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EdX – Best Overall & Editor’s Top Choice( Best for Accredited Courses)

edX is an online learning platform and provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs). It offers a wide range of courses from top universities and organizations around the world. Anyone anywhere can use the platform to take both free and paid courses that are of high quality.

One of the best things about edX is that its courses and teachers are very good. The platform works with top universities and institutions like MIT, Harvard, and the University of Oxford to offer a wide range of high-quality and in-depth courses.

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A lot of the courses are also made and taught by well-known professors who are experts in their fields.

edX has a lot of options, which is another thing that makes it good. It offers courses in many different fields, such as computer science, engineering, business, and the humanities.

The platform also has courses for professional development and MicroMasters programs, which are a series of graduate-level courses that can lead to a Master’s degree.

The platform is easy to use and understand, which makes it easy for users to find courses and sign up for them. It also has a number of interactive features, like discussion boards, quizzes, and peer evaluations, that can make learning more fun and effective.

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But one of the biggest problems with edX is that some of the courses are self-paced. This means that students may not get as much structure and help as they would in a traditional classroom.

Also, the platform does not accredit its courses, which means that employers or other educational institutions may not recognize the courses or certifications.

Overall, edX is seen as a reliable and high-quality online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses from top universities and organizations around the world. Its strengths are the high quality of its courses, the expertise of its teachers, and the variety of options it offers.

But it’s important to know that each person’s experience may be different and that some of the courses are self-paced and may not come with a certificate.

Quick Summary-eDx


  • High-quality education: edX works with prominent universities like MIT, Harvard, and Oxford to offer a variety of in-depth courses.
  • Easy navigation: Users may easily browse and enrol in courses on the platform.
  • Learn Your Way: Most courses are self-paced and start whenever.
  • Interactive features: edX offers discussion forums, quizzes, and peer assessments to promote learning.
  • edX’s free courses make it accessible to a wide spectrum of learners.
  • 14-Day Refund: edX will pay you in full if you cancel a confirmed course within 14 days.


  • Limited Topics : edX focuses on higher education and science, so not all topics are covered (e.g. baking or filmmaking). Skillshare and Udemy provide more topics.
  • No Course Structure edX partners develop their courses, which might lead to course inconsistencies.


Overall, edX is widely regarded as a trustworthy and high-quality online learning platform offering courses from a variety of the world’s best universities and institutions.

Its strength is in the high standard of its courses and the expertise of its teachers, as well as the variety of pathways it offers.

Moreover, the platform’s user-friendliness and the inclusion of interactive features improve the educational value.

Many of the courses are also provided at no cost, making them available to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


The top universities, schools, and organisations in the world have made their courses available through edx, an online e-learning platform.

Popular courses on edX include those in CS, EE, HUM, STAT, and DATA. Earning a credible certificate is an option in the vast majority of edX courses.

It also gives you the chance to study its courses without spending a dime, but this means you won’t get access to the graded assignments or a legitimate certificate upon completion.

How are eDx Courses Priced?

On edX, you can take many courses for free, and you can pay to get a verified certificate of completion. The verified certificate is a way to show potential employers or schools that you know what you’re doing, and it’s often thought of as a valuable addition to a learner’s resume. Depending on the course, the cost of the verified certificate is different.

Some of the courses are also part of a MicroMasters program, which is a series of graduate-level courses that can lead to a Master’s degree. If a course is part of a MicroMasters program, it will cost more than a single course.

It’s also important to know that some courses may charge extra for textbooks or other materials. This information will be listed on the course page before you sign up.

Before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to check the prices and availability of the courses you’re interested in and to compare the costs of the free version of the course with the costs of the verified certificate.

Alternatives to eDX

There are several alternative e-learning platforms to edX, some of them are:

Coursera is comparable to eDx in that it provides access to a variety of courses from prestigious institutions all around the world. It has a nice UI and a lot of interactive features.

Open University’s FutureLearn hosts courses from prestigious institutions all over the world. As an added bonus, it has a host of user-friendly interactive features.

Skillshare is a website where you can enroll in classes on a wide variety of topics, including coding, business, design, and self-improvement.

Course Provider: Skillshare Skillshare offers you a free trial for one month. After that, the price is $15 per month, or $8.25 per month if you pay for the whole year at once. 

You can try out a wide range of online video courses on SKILLSHARE for a very low price. It also offers One month Free Trial which is enough time to finish two or three of the best online photography courses for free.

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace where anybody may take courses taught by experts in a variety of fields, including computer science, business, design, and self-improvement.

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The best online education provider in the United Kingdom, FutureLearn, has been successful in establishing a global reputation for British online education.

In addition to providing online courses, FutureLearn also provides access to some of the most reputable micro-credential programs, certifications, and online degrees in the industry.

In this evaluation of FutureLearn, I will investigate the MOOC platform in greater detail to determine whether or not FutureLearn is legitimate and whether or not it is worthwhile in the year 2023

What We Like

  • A wide variety of high-quality online degree programs.
  • Contains free training that is provided at no additional charge
  • Both the course’s content and its quality are of the highest calibre.
  • Includes an easy-to-navigate and uncomplicated user interface.
  • A free curriculum leading to certification
  • Solid curricula
  • The UI and navigation are top-notch.
  • Active online forums

What We Don’t like

  • There are no mobile apps for either Android or iOS.
  • Limited Number of Courses.


Start, switch, or advance your career with more than 5,400 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies.

Image from Coursera

What we Like About Coursera

  • Cost-effective Programs of Study -The cost of their courses and degrees is much lower than that of traditional universities.
  • Offline Study -The Coursera app has the option to save course content for offline viewing. Ideal for a long flight, as you can study and learn without tying down to one location.
  • Open Courseware-Although you can take any of Coursera’s 2,600+ free courses, there is no certificate available for doing so.
  • Institutions of Higher Education and Other Partners: Coursera’s educational offerings are the result of collaboration with more than 200 prestigious institutions like Imperial College, Stanford University, Google, and IBM.

What we don’t like about Coursera

  • Previous Experience or Education– The nature of the subject matter taught in some classes may necessitate that students enter with some level of background knowledge.
  • Price Confusion -Numerous pricing tiers can leave customers wondering what the real cost of a course is.

Wrap Up Note

To sum up, edX is a great tool for those who want to study at renowned universities and enhance their skills. However, prospective students should do their homework on the courses and instructors to make sure they are reputable and the material is relevant before joining.

Some of the courses, however, are self-paced and may not provide as much structure and assistance as more conventional in-person seminars.

Because edX does not accredit its courses, employers and other educational institutions may not recognize the courses or certifications earned through edX.

The fact that anyone can make and sell a course on the platform means that the quality of the courses offered varies widely.

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