Sculpting Candle in Nomad Sculpt Made Simple: What You Need to Know[ Nomad sculpt Tutorial]

This 15-day Nomad sculpt challenge will surely help Digital Sculpt Beginners to learn…Nomad sculpts basics.. Always start with a Primitive shape, for this candle starts with a Cylinder shape. then add a couple of spheres and “move tool” to indicate Molten WAX. Additionally, used Tube for thread and a spear for the flame. I have … Read more

A productive Rant about Blender Vs Nomad Sculpt

As someone who is passionate about 3D sculpture, I was beyond ecstatic when I learned about Nomad Sculpt & Blender a couple of years ago.

I’ve always been curious about whether or not there was a way I could sculpt on a tablet and get the results to look as good as they do in Blender. The price of Blender was the primary factor that led to its selection over Nomad. Nomad and Blender both are good products.

How to Start 3D Printing business as a Freelancer: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

As word of 3D printing spreads like wildfire throughout the world, many individuals and businesses have already established their own 3D printing businesses. The good news is that competition is still surfacing, and you can get started right away to avoid much of the chaos. It would have seemed impossible only a few years ago, … Read more