With the help of the top real estate website builders, it is possible to easily develop fully working real estate websites with very little to no prior experience in either graphic design or the writing of code. 

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These websites, in turn, assist real estate agents and brokerages in developing and marketing their brands online, boosting their credibility, and generating leads. 

In order to assist you in locating the most suitable platform on which to construct your online presence and create real estate leads, we analyzed and compared dozens of real estate website builders. Additionally, we spoke to many Realtors and Buyer Agents to come to a conclusion about TOP Website Builders for realtors.

Here are the SEVEN TOP website builders for real estate agents and brokerages, ranked according to pricing, features, and support, as well as our direct experience working with the providers:

Need a Quick Guide? Here Are the Best Website Builders for Real Estate Agencies & Buyers Agents

  • Zyro – 1Best Website Builder Beautiful Real estate Portfolio- Editor’s Choice
  • Duda – Beautiful gallery layouts to show your listings in their best light
  • SITE123 – Multilanguage sites to help you reach international buyers

Website Builder Vs. Web Hosting:

Pro Note

When deciding between a web host and a website builder, speed to launch is an important factor. 

Most builders cater to newcomers and make it easy for them to get started, while also providing a fair amount of freedom in terms of layout. Having complete control over your website is a distinct advantage of using a web hosting service. 

In addition, your site’s design flexibility can be expanded with the help of add-ons created with a website builder…

Our Reviews are Genuine. In any post like this on our site for Digital software,  we have either tested them  Or Spoken to someone that used/tested the software personally. In this list post, we spoke to a few Realtors based in Australia & America that have used these Website Builders. Check out our Product Review Disclaimer here

What is the Best Website Builder for Real Estate in 2024

7+ the best Real Estate Website Builder 

  • Zyro Best Website Builder Beautiful Real estate Portfolio– Editor’s Choice
  • WebFlow — The most effective real estate website builder for coordinating the various websites of multiple agents
  • Duda  – Website builder for real estate with the most advanced back-end collaboration facilities suitable for use across several departments
  • Squarespace – the best for  rapidly built Personal Portfolio website
  • Adobe Dreamweaver the best Website Builder for flexible design.
  • Weebly — The best website builder for real estate brokers who desire additional help for their clients
  • GoDaddy-Best Website Builder + Domain combo for Realtors
  • Site123-The Best Multi Language overall builder for Realtors  

Zyro- Best Website Builder aesthetic Real estate Portfolio- Editor’s Choice

Zyro for Real estate Website

Zyro has powerful site creation tools to take your site to the next level

A website builder called Zyro uses AI techniques to create expert websites and improve your internet presence. Zyro is used by more than 250K small company owners globally.

It offers more than 100 design templates to help you create your online store from scratch.

The platform also provides free domain services for a full year.

Key Features

  • Provides web hosting services
  • Built with a user-friendly interface
  • Easy to design portfolios
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integrates with third-party extensions
  • Offers customizable web design templates

Zyro Pricing…


  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Website – $1.92/month
  • Business – $3.84/month
  • Advanced store – $15.37/month

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business

Bill Gates

2. Webflow- The best Real estate web builder


The fact is that, despite the availability of a large number of templates to pick from, a large portion of the work may still be done independently using custom coding. Additionally, the community that exists inside Webflow Academy is incredible.
The feature in Webflow that makes it incredibly easy for you to develop animations and interactions is one of the things that I appreciate most about it,” you say. “It’s really good.
Webflow makes it possible for you to create attractive websites in a (relatively) simple manner. Although previous expertise in software development is very desirable before diving in, it is not an absolute prerequisite.

Reasons for choosing Webflow:

  • The templates provided are most useful for the Photography Website
  • It let you build websites with a super solid HTML structure

Reasons for switching to Webflow:

  • Speed of deployment and interface.
  • Because Webflow offers much more functionalities and controls on the output.

Key Features:

  • Webflow Designer gives you complete creative freedom and coding-free versatility.
  • Webflow CMS is a content management system that is adaptable.
  • Managing your internet store with e-commerce.
  • Interactions: Make Animations That Are Completely Immersive
  • Webflow Editor makes it simple to make changes to the content directly on your website.
  • Webflow helps produce professional web design material. You can use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with Webflow. Webflow promises millisecond-loading pages.
  • Supports Search engine optimization, providing fine-grained control over SEO without the use of plugins
  • Webflow’s designer uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Instead of writing code line-by-line, use the visual designer.
  • Critical Security Controls of the CIS and ISO 27001 for Information Security
  • Webflow Hosting is Amazon Web Services’ lightning-fast and consistently reliable hosting service.
  • Webflow doesn’t start you off with a template, unlike competitors. This provides you with greater freedom. It also entails knowing web design basics.


Site plans

  • Starter — $0
  • Basic – $18
  • CMS — $29
  • Business — $49

Ecommerce plans

  • Standard — $42
  • Plus — $84
  • Advanced — $235


  • Webflow is equipped with a robust visual designer that enables users to construct aesthetically pleasing websites without having to manually write any code.
  • Hundreds of templates are adaptive and may be personalized, all of which are ideal for any sector.
  • Interactions using JavaScript that are more advanced
    Content management system with all the bells and whistles for constructing websites without using templates
  • Features that are beneficial to SEO for ranking and optimizing keywords


  • Not quite beginner-friendly and pricing can be a bit complicated

3.Duda- Website Builder for Real estate to List Houses


Duda‘s appeal lies in its uncomplicated design. You can quickly and easily design stunning websites with the website builder, and these websites will look excellent on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

 In spite of higher-end levels that are geared at professionals, Duda makes it possible to create attractive websites even if you have limited experience with design or technical aspects of the process. 

Duda, a sleek and sophisticated website builder, is the Editors’ Choice product for website builders because it provides users with a wide variety of themes, effective e-commerce options, and an excellent editor.

Key Features:

Duda helps you Develop websites that are dependable and safe, as well as fast, functional, and well optimised for search engines. 

Duda’s websites have consistently outperformed the competition in terms of load time, visual stability, and interaction since Core Web Vitals was established in 2021 as the official foundation to measure site speed and user experience.


$14./month after the free trial of 30 days


  • Highly powerful Traffic Analysis
  • Contains a highly regarded editor
  • Powerful resources for developing responsive mobile websites
  • E-commerce software that can actually do its job
  • Numerous Examples Available


  • A bit pricey, Even though a Month free option is provided.
  • Weak selection of widgets
  • Higher price points include access to email newsletter features.
  • prohibits changing templates

4. Adobe Dreamweaver– The best Real estate website builder


The application known as Adobe Dreamweaver makes it possible for anyone with minimal to no prior programming skills to independently code webpages. 

This software allows novices to learn it without requiring a steep learning curve since it functions as a combination of visual editing and HTML editing and helps beginners to learn it.

Key Features:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver comes with a template to help you code your website quickly. It also allows you to construct a responsive website, which optimizes its display on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Dreamweaver offers advanced user support for multiple monitors in Windows. The Chromium Embedded Framework makes it compatible with HTML5 and CSS grids (CEF).
  • Git support lets you code within Dreamweaver. Adobe’s midrange pack memberships, which include Photoshop, include Dreamweaver.


$21.47/month after the free trial of 30 days


  • If you’ve never learned how to code before, this will let you create websites on your own.
  • You can create a mobile- and desktop-friendly “responsive” design with its help.
  • It’s compatible with Windows and has support for multiple monitors, as well as HTML5.


  • The price tag is high, making it out of reach for those independent contractors with modest budgets.
  • It’s not a browser-based app, and it doesn’t have all the features necessary for cross-platform collaboration.

5. Weebly- The Best Website Builder for Real estate to showcase their Listings


You may advertise your real estate company online with Weebly. Currently, companies in and around the world power more than 50 million websites.

Streamlining CRM, IDX listings, security management, and other manual tasks associated with operating a profitable online store, it assists you in doing so without incident.

Among its defining Key Features  are:

  • Weebly’s major selling feature is its drag-and-drop website builder, which simplifies the online building process. This do-it-yourself option makes website creation simple for newcomers.
  • App Center: Pick from hundreds of available apps to add a variety of features to your website.

Key Features:

  • Despite its user-friendliness, it is nonetheless a powerful function Object() { [native code] } with a wide range of options.
  • People that are comfortable modifying code on their own find this to be an attractive platform.


Free + Paid (paid plans from $12 per month)


  • The ability to switch between different, fully-customizable, responsive themes whenever you like
    Incorporates your email marketing metrics while being search engine optimized
  • Features and plugins for e-commerce use that cover most bases
  • Many useful resources for creating and optimizing your site can be found in the help area.


  • There’s no way to make or restore a backup manually. There is no method for you to manually restore your website if something goes wrong. However, customer service is there to assist you.
  • To put it simply, the interface is not as friendly to those with no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS.
  • Few options for modifying the theme

6. Site123


Site123 is an easy-to-use website builder that features a drag-and-drop editor that makes it possible to create a website in a matter of minutes and publish it online.

The designs are put into broad groups, such as businesses, online stores, or Real estate portfolios. Then, they divide into smaller groups, like law firms, hair salons, or gardening. 

Since you can do everything in your browser, there’s no complicated way to set it up. It has a blog and an online store, just like many other website builders.

Languages are given a significant amount of emphasis on the platform. The editor may be accessed in over 20 distinct languages, such as Romanian, Arabic, and Turkish, and the platform also supports websites that are written in many languages.

If you are a Realtor who works with content in multiple languages, then this website builder can be the ideal solution for you. 

The support staff for this platform is quite helpful, and they have a free plan that is adequate for most users’ needs. However, the free plan does include advertisements in the footer.

Important Attributes:

  • Ease of Use: Site123 has one of the simplest settings of all the options featured in this article, which makes it excellent for folks who are just starting out in the process of learning how to build their own websites.
  • Design Flexibility: Although it is not on the same level as Wix or Squarespace, Site123 does provide you with some basic tools to help you construct a website that is straightforward but still looks professional.
  • A strong call to action: In order to encourage site visitors to take action, the templates have been created to have a distinct call to action (such as “Buy my ebooks here”) as part of the design.


  • Multilingual: You can translate your website in a number of ways, including using a subfolder, a subdomain, or a separate domain for each language. Even automatic translations are possible.
  • Free plan
    You can use the free plan from SITE123 for as long as you want and even get help from them.
  • User-friendly
    It’s pretty much the same as filling out a form. Everything is set in stone. Your content will be shown in the right way.


  • Most layouts are good enough for a basic website, but it’s not easy to make a website that looks really unique
  • You’ll need the Advanced plan to get rid of all SITE123 ads. We think it’s too expensive compared to other products on the market.
  • Layout restrictions

7. Godaddy


GoDaddy is a comprehensive website builder service that assists real estate agents in constructing websites that are professional looking.

Trusted by more than 20 million consumers across the globe.

Create an account with Godaddy, select a template, and use the drag-and-drop editor to make any necessary modifications to the template. At this point, you are ready to publish your website.

KEY Features Of Godaddy Website Builder

  • Includes email, social media, and other more marketing tools integrated right in.
  • Makes it possible to control everything from a single control panel
  • SSL enabled
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Contains almost 20 different theme filters
  • Optimizes site for fast loading
  • Ensures a streamlined sailing experience
  • Site is optimised for Google and Bing; allows for tracking of individual users’ progress
  • Site that is optimised for use with Google My Business
  • Support for the consumer that is exclusive.
  • Offers services related to hosting
Godaddy website Builder
Godaddy WebBuilder


  • Multilingual
    You can translate your website in a number of ways, including using a subfolder, a subdomain, or a separate domain for each language. Even automatic translations are possible.
  • Free plan
    You can use the free plan from SITE123 for as long as you want and even get help from them.
  • User-friendly
    It’s pretty much the same as filling out a form. Everything is set in stone. Your content will be shown in the right way.


  • Most layouts are good enough for a basic website, but it’s not easy to make a website that looks really unique
  • You’ll need the Advanced plan to get rid of all SITE123 ads. We think it’s too expensive compared to other products on the market.
  • Layout restrictions


Which website creation tools are ideal for Real Estate Business?

Zyro, Weebly, Webflow & Duda are the top site builders for Realtors. Blog platforms that are both simple and packed with useful features.

How effective is Duda as a platform for Realtors

The answer is yes, Duda is useful for the Real estate Business. The function gives users access to a fully-featured blogging platform. In addition, it has a wealth of pre-installed features and external interfaces that Realtors and the Buyers Agents can use to expand the capabilities of their websites.

Can you provide me some advice on how to put together a Realestate website?

Get a plan and a domain from one of the services discussed below to create a realtor website. Then, pick a template, add some pages, and get blogging by following the provider’s or builder’s guidelines.

Is it true that Weebly is an excellent platform for Real Estate Business websites?
When it comes to online book sales, Weebly can be a useful tool for Realtors…

Can Webflow help you as a Realtor?

Webflow website Builder’s , SEO, social media, and e-commerce tools are very useful for Realtors with their Listings. The platform also has a robust in-built blogging platform.

Does a Realtor/Buyer’s Agent need a website?

A Realtor’s website is essential for reaching new readers, maintaining relationships with current ones, and making sales in the digital age.

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