The Ultimate Tutorial to Sculpting Gold Bar in Nomad Sculpt[For beginners]

This 15-day Nomad sculpt challenge will surely help Digital Sculpt Beginners to learn…Nomad sculpts basics..

Cube is the obvious choice for gold bars.

To get the shape of bar trim from both sides with symmetry on. First using X symmetry and then Z symmetry. After trimming Voxel it to uniform its mesh. Bevel the edges of the cube and smooth it coz we don’t want very sharp edges it looks unreal.

Create alphas with a black background and white fonts. I use Procreate for the same. 500 X 500 Pixels resolution.

Use these alphas on the bars with symmetry off and tweaks in the brush tool as demonstrated in the video.

Tutorial- Sculpting Gold bar in Nomad Sculpt [15-day Challenge in Nomad sculpt- day 3]

So I did gold bar this time (I think I have an extreme thirst for booze right now)

Tutorial Sculpting Gold bars in Nomad sculpt (3)
Tutorial Sculpting Gold bars in Nomad sculpt (3)

Finally, with some gold texture and post-processing, you will be ready to own shiny gold bars. In Nomad texture can be controlled with twp parameters roughness and metalness. Tweak these parameters along with the right color to achieve the texture of gold.

Bonus Tip: To create glossy Golden effect  with Gold bar I did material refraction.
Tutorial Sculpting Gold bars in Nomad sculpt (3)

Nomad Sculpt Quick Guide

Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app available for both iPad and Android. If you have an iPad, you’ll have to purchase it to download it.

On Android, however, you can download it for free and unlock the tools via in-app purchases. (Let me tell you all the free version is limited.).

Tools to Start Sculpting with Nomad Sculpt( My Top Pick)

More Information About Nomad Sculpt

Check out the Nomad Sculpt Gold bar Tutorial on Youtube below for more details.

Sculpting Gold Bar in Nomad Sculpt- Tutorial

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