How to Reset Procreate Brushes

How to Reset Procreate Brushes?

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If you’ve created a brush or changed its settings, you can always delete it or reset it. 

You’ll only be able to delete a brush if it’s one you added, and you’ll reset it to its default settings if it’s one of Procreate’s brushes. But the process is the same; here’s what you need to do.

  • Open the Brush Library.
  • Select the brush you want to delete or reset.
  • Slide that brush to the left.
  • Tap on Delete or Reset.
  • Confirm that you want to delete or reset the brush.

Reset all brushes

Only the brushes that came with Procreate can be reset. When you change a default brush’s settings, the Reset button appears.

With the new 4.2 updates, many of the default brushes have been altered. 

What do you mean by that, exactly? 

I’ve seen a request for this in another thread, so maybe Savage will make the original versions of those brushes available for re-download.

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How to reset only the brush library.

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset all of your brushes at once without uninstalling and reinstalling Procreate, though you can delete or reset individual brushes. 

However, deleting the app will also delete all of your artwork and custom swatches, as well as custom brushes, so it’s great that you’re already thinking about backups!

Exporting your documents in. pro format will keep all of your layer information, time-lapse videos, and non-destructive adjustments like layer opacities and Blend Modes, so you won’t have to worry about exporting the videos separately. 

However, because you can export multiple files in batches rather than one at a time, iTunes is probably the quickest way to do so rather than a cloud-based service. You can do so by following the instructions below.

Swipe right on any projects you want to export in the Gallery. The blue box that surrounds a project indicates that it has been selected. 

Once you’ve decided which projects to export, tap the share button in the upper left corner, select your prefered format, and then tap iTunes.

After you’ve shared your artwork with iTunes, go to your computer. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and launch iTunes. 

Once your device has been detected, select it from the left pane. With your device selected, select the Apps tab at the top and scroll down. You should see a list of apps inside a box.

Select Procreate and drag the artwork out of iTunes, or use the buttons to save the artwork to your computer. 

You can re-import a canvas into Procreate by putting it in this folder and using the Create > Import > iTunes feature.

We always recommend making multiple backups in case something goes wrong during the export or import process.

Reset your custom brush

Meanwhile, here’s a pro tip: duplicate your brush before tinkering with the settings. 

Also, keep a backup of each of your custom brushes somewhere safe in case something goes wrong.By the way, this has been brought up numerous times in the past. 

In one of the forums,  James of procreate  responded, “In the future, we do plan to develop a save point for custom brushes.” 

So, while it’s not the most important feature, I’m sure a save point will be added at some point.

Can’t reset Procreate brushes, what do I do

Custom brushes or brushes that have been duplicated from Procreate’s normal brushes can’t be reset – this has always been the case with Procreate. The Reset button is only applicable to the default brushes that come with Procreate, not to any other brushes. 

Compared to Procreate 3.2.4, the way this button is shown has changed significantly in Procreate 4.

 Now, when you alter a setting on a default brush, the word Reset displays in the upper right corner of the settings panel for that brush.

Additionally, there is no longer an indicator in the brush set menu that the brush has been adjusted; instead, you must open the settings panel by tapping the thumbnail of the brush.

When you swipe left on a brush thumbnail in both versions, you’ll see Reset as an option – greyed out in Procreate 4 unless you’ve edited something.

Also, Resetting the default Procreate brush might not be possible if you haven’t made any modifications to it. In its original state, it’s already there. A greyed-out “Reset” button will indicate that this is the situation.

What is the best way to reset my brush in Procreate-pocket?

In the brush settings panel, if you’ve made any changes to the brush, the term ‘Reset’ will appear at the top right of the panel when you press on the brush thumbnail to access it. 

If the brush has not been adjusted or if it has been reset, you will no longer be able to access the option. 

– By swiping left on the brush thumbnail, you’ll be able to access the Share/Duplicate/Reset options..

What is the best way to reset my Procreate palette?

You’ll see that you have the option to change the Palette to ‘Default’ when you first start off. 

This will ensure that the palette remains active throughout the rest of the colour selection panels. 

Additionally, you may erase a colour swatch by tapping and holding on the swatch square and selecting ‘Delete.” Alternatively, you may erase the entire palette by swiping to the left and tapping ‘Delete’.

What is the best way to get the mono-line brush back in Procreate?

According to the documentation, opening the options panel of a default brush and shifting a slider or toggle button there should cause the Reset button to appear at the top right, as shown below with the Monoline pen from Calligraphy’s Calligraphy set.

It is not possible to restore the default settings.

I have been getting these questions “Several of the preset brushes have lost the RESET button in the upper right corner – one of them does not respond to the Apple pencil or touch – the others appear to operate but also do not have the RESET button”. 

It mostly worked when you rebooted the 10.5 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, which is running iOS 11.2.1 and Procreate 4 version 4.0.8. 

How can I  restore the default settings?

Here is How…

While moving the Size and Opacity sliders on the canvas interface, the brush settings are not altered in the same manner as they are when you access the brush settings panel and make a change there. 

Because it is not a settings change in the traditional sense, if you unintentionally adjust the opacity or size of a brush to zero in the sidebar, the Reset button will not be activated on that brush.

In addition, it is a per-brush adjustment, so opacity zero on one brush does not imply opacity zero on any of the others – you can try this by altering the sidebar sliders on a default brush, then going to another couple of default brushes and back again.

At the very least, it’s great that it’s back up and running!

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