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Is There Any Drone You Can Throw In The Air and it Follows you? The 10 best follow me drones

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Are There Any Drones You Can Throw In The Air and Follows you?

Yes, there are drones that you can throw in the air and they will follow you! These drones come equipped with advanced technology like facial recognition, GPS tracking, and object avoidance, enabling them to follow your movements autonomously. Perfect for capturing hands-free action shots during outdoor adventures or sports activities. Experience the excitement of having a personal aerial cameraperson with these innovative follow-me drones! 🚁🎯

When it comes to finding a drone, there are a plethora of options to choose from. 

Even though some of these options are extremely cool, you must decide whether or not they are something you want. 

Perhaps you are looking for a drone that is simple to operate for a beginner, or perhaps you are looking for a drone that can perform flips.

There are also drones available that can fly extremely high in the air, while others can fly at breakneck speeds. 

There are small drones that can fit in the palm of your hand, as well as large drones that can carry the same amount of weight as a person. 

Despite the fact that there are numerous different types of drones, there is one particular drone that stands out above all of the others. 

These are drones that start on their own.Some commercially available drones will take off and fly if you throw them in the air, but most people have no idea. Furthermore, the drone will follow you even if you throw it and continue doing what you were doing. Anyone who enjoys any type of outdoor activity will appreciate how useful these drones are.

However, consumer drone manufacturers are increasingly positioning themselves as makers of flying cameras rather than autonomous robots. 

As a result, you will be able to use your drone as your own personal cinematographer. In the present day, a company called Lily drone company is working on a drone that you can simply toss in the air and then forget about, allowing it to navigate itself( Source)

The device goes on sale today for pre-order at $499, a major discount from the $999 retail price that the company is planning when the Lily goes on sale

Lily- Drones


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley Robotics Laboratory, Antoine Balaresque, and Henry Bradlow, who met while working on computer science projects, created the Lily( source)

You can follow your subject by wearing or carrying around a GPS tracker, but drones are also equipped with computer vision technology that can recognize and frame your face more precisely in a scene. Unlike other drones, the tracking device records audio in addition to video, which would normally be drowned out by the rotors.

The Lily was created by Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, who met while studying computer science and working at the UC Berkeley Robotics Laboratory.

Lily- Drones


Lily has lofty goals. Despite the fact that many consumer drones can now take off and land with the touch of a button and promise that they will return to their owner, the Lily goes one step further. 

With the founders, I went to a New York City park to see it in action firsthand. When you toss the Lily into the air, it briefly flips and tumbles before landing upright and hovering. 

It’s a remarkable midair stabilization achievement. 

For takeoff and landing, both of the drones we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) require a stable surface, which may be difficult to find when climbing a sheer rock face or tubing through some white water. 

Despite the fact that this is exciting, the Lily does not yet have any sense and avoidance capabilities, so it cannot avoid being hit by passing objects such as trees, ski lifts, or other surfers. For the time being, you’ll have to make use of it in a large open area.

The Lily’s creators believe that by removing many of the device’s manual controls, it will appeal to both gadget nerds and casual users alike. 

As Balaresque explains, “we set out to build a flying camera that anyone could use.” The Lily’s feature set is sure to appeal to the action sports crowd, but I can’t imagine a senior citizen feeling at ease trying to catch a drone with the Lily’s capabilities.

The Mini Snaptain SP310

Designed primarily for children, the SNAPTAIN SP310 Mini 4-axis aircraft series is a throw-and-go toy drone. 

The 3D flips, altitude mode, and headless mode are the vehicle’s most prominently advertised features for kids. In addition, we have a single takeoff mode that gives you more options for how to begin your flight. 

The flying robot’s controls also include a return key and a speed switch for changing the robot’s speed. For those who appreciate fine print, it includes a comprehensive user manual. 

The manual is available in a number of different languages as well as in English. If you’re not satisfied with the drone, the company tells you how to return it.

The experience of flying

However, while the mini drone can be flown both indoors and outdoors, playing with it outside is much safer and more enjoyable. 

To get started, press the on/off button on the side of the mini bird to turn it on. Then, fly around with it. It will be powered up and ready to use once you see the LED lights flashing. 

The next step is to activate your controller and adjust the throttling. When the drone is connected to the transmitter, you’ll see that the LED on the device is steady.

My Thoughts

Computer vision and a downward-facing camera were used to demonstrate how the Lily would land in the palm of your hand. 

This would allow Lily to complete a flight without needing to find a flat surface first.d differently Because your hands are so near the rotors, it seemed cool but also risky.

All of this distinguishes the Lily as a prototype for the most basic use of a drone. Compared to the Airdog and Hexo+ devices we saw at CES, this one looks very similar. It’ll fly around filming you once it’s launched. 

You can switch between a follow mode and a pan mode and a 360-degree selfie with an app or a handheld device.

You’ll be astounded at how well it can withstand the outside winds considering its size. Colorful and trendy, it’s easy to recognize. 

The SNAPTAIN SP310 is a small, throw-in-the-air drone that’s perfect for anyone just getting started with drones. 

For those who enjoy flying drones, this is a fantastic product that delivers on its promises and comes with a slew of fun features. In addition, now that you’re familiar with all of the drone’s unique capabilities, you can see why it’s so popular.

Probably the most unique feature of this drone is that it can be thrown and taken with you wherever you want. Once you have this drone, you will never want to part with it.

Probably the most unique feature of this drone is that it can be thrown and taken with you wherever you want. Once you have this drone, you will never want to part with it.

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