Nomad Sculpt Vs Substance 3D- A Beginner’s Guide

Nomad Sculpt VS Adobe Substance 3D which will you use- A Beginners guide

Compare Nomad Sculpt VS Substance 3D and see what are their differences

Nomad Sculpt:

Nomad Sculpt is an Android and iOS software for 3D Sculpting, modeling, texturing, and rendering.

As if modeling clay, you may create models with as many as millions of polygons in Nomad.

It uses a PBR-based texturing approach with vertex painting and can render in real-time. Who knew we could sculpt on a tablet? Right?

The Former Sketch fab developer Stéphane Ginier has developed and released Nomad Sculpt, a highly promising new digital sculpting app for iPads and Android tablets.

This $14.99 app enables artists to sculpt and paint organic characters on the move, then export the results in OBJ or glTF format to refine in other DCC software.

Nomad Sculpt has a comprehensive set of digital sculpting, 3D Painting, and Remeshing tools.

Nomad comes with a comprehensive set of sculpting tools that can be used on a touchscreen or with the iPad’s Apple Pencil stylus.

This includes a basic set of brushes such as Clay, Crease, Move, Flatten, and Smooth, as well as falloff, standard control parameters, alphas, and masking, as well as line and curve cutting tools.

2d to 3d in Nomad sculpt
Made in Nomad Sculpt- 2D to 3D

Nomad Sculpt Quick Guide to Create Digital 3d Models

Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app available for both iPad and Android. If you have an iPad, you’ll have to purchase it to download it.

On Android, however, you can download it for free and unlock the tools via in-app purchases. (Let me tell you all the free version is limited.).

Tools to Start Sculpting with Nomad Sculpt

More Information About Nomad Sculpt

Adobe Substance 3D

When it comes to the creation of one-of-a-kind Design materials & Textures, Adobe Substance 3D is the gold & Industry standard. You will have full control over the 3d Modeling process.

You have the ability to create patterns and textures that can be tiled, in addition, to completing texture sets.

You can create new materials/Textures from scratch or modify existing ones in the Designer’s node-based environment, which is non-destructive.

Adobe Substance 3D-Painter

Texture in 3D with the go-to standard: Substance Painter.

In Substance 3D Painter, you can select a brush and texture your asset in a fast and familiar interface. Modify existing paint strokes easily with layer manipulation.

And with a real-time viewport, what you see is what you create.

Try Substance 3D Painter

Adobe 3D Stage

Create and Assemble  3D settings inside of your very own virtual studio.
Your very own 3D virtual studio, Substance 3D Stager allows you to display your 3D assets in their appropriate environments.

To compose the ideal shot, simply move 3D objects, materials, lights, and cameras around using the mouse and keyboard. Renderings can be exported in photorealistic quality, published on the web, or shared using augmented reality.

Try Adobe 3D Stage

Design 3D assets with infinite variations(Ds)

Create materials with complete authoring control. The node-based workflow in Substance 3D Designer  lets you try everything and adjust

Adobe Designer(Ds)

Adobe Designer offers the capability of designing Custom Textures for your 3d Model or Sculpt. It’s possible that the appearance of the material needs to be changed or modified. You won’t lose any of the work even if you make changes in the middle of the process.

You have the ability to make instant edits to entire texture sets, as well as generate tileable Substance materials or MDL materials that are compatible with your renderer.

You can create procedural workflows as well as hybrid workflows by combining a number of preset filters with various tools.

You have full control over the editing process and can get to and change any source or filter you want.


  • Excellent integration with Adobe suite
  • Established workflow for Pro Digital Artists
  • Excellent community and resources


  • Adds subscription costs to monthly overheads

Substance Designer

Capture the real world and sample it in 3D(Sa)

Transform an image of the physical world into a 3D material in a blink. Substance 3D Sampler closely matches your reference photo and allows the mixing of captures for more advanced surfaces.

Substance 3D Sampler

Create 3D models on desktop and in VR( Md)

Substance 3D Modeler makes modeling in 3D as gestural and natural as drawing. Encourage your creative flow with this flexible and powerful 3D shaping tool. Adobe Substance 3D Modeler ( Md) is not on the Go- need a Desktop to use this software unless you are willing to splurge on a stand-alone Wacom Tablet like this …Wacom Mobile Studio pro

Substance 3D Modeler

Adobe Substance 3D is an excellent program to start with.
An artist who is not familiar with 3D can now easily create product shots by using a model from the extensive library of assets that can be found either within the Substance 3D Stager application or sourced from the online collections that are a vital component of the Substance 3D experience.

Additionally, there is support for a logo designed in Illustrator, which allows the logo to be easily “wedged” onto a model, after which it can be resized and iterated until the desired appearance is achieved.

The render engine found within the Substance 3D stager is capable of working with custom backplates, and it also supports ray tracing. A single click of the mouse is all that is required to have Substance 3D Sampler recreate the camera angles and lighting from these images.

The quality of the render is very high, and it is possible to preview still renders in a quick and straightforward manner.

In point of fact, it is not difficult to envision how many 2D design firms could utilize Substance 3D stager as the one and only 3D solution they require.

Feature Comparison between Nomad Sculpt & Adobe Substance 3D

Nomad Sculpt is a Sculpting tool Like Zbrush, but Nomad can only be used on iPads

Adobe Substance 3D is a Texturing( Painter), Custom Texture Designer( Ds), and Modeler tool(Md)

Adobe 3D Modeller offers to create 3D in VR & Desktop Mode. Adobe Modeler is a tool that can be used to create VR sculptures.

On the other hand, you can sculpt on Nomad sculpt, Unwrap UV, and Move it to Adobe Painter( Pt) for cool & Industry Standard Coring & Texturing.

Price Comparison:

Adobe 3D Collection price

Yearly Billed upfront US$549.88/yr – US$299.88/yr (US$24.99/mo)

Nomad Sculpt price

14.99 -One-time payment


Nomad – Tablets Only– mainly on iPads(Paid App). Free on Android with few limited Features unless you buy full version.

Adobe Substance 3D – VR and On Laptop and Desktop

The following items are included in the Adobe product suite:

A modeling tool for 3D that was designed to feel as gestural and natural as drawing, as well as a 3D shaping tool. This tool is known as Substance 3D Modeler.

A virtual studio for showcasing 3D assets in their intended environments; this is what Substance 3D Stager is. To set up shots, you can set up 3D assets, materials, lights, and cameras by dragging and dropping.

Create photorealistic rendered images, upload them to a website, and share them using augmented reality.

An application that provides a brush for texturing assets while using a user-friendly interface is called Substance 3D Painter.

Use layer manipulation to make changes to previously painted strokes. Includes a viewport that updates in real time.

An application known as Substance 3D Sampler is utilized to convert a photograph of the real world into a three-dimensional material that closely resembles the reference photograph and enables the mixing of captures for the creation of more complex surfaces.

A node-based workflow that provides materials for any scenario and gives authors control over the creation of those materials. This is what Substance 3D Designer is.

Substance 3D Assets is a library that supports the creative workflow by providing a variety of modifiable models, lights, and materials to choose from.

Are there plans to include 3D assets in the Substance 3D plan?
Yes, the monthly fee for your Substance 3D plan includes access to high-quality 3D assets that can be downloaded at any time.

You are free to use any of the assets that come with Substance 3D in any of your projects, whether they are creative or commercial in nature.

Can I test out the Substance 3D apps before making a purchase?
Yes, you are able to download any Substance 3D app and test it out for free for a period of thirty days.

Are there any restrictions on using the Substance 3D apps with the Creative Cloud All Apps plan?
No, the only way to purchase Substance 3D apps is through one of our subscription plans.

Find out more information about the features that are included in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing Nomad Sculpt and Substance 3D you can also consider the following products
Sculptura – 3D sculpting for everyone. Available for Tablet devices.

Blender – Blender is an open-source, cross-platform suite of tools for 3D creation. Desktop version.

ZBrush – ZBrush is a digital sculpting beast and painting software solution. Desktop Version.

Adobe Substance 3D ( Modeler)– Substance Modeler(Md) is a node-based non-destructive application for Custom material creation.

Forger – forger is a digital sculpting application for the artist who wants to be able to sculpt anywhere. It also has a 3D Modelling mode. Available for Tablet devices.

3D-Coat – 3D-Coat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production-ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. Desktop version.

The Verdict

The Adobe Substance 3D software.
The Adobe Substance 3D collection integrates and develops the previously released Substance applications into an exciting new bedrock for the creation of 3D content.

Adobe Substcne 3D collection is mainly designed to paint, stage, and design different Textures for 3D Models. Adobe Modeler allows you to Model and creates New Models on VR.

This is accomplished by combining Adobe’s artificial intelligence smarts with Substance’s user-friendliness.

The only thing that holds these applications back is a pricing structure that is difficult to master, both for new and current Adobe subscribers.

Nomad Sculpt

Nomad is a mobile app for sculpting and painting App that is compatible with both Android and iOS.You can create anything on Nomad Sculpt on the go.

These tools range from advanced brushes to Smart Materials that can be customized to fit any model. Put some vitality into your artwork.

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