Why Does Procreate Keep Crashing on My iPad?

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You’ve just recently purchased the new iPad Pro, so you still have a lot of storage space available. Procreate continues crashing at random intervals, and there is simply nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.

It’s quite irritating, and annoying and you feel you are wasting your time! You ask with frustration “Is there anybody else who has had this issue?” 

In this blog let’s figure out the reasons and how can you avoid frequent Crashes.

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You missed the Updates to Procreate App or your iPad.

Getting the message that it’s time to update your phone is never a pleasant experience, and it never gets any better. It’s that time of the month again. 

As a result of Apple’s recent release of iOS 6, it is now necessary for iPhone/iPad users to connect their devices to a Wi-Fi network and allow them to update for five minutes.

Despite the fact that the update includes a few essential new features, there are many more reasons why you should upgrade your phone and its associated applications on a regular basis.

Why Update is a  necessary evil..

Even though they are annoying, software updates are necessary, and we should get into the habit of acting on the alerts that come into our inboxes.

The reason behind this is as follows: Most importantly, keeping your phone and computer up to date is essential for your own security and protection.

There are a variety of additional reasons to keep your phone, desktop computer, and the software that runs on them up to current as well.

When it comes to developing amazing new features that will make your life simpler, developers work really hard, and if you don’t upgrade, you won’t be able to make use of those features.

Recent upgrades to procreate, for example, have included the option to import PSD files into the application.

YouTube’s newest version, which was released today, now includes split screen mode for the iPad, allowing users to view videos while simultaneously working on anything else.

In addition, in iOS 9.3, there’s a new “Night Shift” setting that you may enable to turn your phone screen into a warmer, more sleep-friendly color after the sun has set for the day.


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Procreate is crashing on iPad after the Update-It happens peeps!

Well, You think you have updated your iPad and Procreate App. Now all set. No Crashes.  But wait.. your iPad Crashed randomly.

Well, I must say the iOS and iPadOS applications are generally trustworthy, but occasional app failures do occur. Owners of Apple iPads have reported app crashes including procreate App with the new iPadOS update. 

After completing its duty, the app will either close or return to the home screen. It might happen when the app is initially launched or while it is in use.

To fix the app crashing issue, first, identify whether the issue is an app or device crash. 

App crashes occur when an app shuts unexpectedly and becomes inaccessible but you can still use other applications, or when an app you’re attempting to start keeps vanishing off the screen. 

Be up-to-date on Updates( both App and iPad)

When upgrading your iPad’s software or any other big upgrade, older versions of apps might create troubles, particularly if they aren’t updated for the new features

Restart your iPad

Rebooting your iPad resets its settings and applications. Depending on the iPad model, there are two methods to reboot and restart it:

1. Restart your iPad with a Home Button :

Just press and hold the top button and the Home button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

2. Force restart without the Home Button :

If you have an iPad with a Home button, you need to press and quickly release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons before your device starts up again.

Reinstall Procreate App

Apps that crash regularly may be incredibly aggravating, particularly if you use them on a daily basis.

Every time you attempt to run it, it crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling an app may fix a recurrent crash.

If the malfunctioning app includes files and data, such as Evernote or Google Drive, don’t worry, all stuff will be recovered from iCloud.

Device crashes occur when the iPad becomes unresponsive or shows a blank screen. There are many methods to solve iPadOS app crashes.


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Will Restore to a previous version of Procreate work?

It doesn’t happen frequently, but there may be situations when you need to downgrade an iOS app to an earlier version.

For example, you recently updated your favorite Procreate App on your iPad, but the new version crashes often, and the old version is gone from the App Store.

Maybe you like the older version or the older version works for you. Sadly, there is no way to accomplish this automatically using iTunes or your iOS app.

But it is possible to restore prior versions of iOS applications with little effort.

Here are tips to Restore your procreating App on your iPad

Some of The main reasons for Procreate App crashes!

  1. iPad Storage is running out
  2. Procreate is Draining your iPad Battery life
  3. You are using a larger Canvas size on your procreate App
  4. You are using maximum layers on Procreate App

iPad Storage is running out

Many iPad users experience unpredictable procreate app( Or any App for that matter) closing or restarting issues.

This may be more of a problem on older iPads. You can do a few things to help. Take note of what you were doing when it crashed and see if a pattern develops over time.

Ensure you have adequate room. Look under Settings > General > iPad Storage.

A lack of space may necessitate deleting anything before the new app can be installed.

Check the app icon to see whether the download is interrupted. If you see Resume Download, touch it. You may also try stopping and restarting it to see if that works.

Procreate is Draining your iPad Battery life

Crashing any iPad or any digital tool is a nightmare. Don’t panic, it may be simple to resuscitate. This is another regular Apple support forum topic. Maybe the battery’s dead. Wait an hour before attempting the first step again.

Repeat step one, however, this time don’t let go of the buttons when you see the Apple logo, keep holding them till you see the recovery mode screen.

You should receive Restore or Update options. Select Update to restore iOS without erasing your data.

You are using a larger Canvas size on your procreate App

Choosing a large canvas causes a crash! In my experience, that’s exactly what happens when I use Procreate.

Despite the fact that I am loving the new update and am still getting to know all of the new features, I have run across an annoying bug.

Four tiers and a multi-layer make up the canvas I’m working on.

With a resolution of 2306×3072, I was using an iPad 3( Now I have an iPad pro). Whenever I try to use the plus or minus buttons to fine-tune the selection after selecting anything and pressing the blue dot to finish the loop, Procreate crashes!

If I lose two layers, this has happened at least 10 times in a row in the same way.

Could this be a case of the iPad 3 not being able to handle this massive upgrade I think I’ve figured out what’s causing the problem after some testing.

Checked the file size and I reduced the picture from 1.7 to 1 layer on a white backdrop. Voila, it worked! Also, reduce the dimensions and you can have more layers.

You are using maximum layers on Procreate App

Well, this happened to me a few times when using a 4032 x 3024 canvas and using an image of my paper drawing as the bottom layer.

When I tried to color the design, it crashed a lot and only allowed me to use four layers. So, I was thinking Is it possible that the canvas size & Number of layers are to blame?

The iPad’s processing power is already at a minimum, and the size of the canvas is near the limit of what the iPad can manage.

These variables are likely responsible for the crashes. They sound like iOS “protective jettisons,” not crashes.

If you can free up even a few gigabytes of space, it may be a big assistance.

What if instead of having your reference picture on your phone or computer screen, you deleted the layer labeled “Reference”?

In this case, you could alternatively create a smaller canvas with the same aspect ratio and duplicate all of your layers over to it.

To begin with,  it’s best to clear some space on the iPad. If you have a lot of canvases in your Gallery, you may want to consider removing some of them. 

For visual reference, export the artwork as a PNG and a.procreate file, which keeps all the canvas data, including the Time-Lapse recording.

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