Many Business bloggers don’t understand the complete concept of Blogging and how it can boost website traffic if done right.  

However, few Bloggers so easily capture the crowd’s attraction. But many bloggers miss the chance of getting more visibility.  


It’s not that their content is bad or Irrelevant. It’s actually the various fundamentals that most bloggers normally ignore. 

There are many wrong activities killing a blog post, they are articulated in this blog article.

1. Posting something light, Fluffy/thin content

Agree !! Some days of the week, you may not come up with good blog ideas. 

You struggle to come up with high-quality content for your business blog. You might be having writer’s block or something like that.

How can we prevent it?

On such days, you just concentrate on Reading others’ content and get Inspired, or, by doing a thematic overview of all your older blogs you can share your best old content in a new way. 

Or even better, you can make some solid updates to your older Blogs to make them look brand new for Google’s Search Engine. 

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2. Neglecting the existence of social media

In this era of social media and smartphones, social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, even Tiktok( If you are happy to make short Videos)  are highly important when it comes to promoting your website.  

You have to be there and spread your brand awareness.

You must be on these social platforms to promote your business Blogs, and we hope that you are strategic about how you promote their content on these social sites. 

Each blog you post needs to be enhanced by your visibility and presence on social media.

3. Not providing the viewers or readers the option to comment on your blog posts…

It’s quite obvious, it may take a few weeks for you to have your first comment if you just launched your blog. 

Plus, to get comments People must also be encouraged to comment. So ensure every post you post ends with a question for the user to leave a comment.

Also, You will mostly receive comments on advanced /new topics when you write in-depth articles.  

You could discuss a complex question, which needs to be explained a little more… Or someone wants to know how something you have done.

4. Writing topics that nobody finds interesting- Blah Content!!

It’s simple: if you don’t write about what your audience cares about, the post will fall flat on its face.

The same goes for trying to write about a subject about which someone else is already writing good work. You need to be much better than the already existing articles. 

5. Forgetting to write page title and description fields

If you miss filling in the page title and Description fields for each post, you will mess up the chance of your post ranking high on google. You miss .. you mess.

This metadata is critical for your website search engines to crawl and index. 

And it tells these spiders about the page when you use keywords appropriately.

If your blogs are created in WordPress, make use of plugins like Rankmath to make life easier for you. 
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6. Not Linking to the previous or older posts( No Internal Links)

Internal links help improve your individual site or blog’s SEO. 

By linking to relevant pages and posts, the Google bot can easily find more relevant content to determine the quality of your blog or site and your content.

At PepLifestyle when we write a new Blog, we always ensure that Link them to a few Related/Relevant Posts.

We do it for many reasons, some of them are:

  • These Links drive traffic to older posts…giving new life to them.
  • Those links contain keywords with which I would like to rank.
  • Links are one of the best ways to access your site for Google Spiders.

7. Using Awkward and too-long URLs

An easy-to-share and easier-to-cope-with search engine provides a well-structured SEO-friendly URL that looks conciseness and clean. 

Although not a key classification factor, a URL structure could help a page display a higher number of SERPs on search engine results pages and affect search decisions.

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As you create a page of content for your website, identify the best keywords by selecting a term that:

  • Is closely tied to your topic or industry
  • Has high search popularity (People are searching for the term.)
  • Has a low competition in search (It is possible for your website to rank for the term.)

8.No consistency in posting the Blogs at certain intervals

Consistency wins when it comes to Blogs. It is necessary to follow the consistency of Blog postings at certain intervals at the same time.

The more you post, the more opportunities you give readers’ attention, but the fewer you post, the lower the chances you will receive. 

If you cannot post at least one post per month, you better not post.

The more often you post, the greater the traffic you will get, as I mentioned above. Eventually, this traffic slows down and dies when you stop posting.

Moreover, when Google returns to your site and finds no more content, it will come back again and it may take a long time before the spiders return… That sucks your latest post.

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9.NO External Links in your blog

Internal and external links are important to SEO as Google uses a bot named Google bot to link to websites. 

To understand the subjects, content, and links on your blogs, the Google bot uses the links found on each page. This helps to determine the search results for your content.

External links have less SEO advantage over internal links but can increase your confidence in your blog or site’s Google ranking.

10. Not Networking enough…

It’s not impossible to thrive in blogging without networking, but it could be extremely hard. 

It might be a pain to be noticed, especially if you are from a country full of great bloggers. 

Blogging is also a rather new profession that not many people understand, so it is crucial for someone to talk to or simply celebrate a milestone.

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A valuable keyword is the one that has a high demand and low competition.


11. Not Re-Purposing content into different forms.

You shouldn’t just concentrate on blog posts if you want to rank well in Google.

Google includes YouTube videos in its search results page as well.

In actuality, video material includes,

Compared to text, it generates 50 times more traffic.
By 2021, video traffic on the internet will account for 80% of all traffic.
As a result, you should convert the content of your blog entries into videos.

12. Not regularly updating Older blogs.

Google aims to produce new and fresh information. Many bloggers won’t even glance back at their earlier blogs once they’ve been published.

You should update your blogs to check the points listed below:

Are the procedures and techniques or the content out-of-date?
Are there any recent studies or information that your readers are not aware of?

Have you received the blog’s intended results, such as higher user engagement and longer user dwell times?
Everyone wants new information that is relevant today rather than two years ago; no one loves to read old information that is out of date. 

However, if you don’t update your current blogs to reflect changes in the business, you will eventually lose readers.

What to do: Go through your older blogs and update them. Remove any out-of-date information, add fresh content and strategies, and improve the quality and reader appeal. Also, add fresh and up-to-date Media Including images and Video Embeds.

This will increase your traffic and establish your authority in your niche.

The frequency of your blog updates is more important than just how many blogs you post.

13. Not paying attention to email list Building

The most crucial aspect of blogging is creating an email list. The majority of people don’t give a damn about this most crucial matter.

To understand why it is crucial to have an email list, as well as email marketing in general, here are 6 simple benefits.

  • As email marketing is more precisely targeted to the proper audience and boosts sales percentage, you can expect a 42-dollar return on investment for every dollar spent.
  • 91% of individuals check their emails every day.
    Building an email list will boost your blog’s authority and income.
  • Email marketing is more targeted than social media marketing.
  • Actually, 73 percent of marketers claim that emails play a significant role in their overall strategy( Source )

How to Prevent it:

Concentrate & Get Involved in growing your email list. 

You can create any digital course, ebook, or pdf file that will add value to your audience and ask them to submit their email addresses to have it delivered to their inbox if they want to access it.

This is how every blogger begins the process of building an email list.

When you give something of additional value to your audience related to your niche for free, the chances of getting emails from those who are truly interested in that topic increase.

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