Creative Intelligence 101- Examples and why is it Vital for Artists

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Creative Intelligence 101- Examples and why is it Vital for Artists

Creativity is what gives life its vibrant colors. A new product is the end result of a process that was carried out. Having an important role to play in all aspects of life, including thought, work, play, and contact with other people — The transformation of traditional configurations into novel ones relies heavily on the active participation of creative thought.

The capacity to generate new products, ideas, or innovative solutions to problems is what we mean when we talk about creative intelligence. Consequently, a person with creative intelligence would be very innovative and imaginative to a very high degree.

The uniqueness of each of a great painter’s works piques our interest and makes us wonder why. How is it that the artist manages to make each piece completely unique? Is it the case that some books are more engaging than others? 

The creative brilliance of the individual responsible for crafting these masterpieces is where you’ll find the solution. This inventiveness is due to the person’s high level of creative intelligence, which enables them to think beyond the box.

Characteristics that set creative intelligence apart from other types of intelligence

There are 12 different types of intelligence that the human mind is capable of possessing, and one of that intelligence is creative intelligence. In contrast to the other types of intelligence, such as spatial, interpersonal, and logical-mathematical intelligence, creative intelligence is characterized by the ability to combine one’s intellect and creativity in order to generate an original product or concept.

Creative intelligence is defined by the following traits, which set it apart from other types of intelligence.

Following one’s instincts is a surefire way to unleash one’s creative potential. 

The individual’s instincts serve as the basis for their creative thoughts, and as a result, they get their inspiration from those instincts. People who are inspired are more creative, and it opens their minds to new possibilities. 

It is also capable of transforming an earlier mental process, which can then lead to improvisation. Many different things in our environment have the potential to spark our imagination and provide us with ideas.

Learning with meaning occurs when the outcomes of a person’s creative process are given significance. 

The individual attaches a high level of importance to the products of their creative efforts. It is important to consider how significant the new concept or creation is to the person who came up with it. 

One person’s interpretation of a painting, a tale, or a piece of music can be very different from another person’s interpretation of the same thing. It is possible for the one whose imagination and creativity gave birth to it to get highly profound insight from it.

Invention: the outputs of creative work are frequently exceedingly inventive and distinct from anything else that already exists.

The majority of the one-of-a-kind concepts and creations that exist in this world can be credited to the original ideas of people who have a high level of creative intelligence.

The highest levels of creativity and the most original ideas are what give birth to the most brilliant concepts for new businesses.

Before these recent years, there was no such thing as an online schooling option. However, because of progress in scientific research and technological development, this is now feasible.

Dreams and imaginations: the individual enters the creative process through their dreams and their imaginations. The vision provides fresh inspiration for creative endeavors. 

One creates a mental image of something in their head that does not actually exist when one envisions it. Putting one’s imagination to use in order to build anything gives rise to creative output. 

When a person daydreams or imagines, it’s possible that their mind will conjure up visions that are completely implausible. 

Making use of this to generate new ideas will invariably result in those ideas being distinct from anything that already exists.

Sensitivity on a high level and the ability to intuitively understand things: creativity emerges from the mind when sensitivity and intuition are present. 

There is no place for logic, rationale, reasoning, or the fulfillment of expectations in creative endeavors. Instead, it is the capacity to come up with original concepts in the absence of conscious thought. 

The quality of spontaneity that intuition possesses is what distinguishes it from other forms of thought and serves as the foundation upon which the formation of new concepts can take place.

Examples of Creative Intelligence

Story Writing:

Writing a tale requires creative thinking, careful planning, and meticulously crafting the plot. 

In order to come up with something original, you are going to need a really active imagination. Their writing stimulates their imaginations, which in turn helps children develop their creative abilities. 

Many Author are able to conjure up such rich imagery with just a few simple words. Because of the way the language is used, it is easy to picture the settings. 

Control over one’s language and an intelligent capacity for creative expression both contribute to one’s expressive capacity.

A great number of authors find story ideas in the most unremarkable aspects of everyday life. 

Putting one’s creative skills to work by giving something so mundane a fresh appearance.


Even while we all agree that poetry requires a strong command of language and fluency, the poet’s thoughts are fueled by his imagination or imaginative renderings of things that others might consider to be banal. 

Poetry demonstrates the use of creative thinking in part because it involves the representation of everyday life using new words and casting it in a new light. 

Through the use of their words, great poets have elevated ordinary things to the level of intriguing components. Intelligence and creativity are required to portray this through the use of words.


The creative mind is responsible for the beautiful scenes in movies, the seamless integration of the surroundings, and the compelling narratives. The artist creates works of art by depicting scenes from everyday life. 

It is the movie that breaks away from the typical plots that have been done before, which are the ones that are more popular and engage the audience. 

In order to create a film that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also significant and enjoyable for its target demographic, filmmakers need to have a high level of creative ability. 

A task that can only be accomplished by someone with a great deal of experience and a high level of creative intelligence.

Game makers and Game Designers

The world has been completely taken over by online gaming. 

The games that feature severe obstacles and significant achievements that offer players a unique experience distinct from those offered by other games are the ones that are played the most. 

These video games played online are excellent examples of creative intelligence because they successfully combine scientific principles with imaginative play. Because of its singularity, the platform maintains users’ attention for extended periods of time. 

Gamers are constantly looking for new challenges, and it is the unique aspects of a game that contribute to its growing popularity.

Marketers and Ad Makers

Advertising that is increasingly inventive is essential to marketing and sales, which are both dependent on it. 

As a result, businesses compete with one another to develop the most interesting and cutting-edge advertising ideas. 

Advertisements are crucial to the sales process since they bring in new clients and keep existing ones interested. 

They are successful in this arena as a result of their creative brilliance as well as the marketing skills they possess.

Painting & Sculpting

Creative intelligence is required for a variety of skills, including painting, Sculpting, and expressing oneself through the medium of colors and paintings. 

Notable painters throughout history, such as Picasso, possessed creative intelligence and were members of the visual-spatial learning community. 

Due to the fact that painting requires preliminary investigation, hypotheses, tests, and an analysis of the images, it is not inaccurate to suggest that painting can combine scientific inquiry with creative endeavors.


Being an Entrepreneur is more about Creative Intelligence than Business Intelligence. 

The term “creative intelligence” is sometimes used interchangeably with “abstract intelligence,” and it is fair to say that creative intelligence is at the root of virtually every innovation.

An inventive mind was the first to wonder why humans were unable to fly, which eventually led to the development of the airplane over the course of many years. Many people believe that Elon Musk possesses creative intelligence.

The reason why he was the first to implement so many different novel ideas is that.

Why is Creative Intelligence Vital for Artists

The emotional fulfillment that can be achieved via creative endeavors
All forms of artistic expression, such as music, dance, theatre, and writing, among others, entail the production of something, either material or immaterial (i.e. knowledge work). 

We derive immense pleasure from the act of creating things throughout our entire lives. 

Why is it that while we are young we enjoy activities such as coloring, drawing, and playing with LEGOs, but as adults, we desire to create new goods, new companies, and new music? 

We are a species that possesses a high level of intelligence, and the highest form of expression that we are capable of provides fulfillment to the spirit! 

This is something that some people would call emotional, while others might call it intuitive, and still others might call it spiritual.

Sadly, the highest sort of intelligence that humans possess is not adequately tested, recruited, or known. We are better schooled in our schools to stifle creative thinking because the majority of the time, we are evaluated based on our ability to recollect knowledge rather than our ability to create new knowledge. 

As a culture, we frequently search for more reliable methods of measurement and recruitment by making use of previous experience and tried and true practices. 

It’s noted that  highly intelligent people were also creative

People with high IQs like Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Beethoven all possessed a great deal of imagination, curiosity, and creativity, and they were all responsible for the development of novel concepts and ideas that have worth. 

For instance, Albert Einstein’s well-known “thought experiments” were crucial in the development of the theory of relativity, which he proposed. Einstein gained his insight and understanding of the nature of light and time by imagining what it would be like to ride a light beam. 

This led to the development of his theory of relativity. However, Einstein’s discoveries began with his creative imagination. 

This is not to say that he did not also have a deep comprehension of quantum physics and mathematics (measures of his IQ), but this is to say that his breakthroughs began with his creative imagination. 

It’s likely because of this that he stated that “imagination is more essential than knowledge.” In the end, our great admiration for these bright people stems from the inventions that only their creative brains could have aspired to achieve.

Wrapping Up Note

Sternberg presents a compelling argument for the existence of three distinct types of intelligence, one of which is creativity. There are a wide variety of occupations and fields of endeavor that require creative intelligence on some level or another.

Lessons and activities that are not only fun for the children but also beneficial to their intellectual development and growth are the kinds of things that teachers plan and design. 

Installation art is an exercise in creating unique and transcendental experiential modifications in the viewers of the work.

Writing an interesting television series requires creative intellect on a constant basis, week after week for a number of months. This task can take several years. 

At the same time, a musician is able to make sounds that take listeners on an emotional journey that they could never experience via any other means. This is something that they could never feel through any other means.

None of these activities is simple, and none of them can be completed without the use of creative intelligence.

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