How to Start a 3D printing Business from Home [Tabletop Miniature printing with Nomad sculpt]

A wonderful strategy to prepare for future success in the “new normal” is to launch a home-based 3D business today.

You may run your entire business, from advertising and customer service to printing and shipping, from the comfort of your own home.

This is true whether you’re an amateur looking to buy a single printer for making custom items on demand from home, or a business planning an entire 3D printing factory. It’s important to have a plan in place if you want to achieve any level of success.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a free guide to getting your own 3D printing business up and running right now from your Home.

Pro Note: The most profitable as of 2022-2023 are tabletop miniature Figurative 3d prints.

The Process


Begin your investigation further with Kickstarter campaigns devoted to 3D-printable figures and then move to 3D-printing Facebook groups, which pointed you on the proper path for additional study. Who better to consult than your prospective clients?

Websites I use for research include the following.

To view other active projects and their triumphs on Kickstarter.
To investigate other creators offering monthly 3D packs on Patreon.
MyMiniFactory is one of the most prominent online 3D printing stores.
Artstation – A global community for 3D and 2D artists working in games and visual effects.
Thingiverse – A website with free printable 3D models
Pinshape is a website that offers both free and premium 3D printable files.
Cults3D – A website that provides both free and premium 3D printable files
I would suggest watching tutorials for creating 3D figurines, as well as reviews of 3D printers and experienced miniature artists, on the world wide web and on Youtube.
There are numerous Facebook groups devoted to 3D printing Nomad Sculpt & Zbrush; simply search for “Tabletop Miniatures” and “3D printing” groups.

Nomad Sculpt Quick Guide

Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app available for both iPad and Android. If you have an iPad, you’ll have to purchase it to download it.

On Android, however, you can download it for free and unlock the tools via in-app purchases. (Let me tell you all the free version is limited.).

Tools to Start Sculpting with Nomad Sculpt

More Information About Nomad Sculpt

Get the right Tools

So, what are the tools you need to start your 3D printing Business From home?

  1. You’ll need 3D Software to create 3D Characters
  2. Computer, laptop, or iPad ( For Nomad Sculpt)depending on the 3D Software you choose
  3. Additional tools like Stylus, gloves, and iPad stand( for Nomad Sculpt)
  4. Resin 3D printer- Check out my Blog 11 best Budget-friendly 3D printers

Select your 3D Software

Practicing your 3D sculpting

Nomad Sculpt is what I use for my 3D creatives. Even though I am proficient to use Zbrush ( another Industry standard 3d software), I prefer Nomad Sculpt because it’s On the Go and I can Sculpt on my fave iPad. OK! You can use ZBrush as well but for a beginner or a newbie, Zbrush has a Steeper learning curve. So, I would prefer Nomad Sculpt.

Blender is an alternative free software with sculpting skills. It is incredibly popular and capable of fulfilling all of your business needs. Personally, I do not use Blender due to the fact that I began 3D modeling in Maya before switching to Nomad Sculpt. Because Blender is highly different and I am a creature of habit, I prefer to stick with these two applications rather than learning a third one. I have no desire to learn a new UI.

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You can sculpt Anything-Nomad Sculpt Guide!

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Packed with my step-by-step guide to learning Nomad Sculpt for beginners. This is a handy Guide to keep with you when you are Learning Nomad sculpt and even after…

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Decide your Niche

Sculpting in three dimensions requires time, patience, and practice. Technically, anyone can do it, but it takes time to learn, particularly if you have no prior experience with 3D modeling.

Based on your research and your personal Interests you decide your Niche. For instance, I decided, based on my study and personal preferences, that I wanted to develop personalities, and because of my own interests, I decided to create bust sculpting.

Creating Characters On Nomad sculpt.

People visit Kickstarter in search of new projects to be funded, and Kickstarter tailors its recommendations to its users’ preferences and aggressively promotes projects. This is beneficial for everyone. The only way for them to do so is to promote your project and help it generate revenue for you.

Make around 10- 12 Figures or the characters that you have chosen as your niche ( solely based on research and your personal preference). Now time to print them all…

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3D printing the Characters

After finalizing your 3D design, it is time to put your creation into the physical world by using a 3D printer. Before relying on a 3D printer for your business, you should ideally be proficient in its operation (and, if necessary, its repair).

Most likely, you already have a 3D printer, but if you don’t, you should get one that is dependable and produces high-quality prints. Here is the list of 11 Budget Friendly 3d printers

Additionally, it is not a bad idea to have multiple printers. Since 3D printing is a slow process, it is prudent to run multiple printers concurrently to create multiple parts twice as quickly.

If you wish to avoid time-consuming filament or resin changes, you can even have a separate printer for each of your preferred materials.

You can create your Chosen sculpture( Tabletop Miniature) on Nomad sculpt and print it on the Resin printer to market & sell Online. My fave 3D printer is Anycubic Photon Mono X available at Walmart and at Amazon. I also like this Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k( the most Bidget-friendly). Read my article How to Prep 3D models for printing before you attempt to print your Sculpt. Also, Check out my Anycubic Photon Mono X Review

Created on Nomads cult and printed with 3d printer
Made By Tim Timmons

Also Read: How to get Started with Nomad sculpt – The Complete Beginners Guide

Time to Launch

Preparing for Launch
When you have created & printed approximately 10-12 figures, you can begin marketing your campaign.

Marketing is quite difficult. But you can make it easy by following the below steps

Start a website- Get a simple Worpress website and start Blogging about your 3D printing Journey

Get your Instagram & Pinterest accounts and relaunch them with the brand name you have chosen for your business. You then start sharing photographs of the printed figurines with pertinent hashtags. You start following the accounts of other designers, printers, and figure painters. Additionally, I began following similar creators on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook.

Your brand is essential. You should determine this before launching a project if you wish to be noteworthy.

You also build a Facebook group (not a page) for your new brand. Facebook’s algorithm typically consumes official page posts and holds them, prisoner, unless you pay for advertising. By forming a group, you increase the likelihood that its members will see your postings in their feed.

I recommend requiring potential members to answer some questions before joining your club in order to screen out spam and troll accounts.

This section is how you gain a solid start.

Make a few of your 3d art available for free download to everyone who subscribed to tour GetResponse – created email. Read How email marketing can help to grow your online Business. You can share this free download on 3D printing Facebook groups.

By giving away this one number, you can get more newsletter sign-ups, and these individuals joined can join your Facebook group. This is Marketing

Quick Guide to start 3D printing Business from Home

  • Explore the 3D printable tabletop figure market Explore the niche you wish to fill Explore what buyers are seeking to purchase
  • Join Facebook groups devoted to the hobby in order to engage with consumers and other creators — Additionally, there are a growing number of useful Discord channels.
  • Select software to learn how to build printable 3D figures.
  • Discover online resources and tutorials to study the process of making printable figures.
  • Determine how to evaluate your 3D printable figures.
  • Create a website for your brand and start Blogging
  • Get your brand social Media handles on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter
  • Establish an Online storefront
  • Convert your Kickstarter donors to patrons (if you choose to go this route)
  • Maintain a constant supply of new products to improve your storefront revenue.
  • Be open to exploring new markets and styles in your work.