Content Strategy for Artists: How to Plan a Month of Content in 30 Minutes

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Do you create content regularly for your  Business website?  but you’re stuck with ideas?

If your marketing efforts are not worthwhile and you want to turn more web visitors into sales, your audience must start building confidence and authority.

Content Strategy for Artists

We have created a resource to help with this in 30 minutes, enabling you to plan a month of content pieces!

It is the exact way we have increased our traffic on our website 10 times.

1. Get used to Keyword Research tools around

This is gold.

Use Google Trends( Free)

2. List all your Art /Design service offers

Begin this Content journey by listing all your services.

Don’t miss this step because it will allow you to come up with a lot of content ideas in a structured way. 

You can then think of content ideas for each of your services once you have this list.

3.Sit and watch from your ideal Readers’/customers’ perspective

May I put a question to you? What did you do before you made your last major purchase?

I bet you’ve been looking for anything Google has been on.

Before we buy anything, we as skilled consumers always conduct our own research. 

A Google study found that 75 per cent of purchase decisions are taken before the client even first contacts the company!! 

And because before purchasing people research – we all want to make informed decisions to avoid wasting our time and money.

So how can you help the ideal customer make informed decisions if you put the cap back on your business owner?

Our job as marketers is to create the minimum amount of #content w/ the maximum amount of results.

4. Use content marketing to inform your business clients

What advice do we have? Stop sharing your latest awards or moving your office’s “fluff” content, and create an excellent combination of these two content types.

Content for traffic generation:

This is the content that drives your website traffic. It’s what people look for on Google directly. 

It is content that responds to a specific problem, question or requirement that your ideal client or customer may have. 

You will attract visitors to your website by providing the best answer to your question. You might not just be ready to buy, but in the future, you could be.

Content for conversion of your traffic:

 The content that people are not necessarily looking for on Google. 

Yet, if they were already on your website or interested in working with you, your perfect customers or customers would pay attention. 

Consider people on social media who follow you

You should plan your content ideas around 7 key areas with the above definitions in mind:

  1. Content addressing Issues your target audience is facing
  2. price of services offered
  3. How to” Content
  4. Any questions that start with ‘Do’, ‘will’, ‘when’ and ‘who’, and so on.
  5. Comparison Content
  6. ‘The Best’ Content
  7. About Reviews 

To read more about how to Increase your Blog Traffic – head over to our latest post: How to Double Your Website Traffic.

5. Note down the Issues your Target Audience is facing

No service is perfect, neither any enterprise nor industry is. 

To tackle the problems of your customers (or “perceived problem”) head-on, rather than bury your head in the sand and deny that there are any problems in your area of work. 

You can build confidence and authority with your audience by being honest and upfront about it.

And this, ultimately, helps you transform your public into buyers!

How are you going to do this?

Talk to your industry about a problem and specify how different you are. Creating content around you and your business is very personal.

For example, we are a web design agency that works only with WordPress CMS and you may be worried about working with us because you have heard about quick and cheap website builders like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace.

So by writing: Why do we work Only with WordPress CMS we have tried to avoid our potential customers’ concerns.

Work with us and WordPress CMS  vs. Agencies working with other CMS.

Recognize the objections of your customers, show them that you understand them, and advise them on the best way. 

For Instance, Artmellows have this Blog Step by step Guide to level Up Anycubic printer -this query was sent to us via our FB DM and we decided to write a Blog on this.

6. Price of the services Offered.

Price is what we all want to know when we conduct our research online for any product or service we are looking for. 

Before we make our purchase commitment, we want to learn how much it costs – no matter how big or small!

So how can you relate this back to your business?

  • Write your products and services prices.
  • Talk about the costs and where you are in your industry.
  • Talk about what might make your service price fall and rise.

Here are a few examples of the price-related content we’ve created over time:

7. Write a lot of “How to” content in your niche

Think from the point of view of the user.

We always type “how to” in Google! Creating this kind of information is good to highlight your knowledge and knowledge and at the same time offer a useful service to your readers – teaching people how to do what you do or how to find the right products and services.

But at the same time don’t be afraid to let them know you can be the one who can make their list a bit lighter if they need any help.

We have a separate “HOW to” section in our main menus addressing many How to Blogs: I have listed some here…

Impact is measured not by what you do, but by what happens to other people when you do it.

8. Questions in the Google Search that start with ‘Do’, ‘will’, ‘when’ and ‘who’, and so on.

Along with How to Questions, other major queries we put into Google Search are these will, do, when, what, and so on. For Instance:

So, Make a list of all such questions from your target audiences and create content based on those queries.

9. Comparison Content

This type of content must be created because customers always have a choice! 

And they will also meet your competitors while they are doing their research.

So why shouldn’t the individual recognize that decision and help them make an informed decision? You’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Of course, it can be one of the worst and hardest things you will ever have to do with your content marketing if you directly compare your products or services against someone else. 

However, the key is an unbiased approach to the issue.

Getaway and think about what your customer or customer will benefit from. Take your shoes, and look at the products or services you are offering.

We have many comparison Blogs: for Instance

10. “The Best” & “Top” Content

Do we not want the best for our needs, if we invest in anything? This is why in the first place we do all of this research!

The problem is that these types of content are often published on independent websites, which means you (or your company) are not allowed to mention your products or services (simply because the content creators do not know you!). 

So why don’t you make yourself this kind of content?

This might mean you must mention the competition, but it will work for you because you’re going to be found on Google!

Would you like to know how we know it? because we are doing it. We are writing an article about the Best Marketing Tools for Designers. And we know it has worked for many of our competitors and will work for us too…

So how can you do this?

  • Assess the work of others – the products and services of others. Tell what you’re doing, but also what you’re doing, and how you are different.
  • Learn why you selected the Businesses/products /enterprises you chose and what criteria you used to rate.

This kind of content is also very useful if you ever need to recommend someone else to someone who is not fit for you or if you are fully reserved and cannot currently take on extra customers. 

At Artmellows Blog site we have many “Best” and “Top” blogs – For Instance

11. Write Product/Service/Tools Reviews

Reviews are often made via independent websites, just like product or service comparisons. 

However, you can be the company that reviews products and services in your industry and help customers make informed buying decisions.

Please check:

  • Other businesses in your business.
  • Products /Services specific.
  • Specific tools for the industry.

The key is to provide your reader with honest and helpful reviews about the Service or product.

Not everyone is suitable for each product or service you sell.

Focus on the fact that only your ideal audience needs to be attracted. 

They’re not your target audience as far as everyone else is concerned – and that’s all right!

When you visit a shop, You want a salesman who is helpful, impartial, has a deep understanding of the products or services he/she sells and is dear to you.

And what content marketing should do for you – it should serve as your business’ best customer service provider!

Wrapping up!

Create appealing, Informative, and useful website content first. 

Take the time to identify your niche, write a slew of valuable blog posts, and launch a newsletter. 

Engage your early readers by responding to their comments, emails, and social media messages. 

Develop a relationship with your readers before pursuing one of the monetization strategies on this list.

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