How to start a travel photography blog-The No fail beginners Guide

How to start a travel photography blog make money in 2023

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Looking to launch a travel Photography blog for making passive Income Online?
Having built a lot of blog sites myself, I know the thought of launching a new blog can be scary. But, the good news is: starting a blog is way easier than you think, regardless of your skillset.

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When you’re starting out with a new blog, you’re prone to make a lot of beginner-level mistakes, but it shouldn’t have to be that way.

And that’s why I decided to put together a checklist of things you need to do in order to launch a blog. I’ll keep it simple with minimal details just so you can see an overview of the whole picture.

For a detailed guide, you should check out our how to start a blog guide. For easy navigation, I organized this checklist into 8 different categories.

Here you go…

So you’d want to start a WordPress Travel Photography blog, right? Good going!!!

WordPress is a fantastic option for learning how to build a blog, and we think blogs are fantastic in general!!

The best part is that setting up a WordPress blog is incredibly straightforward. As a result, we estimate that you may complete it in under 90 Minutes. If you are a complete newbie to the tech world, you make take a bit more time.. but still, you can completely make it work.

Although getting started with a free WordPress blog is straightforward, understanding what you need to do and how to accomplish it is essential in order to avoid wasting time.

How to Start a Travel Photography Blog-The No fail beginners Guide

There are many things to consider when setting up your first WordPress site. If that describes you, then welcome to this blog.

Writing a blog isn’t exactly a walk in the park, though. There are no rocket scientific skills required to succeed as a blogger, but you must have patience, tenacity, and a can-do attitude since you will be learning a lot along the way and will soon become overwhelmed and want to give up.

To be clear, I’m not saying anything to discourage you. The reverse is true! As a heads-up, I’ll say this: As a heads-up, expect long days and grueling hours.

And if you’ve done your homework, you’ll find that the road ahead is a lot less difficult.

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Why should you start a blog?

What’s the point of starting a blog? The following are only a few of the reasons: Also read: Why Start a Blog

  • You’re in charge of your own schedule.
  • You can make passive income
  • You can even make money while you’re sleeping-Passive Income
  • Freedom!!
  • Travel the globe and work from wherever you are.
  • Make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Become a full-time blogger and make a fortune.
  • Find out how to run your own company and succeed.
  • Work with the companies and artists you admire.

Consider the following when starting a new WP Blog site!

Writing a blog isn’t exactly a walk in the park, though. 

There are no rocket scientific skills required to succeed as a blogger, but you must have patience, tenacity, and a can-do attitude since you will be learning a lot along the way and will soon become overwhelmed and want to give up.

To be clear, I’m not saying anything to discourage you. The reverse is true! As a heads-up, I’ll say this: As a heads-up, expect long days and grueling hours.

And if you’ve done your homework, you’ll find that the road ahead is a lot less difficult.

I also recommend checking this list out even if you’ve already published your blog to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. If it’s too late, it’s not too late.

So, why don’t we get started now?

Knowing what you want is the first step to success

1. What area of expertise do you specialize in or What is your Hobby that you are passionate about in Travel Photography?

What you blog about has a significant impact on your readers. 

Even if your material isn’t the best, it will be simpler for you to get the word out and get people to read if you’re in a popular subject that many people are interested in. 

Your sub-niche in Travel Photography (a Broader niche) could be a solo traveler or traveling with a pet… whatever your sub-niche is, stick to that sub-niche and write around 30 Blog posts in that sub-niche before moving to another sub-niche. Lemme Explain…For Instance, you write 30 blogs for a solo traveler sub-niche and then start writing blogs for Travelling with a pet, traveling with a toddler sub-niche, and so on….

Why this strategy, you ask?

This strategy gives Google enough time & content to take you as an Expert in one sub-niche. Once you have gained Google’s trust with One sub-niche, you can move ahead with more sub-niches…

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So, How do I Pick a Blog topic in the sub-niche you ask?

On the other side, if you choose a really specific subject in which only a small number of people are interested, you may produce excellent content yet receive no traffic.

Choosing a middle ground between the two extremes is what I recommend. Find a topic that is both widely read and also one about which you do not despise writing. 

While it’s preferable to write about something you adore, this isn’t always possible.

Choose a market in which you have some wiggle room. Things that are all related to one another can be packed together in a little space. 

Aside from blogging and design, I intend to include other subjects that relate to or complement the blogging life—such as writing for other blogs or magazines, freelancing on the side, earning money online, etc.

You’ll have a difficult time attracting visitors if you choose a niche that is too limited.

With time, your wants and ambitions change, thus it’s likely that things will change as well. 

As a result, if you don’t have a clear notion of what you’re going to write about, you’re going to fail at blogging. 

 So, While you may always make changes in the future, you still must have a specific “what” when you begin your blog. 

The rationale for this will become more apparent as you work your way through our WordPress blog launch checklist.

Photography Business-Related Blogs

2. Know Who You’re Dealing With( a.k.a your Target audience)

Having a clear picture of your readership is essential to a successful blogging strategy. 

Creating a customer avatar is a lot like figuring out who your ideal customers are. Selling is at the heart of blogging. It’s possible to make a sale of a product or an idea. 

For Instance, You want to Blog about Paleo Food recipes- This Niche is Too broad and saturated niche. However, you can further Niche down to ” Paleo recipe for people on Budget”. So, the Customer Avatar for this  -People that are looking for a paleo Recipe and are on a Budget!

Even if you don’t plan to use a customer avatar, it will help you make important decisions about your blog.

The following are five features of an ideal customer avatar that you should also keep in mind as a blogger when determining who your target audience is:

Your target audience’s typical age, sex, gender, locality, employment, and household income are all considered demographics. 

Your topic and blogging goals will influence which of these you should focus on, but the more information you have, especially when it comes to putting out your blog promotion and marketing methods, the better off you’ll be.

What do your ideal readers want to accomplish, and how do they intend to do it? 

They have a lot of priorities. Using this data, you can create blog entries that your target audience truly wants to read. How can you help them if you don’t know what they need to know?

Where are your ideal readers most likely to hang out? Where do they spend the most time on social media? 

It is possible that you will need to focus on just one or two marketing channels when you first begin blogging. When making this selection, it’s important to know where your target audience hangs out.

Problems: What obstacles do your ideal readers face in achieving their goals? 

What stumbling blocks are there? Bloggers, on the whole, are creative problem solvers. 

As a blogger, You can’t help your readers if you don’t know what their problems are. If you know where they’re getting stuck, you can provide material to alleviate some of their problems.

As a blogger, you may find this useful if you’re selling affiliate items or your own products. 

Again, as I said, even if you don’t have a product to offer, you’re selling an idea anyhow. 

With this information, you’ll have a better sense of what problems your ideal reader may have to buy into your concept or product, and how to address these concerns in order to assist your readers in crossing over to where you need them.

3. Decide on a Blog’s Title And Domain, Then Verify the Availability

Don’t waste your time attempting to come up with a catchy blog name. Trust me, It does not matter.

I recommend Namecheap (Affiliate)for your Domain Registration. 

Don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. Avoid using hyphens and stick with for your URL extension, since it is the most popular. 

Don’t let anyone else use your blog name or domain name.

At Bluehost( Affiliate) the  Hosting Bundle can be purchased for $2.95 a Month – Domain name & WordPress is free!!

WordPress is the platform I recommend to all of my readers. Other systems exist, but WordPress is by far the best. 

Having said that, setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog requires some effort.

Alternatively, you might purchase just the domain name from other service providers like and, and so on.

My preference is to keep my domains and hosting separately. It’s only an additional measure of protection. 

But if you’re looking to save money, it’s possible to purchase both your domain name and web hosting from the same firm. 

Most hosting providers offer First-time clients  a free domain name

Which Web Hosting Company & Blogging Platform Should I Use? And why is this so?

I recommend:

  • Hosting company – Bluehost
  • Blogging Platform (CMS) -WordPress

Installing WordPress on Bluehost is simple.

It’s no surprise that WordPress is the preferred blogging software( CMS- Content management system)) — for many good reasons! A variety of plugins can be used to modify your blog and add new features, allowing you to completely transform it into your own work of art.

WordPress is an extremely versatile (and simple!) platform for creating a functioning and professional website in a short period of time. WP does come with a Learning curve But it’s not a very steep curve.

Also, it isn’t limited to simply bloggers. You might be shocked to find that several well-known websites, favor WordPress for their online presence:

WordPress is really fantastic, and I cannot emphasize this enough. Furthermore, when you host with BlueHost( Affiliate) you will be able to install WordPress swiftly and effortlessly.

Here is the official guide by Bluehost itself on How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting tutorials.

4. Change your blog design by picking a simple theme.

You need nothing else, just a simple blog theme. I recommend: Do not spend time customizing your blog and make it look fancy. People come to your website for your content, Not for the design.

Creating a WordPress blog provides you with a number of significant advantages, one of which is access to WordPress’ extensive selection of themes and plugins. Here’s a short rundown of the differences between the two:

Themes are used to customize the appearance of your free WordPress blog.

Plugins are programs that allow you to extend the functionality of your blog.

The former will be discussed in greater detail later in this section.

As soon as you start a WordPress blog, you automatically have a theme installed and ready to use. 

Either the default WordPress theme or the theme that you selected during the Bluehost Setup Wizard is used in this Instance.

However, there are hundreds of WordPress themes available, so you aren’t restricted to just that tiny number of options.

Find out where to get WordPress themes for your blog here. When it comes to selecting a WordPress theme, you’ll have to choose between free and paid options. 

I would suggest for a beginner like you, WordPress free Blog themes like BlogPixie, SkyandstarsBrandingandabout,  17th Avenue Themes, VVIANBlossom Pin pro ( for a more Pinterest-friendly Blog site), and so on..

here is our blog about the best WP Photography themes

Although there is no fundamental difference between Free & paid themes, premium (Paid) themes tend to have more elaborate designs and functionality than free themes.

5. Download all the Plugins needed to start your blogs- Most of them are FREE!

WordPress Plugins: Enhance the Usability of Your Site
In contrast to WordPress themes, plugins are designed to enhance the operation of your blog by providing new features.

Your viewers may want to get in touch with you via a contact form, for example. 

WordPress plugins are the means by which additional features like this can be added to the platform.

WordPress Plugins can be found in a variety of places.

WordPress plugins for bloggers can be found in this post, but if you choose to go it alone, there are tens of thousands of both free and premium WordPress plugins to choose from:

Quick List of Plugins

The Must-have Plugins to start a Blog are

  1. SEO Plugin -We prefer Rankmath(It’s free)
  2. Elementor Page Builder( Free Version works well too)-If you Purchase and Install Elementor Pro, You do not need any Plugins for social sharing, Popups & Forms, etc.
  3. WP Rocket( paid)- to speed up your website
  4. Google site kit(free) connects your Site to Google Analytics

6. Create a “Privacy Page”, Disclaimer page, T&C page, “About us” page & Contact us page

The “About Us” section of a Blog’s website is often disregarded. The pages that have the greatest impact on your search engine rankings are those that deal with your services or products. 

However, we often disregard the user’s experience in the pursuit of SEO. 

This is most prevalent on the “About Us” page of a website because it contains more content. 

Your “About Us” section doesn’t have to be loaded with keywords in order to be informative. 

In order to answer any queries potential customers may have regarding your dealership, this page has been created.

Similarly, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page and Contact us page are important pages for a Blog.

7. Start Blogging, Today!

Start a blog today.

Well, Customizing your blog and being accustomed to your theme may take some time to get used to, so be patient. 

Due to the fact that each theme is unique, I am unable to give a step-by-step explanation here.

Nonetheless, contains several useful resources, including tutorials that will teach you all you need to know about blogging with WordPress (again, for free! ).

Before writing your niche blogs,  do the Keyword Research using just a simple google search. Nothing else to start with ( NO AHREFs and SEMRUSHs). 

Google is a GIANT data storage and there are numerous Questions that people search on Google Search.

Check out for your Niche relevant Questions people are asking on Google, and check the Competition. If not much competition( Like There is Forum coming up for the search Result or there is really Old Content) exists for the particular Query, VOILA!!  You have your Blog Posts idea ready.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that your First 5-10 Blogs are based on the queries that are Low hanging Fruits( Keywords/Long tail keywords,  I mean!). You can start targeting Competitive keywords once you have published your 5-10 Blogs.

8. Don’t forget to market your Photography Blog

So, you’ve created a fantastic blog article that is packed with useful information…now what? 

Is it feasible to get it in front of the proper set of eyes while also presenting it to as many pairs of eyes as possible? 

It is just as vital to promote your blog entries in the proper manner as it is to provide excellent material. Having said that, if no one views your material, then it’s all for naught. 

Our recent Blog effective ways to promote your blog for free will demonstrate how to effectively market a blog article in order to increase traffic for your website.

PRO Tips for Creating a Money-making Blog

Best Skills You Must Learn to Make Money with Blogging. I am listing some of the courses for these Skills need to Improve & Grow your Blogging Business

  1. Content Writing Skill [Create valuable & Useful content for users and customers]
  2. Keyword Research Skill [About Long-tail Keywords/Low Competition Keywords/competitors/Target Audience/
  3. WordPress for Beginners[To build your internet hub aka blog]
  4. Basic Design Skill [knowledge of design tools such as Canva]
  5. Pinterest Marketing
  6. Email Marketing [Email automation]
  7. Video Marketing [Webinar, Facebook Live, YouTube]
  8. Networking In FB Groups and Linked IN Groups
  9. SEO Skill – Driving Traffic to website/blog organically without spending money

    Bonus Tip: Analytical Skill [Measure and know what is working for You]

If you are looking at Blogging and making money with your fave Hobby, we can help you get going. As a blogger & marketing Specialists, We have helped many Individuals and Hobbyists to create Blogging Businesses and life they love!

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