Pinterest for artists -10 Tips to nail pinterest strategy for Designers & Artists

Pinterest for artists -10 Tips to nail Pinterest strategy for Designers & Artists

Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet where we chat about all things art and inspiration. Today, we’re diving into a little gem that’s as colorful and diverse as your palette – Pinterest! Now, you might know Pinterest as that place where endless home decor ideas and mouth-watering recipes live, but hear me out: it’s also an artist’s haven.

Think of Pinterest as your digital mood board, a place where inspiration flows like paint on canvas. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone who just picked up a brush, Pinterest offers a treasure trove of ideas, techniques, and visual feasts to fuel your creativity.

So, grab your favorite cuppa, settle in, and let’s explore how Pinterest can be your secret weapon in the art world. From building a following to finding the inspiration that speaks to your artistic soul, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on this creative journey together, shall we? 🌟

Why is Pinterest such a hit with Artists & Designers

Many of these answers offer reasons why Pinterest is a well-designed service. But the question asked was a different one: “Why is Pinterest’s Marketing Strategy is so successful?”

While some of the reasons given are more than plausible in accounting for Pinterest’s success, any honest explanation must acknowledge the role of chance. 

Whenever products succeed or fail, there are armies of “experts” and consultants out there ready to give conference talks and write books about the secrets to the product’s success. 

But if these explanations were true, anyone could re-create the success of Pinterest by following that formula

Furthermore, these experts would be able to predict the success of products before they launch. Yet we know it’s not that easy.

Some people might find this answer snarky, and maybe it is. 

I should also hasten to point out that I’m not knocking any of the other people who have offered answers. 

Many of them make for interesting reading. But I also get tired of the “Just So Stories” that fill the business bookshelves year after year. 

The truth is that the world is complex and sometimes the answers are not so simple.

What is so special about Pinterest– Why do some people find the site maddeningly addictive?

Pinterest has become more popular in recent years as a visually-oriented Search Engine platform. 

Although the platform was initially ad-free, it was monetized a few Years ago like most Search platforms 

Like Google Or Bing. There is no better time to learn how to reach your users with organic or paid posts from Pinterest, now with 300 million users. 

If you are thinking Pinterest Is mostly used by eCommerce like beauty, Clothing brands, etc.. think again. 

 It can work as well for an Art & Design Niche-based/ Service based Industry like yours., if done correctly and regularly.  

Indeed it is easier for product providers to constantly come up with pins of images of their products.  

For niche-based blogging businesses, however, posting something that visually represents what you do is a little harder. But You can still make it on Pinterest.

So, how do you make Pinterest marketing for Niche-based Blogging businesses work? Here is How.

1. Why Pinterest for Art & Design Business?

Pinterest has a reputation for being suitable for only recipes, pets, fitness, and makeup stuff( primarily e-comm Businesses). 

However, Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine, and any Industry like Vets, Dentists, Interior decorators, Designers , Artists ,Dance schools, Coaches, Lawyers, car dealers, and so on can make use of This channel for their digital marketing activities.  

Pinterest is a social network that provides inspiration and ideas for hobbies and interests. 

All ideas are represented by a Pin, an image that Pinterest users search and save. Pins can also be linked back to websites, so Pinterest is great for driving and selling.

And Pins help people find further information about products they want to buy, especially for businesses.

You must always include a link with each pin to your site when using Pinterest for business, which might be a blog post, an online shop, or a company website. 

Comparing Pinterest to Instagram makes Pinterest stand out as a powerful marketing strategy because it can easily add links. It is super easy for a Pinterest user to learn more about the Pin that caught their eye by adding links to pins and possibly making a purchase. 

Pinterest drives have 3.8 times more sales than other platforms and because of Pinterest, 87% of Pinners have bought a product.

Pinterest Marketing Stats, any Designer Must Know.

  • Although the percentage of mobile users on the site experiences some annual fluctuation, it has consistently remained far above 80% since the year 2018.
  • On Pinterest, over one billion videos are seen every single day by users.
  • On Pinterest, 97% of the most popular searches are for unbranded terms.
  • Why should we care about this? It indicates that Pinners are receptive to learning about new things, including goods and concepts. Also known as a desirable demographic for advertisers, 226 million people were exposed to advertisements on Pinterest from October 2021 to January 2022.
  • Shopping engagement climbed by 20% in 2021
  • 29.1% of Pinterest’s advertising audience is comprised of young women between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • 1.8% of those who use the internet choose Pinterest to be their preferred social media platform.
  • 82% of users access Pinterest on their mobile devices.

2. Why Use Pinterest to boost traffic to your Art Website?

Half of all U.S. millennia use Pinterest each month, and 66 percent are women from 25 to 54 years of age. 

Pinterest’s major areas of interest include fashion, food, automobiles, interiors, and travel, so a large number of users can find touchpoints.

In terms of spending power, a recent survey by Pinterest shows Pinterest uses 93 percent to plan shopping, while household earnings are $100k+ for 40 percent.

For companies, this is an immense number of users who are ready, willing, and able to spend on Pinterest based on what they find.

If your target audience is on Pinterest and your business strategy doesn’t include it, you might miss a Big Chuck of traffic to your website.

3. How to Get Started With Pinterest as a Blogger/Digital Art or Design Niche site owner 

  • Create a Pinterest for Business Profile
  • Either Create a new Account or Convert Your Personal Account to a Pinterest for Business Profile
  • Connect your Business Website to your Pinterest Business account.
  • Claim your other marketing channels like Twitter Or Instagram
  • Now You are ready to set to Go! and Start Pinning.

4. How to Pin On Pinterest. 

  • Create your Niche relevant Boards on your Pinterest Business account.
  • Create Boards for every Service offered or every category in your Niche Site
  • Create pins Using Design tools like Canva or easily.
  • Pin them to appropriate Boars and Link your Blog or your Website Link in the Pin
  • Write Alt text about the pin
  • Write catchy descriptions and Title
  • Pin It away!

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How to pin, like, and comment on Pinterest

It’s quite simple to comment on a pin. How you do that, here’s. You want to click a pin.

You will see a comment on the pin when the pin opens. Choose ‘Add How’ Enter and select ‘done’ from your comment.

If you don’t see a space to add your comment, click the toggle arrow to the right of ‘comments.’If you find your pin, the aforementioned ‘save’ feature will be “pinned” on your board when you find a pin you like on Pinterest. 

You like a pin and you don’t like a pin in several ways, just as you “like” a social media post. Pinterest enables you to react like Facebook.

5. Make Your Blogs “Pin-Ready” With Pinterest Share Button

The Pinterest “Share” button is one of the best and easiest ways to discover Pinterest for your business!

You can click the Share button and add it to your Pinterest account or boxes if a customer browses the site for a picture of something he likes. 

This will allow even more people to find your products on Pinterest.

6. Create Beautiful Pins To Boost Engagement

I know you’d say, “I am a designer… I am not using Canva”…Trust me Canva is the best tool for marketing with easy templates , Sizes specific to the Paltform you are using.Like for Intance Pinterest has 1000×1500 Px and so on… It’s much quicker with canva than On Adobe photoshop for creating marketing materialsfor social media or for your website. canava also comes with inbuilt imags and Elements that are really useful.

Pinterest is an excellent way to save collections of photos, web pages and videos. 

You can find almost endless reasons to use Pinterest in the development of unique Pinterest boards. Use Design Tools like canva to create beautiful Pins for your service business

Canva is an excellent tool for the creation of visuals, It is a kind of tool for digital marketing.
Canva is an intuitive design tool that allows users to create digital marketing pieces quickly and easily by dragging and dropping elements into place.

As there are more than one million templates and resources available, companies of any size can easily produce designs that have a professional appearance for their digital marketing efforts.

Canva provides a free version of its software in addition to a paid subscription option for organizations that require additional capabilities and support.

7. Write Search-Friendly Captions for Your Pins

Keyword Research is a process of adding specific words from your niche allowing Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for. 

For example, someone is searching “ cavoodle puppy Temperament” and they are hoping that Pinterest will return back all those results. 

Why? Because they really want to find an exact match to what they(the Searchers) are looking for. 

I use for all my keyword searches. Keysearch is an awesome and easy-to-use SEO tool. 

If you find other SEO tools like SEMRUSH or AHREFS hard to use or understand, Use Keysearch .co .

Keysearch was founded by Dan Pfeffer in 2015. What was originally started as a niche keyword research software has grown into a full suite of SEO and marketing tools. Rather than focusing on business to business (B2B) customers, Keysearch has been built and designed for the “everyman”. 

8. Create Ads on Pinterest With Promoted Pins

Why Pinterest Ads?

  • The Potential reach via Pinterest Pins can be incredible. If your content is engaging and valuable, it can be re-pinned again and again to different users’ boards and continue to drive consumers back to your website.
  • Pins have a much longer lifespan than Tweets or Instagram posts. This longevity makes them a particularly powerful asset. Pins can show up in a user’s feed months after initially posted.

All of this — a paid Pinterest advertising strategy is not such a bad idea and might help to boost your organic presence by getting better track records from potential buyers.

9. Create a Regular Pinning Schedule

How can you schedule your Pins?

Pinterest has a free on-the-platform scheduling tool, allowing you to schedule your own Pins up to 2 weeks in advance. Use a Pin scheduler like Tailwind

  • Upload your Pin using the ‘+’ Pin builder tool
  • Select ‘Publish at a later date
  • Select the time and date that you want your Pin to be published
  • It’s as simple as that!. 

10. Build a Solid Community on Pinterest

Pinterest is a Visual Search engine where you and your pins are inspired, ideas are found and connected to each other via common ideas and visuals. 

You build a visual portfolio of things that you love and inspire when you create your Pinterest profile and boards.

You can build a solid social media presence on Pinterest by creating a portfolio of Pinterest boards that:

  • Share who you are and what your Business can help with
  • Build your expertise as a service business
  • Connect with others that share your passions
  • Entertain the Target Audience
  • Inspire the Audience

Good work!!! Now you have all the tools to start driving and selling from your Pinterest account!

The change to a Pinterest for Business profile is an opportunity you will not want to miss with more than 200 million users on the platform.

This is the ideal place to showcase your brand, business, and products to a busy, expensive market. 

And you are already taking every step with all of the hints and tips in this guide to create a lovely Pinterest account that appeals to your target audience.

So what are you waiting for now? Start Pinning ASAP and Grow your Art & Design Business
Try Tailwind
– Simple Pinterest Scheduling Tool

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