What Happens when you neglect SEO? SEO for business growth

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Are you a website owner who feels compelled to flee whenever the term “SEO” is mentioned? 

Does the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation” cause you to break out in a cold sweat?

Many Businesses neglect SEO for many reasons.  One of the major ones is SEO is Hard. SEO does not have to be frightening or perplexing. 

SEO for business growth

SEO can be simple and straightforward when broken down into meaningful chunks of information and explained in plain English.

At least, that’s how we see it. This is why we created the SEO Tips for Beginners Guide to assist you in optimizing your own website for search.

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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU NEGLECT SEO for your Blogging Business?

If you neglect SEO for your business, You could end up spending more Hours On social media to get more prospects and you will be spending extensively on the Ads to get more leads. 

In a Nutshell, SEO can be your 24/7 salesperson if done right.

So, if you’re new to SEO and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, this beginners’ guide to SEO is ideal for you. 

We’ve kept things simple and avoided overly technical points that might overwhelm you and make you want to scream. We’re the kind of people who do things like that.

1. A Lack of Leads & Sales

Only a small percentage of website visitors go on to buy from you. 

Service-based businesses on average convert just 2.35% of traffic to sign up to their email list.

So if you only get 100 people visiting your site a month, you’re going to struggle to get the leads and sales you need.

2. You Have to Spend Hours on Social Media

When people‚Äôs websites don‚Äôt rank on Google and get enough traffic, they often turn to social media. And this can work well (if you do it right), but it takes A LOT of time. 

You may have to post too many vids , too many posts or Going live on Social media and these activities  will take a Lot of time.

It can take hours every single day to see results from social media.

Whereas SEO can deliver you website traffic–getting you in front of your ideal clients 24/7. 

SEO converts your website into an All time best sales person, that brings you Leads and Traffic 24/7 and 365 days a year!! Does this sound Lucrative to you?

3. Paying Out For Expensive Advertising( Google Ads or any Social media Ads)

Ads are used by those who do not want to spend their entire lives posting on Facebook. 

Again, there is nothing wrong with it, but it can be extremely expensive and take a surprising amount of time to perfect.

SEO provides you with a consistent stream of organic traffic for a long time.

4. Why It Would Be Unwise To Ignore Your SEO

There are numerous areas of attention when it comes to small business marketing, and occasionally some of those areas are neglected. 

Social networking, pay-per-click, and display ads, press releases, email marketing, and other channels would all be on the list of top advertising platforms if businesses ranked them based on return on investment. 

For most firms, SEO would probably not rank in the top three, which is why it is frequently disregarded.

When it comes to considering data, traffic, return on investment, and other factors, most businesses make this error. 

Companies frequently completely overlook search engine optimization because of unrealistic expectations and a misperception of its true value. 

5. Why you should not Ignore SEO 

Protect your brand name: One of the main benefits of SEO is that you can maintain ownership of your name. Why is that crucial? 

When you do research on a company and find out that they have received a lot of negative press, you decide not to use their goods or services. 

By concentrating on safeguarding your reputation through content, SEO, press releases, and other means, you flood the web with positive news about your business and keep the downsides to a minimum.

SEO can be Cost-effective: How much does each PPC click for your top five producing keywords cost? PPC is a fantastic strategy for driving immediate traffic. But if you can rank first for the same phrases, you’ll literally save thousands of dollars.

Branding of your Online/ Brick & Mortar company:: Regardless of who you are, you need to promote your name. 

Because everyone wants to stand out from the competition, branding is frequently the aspect of small business marketing that is neglected and under-utilized. 

Wouldn’t it be good if people could find you easily? Build your brand and stand out from the competition rather than attempting to blend in with the crowd.

Being positioned appropriately in the market: People use websites like Google to find the information they need before they ever know your name.

 Your objective, when someone types in a keyword, is to either appear on the first page or ensure that you may be found on websites that are listed there.

You are neglecting the possibilities of local searches if you ignore SEO. One of the most popular ways for individuals to find local companies these days is through local SEO. 

It happens frequently for people to pass a business by every day while driving, fail to notice it, and then pull out their phone to look for a nearby business doing the same thing! 

Others don’t venture outside, so they won’t see your billboard and won’t be able to locate you online if you don’t have an internet presence. By ignoring SEO, you are really hiding from potential clients.

6. Google can mark you as Untrustworthy.

Google frequently adjusts its algorithms to make sure that the websites that appear in search results are reliable and pertinent. 
Google makes sure its algorithms keep changing (Regularly) to screen out websites that are dispensing irrelevant or unreliable information. 
Numerous websites will decline in traffic, and their ranks fall quickly, which also causes readers to lose faith in them. 
However, companies that had adhered to SEO best practices were able to weather the storm and quickly recover

The next industry to be impacted by Google’s algorithm changes is currently unknown. 

It is crucial for your company to offer pertinent content rather than merely paying for presence. A company’s ability to use SEO can help it weather the next Google storm.

Wrapping up

Your website is the face of your Online Business. 

Your website must assist your company in increasing traffic, generating leads, and eventually gaining clients and increasing profits. To make this happen, You need  A Website+SEO Strategy that is designed to attract more clients and Grow your service business.

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