Best Procreate Brushes to elevate your Digital Art

20 Best Procreate Brushes to elevate your Digital Art

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If you are finally trying to embrace your creative side and are taking baby steps in either digital art, digital painting, or digital illustration, we will walk you through all of the fundamentals to give you Ideas using your Procreate app & its tools, mainly Brushes.

Whether you are trying to embrace your creative side in digital art, digital painting, or digital illustration, this guide is for you.

You won’t need to be concerned about producing mind-blowing illustrations and drawings just yet if you’re just starting out. Feel free to draw whatever your imagination tells you to draw and make use of the Procreate tutorials that can be found on YouTube or elsewhere online.

As of right now, the most important thing is to let your creativity loose and create something amazing.

When getting started with your drawing projects in Procreate, make use of the helpful tips you learn along the way.

When it comes to illustrating their ideas, some creative people favor working with watercolor, while others feel more at ease using paint. ‍

There are also artists who are proficient in calligraphy and drawing portraits. Some of these artists are out there.

I have a variety of brush kits to recommend to you, and it doesn’t matter what kind of illustration you want to make; I can help you with any of them.

They are all reasonably priced, and they will be an asset to you for a long time in terms of enhancing the skills and talent you already possess as a designer.

And while we’re on the subject of improving your skills, I also encourage you to read another article I wrote about the best Procreate courses for artists, which can unquestionably assist you in developing into a true professional.

In this article, I will be highlighting some of the 20 best Procreate brushes from  Creative Market & Design cuts.

Check out this list that I compiled, and you can be confident that you will have the most suitable brush set for your professional requirements, as well as that you will have made the most of the money that you have spent.

What are the best Procreate Brushes?

Ink Brushes:

Micron pens- Micron Brushes

Cute Cartoon Style Brush – Kawaii Brushes

Grainers Brush –The Grainers Brush Set

Manga Style Ink Brushes – Mangaka Brush

Line art – Line Art Brushes

Sketching Brushes: The Sketch Brushes

Pencil Brush – Graphite pencil Brush

Coloured Pencil Brush – Colored pencil Procreate Brushes Set

Crosshatching Brushes – The Cross Hatching Brushes

Sketching And Shading Pencil Brush – Sketching & Shading Brush

Procreate Marker Sketching Brush

Painting Brushes: iPad Brush for Sketching

Water Colour Brush – Realistic Water color KIT

Oil Paint Brush – Oil Brushes for ProCreate

Dry Media Brush –  Dry Media Brushes

Marker Brush – Realistic Marker KIT

Pastel Brush set – Pastel pro Kit

3D Brushes:

3D Procreate brush: 3D Procreate Brushes

Fur Brushes:

30 Realistic Fur Brushes – Realistic Fur Brushes

Pencil effect Fur Brush – Animal Fur Brush


Eye stamp – Eye Stamp Brush

Men Hair Stamp – Procreate Man Hair

30 Hair Stamp – Procreate Hair Brush

Lip Stamp – Lip Stamp Brushes

Manga Eye Stamp – Manga EYE Stamp


Cute Floral Brush Set – Floral Brushes

Alcohol Ink Brush – Alcohol INK Brush

Illustration Brushes – Illustration Brushes

Sketchbook Style Brushes – Sketch Book Brush Set

Textured Illustration Brushes – Texture Procreate Brush

Textured Brushes:

Glitter Brush – Glitter & Sparkle Brush

Galaxy Brush – Galaxy Brush

Denim Texture Brush – Denim Texture Brushes

Grass Textured Brush – Grass Brushes

Forest Brushes – FOREST Brushes

Procreate Brushes List

1. Hand-crafted Lettering brush set

Handcrafted Lettering
Now is the time to let your handwriting do the talking for you. Calligraphy and hand lettering are also considered to be forms of art.

You can create stunning digital calligraphy to embellish your projects using the iPad app Procreate and the Apple Pencil, both of which are available from the App Store.

You can add any of the thousands of lettering brushes that are available on Creative Market to your Procreate software with just a single tap.

This will make lettering an even more enjoyable experience. Here are a few examples for you!

2. Comic, Manga, & Cartoon—best Procreate Brushes for character design

ComicManga, & Cartoon—best Procreate Brushes for character design

30 marker brushes for the iBox, marker brushes for the Procreate, and painting for the Procreate.

If you do most of your artwork with Copic markers or some other kind of marker that has an alcohol basis and you want to start drawing digital art on Procreate, you’ve come to the perfect spot since we have iBox marker anime brushes.

We showed you a range of markers, including alcohol markers, dry markers, wet markers, and blenders, each of which is specially designed for a marker and crafted to blend precisely while preserving the feel of an alcohol brush.

Included in the collection are:

  • 10 Alcohol markers
  • 16 Procreate markers are included.
  • 4 Blender brushes

3. Modern Abstract Art Procreate Brushes

The Modern Abstract Art Procreate Brushes include 60 various shapes and textures. It’s ideal for modern painting in many genres.

Extra big wet oil and acrylic brushes to fine detail brushes in several finishes.

Included are smooth, textured, and rough palette knives and blenders in wet and dry finishes.

40 Textures Sampler Brushes and 10 Mixed Media Brushes are provided for finishing or underpainting.

All that Glitters is one of 6 sampler brush sets provided. Here are all samplers.Brushes give textures and backdrops to artworks.

4. Chalk Brushes—best for pastel drawings

Chalk Brushes—best for pastel drawings

Chalk Brushes for the Procreate Program
Acquire twenty different chalk brushes for use in Procreate. Brushes are pen pressure sensitive. Have fun writing with chalk and make use of the colour swatches that you have created.


  • 20 Different Procreate Brushes in Their Original Colors
  • The pen that is sensitive to both pressure and tilt
  • Simple to Sketch
  • Simple to Adapt to Your Needs

These brushes are compatible with the Procreate software alone, which is available for the Apple iPad.

They are incompatible with the graphic editing software Adobe Photoshop as well as any other program.

Use them Like This

  • You may get the file on your iPad by downloading it.
  • Simply choose the “Chalk [by Sko4].brushset” button.
  • All of the brushes will be instantly downloaded and installed by Procreate, and you will find them at the top of your brush list

5 Tattoo Brushes—best for pastel drawings

Tattoo Brushes– best for Tattoo Brushes

References for tattoos in the hundreds for Procreate. (package 23 of the Corona Isolation System) handcrafted!

I’ve begun a fun project to keep myself occupied while I wait for the epidemic to pass, and as long as people keep giving me nice comments, I’ll keep working on it! Inspiration, coloring projects, tattoo fillers, and all else you could possibly need are all included in this book.

6. Pastel Pro

Pastels bridge the gap between drawing and painting. Digital art has fuzzy borders, thus we need all-purpose brushes.

These brushes made to combine dry media roughness with paint-mixing fluidity. Like the Charcoal Master Pack, I’ve designed this collection to meet my own particular wishes.

My ideal digital brush can generate a wide range of effects and edge quality, like conventional instruments.

These Brushes Pastel pro are made to provide different effects based on whether you use the Apple Pencil’s tip or edge.

Three Particle/Edge Pro brushes can create airbrush-style gradients and razor-sharp edges.

Many additional brushes can make soft and harsh edges, and broad, narrow, bold, or sparse strokes, making painting more efficient and pleasant.

Animated Artwork -GOuache Drawing Brushes

Animated Artwork Brushes- Gouache Drawing Brush

These Brushes are created that imitate living materials: acrylic, gouache, pastel, and pencils.  With this set of brushes, you will create realistic illustrations as if you had painted them on paper.

summing up

And there we have it, folks! 🎉 We’ve journeyed together through the diverse universe of Procreate brushes, uncovering some of the most game-changing tools for your digital artwork. 🎨🚀

Whether it’s the finesse of the inking brushes, the charm of the sketching ones, the dynamism of the painting set, or the versatility of the texture brushes, each one brings something unique to your canvas. 🖌️💖

Remember, the real magic happens when you start experimenting. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match, tweak settings, and create custom brushes. Your Procreate toolkit is a sandbox, and you’re the master builder! 🧰⚡

Now it’s your turn to go forth and create! Bring your visions to life with these spectacular brushes, and remember – the only limit is your imagination. Happy creating, Procreate geniuses! 🌈🌠

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