Is digital art worth learning?The Pros & Cons of Digital Art

Is digital art worth learning?-the pros and cons of digital art-I’ve been doing traditional art since I was a kid, and I feel pretty comfortable with it, therefore, my question is, is it worth it to learn digital art? What are the pros and cons? Is digital art gonna take over traditional art? Is some the Questions I had in my mind before ( almost 10 Year back then)I started learning Digital art.

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Does digital art sell-Ways to sell Digital Art

Does digital art sell-Find out some of Nifty Ways to sell Digital Art-If you’re new to the world of digital art, here’s a rundown of the various careers available, as well as some examples of successful digital artists.


Traditional art Vs Digital art- Which requires more skill

Traditional art Vs Digital art- Which requires more skill. Oooh, nice question!

It depends what type of traditional art and what type of digital art are we talking about. You will find a lot of traditional art that requires zero skill and hard work. Same can be said for some digital art.


Is Microworld art worth it?

Microworlds are exactly what you’d expect from the name “Microworlds”. They’re little chunks of landscapes, based on biomes, themes or other things like popular movie scenes or famous places.