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The Ultimate Guide mastering 3D sculpting with Nomad Sculpt

Greetings and welcome to the Nomad Sculpt Ultimate Guide to mastering 3D Sculpting!

This in-depth Guide was created to assist you in realizing your full creative potential and succeeding in the field of digital sculpting. Whether you’re a Newbie or a seasoned artist, this guide will offer insightful tips, tricks, and best practices to improve your abilities.

From comprehending the user interface and fundamental sculpting methods to developing intricate characters, settings, and textures, we’ll cover a wide range of topics.

By implementing the advice in this Guide, you’ll set off on a fascinating voyage of artistic Growth, and learn about the virtually endless possibilities that 3D sculpting with Nomad Sculpt has to offer.

As a five-year-experienced 3D sculptor, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop my skills in various aspects of digital art.

I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from character design to environmental art, and I’ve dabbled in a variety of styles and techniques. My 3D sculpting journey began with learning basic shapes and anatomy before progressing to more complex and intricate models.

Being a skilled 3D sculptor, I’m always eager to impart my expertise and experiences to those who possess a similar enthusiasm for digital art. I get a great deal of satisfaction from mentoring newbies and assisting them in realizing their creative potential.

I’m eager to continue learning and developing alongside my fellow artists in the broad and always-changing field of 3D sculpting.

Manny Acharya- Artmellows Founder & 3D Artist

This Blog is an Extensive Guide designed to help you master the art of 3D sculpting with Nomad sculpt and unleash your creative potential. 

This challenge is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike, offering a structured approach to learning and improving your skills in Nomad Sculpt.

Let’s dive in…

Gold bars sculpted on Nomad sculpt

Well, I’d say the capacity to bring your visions to life in three dimensions is a game-changer, whether you’re building elaborate models for 3D printing or developing complex characters for video games.

Here comes Nomad Sculpt, a potent and approachable app that has completely changed how I approach 3D sculpting on mobile devices. I love that it’s On-the-go I don’t need to sit in front of a computer for hrs to create my sculpture. ( I used Zbrush & Forger before I started off with Nomad sculpt)

This thorough tutorial on mastering 3D sculpting using Nomad Sculpt aims to give you the skills and knowledge required to produce outstanding digital sculptures.

We’ll guide you from the fundamentals of using the app to more sophisticated capabilities that will help you take your work to the next level.

This BLOG will teach you how to get started with Nomad Sculpt, show you how to use the most important tools and brushes and show you how to make realistic textures and materials.

To make your creations come to life, you’ll also delve into the world of lighting and rendering. You’ll also learn how to prepare your models for 3D printing or incorporation into other 3D programs/apps.

Martini glass sculpted on Nomad sculpt

Our comprehensive guide is intended to help you maximize your creative potential with Nomad Sculpt, whether you’re an experienced artist trying to broaden your skill set or a total beginner eager to discover the fascinating world of 3D sculpting.

Now let’s start this fascinating voyage and let the 3D artist inside of you loose.

👉🏻How to Get Started with Nomad sculpt

You wish to begin creating digital Sculpts as well, but you are unsure how to get started?

In this section, I will demonstrate how to start working with digital sculpt using Nomad Sculpt from the very beginning. If you have not had a chance to download Nomadsculpt check out this blog to get started with Nomad sculpt (Download & Inatll Nomads sculpt on your iPad)

In fact, it is possible that you already have the majority of the gears & tools you need! Like the iPad Pro and Stylus.

All of the items that I provide as examples in this post are ones that I have personally tested myself or spoken to someone that has been using them.

If you want to make an informed decision about a product, I strongly suggest reading some reviews on it first. 

You will see, towards the end of this post, what I believe to be the most effective method for getting started with the digital art Business.

Take from this article what you require, and then make a choice that is well thought out and based on your own unique circumstances. 

⁉️ Questions to Ask Before starting Digital Sculpting Journey

Let’s address some of the most often-asked questions regarding digital art before moving on to your first creation.

📍What is the point of Digital Sculpting

Digital sculpting creates realistic 3D models and sculptures using digital technologies. Artists and designers may build complicated and Elaborate creations with digital sculpting.

Artists can shape virtual clay like real clay using digital sculpting tools, but with greater precision, speed, and adaptability.

The wonderful thing about creating digital Sculpt is that it does not need to be expensive and an additional perk is that you can start your own lucrative 3D printing Business from Home. I have an Etsy shop for Custom 3D prints where in Crete Tabletop Fugureine for my customers.

Digital sculpting lets artists simply iterate and explore without starting again. Digital sculpting aims to innovate 3D design and modeling.

📌 Do I have to be good at Drawing and able to sculpt?

Simply put, NO, you can begin your sculpting learning path by working first online. But if you can draw, you’ve already got an advantage.

✅ Should I get an iPad or a tablet?

As I’ve said, you can start creating digital art on your phone if you want to, but if you want to make it your career, having a laptop and a graphic tablet (or an iPad) is highly advised.

Do I need a graphic tablet or an iPad to use Nomad sculpt

Yes, You can use either Tablets or iPad ( as Nomad Sculpt is available on both iOS and Android) .

However, You need an iPad or a Tablet to start sculpting using Nomad Sculpt.

You can view our advice on the Best iPad for Nomad sculpt if you decide to look for an iPad.

Artmellows Etsy Shop for Custom Busts & 3D Sculpts:

Check out Artmellow’s Etsy store for custom 3D-printed Tabletops, Miniatures, and figurines.

Your Story, Our Canvas: Personalized 3D Custom Figurines for Room Décor, Tabletop & Gift item: Revel in the magic of human sculpture art, crafted just for you. Adorn your space with memories! 🌟🎨🏠

I Create ( 3D sculpt) Custom Figurines on Nomad Sculpt and Print them on Anycubic 3D printers.

✍🏻 Should I use a stylus to sculpt in Nomad sculpt?

This is a challenging query. Just Kiddin! You Literally can not work without Stylus .. I Really Can’t!!

While a stylus is strongly advised for beginners & Pros alike, especially if you want to switch to another interface like a graphic tablet where a stylus is the only tool you work with, it is possible to create art with your phone and your finger, and some people even manage to create amazing pieces with just that.

Nomad Sculpt can benefit from the use of a stylus, but ultimately it is down to your comfort level and personal preference.

Benefits of using a stylus include:

  • Precision: Using a stylus can help you sculpt with more accuracy and precision, enabling you to add finer details and make more precise modifications.
  • Pressure sensitivity: This is Crazy…With the help of pressure sensitivity, which is a feature of many styluses, you can adjust the pressure with which you sculpt. Results may be more dynamic and natural as a result.
  • For prolonged periods of carving, a stylus may be more ergonomic and pleasant, resulting in less hand and arm fatigue.
  • Using a stylus for sculpting in Nomad Sculpt may feel more intuitive and natural if you’re used to using one for other digital art projects.
  • Yet, Nomad Sculpt does not require the use of a stylus to get excellent results. Depending on your device, you can also efficiently sculpt with only your fingers or another input technique. Finding the approach that suits you best and enables you to get the outcomes you want is crucial.

It’s a good idea to try both approaches if you’re thinking about utilizing a stylus to determine which one you prefer. Depending on the task at hand or the amount of detail, you can always swap between the two.

🧬 Do I have to  learn Human Anatomy to start digital sculpt

I would say, a bit of Knowledge about human anatomy will work wonders if you want to take your Digital sculpting to another level.

For instance, If you want to make it your career or you want to go towards Human Portrays of likeness( Which is my specialty)  you’d need some human anatomy Knowledge.

Don’t fret guys & Gals! I have written a blog for 10+ best Human Anatomy Books to purchase for artists.. check that out..

I have a science master’s degree and I have studied a lot of human anatomy in my academics.

Also, I have read many of the books that I have read including this here that can help many new Digital sculpting Enthusiasts…

👉🏻 Can I Start a 3D sculpting Business with Nomad sculpt?

Yes Indeed, Nomad Sculpt can be used to start a 3D sculpting business. Nomad Sculpt is a powerful and flexible digital sculpting app that lets you make highly detailed 3D models and sculptures with a variety of features and tools.

Nomad Sculpt is a great way to bring your creative ideas to life, whether you want to make sculptures for video games, movies, or other things.

To start a 3D sculpting business with Nomad Sculpt, you’ll need to buy the right hardware and software, like a compatible iPad and the Nomad Sculpt app.

You’ll also need to get better at sculpting and put together a portfolio of your best work to show off your skills and experience.

Once you have the tools and skills you need, you can start marketing your services to potential clients through online platforms, social media, or other ways.

Make sure to connect with other professionals in your field and keep up with the latest digital sculpting trends and technologies.

Using Nomad Sculpt to start a 3D sculpting business can take some time and work, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling way to make a living for people who love both art and technology.

With Nomad Sculpt, you can make any kind of 3D model or sculpture you can imagine.

🌐 Hardware and software requirements for using Nomad Sculpt

1. The Tech Stuff- hardware

With a wide range of toolkits and an easy-to-use interface, Nomad Sculpt is an iPad 3d sculpting software

Nomad sculpt is software, worth using for 3d Sculpting based on its cost, usability, Quality of the End product, and the less Steep Learning curve.

It’s important to think about the best options for your creative process before investing in one of these amazing tiny sketching applications like Nomad Sculpt.

I would say, it’s quite tricky selecting an iPad for Nomad sculpt. As you increase the size of your 3D model on some iPads it starts becoming laggy. 

So, For a more flawless and smooth experience use iPads 2020 and onwards. Any iPad made after 2020 with M1 Chip or A12/A13 Bionic Chip is Robust and suitable for Nomad sculpt 3d Art creation.

 I use the Apple iPad Pro for all my Nomad Creations. I use this Bigger iPad for a better Sculpting Experience. But, if you are a beginner you can start with the iPad Mini 6th Gen.

If you are on a Budget use>> Apple iPad (9th Gen)

I have Options for you to get it either from Amazon or from Walmart.

5 Best iPads for Nomad Sculpt in 2023

  1. Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, 2021) — The best value iPad for Nomad Sculpt
  2. Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen ( latest( 2021 Onwards) Versions)— The best beginner Friendly iPad for Nomad Sculpt
  3. Apple iPad Air 5th Gen (2022) — The best iPad for Nomad Sculpt with advanced features 
  4. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) — The best iPad for Nomad Sculpt overall (Editor’s Choice)
  5. Apple iPad (9th Gen) — The best budget iPad for Nomad Sculpt

Pro Note:: Avoid Buying Older than 2020 iPads for any 3d Apps for 3d artwork. Even though the M1 chip was started in 2018 many of the Older iPads ( older than 2020 ) are not quite suitable for Nomad Sculpt, the 3d models become quite Laggy & less Energy Efficient.

Manny Acharya – Artmellows

So, use iPads made in 2020 and Onwards for a Flawless 3d modeling Experience.

2. The software – Nomad Sculpt App

Nomad Sculpt App

Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app available for both iPad and Android. If you have an iPad, you’ll have to purchase it to download it. 

On Android, however, you can download it for free and unlock the tools via in-app purchases. (let me tell you all, the free version has limited features….)

The full set of features includes several brushes, primitive shapes, alpha Brushes polygon cutting tools, and loops; the tools are also sensitive to pencil pressure. 

You can separate your modifications into different layers to easily go back and forth, and avoid damaging certain areas.

3. iPad Accessories

If you getting a paid version of Nomad Sculpt on iPad, the thing I talk about the most, the thing I promote the most, and the one I use the most personally is my fave iPad Pro.

I use iPad Pro for all my sculpts that I create using Nomad Sculpt and procreate( For digital art & painting)

Therefore, it is only inevitable that I get a lot of queries regarding the accessories the artists ought to acquire for their iPads in order to get the most out of using them. Let’s look at it, shall we?

 I use the Apple iPad Pro  & 2nd Gen Apple Pencil for all my 3D Art Creations. I use this Bigger iPad for a better Sculpting Experience. But, if you are a beginner you can start with the iPad Mini 6th Gen. If you are on a Budget use Apple iPad (9th Gen).

I also use other accessories like  Paperlike Screen protector for iPad, Original Apple pencil Tips, a Case for iPad Pro( 12.9″), a Drawing stand, Apple magic Keyboard for iPad Pro & Moko felt sleeve for Extra Protection.

Read this Complete guide for iPad Accessories for Digital Art

📌My Fav iPad Kit for Digital Sculpting using Nomad sculpt

  1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) — The best iPad for digital Artists overall (Editor’s Choice)
  2.  2nd Gen Apple PencilBest Stylus for Digital Artists
  3.  Paperlike Screen protector for iPad– The best screen protector for Artists
  4.  Original Apple pencil Tips
  5.  Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
  6.  Case for iPad pro( 12.9″)
  7.  Homiee sleeve for Extra & better Protection.
  8. Seagate Portable 4TB External Hard- to protect and archive your HD artwork
  9. iPad Stand for Flexibility on the couch and iPad stand on the desktop

4. Learning Nomad sculpt

Human Anatomy Books

It is possible to compare sketching the human body without appropriate knowledge of anatomy to playing a game without utilizing the rule book, which can be quite difficult and unpleasant for the player. 

Drawing the human body without adequate knowledge of anatomy might be compared to this. 

However, if you follow the instructions provided, you will be able to master the game since you will have an understanding of the strategies and the dynamics involved.

Because anatomy is so particular, having a comprehensive knowledge of it is necessary if you want to steer clear of making anatomical errors in your drawings. 

It would appear that all that is required to generate realistic anatomical drawings is a solid grounding in fundamental drawing techniques as well as the appropriate materials.

📘My Top 3 Fav Books for Digital Sculpting

Digital Art & Sculpting Related Articles:

5. Nomad sculpt eBook- A Beginner-friendly eBook

Well, now you have all the Required Gear and software to create your First Digital Sculpt with Nomad sculpt App.

Now Time to learn…We released this Comprehensive guide to Learn Nomad Sculpt in April 2022 and as of now, around 950+ Copies have been sold & downloaded.

Packed with my step-by-step ways to learn Nomad Sculpt for beginners..

Everything from essential fundamentals, An in-depth Journey with Nomad, and sculpt tools to how to sculpt a simple Object

All you need is this iPad, Apple Pencil, and $32. $19.47( 40 % Off) to Purchase this eBOOK. Use code NOMAD

PS: This is a handy Guide to keep with you when you are Learning Nomad sculpt and even after…

Complete Blueprint to Learn Nomad Sculpt helps you with :

  • Learn about the Essential fundamentals of Nomad 3D Sculpting
  • In-depth details about Nomad sculpting Basic and Special Tools with screenshots
  • How to Sculpt a simple Object in Nomad Sculpt with screenshots
  • Nomad SCulpt Post process TIPs


This eBook is an excellent resource for  Nomad Sculpting  Beginners! 

This guide is comprehensive yet without the fluff!

  • Essential Fundamentals about Nomad Sculpt 
  •  In-Depth Info and Details about Nomad Sculpt tool **
  • Nomad Sculpt Resources***
  • How to Sculpt an Object in Nomad Sculpt****
  • Plus much More info, Tips, and hacks about using Nomad Sculpt


Use coupon code NOMADGUIDE  at the checkout to get 40% off the Original price

You can sculpt Anything-Nomad Sculpt Guide!

The Comprehensive Guide to Learn Nomad Sculpt has landed & selling fast! 700+ Downloads in 7 Countries across the globe!!…

Packed with my step-by-step guide to learning Nomad Sculpt for beginners.

This is a handy Guide to keep with you when you are Learning Nomad sculpt and even after…

Get your Nomad Sculpt Guide for Just $19.47( use code: NOMAD)

6. Tutorials and Resources for the Nomad Sculpt App

There are several different Nomad sculpt tutorials and other learning tools available to you, which can assist you in getting started with Nomad Sculpt.

As an avid artist and digital sculptor, I’ve been using Nomad Sculpt for a while now, and I must say it’s an amazing app for creating high-quality 3D sculptures and models directly on my tablet.

To Begin with, if you’re interested in learning how to use this powerful tool, there are several tutorials available on Artmellow’s Youtube Channel that can help you get started.

Additionally, the Official Nomad sculpt website is an excellent resource for finding tutorials. The site offers a wide range of video tutorials that cover everything from the basics of the interface to more advanced techniques like retopology and rendering.

The tutorials are well-structured and easy to follow, which makes it easy to learn at your own pace.

In addition to the official website, I’ve also found several online communities and forums that offer tutorials and support.

These communities are a great place to connect with other Nomad Sculpt users, share your work, ask questions, and receive feedback. Some of my favorite resources include discussion forums, social media groups, and even Discord servers where artists can collaborate and learn from one another.

In a Nutshell, Nomad Sculpt is a fantastic app for digital sculpting, and with the right tutorials and resources, anyone can learn to use it effectively.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, I encourage you to give Nomad Sculpt a try and see what amazing 3D sculptures and models you can create

You can learn certain projects and techniques with the help of step-by-step instructions, and you can get ideas for your own projects by looking at inspiration and examples of other people’s work created with Nomad Sculpt.

Here is the list of some of my Nomad sculpt Tutorials that can help to Further your Knowledge of the Nomad sculpt app.

I did a 15-day challenge to help Newbie Nomad sculpt learn to create sculptures in Nomad Sculpt from day 1 to day 15 to Learn all tools & Interfaces of Nomad Sculpt.

Sculpting Nutcracker on Nomad sculpt
Sculpting Nutcracker on Nomad Scupt App

Start a 15-day Nomad Sculpt challenge to hone your 3D sculpting abilities and produce original works of art. Spend at least an hour practicing one particular theme or technique each day.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Start with simple forms like spheres, cubes, and cylinders to learn the fundamental shapes.
  • Maintain consistent proportions in your sculptures by working on this.
  • Studying human or animal anatomy will help you create diverse bodily components.
  • Build mechanical items like robots or cars using hard-surface modeling.
  • Create sculptures of candles, plants, rocks, and other organic elements.
  • Create your own characters, from people to fantastical animals.
  • Detailed facial sculpts can be used to convey a range of emotions through facial expressions.
  • Try experimenting with various art styles, such as chibi, anime, or abstract.
  • Texturing: Give your sculptures genuine textures.
  • Concentrate on displaying your sculptures with dynamic rendering and lighting settings.
  • Make miniature creations in small sizes, such as figurines or gaming pieces for a tabletop.
  • Create a setting or landscape that is compelling.
  • Create detailed props, such as jewelry, and makeup items like Lipstick or weaponry, as accessories.
  • Combining various sculpted components into a single scene is known as an assembly.
  • Put all of your knowledge together for your final assignment and produce a masterpiece.
  • Share your development on social media or in a 3D art group at certain points during the challenge. You’ll maintain your motivation and get insightful criticism from other artists as a result.

Nomad Sculpt Tutorial for Beginners- 15-day Challenge to nail & master 3d Sculpting with Nomad sculpt

7. Understanding Nomad sculpt Interface

With a variety of features and tools for building top-notch 3D models and sculptures, the Nomad Sculpt interface is created to be simple and easy to use.

The Nomad Sculpt interface’s key features are described here, along with tips on how to utilize them:

Toolbar: The toolbar, which is at the bottom of the screen, has a variety of sculpting and modeling tools and brushes. To fit your tastes, you can add or remove tools and brushes from the toolbar.

Object List: Your project’s objects and layers are shown in the Object List, which is on the left side of the screen. To organize your project into layers and to select, rename, or delete certain objects, use the Object List.

The properties and settings for the selected object or tool are shown in the Properties Panel, which is on the right side of the screen.

The Properties Panel allows you to change the intensity, opacity, and brush size.

At the top of the screen is a menu bar that offers a variety of choices for working on your project, including importing and exporting items, changing the camera angle, and saving your work.

You can pan, zoom, and rotate your view of the project using the navigation controls, which are in the top right corner of the screen. Navigation Controls can also be used to change between various camera angles and perspectives.

You can change the app’s colors and themes, as well as the size and positioning of the various panels and windows, to personalize the Nomad Sculpt interface.

To meet your unique requirements and preferences, you can also design your own workspaces and layouts.

In general, mastering the Nomad Sculpt user interface is essential for using the software efficiently and producing 3D models and sculptures of the highest caliber.

You may optimize your workflow and get better results faster by becoming familiar with the many menus, tools, and buttons and tailoring the UI to your preferences.

8. Sculpting Basics

In the digital art form of sculpting, 3D models and sculptures are made by manipulating virtual clay or other materials. I

In comparison to traditional sculpting, digital sculpting with Nomad Sculpt has a number of benefits, such as increased control and precision, the simplicity of undoing and redoing changes, and the flexibility to work on a project from any location.

This is a step-by-step tutorial for starting to use Nomad Sculpt’s digital sculpting features:

  • Choosing a base mesh is the first step in creating your sculpture. A base mesh is a ready-made 3D object that you can use as the foundation for your work. There are several pre-made meshes available from Nomad Sculpt, including animals, people, and automobiles.
  • Create a preliminary outline for your sculpture by manipulating the form of the foundation mesh with Nomad Sculpt’s sculpting tools. To get the desired result, try out various brushes and techniques.
  • Refine the details: After you’ve established a basic form for your sculpture, add details and texture by using finer brushes and tools. This can entail giving a character’s facial wrinkles, giving a reptile scale, or giving a car texture( Using Alpha Feature)
  • The painting and texturing tools in Nomad Sculpt can be used to add color and texture once you are satisfied with the sculpture’s form and details. This may lend authenticity and depth to your sculpture and help it come to life.
  • Dynamic topology, voxel sculpting, and multiresolution sculpting are just a few of the brushes and modeling tools available in Nomad Sculpt. To obtain the desired effect, experiment with various brushes and methods. Be sure to use the Properties Panel to change the brush size, opacity, and intensity.

In a Nutshell, Nomad Sculpt’s digital sculpting provides a simple and enjoyable way to realize your 3D modeling ideas.

You may produce incredibly realistic and detailed 3D models and sculptures that compete with those made using conventional sculpting techniques with a little experience and experimentation.

9. Advanced Techniques

You might wish to investigate more sophisticated ways of building intricate 3D models and sculptures once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of digital sculpting with Nomad Sculpt.

These are some things to think about:

  • Retopology is the process of building a brand-new, low-polygon mesh from an existing, high-polygon mesh. When making 3D models for use in games or other real-time applications, this is frequently necessary because high-polygon models can be resource-intensive. For retopologizing your models, Nomad Sculpt provides a number of tools, including the Remesh tool and the Retopo.
  • UV Mapping: Unwrapping a 3D model’s surface to produce a 2D texture map that can be painted or altered in an image editor Like Procreate/Adobe Photoshop is known as UV Mapping. The UV Editor, one of the tools included with Nomad Sculpt for creating and altering UV maps, is crucial for adding color and texture to your models.
  • Texture painting is the process of employing digital painting tools to add color and texture to the surface of a 3D object. Nomad Sculpt provides a selection of texture painting brushes and tools in addition to support for importing and exporting texture maps in a number of different formats.

If you’re interested in learning more about these and other sophisticated methods for Nomad Sculpt digital sculpting, you might want to look into some of the numerous tutorials and online resources.

There are many YouTube channels and online communities devoted to digital sculpting and 3D modeling, as well as a variety of tutorials and guidelines on the Nomad Sculpt website for making the most of the program.

Note: Check out NOMAD Sculpt Group on Facebook devoted to 3D Sculpt where you can share your initial work…

Tutorial Sculpting Gold bars in Nomad sculpt (3)
Tutorial Sculpting Gold bars in Nomad sculpt

You can push the limits of your imagination and produce incredibly intricate and lifelike 3D models and sculptures by continuing to learn and experiment with new approaches.

10. Helpful Hints and Suggestions

To get the most out of your experience with Nomad Sculpt, you may take advantage of a wide selection of hints and suggestions.

Importing reference pictures will help you keep on track and assure the accuracy of your sculpture while working with layers can assist you in more effectively managing your workload.

The utilization of symmetry is yet another useful method that can help you save time and ensure correctness.

When you are finished sculpting, you will have the option to export your work so that it may be utilized in other programs such as 3D printing or animation.

Here are some hints and techniques to help you use Nomad Sculpt more successfully and efficiently while also honing your sculpting abilities:

  • Utilize hotkeys: Nomad Sculpt comes with a number of hotkeys that can help you work more quickly and intuitively. To suit your tastes, make sure to master the most frequently used hotkeys.
  • Practice using reference photos: Utilizing reference photos can help you become a better sculptor and produce sculptures and 3D models that are more lifelike. When sculpting and finishing your sculptures, use reference photos as a guide. Aim to replicate the proportions and forms as precisely as you can.
  • Try out various brushes and sculpting methods. Nomad Sculpt has a large selection of brushes and sculpting methods, so don’t be scared to try out new things. You may learn new techniques and produce more distinctive and intriguing sculptures as a result.
  • Use symmetry: Nomad Sculpt has a robust symmetry tool that can help you work more quickly and make sure that your sculpture’s two sides are equally balanced. While working on symmetrical objects or letters, be sure to enable symmetry.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the way a sculpture is coming out, don’t be afraid to start over from scratch. This can prevent you from becoming bogged down and ultimately result in more successful sculptures.

You may develop your sculpting abilities and produce high-quality 3D models and sculptures more quickly and effectively by using the tips and tactics listed below.

Always remember to experiment, practice, and enjoy yourself when creating sculptures!

11. Fundamental Sculpting Techniques

The process of digital sculpting begins with the creation of a simple shape, which is then gradually developed into a more complex and realistic model.

You may start out in Nomad Sculpt with a basic sphere or cube, and then use the various Nomad sculpt tools and brushes that come with the software to mold it into the shape you want.

Using fundamental geometric forms to outline the overall form of your model is part of the process known as “blocking out the overall form.”

After you have the general form of your sculpture, you can next begin polishing the details, giving it texture, and developing its depth.

For more info: Check out my Youtube channel @artmellows.

12. Is Nomad Worth it for Digital Sculpt:

I’m glad you asked., Considering that almost everything we do in this day and age involves some sort of digital or online interaction, producing remarkable works of art using the digital medium ought to be a simple procedure. 

Using Nomad Sculpt is a terrific way to get started with 3D sculpting, and if you’re already familiar with ZBrush, you can export your creations from Nomad and continue working on them in ZBrush.

Nomad Sculpt App comes with AN EASY-TO-USE UI that is Created with mobile-on-the-go in mind from the ground up. It’s important to have a firm grip on the pencil (Apple Pencil, Samsung S Pen, etc), and OBJ, STL, and glTF file forms are supported.

When you factor in the Apple Pencil, you have a combination that is created in a digital paradise. 

There are classes that you can take or you can teach yourself, but it does take some time to get used to using it, so keep that in mind if you’ve never done either one of those things before.

In conclusion, Nomad Sculpt is one of our preferred programs for 3d Art ( Sculpting), and it offers you a variety of helpful features for you to Sculpt anything on the go…

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13. What are the Business Opportunities with Nomad sculpt 3d Sculpt?

So, Once you have enough Knowledge to Create 3d Digital Sculpts using Nomad sculpt, You can indeed start a Business out of your Nomad sculpt 3d Sculpt.

Check out my blog: What can you do with Nomad Sculpt? 5 Profitable Things you can do with Nomad sculpt

I will list what I do with My Nomad 3D sculptures.

  1. I put up my digital sculpts( generic ones) on sale on Gumroad/Etsy
  2. I offer Real-time sculpts for my clients- many of my clients get their or their loved ones’ digital sculptures done as a gift or to print them out.
  3. You can start your Miniature 3D printing Business. 3D printing is a unique method of bringing almost any digital design into the physical world without the need for particularly specialized tooling or high production costs.
  4. Read my latest Blog on How to start a 3D Miniature printing Business from HOME using Nomad Sculpt. You can create your Chosen sculpt on Nomad sculpt and print on the Resin printer and sell online. My fave 3D printer for miniature Printing is Anycubic Photon Mono X available at Walmart and at Amazon.
  5. It’s the best Budget Friendly and most efficient 3d printer available in the market. Read my article 11+ best 3D printers on Budget. Also, Read my article How to Prep 3D models for printing before you attempt to print your Sculpt.
  6. Below is an example of an artwork made in Nomad Sculpt and printed on Anycubic Photon MONO X Resin printer
Made By Tim Timmons

14. Cool things you can do from Nomad sculpt

You can do a tonne of awesome stuff using Nomad Sculpt! Just a few instances are shown below:

Make intricate 3D models and sculptures: Nomad Sculpt’s strong sculpting tools and the user-friendly interface let you easily produce complicated 3D models and sculptures. To sculpt and form your models, utilize a variety of brushes and tools, and add minute details and textures for a realistic appearance.

Create flawlessly balanced forms and designs by using symmetry. Nomad Sculpt provides a symmetry tool that enables you to sculpt your models symmetrically.

Nomad Sculpt also enables you to work with layers, which makes it simpler to arrange and manage various components of your sculpture. Each layer’s opacity can be changed, and for even more freedom, you can merge or export certain layers.

Sculpt using reference photos: Nomad Sculpt lets you import reference images to use as a guide for your sculpting if you’re working on a certain project or design. When attempting to create a realistic representation of a certain object or character, this might be extremely useful.

Once your 3D models and sculptures have been generated in Nomad Sculpt, you can export them in a number of different formats, such as OBJ, STL, and PLY. This enables you to print your models with a 3D printer or utilize them in other 3D apps.

These are just a handful of the wonderful things that Nomad Sculpt allows you to do. The possibilities are unlimited because of its adaptable features and strong sculpting tools!

👇🏻👇🏻Below is the image of a 3d printed Miniature Figurine ( 3D Sculpted using Nomad sculpt and Printed with a Moncubic 3D printer) 👇🏻👇🏻

3D Sculpted on Nomad sculpt and 3D Printed Miniatures

15. Printing a 3D Sculpt from Nomad Sculpt App

The process of printing a 3D sculpture from Nomad Sculpt is simple, but it does involve some planning and preparation. You must take the following actions:

  • Making sure your 3D sculpture is ready for printing is necessary before you can begin printing it. Making sure it is correctly scaled, orientated, and equipped with any supports or rafts that are required may be part of this.
  • Your sculpture must be exported from Nomad Sculpt in a format that is compatible with your 3D printer once it is prepared for printing. The most popular file types are STL, OBJ, and PLY.
  • Slice your model: To get your sculpture ready for printing, you must utilize a slicing program after exporting it. This entails creating instructions for your 3D printer to follow and layering the model. I use a tool called LYchee -You can Download Lychee Slicer Software here
  • Print your sculpture: After cutting and preparing your model, you may place it on your 3D printer and begin printing. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions attentively and keep an eye on the process to make sure the print comes out as you expect it to.

You can create a real, 3D sculpture that you can touch in your hands and show by following these instructions after creating a digital sculpture in Nomad Sculpt.

The ability to Print 3D models and sculptures from Nomad Sculpt can be a terrific method to bring your works to life, regardless matter whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or just getting started with 3D printing.

16. What are the TOP Apps for 3D Sculpt?

It can be challenging to select the best 3D sculpting App for your needs from the many robust options on the market.

Options include market leaders like ZBrush and Blender as well as mobile-friendly alternatives like Nomad Sculpt and Forger.

Check out my blog Top 7+ 3D sculpt Apps for Tablets & iPad in 2023 for more in-depth details about the top 7 Sculpt Apps.

17. Nomad Sculpt Models

Nomad Sculpt is a potent digital sculpting tool that enables users to make professional-grade 3D models and sculptures straight on their smartphones or tablets.

This app’s extensive collection of pre-made Brushes, which may be utilized as a jumping-off point for your own creations or as inspiration for your designs, is one of its best features.

Nomad Sculpt’s pre-made models come in a variety of forms, including those of animals, people, things, and more.

These are of high quality and were created by professionals, making them excellent resources for both new and seasoned artists.

Users of the software can also import models from other sources, allowing you to work with your preferred 3D models or scan your own objects to make digital reproductions.

Of course, Nomad Sculpt’s main strength is in its capacity to let you build your own unique models from start. Using the app’s assortment of tools and brushes, you may precisely sculpt and mold your creations.

You can change the vertices and edges of your models, add textures and colors, and utilize various brush strokes.

Overall, Nomad Sculpt’s pre-made models are an excellent place to start for anyone wishing to make their own 3D models and sculptures.

Nevertheless, using the app’s robust tools and brushes to create your own unique patterns is where real creativity and enjoyment exist.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert artist, Nomad Sculpt offers a simple and enjoyable way to realize your ideas for digital sculpture.

Here are some of my Craetuons on Nomad sculpt: You can see more on MY Instagram account @artmellows and Youtube Channel @Artmellows Click here to View more of my Creations

18. Nomad sculpt Competitors

Nomad Sculpt is a top-notch digital sculpting app, but it’s not the only choice. Similar functions and features are available in a number of different 3D sculpting Apps. Some of Nomad Sculpt’s primary rivals in the market for 3D sculpting apps are listed below:


ZBrush is an effective 3D sculpting program that has been available for more than 20 years. Advanced sculpting brushes, Dynamesh, and ZRemesher are just a few of the capabilities and tools it provides for building intricate 3D models.


The open-source 3D modeling and animation program Blender has a powerful sculpting mode. It is available for free and has a host of capabilities, such as dynamic topology, multiresolution sculpting, and customizable brushes.

It has a wide range of capabilities and is free to use, including dynamic topology, multiresolution sculpting, and customizable brushes. If you want to Learn Blender -Check out 7 Best Blender Courses to Learn 3D Modeling for Beginners in 2023


Sculptris is a free 3D sculpting program made by the same people who made ZBrush. It has a straightforward, user-friendly interface, and fundamental sculpting tools, and is meant to be an entry-level tool for beginners.

A variety of tools are available in 3D Coat, a potent digital sculpting and painting program that enables the creation of excellent 3D models. It has capabilities like PBR texture painting, smart materials, and voxel sculpting.


Autodesk created the digital sculpting and texture painting program called Mudbox. It has a variety of sculpting tools and brushes, powerful texture painting capabilities, and support for importing and exporting a large number of file formats.

Although being a fantastic 3D sculpting tool, Nomad Sculpt, there are a number of other choices that might be more suitable for your requirements or preferences.

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🌍Adobe Substance 3D

In order to develop and improve 3D models and textures for usage in a number of applications, artists and designers can use the Adobe Substance 3D toolkit.

Each of the software programs in the suite, such as Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Substance Alchemist, offers a variety of features and tools for producing top-notch 3D models and textures.

Because it enables them to rapidly and efficiently build realistic 3D models and textures that can be utilized in a variety of applications, Substance 3D is especially well-liked by game developers, product designers, and visual effects artists.

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19. Advantages of Nomad sculpt over other 3d Sculpt software

In comparison to other 3D sculpting software, Nomad Sculpt has a number of advantages, such as:

Nomad Sculpt is a mobile app that can be used on both tablets and smartphones, making it extremely portable and convenient to use while on the go.

The interface that is easy to use: Even novice users will find the app’s UI to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Brushes with a variety of uses: Nomad Sculpt comes with a variety of brushes and tools with a variety of uses, such as dynamic topology, voxel sculpting, and multiresolution sculpting, which enable highly detailed modeling and sculpting.

Affordable: Nomad Sculpt is an excellent choice for enthusiasts, students, and small enterprises because it is reasonably priced when compared to other 3D sculpting applications.

Huge user base: The Nomad Sculpt app has a sizable and expanding user base that exchanges materials, how-to guides, and usage advice.

All things considered, Nomad Sculpt presents a special mix of portability, affordability, and adaptability that makes it a desirable choice for designers and artists wishing to produce extremely accurate and intricate 3D models and sculptures.

20. Can I sculpt from Photo in Nomad sculpt?( 2D to 3D concept)

Yes, you can use a photo as a reference when sculpting in Nomad Sculpt. This can be a useful technique for creating realistic 3D models and sculptures based on real-world objects or reference images.

To use a photo as a reference, you can import the image into the app and then use the image as a guide for your sculpting. You can adjust the transparency of the image to make it easier to see your sculpting work and to better align your sculpting with the reference image.

Additionally, Nomad Sculpt includes a feature called “Image Plane,” which allows you to load a reference image and then use it as a guide for sculpting.

This feature is particularly useful for sculpting characters or objects based on reference images, as it allows you to view the reference image from multiple angles while you work.

Overall, using a photo as a reference in Nomad Sculpt can be a highly effective technique for creating realistic 3D models and sculptures, and the app includes several features to help make this process as easy and intuitive as possible.

Nomad sculpt to Procreate – Is it Possible Export?

Yes, you can take files from Nomad Sculpt and put them in Procreate. You can export your 3D models and sculptures from Nomad Sculpt in a number of file formats, such as OBJ, STL, and PLY. Procreate, on the other hand, is a drawing and painting app for the iPad that lets you make digital drawings and paintings.

To import a file from Nomad Sculpt into Procreate, you must first export the file from Nomad Sculpt in a format that Procreate can understand, such as OBJ. Then, you can bring the OBJ file into Procreate and use it as a guide for your drawing or painting.

Even though Nomad Sculpt and Procreate are different apps made for different things, the ability to import 3D models from Nomad Sculpt into Procreate can be helpful for artists who want to combine 3D and 2D elements in their work.

Whether you’re a digital artist, designer, or hobbyist, trying out different tools and techniques can help you improve your skills and make more unique and interesting art.

21. What is the Difference between 3d Modeling & 3D Sculpting

Despite certain similarities, 3D modeling and 3D sculpting are two distinct methods for producing 3D objects.

Creating a 3D item using a variety of geometric shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and spheres, and then modifying those shapes to produce a more complicated object is known as 3D modeling.

The procedure is frequently methodical and exact, and the finished product is a tidy, polished model that is simple to update or manipulate.

In contrast, 3D sculpting is more analogous to traditional sculpting in that the artist uses a variety of digital sculpting tools to mold a virtual lump of clay into the desired shape.

The method is frequently more organic and free-form, and the final product is a very accurate and realistic 3D model that imitates the flaws and subtleties of actual items.

Overall, the degree of control and accuracy over the shape and form of the 3D object is the primary distinction between 3D modeling and 3D sculpting.

For creating more organic and intricate shapes that demand a more hands-on approach, 3D sculpting is employed instead of 3D modeling, which is often used for more structured and precise items.

Nomad sculpt Update :[Latest ( 2023)1.76 Updates]

Texture Maps:

And last but not least it gives you the freedom to edit textures on maps themselves in applications like Photoshop/procreate back and forth instead of directly painting on 3d objects.

This may be a difficult concept to understand in the beginning but as you dive deeper in 3d world you start appreciating these features more and more.

This is also very useful for moving in and out your model from Nomad Sculpt to Procreate.

In order to use these features you need to have your model UV laid out.

With Every update, Nomad Sculpt only gets better. While we have discussed a few updates above as well under different topics, a few other ones are summarised below :

Linear Repeater just got better. Now you can make chains, tentacles, pipes, etc easily. Example in the end.

The Snap button in the left menu panel now has values to snap at angles and distances you want when rotating or moving an object.

Pin: Addition of a pin button in the menu panel on the right to keep your pivot intact.

Snap Cube shape has changed so you can see all four sides for the convenience of rotating your scene with one tap.

A long Press in the center of the snap cube will lock your scene. And there are two additional buttons one that looks like a tiny home next to a snap cube.

It zooms out to the home position of your scene and another icon on top of the home button zooms in.

Hierarchy – Now shows as thin white lines within the scene to indicate grouping. Lights & Camera are organized under its own group.

Gizmo: Under the Gizmo tool option you can now adjust the size and thickness of the Gizmo tool if it’s coming your way during sculpting multiple items in the same scene.

You can even use the hide gizmo option now.

On the left pane; below instance now you have the Group button which when tapped reveals the target option.

When you have an object which is masked moving it with the help of the gizmo tool moves the unmasked part but if under the target option object mode is on you will be able to move the entire object with the mask.

It ignores the mask which sometimes could be very handy.

When you have saved the move of an object in a layer increasing and decreasing the slider within the layer will move your object if the vertex mode is on under the target menu it could come in handy for a small animation demo.

In the left top panel, there are three small square buttons, when you tap on it another window pops up with an option to add primitives when you tap on the + icon another window opens with two options on the top on gizmo and select gizmo these options when checked dictates the location where the new object will be added.

The addition of an ‘Align’ button on the left panel helps you to align your pivot back to its original position if you have moved the pivot

Brushes Tool Menu Changes – The brush tool menu is redesigned to fit more options as tabs. Stroke within the toll menu is replaced with Icons and there is randomize menu under the stroke menu that randomizes brush tools’ alphas sizes during sculpting. It could come hand for randomizing for instance skin details.

Wrapping up

To sum up, learning 3D sculpting using Nomad Sculpt is an enriching and satisfying adventure that unlocks a world of creativity and aesthetic potential.

This comprehensive Guide seeks to offer useful tips, tricks, and best practices to assist artists of all levels in producing amazing work and improving their abilities.

Artists can unleash their creative potential and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals by experimenting with various topics, styles, and techniques.

The field of 3D sculpting will definitely continue to develop as artists push their creative limits and broaden their skill sets, sparking fresh concepts and cutting-edge methods for digital art.

I am thankful to have mastered the skill of 3D sculpting utilizing this potent instrument, and I have had a truly satisfying experience using Nomad Sculpt.

This all-inclusive guide has invaluable tips and tricks that have helped many readers develop their abilities and produce beautiful artwork.

I’ve experimented with many ideas, approaches, and methods while interacting with a community of encouraging artists. I wholeheartedly suggest the learning process to any aspiring 3D sculptor because it has been a fun and enriching experience.

In order to assist people to realize their own artistic potential, I look forwards to sharing my experiences and expertise as I push my own creative boundaries.

Ciao for now…

Happy Sculpting!!


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