investigate some of the most heinous crimes ever committed.

Because the criminal niche is rather broad, you may still establish a following and blog about whatever interests you the most.

All Things Crime maintains a broad scope, with posts ranging from mass murders to crime fiction.

The majority of crime bloggers earn money through advertising their own e-books and crime novels, as well as through affiliate sales of other books and services.


Politics, really?

People both enjoy and despise debating and defending their political views—but hey, that is the purpose of democracy!

Whether you lean right or left, or even dead centre, a politics blog allows you to communicate your political thoughts and opinions.

Ordinary people entering this segment will have a greater advantage, given that the majority of political blogs are affiliated with media giants or political parties.

Discussing how policies and regulations will effect the average American boosts your audience’s relatability, as they may be disillusioned and unable to relate to political experts’ views.

Examine blogs such as Think Progress or others in your political field to determine what topics, discussions, and news they cover.

89. Spreading Faith

Spreading the faith is not only beneficial; it may also generate positive revenue.

Religion continues to play a significant role in people’s daily life, with approximately 71% of citizens identifying as Christians and 6% as followers of non-Christian faiths, according to the Pew Forum.

Your blog can cover a wide variety of subjects, as the religion niche is relatively broad.

Rose at Water prefers to discuss family life and cooking while incorporating snippets of scripture and faith.

And it works, resulting in a tidy monthly income of $8,000 each month.


From polishing to simply admiring, the car speciality has always been attractive.

Starting a blog on cars will involve a strong visual component, whether it’s showing vehicles or providing step-by-step guides for resolving frequent problems.

NICHE down to

  • Luxe cars
  • Maserati
  • Porche
  • Mercedes
  • ROlls Royce
  • Luxe car cleaning tips
  • Luxe car accessories for women
  • Luxe car Buying tips
  • Car Insurance and Maintenence

Car Advice might consist of evaluations, tests, and comparisons, or it could even be open to guest contributions!

91. Reviews of Books

Yes, it’s difficult to believe, yet individuals continue to read books for pleasure.

According to CNBC, print and electronic book sales totaled roughly $26 billion in 2018.

Readers with a passion for books can start their own book review blogs to score, compare, and recommend new and classic works.

This is precisely what the Book Smugglers bloggers do—and they also welcome blog submissions from other bookmakers.

92. DIY Do-It-Yourself stuff

Are you skilled at creating decorative items, tools, and crafts for the home?

People are constantly on the lookout for inexpensive decorations and party favors that they can manufacture at home.

By launching a DIY blog, you may empower people with DIY (do-it-yourself) skills and an appreciation for crafts.

Saving money with DIY crafts can also generate revenue.

Consider this do-it-yourself blog, which earns roughly $2,000 each month.

93. Product Evaluations

Consider the last time you searched online for the best blender for making amazing morning smoothies.

Which criteria were most important to you while picking which one to purchase?

If you responded with customer reviews, you are in line with the 90% of consumers who prioritize positive online evaluations and the remaining 86 percent who prioritize negative reviews when making purchases.

Online reviews continue to be critical for attracting new clients. With a product review blog, you can facilitate this research and assist others in making the best choices.

Choose a product specialty that interests you, whether it’s blenders, massage chairs, or photographic tools, as this guy does.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for real consumer feedback, and you can potentially earn money through sponsored posts and product referrals.

94. Marijuana

Though the federal government has remained unmoved, an increasing number of states are legalizing marijuana.

Legalization has increased business potential for marijuana and CBD products across the United States, with the market expected to reach $30 billion in revenue by 2023.

Because the majority of people are still unfamiliar with these goods, an all-inclusive guide to vapes, flowers, and marijuana paraphernalia would be quite beneficial.

Cannabis Cheri has gotten creative and even created recipes infused with marijuana for responsible people to snack on.

Develop ties with glassblowers and artists in order to sell commission-based products and to grow a wide network and audience.

Consult your state’s rules regarding marijuana/CBD-related web advertising before monetizing.

95. Equality of opportunity

A single person can spark a movement, but it needs the collective strength of the people to sustain it.

Social justice encompasses a range of issues, from environmental protection to racial equality, animal welfare, and the underrepresented.

For instance, this blog promotes eco-friendly practices and the ideas of Earth Day.

Rally support a cause and help spread the news by starting a social justice blog to promote your group’s objective.

Write opinion pieces, keep activists informed of current events, and advance the message’s significance.

96. Scents and Fragrance

Consumers’ concern with odor has resulted in a $30 billion valuation for the business.

If you’re a smell( aroma) connoisseur, you can earn money and educate others by starting a blog in this area.

Additionally, blogs like this one can earn income from product referrals.

Niche down to:

  • perfumes for women
  • perfumes for men
  • perfumes for elderly
  • perfumes for Teens

Perfume and cologne are popular gifts, and your feedback may help others find the best selections.

97. Sneakers 

Not only is starting a blog in this category a prudent move for dedicated sneaker-heads, it’s also a possibly lucrative move.

Consumers and big-name brands alike have shown a strong interest in online shoe reselling platforms, with Foot Locker investing $100 million.

You can discuss your favorite sneakers and perhaps get engaged in the lucrative business of shoe flipping.

Successful blogs, such as Kicks on Fire, have profited handsomely by integrating the two business prospects.

Food & Beverage

98. Pastry

Numerous cookies, cakes, and cupcakes!

If you’re an expert baker, consider starting a baking blog.

People enjoy whipping up delectable confections to satisfy their sweet tooth or brainstorming ideas for baked goods for parties and other events.

Earning a living from your baking blog is very possible—just ask Sally at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

99. Restaurant Evaluations

With a restaurant review blog, you may assist people in deciding where to go for dinner to commemorate a significant event.

As indicated by their reliance on platforms such as Yelp, people care about a restaurant’s rating.

You can investigate restaurants throughout a geographic region, when travelling, or in your own area, like Shannon of Urban Chic Guides does with her list of the top restaurants in Sydney.

100. Vinegar

Nothing beats a superb wine.

With so many sorts and brands of wine available, even the most ardent wine connoisseur may benefit from some sort of guide.

The path in which you wish to take your wine blog is entirely up to you.

Vinography conducts book reviews, assigns ratings to restaurant wine inventories, and keeps readers informed on the newest wine news.


Cooking is one of the most common Internet searches, therefore attracting visitors to your cooking blog should be rather easy.

There are nearly infinite niches within cuisine, so you’ll never run out of material to write about!

Cooking and culinary blogs are inextricably linked to visually appealing imagery, making social media platforms an indispensable tool for acquiring new followers.

People enjoy reading about food just as much as they enjoy eating—Pinch of Yum generated nearly $500,000 in 2015 from their site alone.

102. Coffee 

Blogging about coffee is a sensible choice, as it is one of the most popular beverages globally, with over 160 million bags consumed in 2018.

Making the ideal cup of coffee is an art form, and there are numerous brewing methods, machine models, and coffee ground varieties to experiment with.

You might do something similar to Bean Ground and write reviews of various coffee equipment and tools, as well as create how-to manuals.

Spread the love for a good cup of coffee in the morning!

103. TEA

With a decent cup of tea, you cannot go wrong.

For individuals who are already acclimated to their preferred blend, broadening their palates can be a difficult process.

A tea blog that features evaluations of various types and tastes of tea can be an excellent resource for new and interested tea consumers.

Understanding the history and culture of tea is also critical, which Tony Gebely discusses in his tea blog.

There is unquestionably money to be earned in the tea world.

Andy Hayes was able to grow his tea subscription box business to a seven-figure level.

104. Beer 

According to the Times, beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage, with 40% of respondents to a Gallup poll preferring beer to other types of alcohol.

For the majority of people, cracking open a cold one has become a way of life, with many traveling to other nations in search of the best-tasting brews.

Big Global, Small Girl’s blogger does just that, chronicling her world trips through her blog and consuming some of the best beer ever.

Without a question, the beer community is massive, and a beer blog may be an invaluable resource for fans of the foamy stuff.


105. Education in Music

A music education blog can greatly help a music teacher’s client base grow.

With a paid subscription, this piano teacher made it his duty to train pianists to play by ear.

He was able to earn over eight figures every year with the help of his blog.

Music professors might benefit from developing both video and written tutorials and syndicating them across many social media channels.


From the food we consume to the medical treatments that save lives, we owe a great deal to scientists.

If you’re passionate about a particular scientific topic and enjoy geeking out over breaking news, a science blog may be the perfect option for you.

Additionally, educators can use science blogs to pique students’ interests and instill a love of science in them.

It’s best to narrow your focus more if you choose this path, as science encompasses so many fields.

Niche down tour Food Blogs to

  • Paleo food
  • Keto food
  • Vegan food
  • Spicy food
  • simple food

To get a sense of what I’m talking about, see The Culture of Chemistry blog.

107. Insurance

Individuals require insurance to protect a variety of life’s valuables, including automobiles, homes, boats, and businesses.

However, insurance policies can be complicated to comprehend, and individuals may be confused of what they truly require.

Disseminate your expertise in specialty insurance to boost customer education.

Additionally, similar to Insurify.com, you can utilize your blog to provide suggestions and price comparisons between insurance carriers.

Nice down to:

  • Car insurance
  • Bike Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • property insurance
  • pet insurance
  • Insurance for Exotic pets
  • Home & Content Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Byte size Insurance

Your blog may gain rapid traction, as there are few insurance blogs that are not linked with an insurance or law business.

108. Language

Despite the abundance of available tools, learning a language can be challenging.

However, language study can be incredibly advantageous and can even help you improve your prospective salary by up to 15%.

The specialty of language blogging provides another avenue of support for language learners.

For instance, the folks at Spanish Or Japanese Obsessed offer tuition, language guides, travel information, and cultural information.

NICHE down to:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German

Language bloggers may also earn money by selling premium memberships, teaching, or digital products.

109. The Art of Investing

Typically, the path to increased net worth involves some form of investment.

Investing is not as simple as the majority of people believe, as there is a tiny learning curve to overcome.

Choosing where to invest your money, whether in real estate or equities, can be difficult.

Follow in the footsteps of blogs such as Bigger Pockets and educate users on prudent financial habits, wealth accumulation, and networking.

Who is to say?

Your investment blog might be the next $100,000 success story in just four months.

  • Investment for single mum
  • Invest for stay at home mum
  • Invest in Busy partners

110. Homeschooling.

Homeschooling is getting more common, with the homeschool population expanding between 2% and 8% per year, according to NHERI data.

The mammoth task of child education can be intimidating for parents who do not have a teaching experience.

Again, Niche down to 

  • Home-schooling toddlers, 
  • Homeschooling when you are a Busy working mum, 
  • Homeschooling Teens etc..

Parents who homeschool successfully, as well as homeschool educators, can develop an incredible support system through the use of a homeschool blog.

This blog provides sample lesson plans, guidance, and activities for homeschool parents.

111. College/School

Secondary education is considered a requirement in the United States.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, around 20 million students enrolled in college for the fall semester of 2019.

Numerous students and parents frequently find themselves unprepared for the rigors of college.

NICHE down to

  • IB School
  • private school
  • Grammar schools
  • School Lunch pack
  • School Activities for primary kids
  • School activities for Kinders
  • School Homework

Are you familiar with effective study techniques, prudent budgeting strategies, and how to survive a frat party?

A blog like this would aid in the support and guidance of others as they navigate the chaotic, uninspiring journey that is college!

College Cures blogs can serve as a model for the breadth and quality of your content.

While starting a blog might be profitable, lead generation remains my top tip for online businesses.

Creating a profitable blog is certainly achievable.

However, let’s face it, it can take months, if not years, to build a successful blog.

Local lead creation produces significantly faster returns and requires significantly less work beyond the initial procedure.

You do not need to fumble around with email lists, four social media profiles, and paid advertising in order to get profitable leads.

You simply rely on Google’s unrestricted and overwhelming influence.

While affiliate revenue from a blog is frequently referred to as ‘passive revenue,’ you must still devote time to generating and updating a regular flow of blog content.

Once the site is established and ranked, lead generation is genuinely passive income.

Numerous of my websites have been neglected for several years…

Nonetheless, they continue to provide revenue for me month after month.

This is the most effective business concept I’ve discovered that involves only a minimal initial investment in exchange for a lifetime of financial independence.

Lead generation is my preferred method of online business.

(In My Opinion, Less Inconvenient Than Starting A Blog)

Yes, Demonstrate This Business to Me!

Which niche are you going to exploit to become wealthy?

I only covered 110+ blogging niches, but believe me when I say there are TONS more.

Above all, my advice is to follow your passion—and then figure out how to make money from it.

What blog niches did I overlook that should have been included?

Leave them in the comments section below!

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