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What does content is king mean -A Beginner’s Guide

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The quote “Content is king” is originally from an essay Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996. In it, he describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content.

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The phrase “content is king” is not new, but because of the increased focus on content marketing strategies, the quote is used very often.

In the year 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay and coined the phrase “content is king”.

After almost 25 years, many digital marketing professionals still believe that content is king, but is it really?

Content in 2022 is still most certainly king, and will continue to well into 2023 AND BEYOND!

Why is “Content” called “King”?

Well, let me explain it. Like a king serves his people, content serves us all.Cheesy way of putting it? eh?

Content is the king because all marketing strategies have content at their core.

Content has the power to:

  1. Establish your brand
  2. Increase user engagement
  3. Improve your performance and Google ranking
  4. Generate quality traffic & Leads
  5. Boost conversion rates

All types of marketing work are based on content.

The form of content differs, but its importance remains the same.

For example, the ads that run over television are also a form of content. Or the catchy lines written on a bag of chips are also content.

Content is everywhere, quite literally.

Digital marketing is powered by one engine. – Traffic

If traffic is the engine, then the fuel must be “content”. But “content” isn’t that simple to define.

Paid traffic is purchasing the attention of your content in order to get traffic.

Organic traffic is having your content discovered by the traffic actively seeking relevant information associated with your content.

Content can be broken down into three mediums; static, audio, and video.

Static content can be words or images or a combo of both words and images.

Gary Vaynerchuk, if you don’t know who he is, I guarantee you will soon, is the current master of content marketing. The King some would say.

He recommends using video always because from video, you can rip that audio as stand-alone content and you can transcribe the message in what was said as static content.

Using video first, allows you to get three pieces of medium out of your one-time effort in creating content and allows you to cover much more ground in your digital marketing campaigns.

Top 4 Reasons Why Content is Important

  1. Content can help educate your audience, ensuring that they’re making smart purchasing decisions.
  2. Strong pieces of content can help you become more visible online, both on search engines and in social media.
  3. Quality content can be linked to all over the web, increasing traffic to your website and building authority with search engines.
  4. Content that Builds Backlinks

Content marketing enables any entrepreneur or enterprise to be of service to its clientele by creating digital elements that offer advice, provide information or deliver entertainment.

At the same time, you can explain the benefits of your goods and services and try to encourage a sale.

It is all well and good creating blog posts, feature articles, info-graphics and videos that appeal to an extensive audience, but if this does not adhere to their specific wants and needs, then it won’t bring about the virtues of content marketing.

If you really want to give your target market something they will appreciate and find useful, you have got to keep it relevant.

-Relevant content stands a better chance of being read;

-Relevant content is more authentic and believable;

-Relevant content positions you as an authoritative figure;

-Relevant content shows you have got something important to say;

-Relevant content gives customers a reason to do business with you.

Content – incredibly effective and influential online tool

Content can be an incredibly effective and influential online tool, which takes your marketing activity and propels it towards prosperity.

But in order to catch the audience’s eye, retain their attention and end-up with meaningful interactions, it needs to relevant.

You can choose to go down the informative route, which gives your target market useful and valuable details about a certain subject or product. 

Alternatively, you could make content more interesting and alluring, which generally involves the use of facts and figures or funny analogies and anecdotes.

But more than anything else, content needs to have a purpose that your audience can relate to. 

If so, it stands a better chance of being read in a crowd of similar content, will be much more authentic and believable than the alternatives, position you as an authoritative figure, shows your brand has got something important to say, and gives customers a reason to do business with you.

Content is not everything

It’s not so much that content is the most important part of digital marketing, since content by itself doesn’t guarantee or create consumer interest by default. 

It has to assume that interest and intent to know your content already exists.

It’s just oftentimes that content manifests itself through a landing page where the consumer finally completes a meaningful action for your product, such as making a purchase. 

For example, to make the most of your digital marketing efforts worthwhile, marketing consultants will advise you to have a landing page that loads efficiently on mobile since most of digital ads are driving your potential consumer to that landing page.

Content is Informative and Educative

Content is how people often get entertainment and education. 

There is something wired in humans to seek out both.

As a result, content creators are fighting for the attention of people against an infinite number of other content creators including nature itself.

From a business standpoint, if you want to sell something to somebody, at some point you need to earn their attention. 

Whether it’s a word of mouth referral or a strong and vast reputation or an advertisement or a form of content marketing like a blog post, video or podcast, you have to earn their attention so they know you exist.

Content is king because nearly every human has a strong desire for entertainment and education.

“Content is king”,

“Content is king”, though this expression has become a cliché there can’t be a better way to convey the importance of content in websites. 

For businesses, there is simply no substitute for quality content and niche expertise to reach out to B2B and B2C audience.

Outsourcing content creation will make a smart choice when you have to race against the ticking clock and to optimize the productivity of the in-house team. 

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Make the best use of Others’ Expertise
  • Conserve your energy levels and dynamism
  • Get More value for your Investment
  • Compliance of the Best Practices and Standardisation

Bad Content

Content is most certainly King. However, that King can be both good and bad.

Duplicate content, poorly created content, thin content ,Irrelevant content  or content that no one wants to see are all examples of BAD content.

Examples of good content? Well here are a few:

– Content that people WANT to see. You can figure out if people really want to know about something by looking at search volumes for keywords, looking it up yourself and seeing the quality of the content, etc.

– Well made, high quality content. Examples of this would be well-designed infographics, good articles with sources cited to back up your points, high resolution images to support your content (If you’re not putting pictures in with your blog posts, you’re messing up), and getting rid of any and all spelling errors.

Content that is Relevant. Did a new company that’s pertinent to your sector just get acquired? 

Write an article about it. Did a new product just get released that you’re a big fan of? 

Write about it. Do you have an adamant opinion on something that’s big in the news? Write about it. 

People underestimate the value of controversy, also. Do you hold a stance on a particular issue? Write about it.

(While some of these might be personally themed, the point remains the same for a business blog.

Some of the best blogs I’ve ever read have been the ones that challenge conventional wisdom, and that’s definitely something you can do with a business blog. 

The point is: Content will always be King. Google’s algorithm is based entirely around content, which only goes to prove the point more. 

Just make sure it’s good content. The bad stuff can work against you!!.

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

Content Management isn’t a new thing in the world of DigitalMarketing, yet at this moment, it is more imperative than ever before.

It was then, that if you wanted to use SEO to increase your rankings, you simply stuffed your website with full of keywords as possible. 

Content is the ruler and it is progressively working its way to the cutting edge of all advanced advertising techniques, as it turns into a pivotal component that receives enormous benefits.

Now the question is how and where can Content Marketing create a bigger impact?

So the answer is Quality content has a significant impact on SEO and search engine results. 

Moreover, good content encourages clients to engage with the brand. 

Great content not only makes people aware of a brand, but it also has the potential to bring in new leads and make more sales as more people see the brand. It also helps in converting prospective customers into paying customers.

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