How to save Photos to Phone from Mavic Mini

How to save Photos to Phone from Mavic Mini- Tips & Hacks

A Beginners Guide on DJI Mavic Mini Drone

Well, You have your New Mavic Drone and you are discovering a lot of its features each day with each flight. When I purchased Mini Drone a few years ago, I used to wonder ” how can I save Photos from my Drone to my iPhone. 

So, after a few days of trying It, I  figured out how to do it. I am so excited to share it with you all..

Say you took a great video or a picture on your favorite spot and would like to immediately share with family and friends or even share it on Instagram.

You don’t want to wait until you download them to your computer and view them.

Normally your pictures and videos footages are only saved to the SD card in your drone. But there is a way to download and edit on your phone.

Most importantly you need to transfer the recorded footage to your phone after your flights from within the DJI app while the drone is turned on and connected if you want it directly on your phone.

How to save Photos to Phone(Android/iPhone) from Mavic Mini

  • Download the DJI Fly App( iPhone and Android)
  • Open the App and connect your drone
  • Make sure you’re not shooting photos in RAW. You can find it under camera settings within app. You’ll need to select one of the JPG formats in order to sync the photos on your mobile device.
  • The Trick to save the Photos on Your Phone is not to Insert an SD card in your Mini.
  • This makes Mini Drone save the Pics in your phone directly.
  • Voila… It’s that Easy Peasy!!
  • Happy Drone Flying and Gorgeous Pictures…

Note: The files saved to your phone are lower resolution versions mostly meant for confirming that you got the shot. 

The primary storage is the SD card in the aircraft, and that’s where you should go to get the real material from. 

If everything was saved to your phone, most phones would fill their storage very quickly and you would then lose material.

Bonus Info

The SD card is the primary storage of any Pics/Videos stored in the DJI Mavic Mini Drone, However,  the fact the photo cache/previews are completely missing from the Fly app means that you can’t quickly download the higher-quality versions to your phone to share (in the same way you can with videos).

The photos are not absolutely saved in the DJI Fly App, It can be quite frustrating.

The only categories visible in the App  are “video” and “Quick shot”, there is No photo category too)

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