Microworld Digital Art

microworld art

Microworld digital art

Although miniature art is small, it is captivating in its attention to detail—every element of a subject is scaled-down and a mini version of a landscape or ocean.

If you live in an environment of constantly increasing information, action, speed, and density, you can focus people’s attention in one of two ways: by going bigger… like with an explosion… or by going small. Put the world behind a tiny frame/screen (handheld technology perhaps) and suddenly, by focusing smaller and blocking out the imagined dead weight of the world around us, we can manage to take in even more information, do more, feel bigger, lighter, move faster… even to a pathological degree

Each digital Art is unique

Each digital painting exemplifies the enormous amount of effort that goes into making them. We can see all of the small carved marks, minuscule paint strokes, and barely-there utilisation of materials in close-up Photos.

The buildings, and landmarks, in particular, exemplify some of the most amazing features of miniature art, as they give a sense of being in a real-world setting.

Psychology of Miniature Digital Art!

When people ask me questions like “Have you got any tricks to be better?” or “How did you get so fast at digital art ” Or ” Photoshop is too tough to learn” my default response is: you need practice. 

It’s a true statement, any art is a skill that you can learn with Practice. 

Microworld Art

Why Microworld art ?

Miniatures or microworld digital art  evoke a feeling of wonder or awe. It’s like Gulliver’s Travels. It suspends reality taking you out of your surroundings and brings you into a new world.”

The idea behind Microworlds that we all love miniature things. The feeling that something is cute can be hard to explain, especially from a scientific standpoint. While more than 1000 research studies have been conducted on emotions, despite the prevalence of cuteness in marketing, fashion, and design. One thing we do know: Cuteness is connected to size, and small things are far more likely to be considered cute and nice than large ones are.

Here’s what science has to say about why we’re drawn to all things small—whether they’re puppies, kittens, babies, dollhouses, tiny foods, or figurines or the microworlds—and the effect they have on us.

Miniatures are compact: They condense lots of intricate visuals within a very limited space. That richness of features makes them highly appealing to our senses. 

I want to translate the look and feel of the subjects I choose in a nice “cozy” way. I’ve always enjoyed things that are different. Out of the ordinary. Where usually I’d create ”normal” composites, I now wanted to take things elsewhere. I wanted to try out a new way of displaying a landscape. That’s how my Microworlds came to be

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microworld art
microworld digital art
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Microworld Photoshop

Microworlds are exactly what you’d expect from the name “Microworlds”. They’re little chunks of landscapes, based on biomes, themes or other things like popular movie scenes or famous places. 

They are the miniature version of big landscapes, cities, ocean or anything that inspires me to make.

“My obsession with miniatures began at a young age. Playing with toys, action figures, and miniature replicas was an early vehicle to unlocking my imagination.

It always seemed to me that the miniature was the most effective solution to experiencing visions of worlds and new perspectives that otherwise could not be achieved in life.

As a digital artist, my dioramas are simply a means to an end. They give me the ultimate ability to control my environments while satisfying a need to simply work with my hands” -Manny

These artworks are part of a huge NFT collection that’s being auctioned on

www. foundation.app

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NFT Collection

The NFT community is growing rapidly. I saw this as an opening to start a new project. That project being this Microworlds series. It’s a fantastic way for me to finally sell my digital art the way physical artists do. 

A limited selection of Microworlds is being sold on www.foundation.app.

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microworld digital art

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