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The process of planning photoshoots can be made easier with the use of photography packages, which can benefit both customers and photographers.

Photography Packages
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This Blog provides a succinct explanation of how to design photography packages that are marketable, as well as a pricing guide to assist you in pricing them more effectively.

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If you have worked as a professional photographer for a significant amount of time, then the significance of putting together photographic packages is not something that will be lost on you at all.

The majority of customers typically just have a general concept of what it is that they want. They do not have a good understanding of the specifics and do not know what to anticipate.

Providing your customers with well-organized photo packages makes it easier for them to understand the intricacies of the deliverables you provide.

In addition to this, it is to your advantage as a photographer to have well-defined photography packages. This allows you to be forthright and clear, right from the start, regarding the extent of your services and the pricing associated with them.

This makes it less likely that there will be any misunderstandings and guarantees that the customer will not be able to ask for any free extras or add-ons in the future, which is a problem that a lot of beginning photographers might have to deal with.

However, putting together photography packages is not always a simple process. Even the most experienced photographers have trouble keeping track of all the components in their photo packages at times. What kinds of things come standard with a photography package?

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How many photo packages do you recommend purchasing? What kind of rates do you offer for photography packages? If these are some of the questions that you are having trouble answering, then it is very likely that this guide may be of assistance to you. Allow us to guide you through it!

So, How to Create Photography Packages

Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind while designing your photography packages:

  • The first and foremost step is -To understand your clientele, demographics, and needs
  • It’s all about organization baby!
  • Adjust the prices of your photographic packages so that they vary( Stagger the pricing of your photography packages)
  • Build a website for your photographic portfolio and Blog
  • Include add-ons so that customers can further personalize their picture packages.
  • Keep the prices and services you offer completely open & Transparent
  • Consider each photography package to be its own undertaking.

First Step-Understanding your clientele and their needs

Understanding the requirements that your customers have is the first step in the process of developing an excellent photography package.

Individuals come into their photo sessions with a variety of requirements and goals in mind for the experience.

If you conduct business in a major city, you should anticipate dealing with a diverse range of customers that have varying financial capabilities.

In this scenario, it may be beneficial to select a certain market niche as well as a specific type of client, and then tailor your offerings to cater to those specific groups.

For instance, while establishing wedding photography packages, you might aim to tailor your services either exclusively for large weddings with substantial budgets or for intimate weddings and elopements that have a low guest count. Or If you are a Staring Pet Photography Business, you can Price as per breed category ( some breeds are hard to photograph)

You will have the flexibility to tailor your photographic packages to the exact preferences and requirements of a particular type of customer if you narrow your customer base.

If you have been working as a photographer for some time, you probably have a good sense of what your clientele is typically looking for in the photographs they commission from you.

Be sure to price your photographic packages at varying levels to accommodate customers with varying budgets, and include a variety of add-on options so that you can keep some degree of adaptability.

Experience will allow you to gradually figure out the types of photographs that people in your region are typically interested in, the types of photographs that look good in albums, the number of images that you are able to take and process in a reasonable amount of time, and the types of add-ons that may be valuable.

Always keep in mind, however, that each and every one of your customers is an individual with their own particular set of demands and expectations.

The following are some suggestions for expanding your photography business if you are interested in learning more than just how to create photography packages.

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It’s all about organization.

Your clientele will benefit from a better understanding of your services when they purchase one of your photography packages. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the textual materials and presentation of your photography packages are well-organized, readable, and simple to comprehend at all times.

Your customers will only be confused by photography packages that look cluttered or congested, and this could even lead to misunderstandings in the future, which could end up costing you money.

You want to keep your clientele as long as possible so that they will continue to hire you for all of the significant life events that require them to have professional photographs taken.

Communication is essential to the process of developing strong relationships with customers and retaining their loyalty.

Consider each photography package to be its own undertaking.

It is a good idea to organize your photo packages into parts according to the type of photography and the price range for each option.

If you provide baby photography packages, couple portrait photography packages, and family photography packages, for example, you should preferably develop distinct packages for each of these three categories of photography.

Make an effort to give each of your photography packages a name to help differentiate them. The naming of photography packages is helpful for both organization and brand recognition.

You should also further partition your photographic packages by price tier in order to attract more customers. You should make an effort to come up with at least one photography package that is reasonably priced, one package that falls somewhere in the middle, and one package that is either luxurious or premium.

This ensures that you are able to serve a diverse group of customers while also effectively and clearly conveying information about your services and fees to each and every one of them.

For Example @ the Sydney-based Photography Business  Youstudio - they offer many services Including wedding photography, Food photography, Beauty & cosmetic Photography, and so on. 
They have divided their pricing into the Number of Photographers or Video Graphers required by the client. 

Adjust the prices of your photographic packages so that they vary( Stagger the pricing of your photography packages)

You are in the business of selling your services to your customers as a photographer. Services, as opposed to tangible commodities, can fall under a sales category that is more open to interpretation.

This sales category, which is otherwise very nebulous, can be transformed into a lot more concrete offering by the use of photography packages.

This not only helps the client understand what they are explicitly paying for, but it also helps the photographer clarify exactly what it is that they are offering in the first place.

The majority of customers do not come into a photography session with a clear sense of what they want to achieve or what to anticipate from the experience.

This is especially important to keep in mind while working with clients who are not professionals, such as families, couples, and so on.

Let us have a look at the website that Rachel of racheleve.com  uses for her pet photography portfolio and see how she organizes the photography packages that she sells to her customers. 
She makes use of names for each of her packages they are named Grand( 90 Minute Session with Flexi location & time priced at $499) & Boutique (a Mini session of 20 Mins priced at $129).

Include add-ons so that customers can further personalize their picture packages.

Include add-ons so that customers can further personalize their photography packages.
After going over all of the different ways that photography packages can help you effectively market and sell your services as a photographer, we will now move on to the next topic.

However, one of the drawbacks of purchasing a photography package is that it may come across to some customers as being a little bit overly restrictive. Add-ons are able to be of assistance in situations such as these.

Add-ons are essentially supplementary services that can be purchased by a customer in addition to the primary offering.

The majority of the add-ons that photographers provide are relatively straightforward, such as a framed keepsake or a few additional high-quality prints.

As a bonus add-on, you may also give your customers access to a personalized client gallery or personalized mobile gallery apps.

This access would be for their use only. You might be able to offer more complex add-ons to your photography services if you have experience working in the field.

Let’s take this cool Photography Business GM Photography offers a variety of services like Maternity Photography, Family Photography, wedding photography, and many more. Their maternity Photography Pricing Goes like this – They Change as per the days they work on the project.


  • $150 WEEKDAYS
  • $250 WEEKENDS

Keep the prices and services you offer completely open to the public[ Be Transparent]

Keep the prices and services you offer completely open to the public.
The maintenance of clarity is the primary objective served by the use of photography packages.

You should make it clear to your customers exactly what it is that you are selling and what kind of price they should anticipate paying for it.

That can be hampered by ambiguous pricing and additional hidden costs. On top of that, it may damage the trust that exists between you and the customer, which is not beneficial to the credibility of your photography business.

A significant number of photographers, particularly those who specialize in photographing weddings and other events, rely on recommendations and testimonials as a form of marketing.

When you work in a smaller town or in a rural area where word travels quickly, such as an area that is more susceptible to negative publicity, your business will suffer.

Maintain an honest and open pricing policy. Because every photo shoot is unique and may call for a different price, it is possible that you will not always be able to make exact pricing information readily available on your website.

You should, however, make an effort to provide your customers with an accurate cost breakdown after you have spoken with them in person or over the phone and determined what it is that they require.

Inform them of how many pictures they can expect to receive at the end of their session, how long the session will last, and the services for which they will be required to pay prior to beginning the session.

For Example, Hero shots Photography  in Sydney has kept the Pricing Transparent for Instance single hero shot- $250 and Hero shots for the website are $1200 additionally they offer quotes of you need anything customized.

Build a website for your photographic portfolio.

What is one of the very first things that you do when you begin to entertain the idea of eating in a restaurant?

You probably do a search on the internet for some of the best restaurants in your area, read some reviews, and, most importantly, look at the menus to determine whether or not the restaurant in question serves the type of food that you enjoy eating and whether or not the prices are within your price range.

Similarly, when prospective customers are looking for a photographer for their photoshoot, they are likely to conduct an internet search in order to learn more about the various photographers who are located in their area as well as the types of photography packages that each photographer provides.

Putting together a website to showcase your photographic work is a breeze with Pixpa Or Zyro(Whichever Website Builder you choose).

You are able to create a photography portfolio, market and promote your work, sell prints and digital downloads, and do a great deal more.

Our bet is on Pixpa…When it comes to Pixpa, it also comes with a selection of professional photography portfolio templates that are completely editable by the user.

You can easily customize your chosen template using the simple but powerful visual editor as well as the drag-and-drop page builder. Both of these features allow you to avoid touching a single line of code.

FAQs Photography packages

What are the Different kinds of photography bundles to offer

The types of photography packages that you provide to customers will typically be determined by the types of photographic subgenres that you specialize in, the types of budgets that your customers typically have, and the types of photography that are in the highest demand in your region.

The following are some examples of common types of photography packages:

  • Packages for newborn photography are designed for new parents who are interested in obtaining photographs of their newborn child while the child is still young and adorable.
    Individuals, for either their own personal or professional use, can purchase portrait photography or headshot package deals.
  • Packages of pet and animal photography for animals and pets.
  • Wildlife Photography
  • High school seniors who are getting ready to graduate from high school can purchase senior portrait photography packages.
  • For families, family photo packages
  • Professional Car ( At Dealership or Racing) Photography
  • Professional Food Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Professional Jewelry Photography
    Packages for expectant mothers that include maternity photoshoots.
  • Packages for couples that include engagement photography or photos of the couple together.
  • Packages for couples who are getting married that include wedding photography. Packages that include both still photographs and videos are sometimes offered by photographers who specialize in weddings.

There is no necessity for you to provide every conceivable type of photography package to your customers. However, in order to appeal to a larger cross-section of potential customers, it is a smart move to offer a selection that is relatively diverse.

What is the optimal or the best number of different packages that you need to make available?

Choose two to three types of photography that you are interested in working with, and then design three to four levels of packages for each category.

For instance, if you have experience as a Pet photographer, you might consider offering bundles for headshots and dogs in action and also Video Photography.

You are able to offer three different pricing tiers for your Pet package. These include an affordable option, a mid-tier option, and a luxurious option that includes all the bells and whistles.

This will ensure that you are appealing to the broadest possible demographic of customers who are looking for pet Photography. This will increase the likelihood of you making a sale.

You should follow suit with regard to the senior portrait packages you offer. You will end up with a total of six different photography packages, divided across two distinct categories, once everything is said and done.

Keep in mind that if there are too many packages, it can very quickly become confusing.

Therefore, if you are a photographer who works in a variety of subfields, the best course of action for you would be to list your packages in accordance with the classification/ Category..

What components should be included in a photography package?

A photography package ought to contain the following components: a predetermined quantity of photographs, a predetermined timeframe for delivery of the edited final photographs, information about the length of the photo sessions, and services that are included.

The length of the session, as well as the cost of the package itself, will both play a role in determining how many photographs you are able to deliver with each of your photo packages.

For sessions that last less than one hour or are priced at less than one hundred dollars, for instance, the number of edited photographs that you hand over to the client should not exceed ten.

The duration of the sessions can range anywhere from thirty to forty minutes for headshots only to an entire day for wedding photography packages. Full-day packages are most commonly found for wedding photography.

The services that are included in your photography packages are not limited to simply taking the photographs and editing them; rather, you can also provide outfit suggestions, photographs that are optimized for sharing on social media, access to client galleries as well as mobile gallery apps, photographic prints, and framed keepsakes, and even more.

What will be the terms and conditions for your photography packages?

When it comes to running any kind of business, but especially a photography business, being open and honest is of the utmost importance. We mentioned this earlier in the advice section.

You need to be upfront and honest not only about the prices of your photography packages but also about the terms and conditions that come with them. This is not only to ensure that you continue to have a trustworthy relationship with your client but also to safeguard your livelihood as a photographer.

Establishing transparent terms and conditions helps avoid misunderstandings and positions you favorably in the event that things do not go as planned.

How much should you charge for your various photography packages?

Your photography packages’ prices will vary according to a number of factors, including the following:

  • The total number of finished photographs that are to be handed over
  • Duration of each of the sessions
  • category of photographic work
  • Other photographers and photography services in your area that offer expertise and services that are comparable to those offered by the photographers listed here.
  • The breadth of the services provided

You can take a look at this guide on photography pricing to get a more in-depth look at how to price your photography services. The guide focuses on photography pricing in general.

On your photography packages page, clearly mention the base prices of your packages, the number of final edited photos you provide, the length of the sessions, services included, add-ons, and the charges for the add-ons

Apart from making your terms and conditions clear on your website and on your photography packages page, it is also important to have contracts in place to protect yourself. 

Also, before the client signs the contract, be sure to talk to them about the terms of the contract and encourage them to read it carefully and fully comprehend it.

Before you actually show up for the photo shoot, you want to make sure that you have all the technical details ironed out, that you have been clear and concise, and that you have been completely upfront.

The fundamental formula that you need to keep in mind when determining the cost of your photography packages or the cost of your services, in general, is as follows:

Pricing equals the sum total of the following: the cost of running your photography business, the cost of the goods, the cost of your time and labor, the profit, and the taxes.

Using this formula, you will be able to determine your starting price, also known as the minimum price, for each of your photography packages.

After that, you are able to take into account the other aspects discussed earlier in order to arrive at the final prices.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the pricing you offer has a direct relationship with the level of experience and expertise you possess.

When compared to someone who is just starting out in the photography industry, you will be able to command a higher base price if you have established yourself as an experienced and well-respected professional photographer.

Wrapup Note

When it comes to simplifying the process of planning and scheduling photoshoots, photography packages can be an extremely helpful tool.

Due to this, it is of the utmost importance to structure them correctly in order to simplify matters for both you and your client.

With this guide, we aimed to demystify the process of creating photography packages for photographers so that they can focus on their craft.

If you found this guide to be helpful, you may also be interested in our comprehensive guide to freelancing as a photographer as well as this guide to transitioning into a career as a professional photographer.

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