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There is a strong probability that you have a Mac on your wishlist if you are in the market for a computer to use for graphic design and you are currently shopping.

But which Apple product should you purchase for your Graphic design work?

Do you prefer the convenience of a portable device like a MacBook Air? Or perhaps the strength of a Mac Pro? Perhaps all you care about is having the largest screen that your budget will allow you to purchase.

Obviously, a great deal is dependent upon how much actual designing you perform as well as the types of files you work on in that capacity.

In any event, the purpose of this guide is to assist you in making an educated choice on the purchase of a Mac for the purpose of graphic design.

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However, if you are a Graphic designer in the market for a new Mac, you will have to choose between two options. Which Macintosh model is most suitable for your needs?

It’s possible that you simply want the largest screen possible so that you may examine your pictures in minute detail. Or, if you shoot a lot of images, storage may be a more significant consideration for you.

In this piece, we’re going to take a look at what we believe to be the best Macs on the market right now for Graphic designers…

Check out our comprehensive guide, which is included in this post, for additional information on what to look for in a mac designed for Graphic design and how we concluded which Macs are the best for Graphic Design

NOTE: Please take into consideration that the criteria we used to compile this list of the top 10 best Macs for Graphic Design include: Specs, Price , features,  real-world performance,  user reviews, and Popularity

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What is the Best Mac for Graphic Design in 2024

Here’s our pick of currently available Macs that we think are perfect for graphic design.  

MacBook Pro – for Graphic design work

iMac – best all-in-one desktop

MacBook Air – best for Graphic Design on the move

Our Top Pick
2021 Apple MacBook Pro 2021 Apple MacBook Pro

The 2021 MacBook Pro is the most recent iteration of Apple's flagship laptop, and it is an extremely capable device that can perform virtually any task.

It is four times faster than the version that came before it thanks to a groundbreaking performance chip known as the M1 Pro or M1 Max.

This chip has support for up to 32GB of RAM and can accommodate up to 32 cores in the graphics processing unit.

If you combine that with Apple's ProRes technology, you will be able to flawlessly edit up to seven streams of 8K video at the same time.

The MacBook Pro is offered in two different screen sizes, 14 inches, and 16 inches. I

t has a stunning liquid retina XDR display that is bright with 1600 nits of peak brightness and sharp, which makes editing videos on it a real pleasure to do.

The display also has a high contrast ratio.

Choose the resolution that is the best fit for your video, and you won't experience any lag while working on it even though the ProMotion technology can deliver refresh rates of up to 120Hz.

Tech Info: RAM: 16GB/32GB | Storage: 512GB/1TB SSD |Display: 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with 120Hz refresh rate; 3456 x 2234 native resolution | Graphics: 16-core/32-core GPU | Processor: Apple M1 Pro/M1 Max |
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2021 Apple iMac (24-inch) 2021 Apple iMac (24-inch)

We believe that the new M1 iMac is the best option for video editing on a Mac, despite the fact that the Intel-based iMac Pro is also an excellent choice in this regard.

If you are going to purchase an iMac, we recommend that you go with the M1 model.

The display on this model measures 24 inches rather than 27 inches like the display on the iMac Pro, but it is still an excellent size.

Additionally, the 4.5K Retina resolution makes it an excellent choice for video editing.

The incorporation of Apple's very own M1 processor design is, of course, the most significant difference.

These chips are very efficient in terms of both speed and power consumption.

The more expensive Intel Xeon chips that are used in Mac Pros and iMac Pros have been defeated by M1 processors in a number of tests.

  • There is a diverse selection of colors available Excellent value for the price
  • Comes with both a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Mouse and Best-in-class 4.5K retina display
Tech Info: RAM: 8GB/16GB unified memory | Storage: 256GB/512GB SSD | Display: 24-inch 4.5K Retina display; 4480 x 2520 resolution | Processor: Apple M1 | Graphics: 7-core/8-core GPU |
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Best Lightweight & Portable mac
2022 Apple MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip 2022 Apple MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip

This MacBook Air, which is built on the M1 chip, is the best option to go with if you're looking for a portable laptop that's not just light but also powerful.

It is a 13-inch laptop with an option of two versions of the M1 CPU, including one with a seven-core GPU and one with an eight-core GPU.

The price for this model begins at $999. In any scenario, it will readily handle the majority of video editing chores, and the 2560x1600 display will make the edited videos appear fantastic.

You have the option of selecting either 8GB or 16GB of unified RAM, much like with previous M1 Macs.

You also have the option of selecting SSD storage with capacities ranging from 256 gigabytes up to two terabytes; however, the cost increases substantially as you select more space.

Tech Info: CPU Apple M1 Chip | GPU Seven-core integrated GPU or eight-core integrated GPU| RAM 8GB unified memory Configurable to 16GB| Storage Basic: 256GB Configurable to 2TB |Display 13.3-inch IPS display with 2560x1600 resolution | Battery life Up to 15 hours using the wireless web. Up to 18 hours watching movies |Ports Two Thunderbolt 3 3.5mm headphone jack | Weight 2.8lbs (1.29kg)
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Best  budget & Beginner Option 
Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip

If you are interested in using a Mac for editing photography but have a limited budget, the M1 edition of the Mac mini is the best option for you to go with. It starts at just $699, yet it has more than enough power to run picture editing programs like Photoshop.

The beginning price is very reasonable.

If you choose to go with the standard model, you will be provided with an eight-core M1 CPU that already incorporates an eight-core GPU.

In addition to that, it has 8GB of unified memory that can be increased all the way up to 16GB, as well as a 256GB SSD that can be expanded all the way up to 2TB.

Even with 2 terabytes of storage space, it's possible that you won't have enough space for all of your photographs and videos if you take a lot of them.

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Mac for Graphic design – Buying Guide

Can you use a Mac mini for design?
The newly released M1 Mac minis are brisk and inexpensive, but they do not include a display by default. That can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your point of view.

On the one hand, you are free to connect any screen of any size, and you are also free to upgrade your screen whenever you like. On the other hand, you will be required to pay additional money for a separate display.

Which add-ons and accessories are essential for carrying out graphic design work on a Mac?
It is a question of personal opinion, but it makes sense to obtain a graphics tab if you do any freehand work at all.

Especially if you do a lot of freehand work. In addition to that, it is essential to have a good keyboard and either a mouse or a trackpad.

If you look around, you can find a lot of great third-party solutions in addition to the great peripherals that Apple sells itself, which are good.

When it comes to graphic design, do Macs or PCs fare better?
Macs are generally more popular among graphic designers than Windows PCs

It used to be the case that the majority of the best design software was only available for Macs, but this is no longer the case.

Although Windows PCs work just fine for design, Macs are far more user-friendly, less likely to experience compatibility issues, and much more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the great quality of their screens makes them ideal for designers.

Is it a smart idea for designers to use the MacBook Air?
A modern MacBook Air should be sufficient for the majority of your day-to-day 2D design work. The new M1 processors are more powerful than the older chips, and they also provide a satisfactory level of graphical performance.

When you work for lengthy periods of time, though, the fanless design of the MacBook Air can become a problem. If such is the case, you should consider purchasing a MacBook Pro rather than any other model.

When it comes to graphic design, why should you choose a Mac?

Since the beginning of personal computers, Macs have been the platform of choice for graphic designers. This is mostly attributable to Mac’s superior color accuracy, image quality, and user-friendliness. Additionally, the incorporation of high-end monitors with Retina technology makes design work simpler and more precise.

Apple is the only company that makes both the computers and the operating system that runs on them, which is a significant advantage in its own right. Because of this, Macs are typically more reliable than other computers, as they have significantly fewer issues related to compatibility or driver conflicts.

In conclusion, Macs have a very attractive design. Apple’s reputation for making aesthetically pleasing products helped many industries to come up with great designs.

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