How do you use alpha brushes?- A Quick Guide about Nomad sculpt Alpha Brushes

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Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app available for both iPad and Android. If you have an iPad, you’ll have to purchase it to download it.

On Android, however, you can download it for free and unlock the tools via in-app purchases. (let me tell ya’ll The free version is limited.)

The full set of features includes several brushes, primitive shapes, polygon cutting tools, and loops; the tools are also sensitive to pencil pressure.

You can separate your modifications into different layers to easily go back and forth, and avoid damaging certain areas.

Before starting let’s discuss how to create alphas in Nomad sculpt

How to Create Alphas in Nomad sculpt

Import your image

Use your iPad or computer to create a new image. Import your chosen photo, and crop it so that it is square (the app will allow you to crop your image).

Depending on how large you’d like your sculpture, set a square boundary around the object. This can vary depending on what you are sculpting but for most purposes, we recommend about 6 inches.

Also, select the front and mirror, as we want both sides of our sculpture as identical as possible. Finally, save/sync your image into iCloud Drive or Dropbox and transfer it over to Nomad Sculpt for sculpting.

How to Import Reference Images in Nomad Sculpt

Here is how you import a reference image using nomad sculpt

1. what you do is go ahead on the Nomad Sculpt App and tap on Background reference image Button and tap on the + sign

2. You will see Import Image from your photos at which point you are going to go ahead and select that option.

3. This will bring in all of your images from your photo library, but we don’t want those, we want one specific image, Import it from the Pop-up

4. Click on the checkbox for reference Image

5. Once you have the image you have selected you can play with the Opacity as well as the Alphas. You can change the position X & Y axis.. You can even rotate the image and as well as scale..

Viola, your reference image is ready to Sculpt.

Good going.. happy sculpting..

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How do you create a New shape in Nomad Sculpt

1. Tap on the scene Menu at the Top of the Nomad Sculpt App

2. Click on the primitives– there are many different kinds of primitives. let’s focus on the basic ones

3. Before doing anything hide the Default sphere and activate it symmetrically

4. Click on any shape – for instance, you are making a 3d Ice cream cone.. so select cone shape

5. When you select a shape even though it looks like 1 shape- you actually have 2 there as you have activated the Symmetrical button.

6. Activate the mesh

7. Go to the scene menu again and you can change the Overall subdivision.

8. keep the topology Number Low and Increase the number of subdivision

9. Once you are happy with the Topology, You need to tap on it. validate

10. Remember…Once you validate you can’t make changes to the topology

This is because Nomad Sculpt uses augmented reality technology that allows us to see our sculptures as if they were in front of us in real life!

Next step:  Now start making the Sculpt..

Nomad’s process is pretty simple. There’s no fancy laser scanning or anything like that, just take a few photos of your subject from a variety of angles and use them to create a 3-dimensional figure.

The first step is taken when you take three or more photos with Nomad Sculpt for iPad.

You can snap your photo on a flat surface like your desk or in front of a plain wall – it doesn’t really matter as long as it has good contrast so that Nomad can tell what parts are its background and what parts are its sculpture.

One thing I noticed while using Nomad Sculpt is that it works best when there aren’t any shadows behind your subject as they tend to confuse its object detection algorithm.

Happy Sculpting!

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