Tips to Create an NFT for Free

Putting together a non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, and selling it on any marketplace incurs a significant cost (also referred to as a gas fee). This fee can start as low as ten dollars and go as high as one thousand dollars, depending on the blockchain and the platform that you employ.

However, there are ways to completely avoid paying the gas fee and mint (create) your NFTs without spending any money. It is important to keep in mind that there are costs associated with minting and selling NFTs. Because of this cost, a great number of producers and artists have been dissuaded from adding their own collections to the popular marketplace.

Did you Know this about NFTs?

  • DEXterlab, which is a platform for discovering digital assets, recently conducted a poll on its Twitter followers to determine the reasons why people who bought NFTs participated in such a volatile market.
  • NFTs have been responsible for the generation of billions of dollars, and one NFT was recently sold for close to $70 million.
  • There is widespread skepticism regarding the degree to which the value of digital assets will hold up over time. Some investors have drawn parallels between the current boom in NFTs and the early days of the internet( Source)
  • Even though the NFT market has resulted in significant profits for some creators and traders (for example, the artist Pak sold his piece “The Merge” for $91.8 million), investing in it is not a foolproof strategy.
  • Fine artist Takashi Murakami recently issued an apology to investors on his Twitter account after the value of his NFT collection dropped precipitously as a result of market conditions that were beyond his control. His physical works can be found in art museums all over the world.
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7 Simple & Easy Steps to Create an NFT for Free – without any gas Fee

While others did it for the various perks, some people bought NFTs so they could have a collection of digital art. NFTs that come with benefits, also known as “utility NFTs,” can earn you the following benefits:

  • Access to communities that offer both online and in-person get-togethers, such as Gary Vee’s VeeFriends.
  • The ability to play games. For instance, in order to begin playing Axie Infinity, players are required to purchase three Axie NFTs.
  • However, 65%, which represents an overwhelming majority are looking forward to financial success.
  • Even though the NFT market has resulted in significant profits for some creators and traders (for example, the artist Pak sold his piece “The Merge” for $91.8 million), investing in it is not a foolproof strategy.
  • Advantages of real life. It is a coffee project called Crypto Baristas, and it offers NFT holders the promise of discounts at future cafes.
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Step 1 -Choose what you want to create & Choose your Platform

NFTs are almost always associated with a specific work of digital art. It could be a still photograph, a piece of audio production (such as a song), or even a little video clip (like an animated GIF). The objective here is to produce a one-of-a-kind piece of digital media that can be sold, much like one might try to sell paintings at an art gallery.

NFTs are advantageous to creators because they are one-of-a-kind assets that cannot be replicated in any way. Nevertheless, if you do not own the rights to the media you use to create an NFT, there is a possibility that you could face legal consequences.

Our NFT data can be kept on many blockchains at the same time. Because the blockchain will maintain a permanent record of your NFT, it is essential to select the blockchain that best meets your requirements.

A Network Based on Ethereum
On Ethereum, the most widely used blockchain for NFTs, there are thousands of different collections of NFTs. The ERC-721 standard allows Ethereum NFTs to save the metadata of the NFT on the blockchain. This is done in accordance with the Ethereum NFT.

This standard, which was developed by the ERC-20 smart contract, provides the minimum interface for exchanging and distributing gaming tokens.

This interface must include details regarding ownership and security, as well as metadata, which is essential for exchanging and distributing game tokens.

Solana Network

After Polygon, the blockchain that most closely resembles Ethereum is called Solana. Solana was developed as a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to Ethereum.

The fees for transactions are lower than $0.01, and the number of apps that are able to support NFTs is increasing. The transaction speeds of Solana are significantly faster than those of Ethereum, despite the fact that it also uses proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms.

Polygon Network 
If you are looking for an alternative to Ethereum, Polygon is a Layer 2 solution that you can use. Launching your Smart Contracts on the polygon network can be accomplished with this method rather than deploying them to the Ethereum network.

When you use Polygon on OpenSea, you won’t have to pay any upfront costs for the gas you consume.

2. Set Up Your NFT Wallet

In order to safely store your NFT after you have selected a blockchain, you will need a digital wallet that is compatible with that blockchain. Installing the cryptocurrency wallet app, deciding on a username and password, and creating an offline backup of your private keys and recovery phrase are the steps necessary to make a wallet.

Several popular wallet applications support a variety of blockchains, including:
The widespread cryptocurrency wallet known as MetaMask is compatible with both the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. There is an independent mobile app in addition to a browser add-on that can be used with it.

Ledger Nano X: With the Ledger Nano X, you can store your NFTs in a secure hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano X is compatible with Ethereum as well as Polygon and other NFTs.

Coinbase Wallet: The ERC-721 NFT tokens and the Solana NFT collections are able to be stored in the digital wallet that is provided by Coinbase. You can download it as either a mobile app or a browser add-on to use it.

You are able to claim a portion of the total NFT value if the NFTs are fractionalized. Fractionalization, which is similar to holding shares of a company, makes NFTs available to investors.

Smart contracts are one of the primary benefits of fractionalized non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These contracts generate a predetermined quantity of ownership tokens in addition to the original NFTs.

The holders of the tokens are then entitled to a proportional share in the ownership of the underlying digital assets. On secondary marketplaces, however, anybody can trade or exchange their fractional tokens for whatever they want.

3. Pick an NFT Platform to Use.

There is a lengthy list of NFT platforms that provide you the ability to construct your own NFT, but the best of them also give you access to a full marketplace where you can list and sell your NFTs. The following are examples of popular NFT platforms:

OpenSea is without a doubt the most widely used NFT platform currently available. OpenSea is the most popular platform for Ethereum-based NFTs because it has more than 2 million NFT collections listed and has seen more than $20 billion in trade volume since it began operations in 2017. In addition, support for Solana NFTs was added to OpenSea in the month of July 2022.

Rarible: The Rarible NFT marketplace has many features that creators of digital assets and artists working in the digital space today will find useful. In addition, the token is a dependable method of offering NFT traders on the platform an incentive to mine market liquidity.

This incentive is provided by the token. On Rarible, you can purchase or sell non-fungible tokens using RARI tokens. 

Rarible is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs that is operated by the community and comes equipped with its own governance token. It offers a greater variety of methods to track artwork than OpenSea.

Let’s start with Opensea. On OpenSea, the following is a guide that will show you how to avoid paying any gas fees when you make and sell your own NFTs. (This is a brief detour from our earlier article on establishing your first non-financial targets.)

How to create Free NFT on OpenSEA

Method 1 -The first approach utilizes a system known as Polygon Blockchain.

Create an account by going to OpenSea’s website. Verify that you already possess a wallet, either one created with MetaMask or Coinbase.

On the OpenSea dashboard, navigate to the ‘My Collection’ section and click the ‘Create new collection’ button.

Prepare your artwork for the NFT by including your file, as well as your company’s logo, banner, name, and description.

If you want to mint your NFT without having to pay a gas fee, choose the Polygon blockchain.

Now, to get started, click the “Add Item” button. It is important to keep in mind that the price must be a minimum of $2 for OpenSea to accept it.

Method 2-The second technique is something that’s known as “lazy minting,”

it’s exactly what it sounds like Lazy Minting. In its most basic form, it is a strategy for evading the payment of gas fees when selling NFTs or creating NFTs. The buyer of the NFT collection is the one who is responsible for paying the NFT when using this method.

Log in to OpenSea and make a listing for your boat. Immediately go ahead and select the Polygon blockchain.

  • Select the Create NFT button.
  • Users can add photographs, movies, gifs, etc
  • Enter the amount that you are asking for your NFT collection, and then click on the button that says ‘Complete listing’ to list your NFT on the OpenSea market.
  • If you want to sell the NFT on an exchange, you will have to generate a signature for it using your private key. If you do this, the signature will be valid.
Note: It is important to keep in mind that the number of buyers on the Polygon blockchain is lower than the number of customers on the Ethereum blockchain when you are listing your NFTs on either of these blockchains.

How to create Free NFT on Rarible has recently been improved to make it even simpler and more user-friendly. This newest functionality gives you the ability to generate NFTs at no additional expense. You got that right. To get started, you don’t even need any ETH!

Instructions on how to make free NFT on Rarible

  • You can connect your wallet by going to
  • Simply click “Create” and continue to provide the required details about your upcoming NFT as you would normally.
  • Select the “Free minting” option from the menu.
  • Simply select the “create item” option and use your wallet to sign any necessary free authorizations.
  • Voila! You’re all set.
  • When the transaction is complete, the newly created NFT will be added to your wallet, and it will then be automatically sent to the person who made the purchase. It can be summed up like that.

Note that you will be required to pay the gas tax, just like with ordinary NFTs, if you want to burn the lazy-minted NFT that you have been given.

Please take note that the functionality of lazy minting is presently only accessible for the Rarible default collection. It won't be long before it's applied to collections that are owned by users.

Selling your NFTs

Putting an NFT up for sale on most of these NFT platforms is simple to do and does not cost anything. After you have created your NFT and placed it in your wallet, all you have to do to sell it is click the “sell” button on the platform of your choice, select the price you want it to be listed at, and decide how long you want the sale to be active for.

You will be able to create the listing for your sale once all of the pertinent information has been entered. In order to accomplish this, you will need to sign a few transactions within your digital wallet, which may require you to pay transaction fees on the blockchain that you have selected.

You will have to pay lower fees if you use Polygon networks because they are more cost-effective.

Questions That Are Typically Asked( FAQs)

Is It Difficult to Sell Non-Funded Securities?

The majority of novice digital artists are so preoccupied with the process of creating their first NFTs that they fail to recognize the significance of marketing and selling those NFTs.

If you do not already have a following, marketing an NFT is not going to be an easy task for you. You are responsible for finding buyers, just like you would be for anything else; they will not appear simply because you have posted something about it on a website or in a market.

How Much Time Does the Creation of an NFT Take?

If the steps in this guide article were followed, the process of creating an NFT would take less than half an hour. On the other hand, the actual process of minting only takes a few minutes.

The actual process of minting. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of time is spent on the creation of the digital asset

What Are the Traits of a Good NFT?

The utility is the primary factor that determines which good NFTs are successful and which ones are unsuccessful. In addition to its value as a collectible, what other benefits does your NFT offer to its purchasers? In addition, prior to the development of an NFT, it is essential to carefully analyze your secondary market.

Are NFTs protected by copyright laws?

Yes, Indeed they are unless the laws governing fair use exempt them from this requirement.

When an original work of any kind is created, such as an image, sound bite, video, or document, copyright is automatically awarded. The author, on the other hand, is the one who owns the copyright. Buying an NFT does not result in the purchaser gaining ownership of the creator’s copyrights.

WarpUp Note

This article has provided a comprehensive explanation of how new NFT creators can make a free NFT by following the steps outlined here. It is possible to establish an NFT without having to pay any fees if one so chooses.

However, if you want to make money off of your creations, you need to make sure that they are original and offer something of value to the people you intend to sell them to.

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