Do Professional Artists and Illustrators Use Procreate
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Do Professional Artists and Illustrators Use Procreate?

One of the most utilized creative applications is Procreate, and many Procreate artists use it to sketch, paint, animate, create bespoke typography, and more.

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Procreate is used by many professional artists and illustrators. Many Professionals including me prefer drawing on the iPad rather than looking at a monitor and drawing on a tablet. It is a Portable  & sophisticated tool and easy to carry around making it one of the most sought-after art apps for the professional artists

There are many things I constantly learning about Procreate that blow my mind and being a professional artist myself it’s fantastic to use Procreate and enjoy the process of creating.

Do Professional Artists and Illustrators Use Procreate?

The main reasons I use Procreate as a professional Digital Artist

1. Layout your artwork

As an artist, you can use Procreate to help you plan what you want to Draw, paint or Sculpt( I use nomad sculpt for all my sculpts)

For example, if you are going to draw or paint a character or animal or a bird, you can import an actual photo of that character, bird or animal into Procreate.

Then you can use the Procreate app to erase/remove the background or manipulate the image. Yes! You can do all of this in Procreate on the go before you ever put a brush or pencil on your canvas- it’s that simple.

2. Learning Graph is not complicated

Many pro artists do not want to spend hours of their time learning a new App. But, when it comes to Procreate the learning curve is quite simple.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Procreate, you’ll be able to get to work virtually immediately.

Procreate has a learning curve like any other new computer application, but I’ve found it to be rather straightforward. I have been using procreate for 4 years now.

Many Apple shops in the United States & Australia, at least, provide some rudimentary instruction in Procreate.

Also, there are tonnes of videos out there that can teach you all the basics and even the pro-level stuff on Procreate.

3. Procreate is a one-time Investment

Yes! You heard it right!! You will never have to pay to access updates or be charged for renewals.

Aha! There is NO Subscription/monthly payment hassle  It’s a one-time purchase to access everything the app has to offer – there are no different versions or Volumes.

4. Make sketches /Drawings on the Go!

This is one of my Faves- Procreate is portable. Having a sophisticated tool like Procreate on the iPad makes drawing digitally accessible to everybody, whether they are a novice or an expert.

If you’re going on a vacation, carrying your iPad instead of sketchbooks and pencils is far more convenient.

In many cases( Including me ), drawing on the sofa is more enjoyable than hunching over a tablet at work( I love working on my drawings on the couch)

5.  Procreate Brush Studio

My fav again!! Customizing existing brushes and creating new ones is possible using Brush Studio’s settings. You may tweak the fundamentals or go deep to get a wide variety of effects.

Brush Studio may be approached in one of two ways. You may start with a clear idea of what you want to do, and then tweak the parameters until you get that result.

  • You may also play around, relying on chance, experimenting, and discovery to come up with something that makes you happy.
  • Enter the Brush Studio by tapping the Plus button at the top right of the Brush Library and entering the Brush Studio.
  • There’s a brush studio right in the Procreate system. You can create brushes for your artwork, or import brushes from different artists.
  • Pressure sensitivity, the glaze, the blending, and even the taper of your brush are all controlled.
  • The possibilities for your brushes are virtually endless, and you can even stabilize your brush if your hand is feeling a little shaky.

6. Color palette & Swatches

Among the benefits of Procreate is the palette folder, which allows you to save all your color palettes directly to Procreate for easy access later on. This makes coloring a faster process and much less hassle-free.

Swatches are a convenient way to organize your favorite colors. Create and import harmonious Palettes so that you always have the color scheme you need at hand.

Using your Palette Library, you may save, distribute, and organize palettes for use at a later time.

Swatches are the colored squares in a palette that represent particular colors that have been preserved.

To make any swatch of your current color, just tap on it. The current default palette may be found at the bottom of each Color Panel tab, at the bottom of the screen.

Is Procreate an art Industry Standard nowadays?

Developed specifically for professional creatives, Procreate is an iPad app that was just published in 2014.

Since then, a lot of artists professionals, and newbies have been praising the app’s performance. And all with good reason and great experience with the app.

About four years ago, when I first got my hands on the Procreate program/ App, I was concerned that it may eventually supplant Photoshop as my go-to editing tool. or perhaps it’s just an enjoyable hobby that is not appropriate for professional use.

In a nutshell, both may be used interchangeably in a given context. For example, Procreative is superior for some jobs while Photoshop is better for others.

If you want to determine which program is best for you, you need to know both programs’ strengths and weaknesses.

As of today-Procreate is used by many professional artists.

There are a great number of professional illustrators and artists who make their artwork using the Procreate software.

Users range from freelancers to influencers and lecturers. Procreate has become a popular App for professionals, with users ranging from influencers to artists.

Manny Acharya

Manny A is based in Melbourne and is a fine artist, illustrator, and writer. Yes! you are right – he uses Procreate for most of his artwork.

He makes digital artwork and sculptures for clients around the globe including USA & Australia.

Additionally, he works with  Peplifestyle Blogs, Petpawshub Blogs, Etsy, Amazon, and others. he uses Procreate for most of his digital artwork and Nomad Sculpt for his Sculpt work.

As an artist and illustrator with amazing credentials, Manny started off using traditional Art( painting & pencil sketching) and Photoshop for digital work. Now, he is with Procreate and Nomad Sculpt.

You can check out all of Manny’s amazing work on his Pinterest Account and  Instagram accounts.

Can I create a professional illustration work using Procreate on my iPad Pro?

Yes, indeed you can.

The internet and the web world are full of examples of high-quality illustrations and artwork.YouTube is full of videos from professional illustrators addressing this Question.

Procreate, like the other top iPad illustration applications, is widely regarded as a useful tool for professionals. Also, the hardware & the software works fine.

As an artist & Art creator, I must be oblivious to the tools used by the artists I work with. In this scenario, the artist’s contribution is more vital than any of the other tools he or she uses.

Procreate fits the space very well- Its learning curve is quite simple, on-the-go usage and creating your own kind of brushes, swatches, and color pallet

Can You use Procreate for professional work?

Yes Absolutely. Everything will be fine as long as you stick to the A4 format.

At the normal 300dpi resolution necessary for publication, a full spread (two pages) will not be achievable.

However, most publishers won’t notice the difference between a two-spread done at 300dpi and one that was increased in Photoshop. So, You can rely on Procreate for your professional artwork.

What is the difference between Procreate and Adobe Illustrator?

The Apple Pencil and any iPad Pro may be used with the software Procreate, which is a raster drawing program.

This program has completely changed the way we create digital art. Drawing, it’s hard to beat, although expanding artwork isn’t always possible.

Vector-based design and drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator uses no pixels. It has limitless scaling, making it a favorite program for many artists, and it’s easy to edit, recolor, and change artwork.

Both programs, on the other hand, are excellent for producing free-form objects of any shape or size.

With Procreate, you can create raster pictures from hand-drawn raster images using an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Adobe Illustrator is a computer program for making vector graphics (not much hand drawing is involved there). You may use a tablet as a sketchbook before importing it into Illustrator, even if there is also an Adobe Illustrator draw app.

Is it necessary to use both Procreate and Illustrator?Procreate vs. Illustrator

Should I buy a drawing tablet or an iPad Pro for digital art?

It all comes down to your budget and what you currently have on hand. A PC or laptop with software or an app already installed is required to use most drawing tablets.

You will need to get an iPad if you want to use Procreate App and are looking for something that is easy to transport and can be utilized without having to set it up.

n the end, a drawing tablet is best if you’re serious about your work, have a lesser budget, and already have a computer and software.

Procreate vs. Procreate Pocket What you need to know- The facts

However, if you want to be able to sketch a little bit on the road & On the go ( Portable), but don’t want to spend a lot of money, an iPad & Procreate App is a wonderful option for you. Procreate’s normal version is only compatible with iPads

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