Is digital art easier than traditional drawing and painting?[Guess it]

Do you think digital art is simpler to create than conventional art forms like sketching and painting? So, yeah, I learned how to use my hands in conventional art initially. Every time I saw a digital artwork, I was always intrigued as to how it was created. I was unable to find any connections or information regarding art on the internet, so I had to learn about it piecemeal throughout the years.

Is digital art going to take over traditional art?

is digital art going to take over traditional art?No, digital art won’t make traditional art forms obsolete. Every time a new technology has introduced some art, people pronounced older art forms dead. Digital Art in no way will replace any form of traditional art. Also, most digital artists start out by learning to paint and draw in a traditional way. Their way of thinking is in terms of traditional mediums and paints.