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Best Wedding Photography Courses Online in 2024

Photographers who specialize in weddings are now among the most sought-after professionals on the entire planet.

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Do you have the natural inquisitiveness of a cat and aspire to become a wedding photographer? Are you a huge fan of the coolest and most famous wedding photographers working today, and do you want to learn their techniques?

Best Wedding Photography Courses

It gives us great pleasure to present you with these courses for people in their twenties and thirties.

The number of photographers available to cover weddings cannot possibly keep up with the demand. And as a result of this increased demand, the prices charged by photographers have skyrocketed, pricing many couples out of the market.

And all that the majority of people want is somebody who is competent enough to record the memories and the anecdotes of their special day at a cost that is reasonable for them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of angry and frustrated couples shopping for wedding photographers right now since it might be difficult for them to find someone who can capture their wedding on the dates they want and within their price range.

Everyone has to get their footing at some point. But why put yourself through this alone? Take advantage of this opportunity to get a head start on your wedding photography career by enrolling in this course.

On the other hand, this is where you come in—with the assistance of this best Wedding Photography Courses list

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What is The Best Wedding Photography course in 2024

The 9+ Best Wedding Photography Courses in 2024

Research suggests Average wedding photographers make over $3,000 per wedding. Awesome and Experienced photographers can make $10,000+ per wedding. And money isn’t the only reason to be a wedding photographer. It is an important gig that helps capture a beautiful day of a couple and preserve memories for a lifetime.

These below-listed Wedding Courses teach you everything you need to shoot and edit a wedding from beginning to end, and then run it as a successful full-time or part-time business.

Essential Wedding Equipment
How to select and utilize all the necessary equipment. From the camera, lenses, and other equipment that will produce the greatest results on a budget.

You will learn how to prepare like a pro, including what to wear, scouting locations, and preparing your entire day so that it runs like clockwork.

The Big Event
We’ll guide you through every step, beginning with the morning of the wedding and the crucial photographs you’ll need to capture, and continuing through shooting different sorts of ceremonies in churches and hotels, the signing of the register, confetti photos, and more.

An evening of the Wedding and First Dance
You will learn how to capture crucial moments, such as the first look, first dance, and first kiss while ensuring that your flash does not overshadow the event.

Essential Couple Portraits
Using sophisticated flash techniques, you will receive a masterclass on the key pair portraits you must capture, both indoors and outdoors.

Posing Instruction
So that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own, you will observe and learn how to pose everyone and all of the crucial aspects, including where to stand, how to control the guests, and all of the camera settings and changes.

Meals & Speeches
You will learn the proper method to photograph the wedding breakfast, including the meals and speeches, and we will explain how to capture the day’s unfolding tales.

Editing Expertise
You will edit with a professional wedding photographer and editor with extensive experience. In each class, your instructor shows their time-saving methods for swiftly picking and then batch-editing the most jaw-dropping wedding photos.

Wedding Business Expertise
You will be provided with all of our tried-and-true techniques and workflows for effectively obtaining clients and operating the day-to-day operations (on a full- or part-time basis).

Wedding Photography courses Pre-requisites- Generally

Pro Note: Most of the Courses expect Students to come to these classes equipped with a camera, lenses, Tripod, and a flash, as well as a thorough understanding of fundamental photography concepts such as how to capture images that are in focus, have proper exposure and are aesthetically pleasing. 

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Start a Profitable Wedding Photography Business [UDEMY]

Instructor: Laurence Kim, Udemy | Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $21.99. |2.5 hours of on-demand video |7 articles |Full lifetime access |Access on mobile and TV | Certificate of completion

Start a Profitable Wedding Photography Business [UDEMY]

This course helps you Build a basic portfolio, secure your first wedding as a client, create an outstanding website and blog, and determine your rates and offerings. 

Be aware of when it is appropriate to raise (or drop) your rates. Create and market albums to achieve maximum financial gain and begin using several social networking platforms.

A Crash Course In Wedding Photography [UDEMY]

Instructor: Photofonz Media, Udemy | Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $17.99. |13.5 hours of video |3 articles + resources |Certificate of completion

A Crash Course In Wedding Photography [UDEMY]

It’s possible that You can make a good living doing what you enjoy if you invest in your education and training. In this tutorial, you start from the very beginning and work your way up to the present day.

In this course, You won’t just get knowledge of crucial tools, but also of how to maximize their potential in your hands. Also, this course shows you where to look, you’ll develop your sense of sight and become more adept with the utilization of illumination.

Also, you’ll get a glimpse of the process as this course explains and demonstrates how we record the wedding’s history. The wedding tale is finished off with the inclusion of the required stunning classic photos as well as some romance and adventure.

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience [CreativeLIVE]

Instructor: Jasmin Star, CreativeLIVE | Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $99. |34 Video lessons in HD |30h 26m of class content |Exclusive bonus content |Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime |Streaming access on desktop and mobile browsers

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience [CreativeLIVE]

A wedding photographer’s job can be very demanding. One of your client’s most memorable days will be their wedding day. They’ve spent untold amounts of money, time, and emotion on planning this one day, and now they’re counting on you to capture it in stunningly beautiful and lasting photographs. 

However, if you’re up for it, wedding photography is a great way to make money, gain valuable experience, and have a great time.

This intensive 30-day Bootcamp is created to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to launch and grow a successful wedding photography business. 

This course, taught by acclaimed professional photographer Jasmine Star, will arm you with the knowledge and self-assurance to take on any challenge head-on.

Wedding Photography: Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Amazing Photos [UDEMY]

Instructor: Bernie R, Udemy | Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $17.99. |2 hours of video| 4 articles + resources| Certificate of completion

Wedding Photography: Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Amazing Photos [UDEMY]

You will be amazed at the unique ideas that you can easily utilize yourself, and you will learn how to catch some of the amazing emotional moments throughout the day, how to get very natural-looking posed shots, and how to relax the couple and families for more natural reactions.

From the bride’s preparations at home or in a hotel to the newlyweds’ first dance, this course has you covered. This course, This course will show you hundreds of Instructor’s favorite wedding photos from the past few years and explain exactly what settings they used to get each one.

The ability to download lectures for this class has been activated. Print off this PDF of thumbnails to keep in your pocket for future reference

Wedding Photography: How To Nail Each Part Of The Day (Documentary-Style)[ SkillShare]

Instructor: Michael M, SKILLSHARE | Best Suitable for: All Levels, View Course| Price:Skillshare offers you a free trial for one month. After that, the price is $15 per month, or $8.25 per month if you pay for the whole year at once | Course Time: 1 hour and 21 minutes (10 lessons)

Wedding Photography: How To Nail Each Part Of The Day (Documentary-Style)[ SkillShare]

This course helps to learn; What you need to  do to get ready for the big day
The format of the in-person sessions and the procedures to employ to get the necessary data.

The philosophy and ideals that inform the unfiltered, documentary method. The tools  to employ and the way to put them to use and How to approach the entire wedding day, part by part

Wedding Photography [ UDEMY]

Instructor: Bob Davis, Udemy | Best Suitable for: For  Beginners to Intermediates & Pros, View Course| Price: From $17.99. |5.5 hours of on-demand video |1 articles |Full lifetime access |Access on mobile and TV | Certificate of completion

Wedding Photography [ UDEMY]

This course helps you know the myriad obstacles encountered by wedding photographers and provides a comprehensive guide to their resolution. 

Every photographer, no matter their experience level, can benefit from the advice in this course, which covers every aspect of a wedding from the ceremony to the reception.

Wedding Photography Composition, Portrait & Posing[ Skillshare]

Instructor: Teppo H | Best Suitable for: For Beginners & Intermediates View Course| Price: Skillshare offers you a free trial for one month. After that, the price is $15 per month, or $8.25 per month if you pay for the whole year at once | Course Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes (12 lessons)

Wedding Photography Composition, Portrait & Posing[ Skillshare]

The art of taking perfect wedding portraits is our focus in this session. It’s that time of day when everyone is a little on edge and worried about how their portrait session will turn out. 

This course will teach you how to plan beforehand, as well as what to keep in mind throughout your photo shoot in terms of composition and poses. 

So, you will leave this class with the skills necessary to take stunning portraits.

Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography [ UDEMY]

Instructor: Laurence Kim, Udemy | Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $21.99. |5.5 hours of on-demand video |27 articles |Full lifetime access |Access on mobile and TV | Certificate of completion

Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography [ UDEMY]

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Organizing a photography company specializing on weddings and Making a name for yourself through advertising, a website, and a portfolio.
  • Creating and selling wedding photography packages by establishing prices.
  • Establishing a client base and Preparing a top-notch wedding photography package
  • Being familiar with the ins and outs of a normal wedding day is essential. and Taking breathtaking pictures at all times (with a walk-through of two entire weddings)
  • Engaging in romantic positions and banter with other couples (with a live demonstration of 5 basic poses) and Enhancing images with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Making it as a photographer and being content with your career and Flying DJI drones for ethereal wedding photos (coming soon).

Wedding Cinematography [CreativeLIVE]

Instructor: Ray Roman, CreativeLIVE| Best Suitable for: For  Intermediates & pros, View Course| Price: From $49. |33 Vids in HD |13h 58m of class content | online & Offline Access

Wedding Cinematography [CreativeLIVE]

How do wedding videographers differ from wedding cinematographers? Ray Roman will teach you how to film weddings.

As he shares everything he’s learned about filmmaking from NBA All-Stars, high-powered CEOs, and everyone in between, Ray will walk you through every aspect of filming a wedding, from initial looks through post-production. 

You’ll learn about wedding stuff. Ray will cover film structure and temporal shifts. You’ll learn fundamental and advanced composing strategies for your workflow. 

Ray will explain his sales and marketing tactics for interacting with clients and closing deals.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to sell your services, film weddings, and give clients a stunning record of their once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

How to Decide Which Online Wedding Photography Online Courses Are Right for You

Choose Instructors who have worked in your field before.

This might not seem like a big deal. After all, the people who make pet Photography training content don’t need to know everything about your niche, right?

To get the best return on investment (ROI) from online training, you do need a vendor who knows your field. They need to know your online training goals, requirements, and the backgrounds of your employees.

For example, the course trainers must be able to  share their  experiences as working wedding  and wedding Posing photographers – lots of advice and recommendations with less jargon

Read the reviews of Instructors to get the full story.

Every online listing has user reviews that include information about the company, such as its industry, size, and main focus. Users also have the chance to say what they liked or didn’t like about the company. 

Lastly, to save time, the online review has a short summary at the top. If you don’t have much time, quickly scan the page for reviews that stand out. 

For example, those that use certain keywords or send up warning signs. If the content provider makes it to your shortlist, you can always look into it more.

Wedding photography basics

Wedding photography is a unique and challenging genre that combines various photography skills to capture one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Here are some basics to get you started:

Understanding the Event

  1. Pre-Planning: Communicate with the couple beforehand to understand their expectations, the timeline, and key moments they want captured.
  2. Venue Scouting: Visit the venues in advance to plan shots and understand the lighting conditions.
  3. Equipment Checklist: Ensure you have reliable equipment and backups (cameras, lenses, flash, batteries, memory cards).
  4. Assistant or Second Shooter: Consider having an assistant or a second shooter for comprehensive coverage.

Essential Gear

  1. Camera Body: Preferably two, in case one fails.
  2. Lenses: A variety of lenses such as wide-angle (for group shots and venues), a fast prime (for low light and portraits), and a telephoto (for candid and unobtrusive shots).
  3. External Flashes: For indoor and low-light situations.
  4. Tripod and Monopod: For stability during long ceremonies and for creative shots.
  5. Batteries and Memory Cards: Bring more than you think you’ll need.

Photography Techniques

  1. Storytelling Approach: Capture the day as a story, including preparations, ceremony, portraits, reception, and candid moments.
  2. Portraits: Both posed and candid. Pay attention to the couple, family, and guests.
  3. Details: Photograph rings, dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, and other details.
  4. Lighting: Use natural light when possible. Be adept at using flash and diffusers in various lighting conditions.
  5. Composition: Use various compositions and angles to make each photo interesting and dynamic.

Important Moments to Capture

  • Preparations: Bridal and groom preparations.
  • Ceremony: The walk down the aisle, the vows, the ring exchange, the first kiss.
  • Portraits: The couple, family, and bridal party.
  • Reception: The first dance, cake cutting, speeches, and dancing.


  • Editing: Consistent style and color correction.
  • Backup: Ensure you have a reliable backup system.
  • Delivery: Choose a professional way to deliver the final images, like an online gallery or a USB drive.

Building Rapport

  • Communication: Regularly communicate with the couple and the wedding coordinator.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared for unexpected changes in the schedule or weather.
  • Professionalism: Be unobtrusive, yet assertive when needed to capture key moments.

Continuous Learning

  • Workshops and Training: Invest in workshops and training to keep improving your skills.
  • Networking: Join wedding photography groups or associations to stay updated with the latest trends and network with peers.

Remember, wedding photography is not just about taking pictures; it’s about capturing memories and emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime. Practice, preparation, and a keen eye for detail are key to succeeding in this field.

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