Is microworld art worth it

What is the Microworld art model?

Microworlds are exactly what you’d expect from the name “Microworlds”. They’re little chunks of landscapes, based on biomes, themes or other things like popular movie scenes or famous places.

These artworks are part of a huge NFT collection that’s being auctioned on www. Or any such Online marketplace.

Why Microworld Art?

The idea behind Microworlds is nothing more than simply capturing the essence.

I want to translate the look and feel of the subjects I choose in a nice “cozy” way.

I’ve always enjoyed things that are different. Out of the ordinary. Where usually I’d create ”normal” composites, I now wanted to take things elsewhere.

I wanted to try out a new way of displaying a landscape. That’s how my Microworlds came to be.

is microworld art worth it

Are Microworlds worth it?

Microworld art is Crypto art and traded via NFTs.

Crypto art is a way of making digital art unique, and therefore – according to some people – valuable. Normally, digital art is very easy to replicate due to the very nature of digital information. So crypto art is a way of making digital files one-of-a-kind.

Whenever an NFT transaction occurs – buying, selling, giving, whatever – the data is timestamped and then has to be validated across the entire blockchain, which contains a history of every transaction ever made with that specific NFT.

Since the database is distributed, it means there’s no central location where the data can be easily changed; instead, every single computer must agree with every other computer that the transaction is valid.

The Community Microworlds are official instalments made by other invited artists. They’re marked with an alternative boxed number in the left corner.

It’s amazing to see how many different art styles there are, and by adding new artists to this project the variety in style becomes visible. The artists involved are always personally invited and will not be accepted by request.

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How are Microworlds made?

Some might expect these to be made with 3D software like Blender or Cinema4D. However, I like to keep things simple for myself.

That’s why I use only Adobe Photoshop for this project. It’s a combination of drone photos, textures and other digital stock assets. If you want to know exactly how I go about making Microworlds and you want to learn contact me at

NFT Collection

The NFT community is growing rapidly. I saw this as an opening to start a new project. That project being this Microworlds series.

It’s a fantastic way for me to finally sell my digital art the way physical artists do.

A limited selection of Microworlds is being sold on the

Here is how microworld art looks like

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction.

Are Microworld digital art very profitable?

Microworld art is digital Art made with any App or digital Drawing softwares. It is a form of Digital art that has micro version of any interesting thing ( including  not limited to structures, ocean or Earth)

The underlying concept of Microworld art is to capture the spirit of a subject. Wicroworld is a way to convey the topic matter in a warm and inviting manner. 

I’ve always had a soft spot for anything that’s out of the ordinary. Unusual in every way. Whereas before I’d do “regular” composites, this time I wanted to go in a different direction. 

Initially, I intended to experiment with a different method of showing a landscape. That’s how I came up with the idea for my Microworld art.

If you talk about digital art in the sense of actual drawing (illustrating, concept art, matte paintings etc) yes, it can be very profitable but only if you’re good at what you do.

Digital art is not some shortcut to amazing skills, in that sense, it’s no different to traditional art. If you don’t have the skills and didn’t put them into practice: no, it won’t be profitable. But if you did, it can be hard

As a digital artist, you can make good money working for gaming companies and the movie industry, there is no such thing as an in-between that collects their share of the money.

As someone with your own company, you can make good money with passive income. 

Creating art packages or single art pieces which can be sold endlessly do well too, but it’s something for the long run. 

You need much content to sell to make a serious passive income and you will always have to update and promote your work.

So yes, you can absolutely make good money as a digital artist, but it takes a lot of practice and a lot of time.


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How much should I charge for a Micro world Digital Art?

Microworld Art is traded via ETH-Crypto Art is a new market for digital artworks traded securely with blockchain technology. 

It’s often sold through online platforms using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Artworks are paired in the crypto space with “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs) which authenticate each work as scarce and unique.

Where does the Crypto Art market exist?

New online marketplaces such as SuperRareRaribleOpen Sea and others have cropped up that allow digital artists to display and sell through auction or outright sale.

NFTs are not always art; they can take the form of music, collectibles, and even digital real estate.

This hot market has recently produced astonishing headlines and gained lots of interest from collectors, investors, and others.

Final Thoughts-Is there much of an art market for Microworld Artwork?

Lots of people sell digital art commissions. Usually, this is people wanting you to draw something specific for them, and it ranges from a simple sketch (usually the cheapest option) to fully colored and shaded (much more expensive).

But unless you spend every waking moment drawing and have a limitless queue of orders that will pay a lot of money, it’s hard to support yourself off of commissions. 

A lot of artists also have a Patreon or similar site where people can donate money in exchange for sneak peeks and exclusive content.

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