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Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting & painting app for the iPad that has a robust toolbox and a simple user interface.

Nomad is an On-the-Go app, a lighter version of desktop sculpting software that can be utilized to create and paint 3d Sculpts

Using Nomad Sculpt is a terrific way to get started with 3D sculpting, and if you’re already familiar with ZBrush, you can export your creations from Nomad and continue working on them in ZBrush.

Nomad Sculpt App comes with AN EASY-TO-USE UI that is Created with mobile-on-the-go in mind from the ground up.

It’s important to have a firm grip on the pencil (Apple Pencil, Samsung S Pen, etc) and OBJ, STL, and glTF file forms are supported.

Cool Things you can do with Nomad sculpt

Nomad Sculpt review- 5 Cool Things you can do with Nomad sculpt

Out of all the 3D sculpting software on the market today, one product, in particular, that is capturing the attention of both hobbyists and professionals alike is Nomad Sculpt.

Nomad Sculpt was created by the Former Sketch fab developer Stéphane Ginier and it’s filled with features that make 3D sculpting an intuitive experience—something that most other products on the market today simply can’t do.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of these features and how they can help you get more out of the time spent in front of your screen.

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3D printing

3D printing is one of those new technology trends that’s here to stay.

Its applications range from business use to art and science, and yes, there are even people using it at home!

It’s more affordable than ever before, so start thinking about what you might want to print on your own 3D printer…you never know where it will take you.

In recent years, 3D printing has become increasingly accessible to the general public.

3D printing can generate a variety of items without the need for specialized or multiple instruments.

This is how 3D printing aids in boosting production flow flexibility and minimizing industrial costs.

Since there is no need to construct a specific production line, it also helps save time: 3D Printing helps us to develop and mechanize more quickly.

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Bring your Sculpt to Life… Sculpted On Nomad Sculpt, rendered in Nomad sculpt and augmented in procreate, finely sliced in Lychee Slicer, 3d printed in one piece on Anycubic Mono X, and hand painted with acrylics.- Trust me …You can sculpt Anything!

Since 3D Printing produces a single copy of each 3D file, economies of scale cannot be achieved when several copies of the same file are generated.

This is in stark contrast to series manufacturing methods, which strive to manufacture millions of identical things.

As an entrepreneur myself, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that!

Maybe my next project will come from a digital design file rather than my imagination…wouldn’t that be cool?

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I Create ( 3D sculpt) Custom Figurines on Nomad Sculpt and Print them on Anycubic 3D printers.

2) 3D Designing

When it comes to digital 3D sculpting software, there are only a few options out there: ZBrush.com, Mudbox.com, and Blender.com. 

While all three of these packages have their strengths and weaknesses, if you’re looking for an affordable option that’s extremely easy to learn and use then Nomad Sculpt is hard to beat.

It’s a great tool for creating low poly game models or fun in-browser 3D art and is relatively user-friendly when compared to ZBrush or Mudbox.

At $89 USD (including free updates), it’s also one of the cheapest 3D sculpting solutions on the market!

Among the various tools included with Nomad are brushes for clay, crease, trimming, smoothing, masking, and many more.

Customizable falloff, alpha, and other parameters are also available.

Vertex painting using roughness/metal-ness controls in Matcap rendering or Physically Based Rendering Vertex painting with roughness/metal-ness control.

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3) 3D Painting

In today’s digital age, it seems that everyone is 3D scanning and printing things to create 3D models.

But how many of us have tried to paint our own creations?

It’s a fairly straightforward process that simply requires learning where all of your brushes are in ZBrush.

While not every brush will be able to capture true 2B pencil strokes, some come very close, which allows for realistic shading and textures.

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    Another benefit of using digital media for painting is that once you are happy with your design, there is no need to save different versions or hide unfinished sketches; just export it directly from ZBrush into a format like FBX or OBJ and use it as an asset in Unity or Unreal Engine.

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    4) 3D Sculpting

    A good digital 3D sculpting tool is a must for 3D modelers; so often, they’ll spend hours just trying to get things right on their 3D model.

    This can be even more frustrating when they have to use multiple tools because one doesn’t work as well as it should or it doesn’t offer all of their needs.

    That’s where Nomad Sculpt comes in; it offers everything a digital 3D modeler needs -even if some of those features (such as polypaint) are still being developed for mobile.

    Let’s look at five of its coolest features:

    • Polypaint: If you’ve ever tried painting texture on a polygon, then congratulations!
    • Multiresolution sculpting
    • Voxel Uniform Re-meshing, along with subtractive boolean
    • Dynamic Topology, to refine locally your mesh
    • Robust layers that support topology change

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    5) Nomad is a Multipurpose tool

    When I first heard of nomad Sculpt, I thought it was just another 3D App, but to my surprise, there is so much more to it than meets the eye.

    We’re going to take a look at five cool things you can do with Nomad sculpt. The first use for the Nomad Sculpt App is that it is a multipurpose tool.

    This means that in addition to making 3D drawings and objects, it can also be used as an engraver and writing utensil.

    It has special modes on both ends so if your child (or yourself) is looking for a new toy to play around with, you may want to pick up one of these.

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    What are some alternatives to Nomad Sculpt:

    When comparing forger and Nomad Sculpt, you can also consider the following products

    • ZBrush – ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting software solution.
    • Blender – Blender is an open-source, cross-platform suite of tools for 3D creation.
    • meshmixer – meshmixer is an experimental 3D modeling tool for making 3D mashups without too much hassle.
    • Sculptura – 3D sculpting for everyone
    • Nomad List – Find the best place to  live,  work, and  play

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    Nomad Sculpt download in Apple store .. Click here

    Final Thoughts

    I hope this article has convinced you of the value of mobile modeling and sculpting with Nomad Sculpt.

    It’s a lot of fun and a dream come true for 3d artists (or at least me).

    I strongly encourage you to give it a try, regardless of your level of experience, as I believe it will only grow in popularity in the coming years.

    It’s even good for professional work on the go as Nomad is an iPad Friendly -App, and can not be used on desktops.

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