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You take immense pleasure in the work that you accomplish. As a result, the website that you promote it on should be just as enticing as the product itself. 

However, the best website builder for you to construct a digital portfolio, aid in the generation of new business, and attract and retain top talent may be different from the best website builder that another company recommends. 

There is a wide variety of service providers that make the process of developing and optimizing a website quite straightforward. 

These providers range from free basic website builders to premium sites that charge a fee for web design and hosting. 

Examine the most well-known website builders on the market by using the in-depth analyses of each one that is provided below, and after that, look through these website-building considerations before you make your site public.

Why Is It Necessary for an Interior Designer to Have a Website?

There are several compelling arguments in favor of interior designers maintaining their own websites.

It provides designers and/or design firms with a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work portfolios by using either static imagery or three-dimensional representations;

Building one’s brand and gaining a solid foothold in the digital marketplace for one’s services are both facilitated by the use of a website.
It functions as an interactive center that allows designers to work online (and even in real-time) with existing clients while also responding to requests from prospective clients. 

Websites also serve as a means of generating leads or gaining insights into potential customers, making it simpler to conduct one’s own research and due diligence:

If you look at some examples of websites for interior design, you’ll see that having a website may help an individual designer or a design firm stand out from the crowd, particularly if the website contains an aesthetic that highlights the designer’s or firm’s unique design style; and

Websites make content marketing simpler, particularly if a designer can share articles regarding new trends in the industry, updates on their most recent projects (especially necessary for those doing major corporate, commercial, and institutional spaces), and even drive traffic through their social media accounts. 

This is especially helpful for designers who work on large-scale corporate, commercial, and institutional spaces.

Our Reviews are Genuine. In any post like this on our site for Digital software,  we have either tested them  Or Spoken to someone that used/tested the Website Builder personally. In this list post, we spoke to a few Interior Designers based in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane that have used these Website Builders. Check out our Product Review Disclaimer here

What is the Best Website Builder for Interior design in 2022

5+ the Best Website Builder for Interior Design

  • Squarespace – the best for  rapidly built Personal Portfolio website
  • Weebly — The best website builder for Interior Designers who desire additional help for their clients- [Our Top Pick]
  • Zyro Best Website Builder for Interior Design – Editor’s Choice
  • Duda  – The best overall interior design website builders
  • WebFlow — The best overall interior design website builders
  • GoDaddyGreat interior design website builders with a marketing feature
  • Site123-The Best overall builder for Interior Designers
SQUARESPACE-Portfolio Website Builder SQUARESPACE-Portfolio Website Builder

WHY We Like It

Building a portfolio is one of the things you can do with this large platform, which is not only useful for creative people but also has many other applications.

You can also set up an online store, in addition to doing plenty of other things.

They have close to one million people using their platform. I'd say there are two characteristics in particular about them that particularly appeal to me:

  • In comparison to the work of other builders, their floor plans are unique.
  • A fantastically helpful technical support (guide, support center, webinars)
  • There are four distinct pricing tiers to choose from, including personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce.
  • Good spread of templates
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Good site speed
  • Allows data import/export
  • G suite integration
  • E-Commerce friendly
  • Fantastic support
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Editors' Choice
ZYRO- Website Builder ZYRO- Website Builder

Many artists( Including Photographers, Musicians, Digital Artists, and many more) have selected Zyro because of the fantastic design of its templates, which enables them to create work that is both presentable and competitive.

Zyro's templates combine an attractive design with incredible functionality.

In addition to that, its functionality is unparalleled.

Key Features:
  • Excellent prices
  • Features a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to make changes to a website
  • It offers real-time assistance to customers.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Zyro has powerful site creation tools to take your site to the next level

The Zyro platform is perfect for writers of all experience levels. It’s a widely used system that can be leveraged to build a beautiful website for your next big thing.

The platform’s user interface is straightforward, and its support staff is first-rate. This is the best option for anyone who wants a polished website but doesn’t have time to learn how to code.

Your website’s pages can be constructed with the click and drag of various elements including pictures, text, videos, etc.

Zyro also provides a large number of pre-made author website templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch when creating your site.

Zyro Pricing…

2.Webflow- The best web builder for Interior Design


Webflow provides you with the versatility to do almost anything you could ever want to do in a website, and it does so without requiring you to write any code.

Once you have an understanding of how it functions, it is a very powerful tool that can be used to create websites with a low to medium level of complexity. It is also infinitely customizable.

As there is an entire community that utilizes the product, it is very simple to find solutions to any issues that may crop up in the future.

It is also great because people are creating specific libraries and components specifically for web flow, which makes it an excellent way to expedite the process of web design. Due to this, Webflow is one of the best ways to do so. It is an excellent choice both for a speedy website and for pages that you may want to build for the long term in the future.

Its content management system (CMS), is also an extremely powerful tool, which results in an infinite number of creative possibilities.

Seb Miller An Interior designer in Sydney, Australia says

The top tool for no-code websites : I really enjoy using Webflow as often as I can, it is a great product that fits many types of use cases and I will continue using it in the future for my projects.

Sebastian- WEbflow user

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive and Simple-to-Use Tools: Webflow offers an easy method for developing websites. Designers may visually alter all of the site’s aspects without having to write scripts.
  • Content Manager: Webflow is not just for creating websites, but also for managing personalized content. All content created by users can be instantly organized on the platform and seamlessly associated with layouts and pages.
  • Editor for Webflow: The system includes the Webflow Editor tool, which allows authors to input text material into layouts with ease.
  • SEO Support: Using Open Graph, content administrators may quickly adjust their website’s SEO settings. There are


Site plans

  • Starter — $0
  • Basic – $18
  • CMS — $29
  • Business — $49

Ecommerce plans

  • Standard — $42
  • Plus — $84
  • Advanced — $235


  • Webflow gives you the flexibility to do more or less anything you could ever want in a website, without having to code. It is infinitely customizable and once you understand how it works, is an extremely powerful tool for creating low to medium-complexity websites
  • Hundreds of templates are adaptive and may be personalized, all of which are ideal for any sector.
  • Interactions using JavaScript that are more advanced
    Content management system with all the bells and whistles for constructing websites without using templates
  • Webflow is equipped with a robust visual designer that enables users to construct aesthetically pleasing websites without having to manually write any code.
  • Features that are beneficial to SEO for ranking and optimizing keywords
  • Webflow is a pretty incredible tool. It’s cool to believe that this is the most effective platform for the purpose of constructing a website that a customer can administer on their own. The building website can be done on the developer’s end, and then the client or editor side can be used to make changes. The collection-building website at the very end is something that truly appeals


  • Not quite a beginner-friendly web Builder and pricing can be a bit complicated
  • People who are not willing to consistently make changes to their website will find that the pricing model does not work in their favor. When compared to other solutions on the market, it makes having a website for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses a smaller business a more expensive endeavor.

3. Duda- Website Builder for Interior design


Duda’s appeal is in its uncomplicated design. You can quickly and easily design stunning websites with the website builder, and these websites will look excellent on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

 In spite of higher-end levels that are geared at professionals, Duda makes it possible to create attractive websites even if you have limited experience with design or technical aspects of the process. 

Duda, a sleek and sophisticated website builder, is the Editors’ Choice product for website builders because it provides users with a wide variety of themes, effective e-commerce options, and an excellent editor.

Key Features:

Duda helps you Develop websites that are dependable and safe, as well as fast, functional, and well optimised for search engines. 

Duda’s websites have consistently outperformed the competition in terms of load time, visual stability, and interaction since Core Web Vitals was established in 2021 as the official foundation to measure site speed and user experience.


$14./month after the free trial of 30 days


  • Highly powerful Traffic Analysis
  • Contains a highly regarded editor
  • Powerful resources for developing responsive mobile websites
  • E-commerce software that can actually do its job
  • Numerous Examples Available


  • A bit pricey, Even though a Month free option is provided.
  • Weak selection of widgets
  • Higher price points include access to email newsletter features.
  • prohibits changing templates

4.Weebly- The Best Website Builder for Interior Designers to showcase their work


Website creation is easy with Weebly, even if you know nothing about HTML or CSS. The platform is incredibly simple to use, and the drag-and-drop editor is unparalleled in its simplicity.

The service’s emphasis on online sales makes it a good choice for authors hoping to move substantial quantities of books.

If you need striking photos of your books, merchandise, or other marketing materials, you may take advantage of the platform’s professional product photography service.

The themes on Weebly are highly responsive and adjust beautifully to tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, and the platform itself features a membership section (something authors would like).

Among its defining Key Features  are:

  • Weebly’s major selling feature is its drag-and-drop website builder, which simplifies the online building process. This do-it-yourself option makes website creation simple for newcomers.
  • App Center: Pick from hundreds of available apps to add a variety of features to your website.
  • Weebly’s e-commerce enhancements make it simple to market your books online, sell them to customers, and collect money.

Key Features:

  • Despite its user-friendliness, it is nonetheless a powerful function Object() { [native code] } with a wide range of options.
  • People that are comfortable modifying code on their own find this to be an attractive platform.


Free + Paid (paid plans from $12 per month)


  • The ability to switch between different, fully-customizable, responsive themes whenever you like
    Incorporates your email marketing metrics while being search engine optimized
  • Features and plugins for e-commerce use that cover most bases
  • Many useful resources for creating and optimizing your site can be found in the help area.


  • There’s no way to make or restore a backup manually. There is no method for you to manually restore your website if something goes wrong. However, customer service is there to assist you.
  • To put it simply, the interface is not as friendly to those with no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS.
  • Few options for modifying the theme

5. Godaddy


Moving on to the next possibility in our search for the best website builder for interior designers!

E-commerce and marketing are two of GoDaddy’s core assets, and interior designers consider both of these to be essential in order to thrive in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive.

A site may be up and operating in a snap and with minimal effort using the simple builder that is made available by the platform. 

In addition, it has a wide variety of marketing tools that can assist aspiring designers in getting their portfolios seen by potential customers. 

Promotions of a website can be done online, through social media, or by email; all of these options are open to the user.

GoDaddy also provides features for event schedules, which can be helpful when it comes to setting up online and offline meetings with clients, as well as the ability to construct dynamic and static galleries for showcasing one’s various work.

Key Features:

Simple website builder, domain names tailored to specific industries, domain registration and hosting services, and an array of online marketing tools like social network integration, newsletters, and chat boxes.

6. Site123


Site123 is an easy-to-use website builder that features a drag-and-drop editor that makes it possible to create a website in a matter of minutes and publish it online.

The designs are put into broad groups, such as businesses, online stores, or portfolios. Then, they divide into smaller groups, like law firms, hair salons, or gardening. 

Since you can do everything in your browser, there’s no complicated way to set it up. It has a blog and an online store, just like many other website builders.

Languages are given a significant amount of emphasis on the platform. The editor may be accessed in over 20 distinct languages, such as Romanian, Arabic, and Turkish, and the platform also supports websites that are written in many languages.

If you are an author who works with content in multiple languages, then this website builder can be the ideal solution for you. 

The support staff for this platform is quite helpful, and they have a free plan that is adequate for most users’ needs. However, the free plan does include advertisements in the footer.

Important Attributes:

  • Ease of Use: Site123 has one of the simplest settings of all the options featured in this article, which makes it excellent for folks who are just starting out in the process of learning how to build their own websites.
  • Design Flexibility: Although it is not on the same level as Wix or Squarespace, Site123 does provide you with some basic tools to help you construct a website that is straightforward but still looks professional.
  • A strong call to action: In order to encourage site visitors to take action, the templates have been created to have a distinct call to action (such as “Buy my books here”) as part of the design.


  • Multilingual
    You can translate your website in a number of ways, including using a subfolder, a subdomain, or a separate domain for each language. Even automatic translations are possible.
  • Free plan
    You can use the free plan from SITE123 for as long as you want and even get help from them.
  • User-friendly
    It’s pretty much the same as filling out a form. Everything is set in stone. Your content will be shown in the right way.


  •  You’ll need the Advanced plan to get rid of all SITE123 ads. We think it’s too expensive compared to other products on the market.
  • Layout restrictions

    Most layouts are good enough for a basic website, but it’s not easy to make a website that looks really unique.

How We Determined That These Builders Are the Best for Interior Designer Websites:

We selected our top five interior design website builders based mostly on criteria that included factors that confer an advantage on a designer. These factors include: The following describe each of these:

Capabilities Regarding the Creation of Portfolios

The purpose of the websites that designers develop is to demonstrate their expertise by showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of their work. 

Because of this, those that construct websites specialising in interior design need to be able to provide this information via the website. 

They are able to accomplish this goal by presenting design components that are robust and versatile, as well as themes or templates that are in line with the designer’s aesthetic.

Features Regarding Monetization and Electronic Commerce

An online atelier of design accents that customers can purchase to enhance the overall aesthetic of their spaces is something that some interior designers and design studios offer as an additional service. 

They are able to sell these things online because they have successfully established a storefront that is open for business. 

In a similar vein, websites can provide clients of designers with an electronic payment option as an alternative to the more traditional methods of settling costs, such as face-to-face payments or bank deposits.

Establishment of a Calendar and the Scheduling of Appointments

The majority of the time, interior designers are not restricted to working inside of their offices. Before the pandemic, it was common practise for designers to travel to their various job locations in order to check on the progress of the work being done. 

In the unusual environment that we find ourselves in today, the building platforms need to provide possible alternatives. 

These alternatives include a scheduling function to keep tabs on clients, the ability to schedule appointments, and even the ability to hold online consultations or virtual walkthroughs; and a virtual walkthrough function.

Hosting Platform for Blogs

Blogs are an excellent medium for disseminating recent discoveries and tendencies in the sector. 

A blog is beneficial for designers or studios that have a clientele located in other countries or a point of specialisation such as the restoration of old interiors since it enables them to provide readers or customers with a more in-depth look at the job that they accomplish;

Functions for Creating Galleries

When it comes to the production of a portfolio, an interior designer’s gallery needs to provide visitors with an experience that goes beyond simply scrolling through text and photographs. 

It is beneficial if website builders for interior design allow users to upload still images with a high resolution as well as high definition video and audio content. 

Interactive 3D walkthroughs are another alternative that is very well appreciated;

Wrapping Note

Weebly gained a significant following due to the fact that its website builder is exceptionally user-friendly. This made it a popular choice among creative types. 

The site provides one of the greatest discounts in terms of image and media file hosting for interior designers. 

As a result, users are able to develop gorgeous online portfolios through which prospective clients can get to know them.

In addition, the ecommerce toolkit and SEO solutions that Weebly offers can provide users with a competitive advantage. 

This is especially true when it comes to the creation of online storefronts that are simple to navigate and when it comes to ranking at the top of search engine results for businesses that specialise in interior design and decoration.

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