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How to start an interior design blog to make money in 2024[ Design blogging]

Creating an Interior design blog in 2023 is a lovely objective. Here, I’ll show you how to create a profitable Interior design blog from the beginning so you may go a step closer to your objective. 

I’ll walk you through every crucial step you need to understand about Interior design blogging and how to become an interior design blogger. My readers have requested that I write a blog tutorial on Interior design blogging.

Here it is then!

What are the advantages of starting an Interior design blog? Listed below are a handful of them.

  • It aids in the conversion of website visitors to leads.
  • Assists you in generating passive money through affiliate marketing, product sales, and so on.
  • It has a long-term effect
  • You’ll discover new things while conducting research on the latest Interior design trends, decor, and so on.
  • You’ll establish an internet presence.
  • You may connect with other Interior design blogs that share your interests, and the list goes on.

You’ll discover how to establish an Interior design blog in this article.

  • What is the best way to choose a domain name?
  • How to create a hosting account
  • How to get money with  Interior design blogging and several more topics

Therefore, are you prepared? Let us now get into the specifics.


A Pro tip: Make certain that your Interior design  blog has a TOPIC. Perhaps you want to write about general Interior design , or perhaps you want to focus on a particular age group, gender, or trends such as Apartment design, tine home design  or Frugal living tips even Niching down a particular topic  ( Innterior desgn for pet friendly home), and so on. Concentrate on a single subject if you want to quickly establish a profitable blog..

So, What is an Interior Design Blog?

A Design blog is a broader, less specialized blog that is nevertheless very beneficial. Putting into words what a design blog is all about can be a little difficult, but it is doable. 

Just be honest about who you are and what you plan to do with your blog when you decide to start an Interior design blog.

Most importantly, you should have a distinctive perspective on your way of life. You can develop your blogging voice thanks to this. 

I’ll remind you now. Although they describe their blogs properly, Design & ART  bloggers are popular as niche bloggers. You can write about and share content in nearly every category in Art & Design blogging, including Interior design for apartments. Staging for home selling, Home decor, Interior decor for offices and Buildings, and so on…

Discover what it is and how it will impact other people.

What steps do I need to take to start a design blog?

How to Launch a Design Blog in 2023: A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Many bloggers are unsure of the procedures to take in order to start an Interior design blog from scratch. As you follow the necessary steps to build your own blog, read this instruction.

Blogging is very entertaining and creative. Just keep in mind to put your heart and soul into it, and your blog will be fantastic. Be genuine, assist your readers, improve your writing abilities, and develop into an excellent blogger.

Lastly, have fun blogging!

It need not be a routinely dull pastime. It ought to keep your imagination active. You want your posts to make a difference in people’s lives. Sincerity is told, an Interior design blog can accomplish a lot.

The best part about interior design blogging is how much more freedom you have to write about different subjects.

What specifically can you do to motivate others?

SEVEN steps to starting a Design blog to make money Online…

Here are SEVEN crucial stages that will help you learn how to launch a successful Interior design blog from the ground up. You will be guided through important actions you can take right now to launch a self-hosted website that you can monetize in addition to starting a Design blog.

Let’s get going.

Choose a Domain name

Choosing a distinctive domain name for your Interior design blog is critical.

When picking a domain name for your Interior design website, it’s critical to consider your target audience and the keywords or phrases they could use to reach your site in a search engine.

When it comes to selecting a domain name, there are a few considerations.

  • To begin, you’ll want to select a name that is unambiguous and simple to recall. 
  • Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the name is accessible as a domain name.
  • Once you’ve picked a name, you may do a domain search to determine its availability. 
  • If the name you’re looking for is not available, you may be able to locate a similar name that is.

Here’s a  tip: use blog name generators to swiftly get a large number of domain name suggestions.

You may easily discover domain ideas by utilizing a free service such as Lean Domain Search.

It’s easy to locate new domain names with a service like Lean Domain Search, which is free.

Take a look at this for the Interior design blog domain name

Purchase Domain for your Interior Design Blog

After you have selected the perfect domain for your Interior design Blog, Now to Time to Purchase the domain name. I’d recommend Namescheap.

You can also use your domain name in an email address (for example, 

To create an email address, you must also purchase an email service or hosting, which is distinct from registering a web address.

The Industry Leading Domain Providers NameCheap

Name Cheap Offers the Following goodies

  • Popular domains at reasonable prices
  • Save money by using their domain price search tool.
  • When you register, you will receive free products and services.
  • When you register, you will receive free products and services.
  • Free lifetime privacy protection and much more.
  • Simple setup and helpful instructions
  • Expert assistance and advice are available whenever you require it.

Try NameCheap Now for your Blog Domain

Purchase your Hosting

It’s time to choose a web host that is both economical and trustworthy after you have a domain name.

If you’re searching for a reliable web host, you’ll want to be certain that you’re getting the greatest service available.

Using a reputable web host has the following advantages:

  • It’s important that your website loads quickly for your visitors if you’re using a decent web host. This is critical for retaining visitors to your site and also helps boost your search engine results.
  • Security: A reputable web host will guard your website against internet threats such as hackers.
  • When you need help, a reputable web host will always be there for you.
  • Having adequate room to keep your website and upload photos, videos, etc. is a must for a solid web host
  • Make sure you choose a web host that is reasonably priced.

Is there a single web server that meets all of the above criteria?

Bluehost.– The best Hosting for Beginner Bloggers

We strongly recommend Bluehost as a web host if you’re starting a new Interior design blog.

Why? Over 2 million websites rely on Bluehost, making it one of the most popular web providers in the world.

Additional benefits of using Bluehost include the following:

  • You can get one year of hosting from Bluehost for under $35!
  • In addition to free SSL, SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited website hosting, Bluehost is endorsed by WordPress.
  • When you join a hosting plan, you get a free domain name and a free SSL certificate.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available from Bluehost if you’re dissatisfied with their service.
  • So, how can you get started with Bluehost? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy hosting from

The Bluehost website may be accessed by clicking on this link.

You can buy Bluehost hosting for just $2.95 per month instead of $8.99 per month by using our exclusive link.

Try Bluehost for your Interior Design blog hosting

Click on the Get Started Now button to continue.

Then, you’ll be redirected to their hosting plans page where you’ll see 3 shared hosting plans from Bluehost. 

Go with their Basic plan (costs $2.95 per month) where you can install ONE website along with a free domain.

In case you’re curious, here are the 4 shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost.

  1. The Basic plan costs you $2.95 per month where you can install 1 website with 50 GB of storage. You’ll also get a free domain, SSL, and CDN.
  2. Plus plan costs you $5.45 per month where you can install unlimited websites with unlimited storage. You’ll also get a free domain, SSL, CDN.
  3. Choice Plus plan costs you $5.45 per month where you can install unlimited websites with unlimited storage. You’ll also get a free domain, SSL, CDN, free backups, and free domain privacy. 
  4. The pro plan costs you $13.95 per month where you can install unlimited websites with unlimited storage. You’ll also get a free domain, SSL, CDN, free backups, free domain privacy, and free dedicated IP.

Once you pick a plan, you’ll be taken to a domain registration page where you can either enter a domain or skip this step and create a domain later. It’s FREE to register a domain with Bluehost.

In the final step, you’ll need to create your account with Bluehost.

Bluehost Hosting page

Try Bluehost


Selecting a blogging platform is a crucial next step in the process of launching an interior Design blog.

For a variety of reasons, I highly recommend as a blogging platform. You invest a lot of time in your website as a blogger to carry out various responsibilities. 

Your personal brand is enhanced through your website. Of course, you would want to customise it yourself as a Design blogger. 

We need the best blogging platform for that, one that allows us flexibility, a positive user experience, and how-to guides for getting started.

WordPress undoubtedly prevails! Even if you have no technical knowledge, using is simple. It will only take a few hours for you to realise how much you enjoy it.

Without hosting, you cannot launch a self-hosted WordPress blog. You need hosting for your website.

This leads to our following topic, website hosting.

Choose a WP Theme

A theme describes how your blog will look overall. It depends on how you want your blog to be designed. As I previously stated, you can always customise and make minor adjustments to your blog on your own.

The website’s aesthetic appeal is quite important. It covers things like colour, fonts, graphics, and widgets. Most importantly, user-friendliness and responsiveness of the website are vital. The first thing visitors to your website will notice are your blog readers. If your blog is interesting to them and offers them a lot of value, your first readers will probably return.

There are various alternatives available for Interior design blogging. I would unquestionably suggest a theme that is reasonably priced, attractive, and robust.

You can download and use any free theme that is available when you go self-hosted, including this one.

However, if you have the money, I strongly advise selecting a premium theme because it is adaptable, affordable, quick, and also gives customer assistance.

Purchasing a premium theme will pay off in the long run. If money is tight, though, you may always start with a free theme and then upgrade to a paid one.

Check out all the WordPress themes ( Both Free & paid) in this post!

Download and activate WordPress Plugins

The plugin repository in WordPress is vast, covering a wide range of possible uses. Websites that use too many plugins may load slowly in general.. 

So, I don’t recommend installing every plugin. Consider installing Rankmath plugin for SEO, the  Elementor( Page Builder) Elementor takes care of Forms & popups and you do not need additional Plugins,  WP Rocket( Speed), and Google site Kit ( For Google Analytics)

Related: WordPress Plugins You Should Consider Using On Your Site

Publish Your Key Page Content

Essential Pages To Publish

The following are essential pages to add to the sports blog:

  • Privacy & Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy page Informs users about how you collect, manage, and store their information. In addition, it indicates how Cookies are stored on your blog and how users can erase them.
  • Affiliate Disclaimer Policy & T&C pages
  • About Us – An about us page is a comprehensive page on your blog where readers can learn more about you and your blog.
  • Contact Us – Visitors typically utilise the contact us page to contact an individual or organisation with a specific issue or question. They facilitate the user’s ability to communicate with you.

Also Read: Must have Pages on your website

Get used to Keyword Research Tools

Any blog worth its salt has to have access to a keyword research tool. Semrush is the programme you should use if you are seeking the best keyword research tool. However, many beginner Bloggers that I spoke to have said that SEMRUSH has a Learning curve that can be overwhelming for a beginner blogger.

Recently, we have started using tool for keyword search. This Tool is very Cost-effective and also beginner friendly and loves the way it offers Keyword  Searches and content Recommendations.

Google Trends is a website that was developed by Google to help users gain a better understanding of the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across a variety of geographic locations and language variants. 

This web page makes use of graphs to compare the search volume of various queries over the course of time.


An Interior design blog is simple to start. The most crucial stage is developing useful blog material. In the beginning, you can jot down all of your blog post concepts in a spreadsheet along with one reader problem you plan to address.

WordPress’s UI is simple to comprehend but it does have a bit of a Learning curve.. It gets easier the more you use it.

If you have a lot to write about, you can stay better organised by using a spreadsheet or blog planner. 

I understand how it feels to be inspired to create fresh blog posts every day when a new one has been published. So, this can overwhelm you.

How can you make money from blogging about Design topics? Three of the best methods!

So, how can you get started generating money from a blog about Interior design? How many methods are there to solve this problem?

However, we’ve compiled a list of proven strategies to earn money from Design blogging in the year 2022- 23

  1. Promoting products You love (affiliate marketing).

The best approach to monetize any blog, even a Sports blog, is through affiliate marketing.

We made nearly $150,000 from these Four  affiliate programmes BlueHost ( Hosting), Travel) and SEmrush( SEO) & Canva( Creating Creatives)

Here’s some good news: affiliate marketing can bring you a LARGE income if done right.

  • In order to begin advertising their products, several Home decor product manufacturers provide affiliate programs.
  • Because you can make money while you sleep with affiliate marketing, starting an Interior Design blog is a terrific method to supplement your income.
  • When someone clicks on one of your links or photos and makes a purchase after clicking on it, you’ll get compensated. It’s that simple.

So, how can you use affiliate marketing to make a lot of money?

The following are some helpful Tips:

Finding a high-quality product to advertise is a great method to generate money through affiliate marketing.

  • Do your research before purchasing dog supplies from an unreliable source. In addition, you should select a product that is in high demand and likely to pique people’s curiosity.

What’s the secret to making more money with affiliate marketing? 

  • Find a product that earns you a lot of money for each sale. 
  • The commission structure is an important consideration while deciding which product to promote. 
  • If you want to make more money on each sale, go for a product with a high commission rate.

Amazon, Flexoffers, eBay,, Clickbank, ShareASale, Impact and other affiliate marketing platforms may be used to identify high-paying items in the Sports Industry/business.

For your final step, you need to generate helpful material that will assist you to sell your products:

  • This information must be both useful and interesting in order to entice customers to make a purchase.
  • Be sure to publish pieces that are creative, entertaining, and informative in order to attract people to your site..
  • Don’t worry if you’re not an expert — simply use your own personal experiences with animals to create fresh stories.
  • Case studies on Sports or Sports star’s training and care are another great way to share your knowledge

2. Sell Digital Products/Premium Content

Promote and market high-end content.
If you’re looking to earn some additional cash, consider selling your quality material to others for a fee.

As long as your material is high quality, consumers won’t hesitate to pay for it.

In fact, you can purchase our premium material as eBooks right here.

What do you think about this? With premium content, you can make a lot of money.

Those that are most interested in what you have to offer will only see your greatest content if you charge your website audience a fee for access to it.

An excellent technique to increase your earnings while also shielding your greatest work from people who may not value it as highly.

  • When it comes to Interior design many young and older people are willing to pay for special information like eBooks, online courses and video lectures.
  • Tips for selling digital items (or premium content) are provided here.
  • Offer discounts in return for signing up for your newsletter, and add an opportunity to join up for a fee-based service somewhere on your Interior design blog.
  • If you want to sell premium material, make sure your blog gets more traffic.
  • Use social media and email lists to spread the word about your blog. Building a fan base on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a breeze.
  • Your friends and relatives can help you spread the news about your new website if you tell them about it and ask them to do the same.
  • Not to mention, having a blast! To become the next major Interior Design blogger, you’ll have to put in some time and effort, so don’t give up.
  • In order to keep your readers satisfied even if your site isn’t getting thousands of visitors a day, it’s best to focus on quality rather than numbers.

3. Display Ads are a great way to monetize your Interior design Blog site.

To make money from your Interior design blog, what’s the quickest route?

Make use of display advertising to earn money from your web traffic

Ad publishers can post adverts on websites via display ad networks, a sort of internet advertising network. 

The display ad network subsequently sends the advertising to the relevant websites after advertisers bid on the placement of these adverts.

With Google AdSense, millions of website owners are able to earn money through advertising.

AdSense or (or any other display advertising network) is all you need to join and start making money.

The amount of money you make from these ad networks is directly proportional to the volume of visitors your website receives. 

The more people that read your Sports blog, the more money you’ll generate from it. It’s that simple.

The choices for AdSense replacements are many, including but not limited to:

  • Ezoic
  • AdThrive
  • PropellerAds
  • Taboola
  • a variety of other tools
  • Infolinks
  • Mediavine
  • Adsterra


Congratulations! Your new Interior design blog is all up.

Here are some extra blogging tips which help you take your blog in a better direction.


Don’t consider this a waste of time. Don’t!

First, set achievable goals. I have been blogging for more than 4 years now and I’m saying from experience that blogging goals are a must. 

There can be days when you will feel unmotivated and stressed. It’s also possible that other daily activities turn into big obstacles, and you discontinue blogging. I know this happens with many bloggers.

I would suggest you do goal-setting for your new blog. Write it down daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your blog. There should be a blogging to-do list prepared for you in advance so that you don’t get overwhelmed and keep your focus on blogging. Simply use a planner!

Create social media profiles

Look for available social media profiles with the same name as soon as you have chosen your domain and blog name. 

If your blog name is distinctive, it will be simple to obtain the same social media profiles across all networks; nevertheless, even if they are not available, substitute a different word that is close. 

Even if you don’t intend to utilise a network right away, make sure to create a profile on each one.

Set up website menu

Make a quick menu that serves your needs. It’s tucked away in the Appearance area of your WordPress dashboard. 

Your website’s homepage, blog, privacy policy, contact information, and “about” section are all accessible via the menu. 

Make sure your website has all the necessary pages.

This article provides a checklist of 19 things to perform after installing WordPress on your site.

Download and activate WordPress Plugins

The plugin repository in WordPress is vast, covering a wide range of possible uses. Websites that use too many plugins may load slowly in general.. 

So, I don’t recommend installing every plugin. Consider installing Rankmath plugin for SEO, the  Elementor( Page Builder) Elementor takes care of Forms & popups and you do not need additional Plugins,  WP Rocket( Speed), and Google site Kit ( For Google Analytics)

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Design a logo

For people to see your blog, a logo is crucial. These days, making a logo is quite easy. Online pre-made templates are accessible.

Another free and paid tool for creating logos and stunning visuals is Canva. You may easily create a logo using the predefined elements, fonts, and words that are included. 

My entire website’s visuals, elements, banners, and everything else are designed using Canva pro. I definitely adore it, then!!

About the Author: Div Acharya is the co-founder of Artmellows. Div is an entrepreneur, Lifestyle Blogger, and blogging Strategist.

She loves Blogging about Online Learning, Blogging Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Home Decor, Pets, and Digital Marketing. Learn more about Div Acharya

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