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Div & manny founders pf artmellows

MEET MELBOURNE-based Founders of Artmellows:

Meet Manny & Div

Artmellows is a Fusion of our Love for ART, Tech &  Gadgets.

We at Artmellows think that getting into digital ART, Photography, Digital Sculpt  &  Art Business space should be enjoyable, but we also understand how difficult – and expensive — it can be.

That’s why we take pleasure in providing you with carefully chosen, Up-to-date information to assist you in getting to know more about digital art How to Guides, Photography, Digital art Apps Tools & Gears, Digital Courses & 3D Printing

Whether you’re building a designer-level artwork or just starting out in the digital art world, we’re here to make the aspirational actually attainable—and FUN

Tools & Gears


Div & Manny

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MEET MELBOURNE ARTIST & Co-founder of Artmellows: Manny

Hello, I am Manny & I’m an art & fancy Gadgets/New Softwares enthusiast. I am keen on Digital Art & Sculpt, Fancy Gadgets, and new and helpful Software to name a few( Trust me, there are a lot many coming up every single day)

I love what I do and do what I love digital art & Sculpt, gadgets reviews, illustrations, etc on various apps and platforms.

Artmellows is a Fusion of My Love for ART and Gadgets.

My interest in art grew as a child mostly fascinated with pencil sketches and portraits. It kind of fell sideways as I started focussing more on my studies and career.

Past few years I have been able to spend more time on art and sharing on social platforms.

I finally have this web profile where I am able to put everything I created & Love and also pen down many Gadget Reviews that I have personally used and loved.

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MEET MELBOURNE based Blogging Coach, Blogger & Co-founder @Artmellows

Div is the founder and blogging Growth strategist/coach at Artmellows & Bydivacharya Approach who is enthusiastic about assisting women in establishing their digital empires and establishing a blog that enables them to turn their hobbies into lucrative businesses.

At Bydivacharya. com, she uses her free resources, in-depth articles, eBooks, and courses to assist new bloggers in getting started, growing their readers, and earning more money blogging.

She owns and writes Blogs  at Niche sites


Div also works with bloggers one-on-one in a blog coaching role, assisting them in expediting their journey and overcoming difficulties via the use of her innovative blogging strategy, online marketing expertise, and unique approach to blogging.

She is also a mother, wife, and dog mum. She is the author and creator of various ebooks and Digital products, which can be found at

When she isn’t obsessing over web marketing and the newest social media trends, Div enjoys coercing affection from her puppy, getting lost in the Thriller series, and taking the Gym much too seriously.

Div’s social media profiles @digitallydiv on all platforms) and blog –,, and – are where you can find her and engage with her.

Artmellows Founder

Learn More about DIV

MEET MELBOURNE Gadget Expert and Influencer( Manny)

Hello and welcome to the best Drone & Photography hobby website on the internet! Manny Acharya and I founded My wonderful family and I are pictured below.

I want to accomplish two things with this website. First and foremost, I’d like to help those who are just getting started by responding to their questions.

I had a lot of questions at the start of my journey into the world of Drone user school, and finding answers was either difficult or impossible. This website was designed to answer those nagging questions you’ve been carrying around with you.

Second, I created this website to document my family’s drone-related activities. We have three drones in our family.

Our family has three drone enthusiasts, and I wanted a place to document our adventures together while also having fun.

It is my sincere hope that everything you read on this website will be beneficial to your Drone flying endeavors.

Drones & Photography Blogs

MEET MELBOURNE ARTIST: Manoj Acharya( Mannie)

The Artwork that won the Glen S prize

So excited to be part of this group and have won second place in the ‘SouthernGFX Cryptid Contest’ !! Whooo !!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳Thank you guys Nomad Sculpt 🥂🎉🙏🏼 & Glen Southern for the amazing prize.

Find out more about it from my Facebook page- Artmellows
Artmellows Facebook Page
ArtMellows Design studio creations-Nano world/Micro World

Learn More about Microworld…

ArtMellows Design studio creations-Digital paintings

ArtMellows Design Studio creations-Digital Sculpts using Nomad Sculpt

Software, Digital Tools & Gadget Reviews

Tools & Gadgets are Vital Branches of digital Life be It for art or for just fun.

Art&GadgetsMellows is a fusion of what I Love the most Art+Gadgets where in I review all the Gadgets and tools that I come across. 
Artmellows Facebook Page

Learn More about Microworld…

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