Is Procreate Good for Logos

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Procreate may not be a good fit for LOGO design as Procreate is raster based App. 

Ok. what about Photoshop? or Adobe Illustrator?

Using Photoshop for logo creation is like hammering a screw into wood. Photoshop is not the best tool for Logos either.

Photoshop was created primarily to deal with pixel graphics, commonly known as bitmaps. Illustrator was created to create drawings using objects, sometimes known as vector art.

Adobe Illustrator is a better option for Logos as Logos should be adaptable to a variety of diverse circumstances (from a website to an envelope).

Illustrator is a vector-based application (lines). It enables you to resize your logo and experiment with various tints and basic colours that a logo should have.

Photoshop is designed for graphics or images in which you must work directly with pixels rather than lines or forms.

So, Procreate is a raster-based App-  What is Raster Graphics? you ask…

Raster images are raster-based graphics that determine the colours, borders of forms, and details in pictures. If you zoom in on a raster picture, you’ll see the pixels grow more frequently and distinctly.

As those pixels get bigger, the edges and details become hazy and jagged.

This “pixelation” is a major giveaway when figuring out if a picture is in raster or vector format.

Vector graphics, on the other hand, are made out of predetermined shapes.  Most LOGOs needs to be Vector Image because of better scalability.

At whatever scale, a vector’s mathematical composition ensures that each route, line, or curve seems perfectly consistent.

Vector-based software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, is required to create these intricate shapes and lines.

Vectors are perfect for elements like icons, logos, and typography since they maintain their sharp clarity even whether scaled up or down.

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Why PROCREATE Is Not My Pick For Logo Creation

Let’s Understand The main  difference between a raster and a vector

A raster picture is made up of a sequence of distinct pixels that are arranged in a grid.

If you zoom in, you’ll be able to see them. Instead of distinct lines, little dots are used to delineate the boundaries. 

Raster-based systems are ideally suited for the display of photographs and artworks.

When dealing with raster images, it is, however, difficult to expand the size of your picture without compromising the quality of the image.  Procreate is. a raster-based, so the quality of the log will be compromised.

Even if you start with a very high DPI, you’ll still be limited in what you can do with your computer.

Procreate, Photoshop, and Paint are just a few samples of what is known as raster-based software.

Vectors are lines that are mathematically computed to form shapes, and they are used to generate shapes.

It may be scaled to any size without losing any of its functionalities.

What is the purpose of vector sizing?

Colours are more easily changed, and you have more control over the lines, which is ideal for my style of work, which is cleaner and more accurate. you’ll need vector files in order to provide them to your clients.

For Instance, a Client would ask for a Vector Image of the new Logo that you created.

We favour Adobe Illustrator for the Logos, but we also know that some designers prefer Photoshop’s vector shapes and prefer working in Photoshop.

Illustrator Is better suited for vector editing since it has more powerful capabilities.

  • SVG files may be exported from Illustrator.
  • SVG may be used to create a variety of different formats, such as:
  • Web and desktop/mobile applications may use PNG images.
  • Fonts (primarily for the web) HTML inline code CSS, and PDF (for iOS applications).

Photoshop Advantages 

  • It’s handy to alter icons directly in your mockup if you operate mostly in Photoshop.
  • Fine-tuning icons for pixel accuracy has been easier.
  • The Photoshop license is much less expensive than both the Illustrator and Photoshop licenses combined.

Why Adobe Illustrator is the best option for Logo Creation?

Why Adobe Illustrator Should Be Used Instead of Photoshop or InDesign or procreate to Create Logos

Users may choose from a selection of high-quality graphic design software tools to create aesthetically appealing designs for a variety of diverse field applications.

What the general public may be unaware of is that each of these design tools is purpose-built for a certain set of tasks.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are three of the most widely used software applications available today. Simply, not every piece of software is created equal.

Which Is Better for LOGO: Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop, or InDesign?

While one application may be capable of doing some of the tasks performed by another, each of these software programs has inherent strengths and limits that make one better suitable for a certain task than the other.

It’s basically a matter of identifying the scope of your project and the design deliverables you want to accomplish, and then selecting the tool that is best suited for the job.

With regards to logo design, it is extremely common for clients to request that designers use Adobe Photoshop for the project in order to allow them to edit the logo themselves at a later period.

While this makes sense in the sense that Photoshop is a more approachable and user-friendly program, which is why unskilled designers choose it, Photoshop is just not the best tool for professional logo design work.

Thus, the question is why it isn’t a good fit

Regardless of how complicated the answer is, it is distinct. 

We’ve opted to build on the argument by exploring the pros and cons of the three design programs, their limitations, and most importantly, the substantial differences between them that will ultimately determine their future uses.

Adobe Illustrator – Designed Specifically for Logo Designing:

Illustrator is notable for being a vector drawing tool, which means that the output file is a vector graphic that can be scaled to any size without sacrificing quality.

Due to the dynamic range of its applications – you need the logo to function in environments as small as a business card and as huge as a billboard, for example – this is critical for logo design. 

Vector files have the benefit of enabling you to scale the finished design up or down without sacrificing its visual integrity.

Additionally, Illustrator has great drawing capabilities, making it the perfect tool for designing more organic, free-flowing designs that transcend the typical circle and square defaults.

Illustrator is the most ideal tool and the apparent software of choice for professional logo development due to its unique ability to construct next-level shapes and then save them as a vector file that can be freely resized without sacrificing quality.

Photoshop is used to reassemble the photos into a bigger, more coherent document.

While Illustrator is primarily a vector-based program capable of producing vector graphics, Photoshop is mostly a raster-based application capable of producing bitmap images.


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In Conclusion

When it comes to logo design,  Photoshop & Procreate do have their place. However,  Scaling a logo isn’t always enough when it’s being used on a computer 

As a result of their square shape, pixels often struggle to draw smooth curves and need assistance.

Photoshop is a great tool for creating web-ready logos since it gives you complete control over every pixel.

Using an original Illustrator file, you can produce each of the different sizes in Photoshop, based on the new logo.

The portrayal of each size has to be fine-tuned to perfection. Photoshop is a must-have tool for every photographer and procreate is a Must have tool are digital artists.


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