Is Canva pro worth the money [10 Reasons Canva Pro Is Worth The Money]

Is Canva pro worth it? [10 Reasons Canva Pro Is Worth The Money]

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There is no doubt that Canva is sweeping the digital design world. It’s simple to use, powerful, and downright stunning. 

I started out as a free Canva user and was blown away by how much it could do. Once I was hooked, I decided to try Canva Pro’s 30-day free trial and never looked back. For many years, I’ve happily paid the subscription fee.

10 Reasons Canva Pro Is Worth The Money

Canva Pro is worth the money for these 10 Vital reasons:

  1. Canva Pro offers access to over 60 million photos and elements
  2. Canva Pro gives access to over 1,000 fonts 
  3. The ability to upload your own fonts
  4. Access to Loads of Design Templates
  5. Resizing to Any Format
  6. Downloading with a Transparent Background and  removing the background
  7. Ability to Build a Brand Kit for your Business
  8. Use of an Unlimited Amount of Folders
  9. Canva Pro Offer Animating Your Designs
  10. Collaborating with Team Members

If you’re on the fence about starting a Canva Pro subscription, keep reading to find out what the upgrade could do for you and your design life. 

As you can see, some of these features are extremely important depending on your design requirements.

For example, I use the background remover so frequently that I would pay Canva Pro just for that feature. 

Consider what you do the most frequently (or want to do) and how each of these features could make your life easier or more efficient.

So, How Much Does Canva Pro Cost?

Before we get into all of the reasons why Canva Pro is fantastic, let’s be clear about how much you’ll have to pay for these features.

Canva Pro costs  USD$9.95 per month if paid annually or USD $12.95 per month( AUD 17.99 /month) if paid monthly. If paid annually, this works out to USD$119.50 per year( AUD 164.99 annually) or USD $155.50 if paid monthly. If you want to use Canva Pro, the annual plan is the best option.

If you want to get a feel for Canva Pro before diving in, click here to get a full month free. Try it out and see if all of the reasons we’re about to discuss make a difference in your design life.

Canva Pro’s price is not to be sniffed at. Believe me,  especially when it comes to subscriptions I am very careful.  I only pay for things that are truly valuable to me and my team. Canva Pro, on the other hand, is SO worth it that I believe the price is completely justified.

Canva Pro isn’t one of my annual payments that makes me cringe.

Okay, let’s stop dithering and dive right into Canva Pro’s amazing features!

Over 60 million photos and elements are available

When you upgrade to Canva Pro, you gain access to a plethora of images and design elements. 60 million photos and elements is a staggering number. 

These aren’t low-quality, amateur photographs and elements. No, the photos and elements you get with Canva are of the highest quality and rival anything you’d find on other stock photo websites. 

In fact, some of their images are identical to those found on other stock photo websites.

If you frequently use stock photos, Canva is a complete bargain. In the stock image world, paying $119 for 60 million images and elements is unheard of. 

If you go to a popular site like Shutterstock, you’ll pay $199 PER MONTH for a maximum of 750 images. Other sites, such as iStock and Adobe Stock, will charge you per image, which can quickly add up. That only applies to stock images.

Canva Pro includes all of those stock photos, as well as all of its other amazing design features.

I use stock images for my blog posts and Pinterest pins on a daily basis. 

Fortunately, with so many images available, I can scroll and scroll to ensure that I’m not using images that other bloggers and creators are using. 

With 60 million images to choose from, you’re sure to find photos that are unique and special for your projects.

What are Canva elements?

Okay, Stock photos make sense, but what exactly is an element? Canva Elements are fantastic for designers because they give you access to the entire art world, not just photography.

Elements are illustrations that range from simple icons to hand-drawn characters. Some of these elements are breathtakingly beautiful and were created by masterful artists.

Some of these elements are stunning enough to print and hang as standalone designs. It’s a real treat to have access to such art.

I occasionally just scroll through them for fun and inspiration. I’ve had entire projects come to mind after seeing some cool elements that are simply too cool to ignore!!

Canva pro Includes over 1,000 fonts and the ability to upload your own

Canva Pro has every font style you could want, from scripts to grunge alphabets and boxy letters. 

There is a font for every occasion, whether you’re creating a resume or a birthday card for your child. Whatever style you’re trying to achieve, there’s bound to be a font that can accommodate it. 

In fact, there are frequently too many options to choose from.

To be honest, I could spend my entire life looking through all of Canva’s fonts. There are a plethora of them. I’m also extremely indecisive.

I’d never get anything done if I decided to look through every single font every time I started a new design.

Fonts, like stock photos, can be costly to purchase individually. One font alone could end up costing you far more than a month’s subscription to Canva. 

Canva Pro can be a very cost-effective way to experiment with a large number of different fonts without having to pay for each one individually.

The Fun of uploading your own fonts!

While Canva’s 1,000 fonts offer a lot of great options, you won’t find many quirky and elaborate fonts that you might want to use for your more eccentric designs. Or perhaps you simply adore a particular font that Canva does not provide. 

Uploading fonts to Canva, for whatever reason, gives you a lot more freedom to experiment with typography. I adore discovering free fonts to use in my designs.

Given that Canva has over 1,000 font options, I would rarely pay for a font if it wasn’t free. You are able to

Access to Loads of Templates

Canva has templates for every size of the design you might require. 

Posters, business cards, social media posts, and greeting cards all have templates. When you’re stuck mentally, these templates can be a great way to get some inspiration.

You get a lot more templates with a Canva Pro subscription than you do with the free version. 

Pre-made designs at your disposal? Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. It’s uncommon to find THIS many pre-designed templates for such a low price, making it a HUGE perk of Canva Pro.

Resizing to Any Format

 Once again, another Canva Pro feature that is well worth the subscription fee. 

Sure, it would have been preferable if they had included this in the free version, but they are still a business.

You cannot resize any of your designs without Canva Pro. You’re stuck with your dimensions once you’ve decided on them. 

You can make any size design including all the Social media posts for FB, Insta & Pinterest.

Transparent Background Downloads

This is yet another Canva Pro feature that is well worth the subscription fee. Even though it appears that this feature should have been included in the free version. 

Continue reading to the end of this post to learn my overall thoughts on Canva’s free version.

For Logos, web design materials, and other types of Digital marketing designs, I download a LOT of my designs as png with transparent backgrounds.

I also use them when I need to import standalone designs into other designs. 

There are a million different reasons why you would want a transparent png, so the fact that the free version of Canva does not provide this is a huge disadvantage if you are attempting to use the free version.

You can Animate Your Designs

Yay!! You can have your design elements enter your design in a variety of ways using their animation feature:

You can download these as Gif files or Vid files.

  • Block: elements come in more dramatically and suddenly
  • Rise: elements “rise” from the bottom of the design
  • Breathe: elements come in subtly and the backgrounds zoom in and out as if they’re breathing
  • Slide: elements slide in
  • Fade: elements “fade in” as the name implies
  • Pan: elements come in from the side and the backgrounds pan across the screen

Collaborate with your Team Members

You can invite team members to collaborate on any project or design using Canva Pro. You can not only create everything together, but you can also leave comments and communicate directly through Canva.

Canva Pro is well worth the subscription price if collaboration is important to you. 

Staying within the same ecosystem to share feedback and maximise your skills will greatly increase your efficiency. 

You won’t have to worry about version control as you send designs back and forth for feedback via email. 

The more platforms you can get rid of, the better. If everyone on your team is familiar with Canva, this is a great way to streamline your workflow.

Important: In order to use this feature, all of your team members must have Canva Pro subscriptions.

Unlimited Amount of Folders to use

The longer you use Canva, the more disorganised it becomes. You’ll only have a few rows of designs at first, but as time passes and you fall more in love with Canva, you’ll find yourself scrolling and scrolling to find the old designs you’re looking for.

Folders come in handy in this situation.

Folders allow you to…well, we all know how folders work. You can organise your designs using Canva’s folders in any way that makes sense for you to find them again. 

And believe me when I say you want to do this. 

I made the mistake of not using folders and had to waste a ridiculous amount of time looking for older designs that needed to be updated. It’s not enjoyable.

You can Build a Brand Kit for your business or your Client’s Business

There’s no need to sift through your uploads for your logo or enter colour codes to change your background. 

Save everything in your brand kit so you can quickly access everything you need for your branded designs.

To be sure, this isn’t a feature I frequently use. I just don’t do many designs that call for the same colours, fonts, or logos. 

However, if I did, I would adore this feature. Its power is not lost on me; I simply do not require it. 

If you frequently use the same design assets, this is a great reason to get Canva Pro.

What’s it About Canva’s Free Version

Canva is an incredible design programme that has allowed many people who have always wanted to dabble in graphic design but did not want to learn or pay for complicated software to do so. 

It has really opened up a lot of amazing opportunities for me, and I can confidently say that I would never have started my own graphic design venture without it.

I’ve designed books, made money from e-commerce stores, built websites, thrived on Pinterest, and made a lot of cool things for friends and family thanks to Canva.

Is Canva pro worth it?

Canva Pro is a fantastic investment if your work is related to Digital design, web design, social media marketing and many more…

My Team and I have tried several design tools, but this is the only one I’ve fallen in love with.

Canva isn’t a clunky design programme with little kerb appeal just by looking at the dashboard.

Instead, it’s a user-friendly platform jam-packed with millions (literally) of incredible resources and tools.

Keep track of how frequently you use the Pro features during your 30-day trial. How frequently do you create transparent png? How frequently do you resize your photos?

Consider your design requirements and how frequently you would use Canva Pro’s features on a monthly basis. 

Do you use its features frequently enough to justify the cost? If this is the case, you’ve just increased your design capabilities! 

If not, simply unsubscribe before the end of your 30-day trial period and you will not have lost anything.

Don’t be afraid to give it a shot! Whether it ends up being the right programme for you or not, you’ll at least understand why everyone is raving about Canva.

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If you want to get a feel for Canva Pro before diving in, click here to get a full month free. Try it out and see if all of the reasons we’re about to discuss make a difference in your design life.


Canva Pro costs  USD$9.95 per month if paid annually or USD $12.95 per month( AUD 17.99 /month) if paid monthly. If paid annually, this works out to USD$119.50 per year( AUD 164.99 annually) or USD $155.50 if paid monthly. If you want to use Canva Pro, the annual plan is the best option.

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