How to use face paint feature Procreate- Tips you need to know

Are you smitten with the Procreate App and looking for some Procreate advice for beginners? Look no further.

You may be interested in learning some essential Procreate tips and techniques that will help you get the most out of the program when it comes to illustration.

Are you looking for certain Procreate features that aren’t readily apparent but may assist you in navigating the UI like a pro?

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If you answered yes to all of these questions, now is your fortunate day!

Today, in this post, we’ll explore how to use the face paint feature for beginners that you really need to know.

As we live in a technologically advanced society, big technical advancements occur on a regular basis, affecting both our personal and professional life in profound ways.

When it comes to sketching and drawing, there are a number of current trends that are influencing visual art today.

These trends have a favorable impact on those who like drawing, painting, and sketching, whether as a profession or as a recreational activity.

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FacePaint is only accessible on iPads equipped with an A12 Processor or above

FacePaint is only accessible on iPads equipped with an A12 processor or above and a TrueDepth camera, according to Apple.

Unless your iPad is equipped with these features, the ‘Face’ button on your Reference Companion will not show, and you will not be able to utilize FacePaint.

FacePaint is accessible on the following devices that are currently supported:

iPad Pro 3rd generation and 4th generation iPad Pro 11″ iPad Air 3rd generation and 4th generation or mini 5 running iOS 11 iPad 8th generation with iPad 14

To begin with, FacePaint, choose Gallery from the menu bar and press + to create a new Canvas. When you choose FacePaint from the list of canvas presets, a blank canvas with no layers will be shown. 

The FacePaint Companion will be immediately activated as a result of this action. This article has been updated to explain that Canvas is only accessible for fresh installations of WordPress.

 If you want to reinstall, first create a backup of your artwork, palettes, brushes, and fonts using iCloud and export each of these items separately from the original backup.

Manually activating the FacePaint Companion is possible. To launch the Reference Companion, choose Actions > Canvas > Reference toggle from the drop-down menu. On the Reference Companion window, click on the Face Paint button to open it.  

But this process has become simpler in the latest Procreate version.

just  Go to + ( Canvas) > Drop Down appears> select the Face paint Option.

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Your iPad’s front-facing camera should now be visible in the Reference Companion window, and you should be able to see it.

Facepaint is a Fun Option

You may now utilize augmented reality to “paint” your own face with Procreate 5X’s FacePaint function! 

To simulate a digital face mask, you may map your design to the live camera view. 

After that, you may video yourself and share your work with your network of friends and admirers through social media.

Procreate Face paint Requirements

FacePaint is only accessible on iPads with an A12 processor or above, as well as those with a TrueDepth camera. 

Unless your iPad is equipped with these features, the ‘Face’ button on your Reference Companion will not show, and you will not be able to utilize FacePaint. 

FacePaint is compatible with the following iPad models: iPad Pro, Pad Pro 11″ 2018, 2020 and 2021, iPad Air 3 and 4 running iPadOS 14, iPad mini 5 and 6 running iPadOS 14 , iPad 8th and 9th gen running iPadOS 14

12.9″ (2018), iPad Pro 2020, and iPad 2021( Source)

Step-by-step Guide using Procreate Face Paint Feature

1. Click On the + On the Top right side of Tour Procreate 

To create a new canvas in Procreate, click on the plus sign in the top right corner of your Procreate gallery. A Dropdown Appears as shown in the below pic

2. Select the face paint option

It’s as easy!!


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3. Small Window appears on your Procreate as shown in the below Pic

4. Three options below the window 

 1. Canvas
 2. Image 
 3. Face

5. Click on the “Face” Option

6. Allow Procreate to access your iPad Camera.

7.  The 4 Cross Points

You will see 4 Cross points -Locations of your Eyes, Nose, and mouth(Procreate utilizes AR features of iPad)

8. Choose your Brush and color

For Instance, if you draw on the lift + resembling your Left eve, In the preview screen you will see your drawings start appearing on your face…

9. Start painting your face

Pro-Tip: If you want the entire mask on your face, Fill the new layer with one color for Instance white as shown in the below pic. You will have. a white canvas on your face and start the fun!

My daughter loves this feature of Procreate. And I love them as well.

Have FUN!

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Face paint is a Fun Option from Procreate

Check out this Video on how to use Face Paint Feature in Procreate

Is the 5x facepaint version available only for select iPads?

The face paint function can only be accessed by a professional. 

You can utilize face id on the Pro since it features a genuine depth camera, which is also seen on newer smartphones As a result of this camera, the iPad’s virtual reality capabilities are severely limited. 

Face paint on an iPad 6th generation with a standard camera will not work since it is a real-time update and takes into account the depth of the user’s face. 

Procreate or Apple should have informed us of this instead of leaving it to our ingenuity…


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Face Paint Export

Well, You had loads of fun with the face paint feature in Procreate.. Now what?

Inquiring if it is possible to share the face paint so that other people may use it on their device, or whether it is exclusively useable on the device in which the filter was first made. It was entertaining to experiment with Face paint, however, You can also save the file and share it on Social media.  

In fact, procreate enables you to save it as a video clip and post it on social networking platforms.

Hover your cursor over the Reference >> Option> snap photo/record screen to see it in action. 

If you don’t see the Reference Option, The Reference option is switched off. Go to the wrench Button on the top-left corner and switch on the Reference Option.


Check out this Video on how to use the face Paint Feature in Procreate

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