Do graphic design jobs cause stress? A Hobby vs. A career

Everyone’s ambition is to be able to work stress-free, including a graphic designer. If you were a designer, you’d know it’s never simple to work under many deadlines at once.

Well, Your Artist side is happy because you are doing what you love all day and making money -however, the graphic design job is similar to any other job. Constant deadlines, client meet-ups, Clients needing major changes etc.

Participate in a collaborative effort with skilled designers from around the world.

There are certain graphic design careers that are more demanding than others, such as those in marketing or entertainment, but there are also plenty of less stressful ones out there.

A graphic designer in a major ad agency may face strict deadlines and intense scrutiny of their work, but a graphic designer at a smaller web design firm may not have to deal with these issues.

Larger companies tend to be more stressful places for graphic designers, particularly if they have daily commitments to meet.

It is because of this that we humans are unable to bear the same situations again and over again when we are stressed. Imagine working for a customer that expects you to be calm under pressure, yet you’ve already lost your cool.

As an artist, I can’t get enough of the romance associated with the concept of doing art all day and making money from it.

For those who have a hard time blending their passions with their job, the experience of working in graphic design can be stressful.

Let’s figure out what’s causing the stress to begin with then move on to how can you deal with the “Stressful” life of a Graphic Designer.


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What causes Stress in Graphic Designer job

One of the primary “stressful issues,” in my opinion, is dealing with needs from customers – if you’re freelancing – or from other departments – if you’re employed.

As I have not worked for an agency, I am unable to comment on that.

You must first comprehend the client’s requirements and then produce something that is both functional and meets their expectations.

I’ll be a little delicate here and add that the closer one gets to art, the more difficult it may be at times to modify one’s opinions.

Often, it serves as a catalyst for growth, and you end up with something greater than you anticipated.

Additionally, clients come in all kinds and sizes, and I’m sure every freelancer can relate a humorous/terrifyingly frustrating experience.

Requirements from other departments may also be intriguing to manage since they often require collaboration with many individuals who have varying expectations.

Get to the bottom of what’s causing you to feel overwhelmed/stressed at work.

It’s a common adage that “fixing an issue gets simpler when you know about it.”

Think about your job and find out what’s making you stressed as a designer, and you’ll be more productive.

Is it because you spend so much time at the computer? It’s possible that they’re working on too many projects at once.

Perhaps your tasks are handled in a disorganised way. It’s important to identify the root source of stress in your own life and then implement changes to assist you to deal with it.

Deadlines” Rule the World.-As Always

A career in graphic design isn’t always a 9-to-5 one.

When it comes to graphic design, following deadlines, dealing with time constraints, and reacting quickly to “emergencies” or change requests are all critical aspects of the job.

Clients that demand that the text on their logo be coloured bright orangish RED green while you’re going out to watch a movie with your family.

We’ve all had to deal with deadlines at some point in our lives, and they’re well-known. Working for a firm is straightforward: You must meet the deadline, and that’s it. Even more stressful than a typical job.

If you’re a freelancer, if you think you’re going to miss a deadline, you’ll probably have to put in some weekends and late nights to make up for it. As you work more and more from home, this becomes less of a challenge.

Creativity takes a beat with “deadlines”.

It’s easy to sacrifice uniqueness and innovation in order to accommodate the demands of several customers at once.

When it comes to graphic design, there’s no room for slacking off and letting your imagination run wild.

Creative people often feel they have more to contribute but not enough time or mental energy to get it done, even if it is as basic as this.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll be working on something that satisfies your need to explore new ideas, in which case it becomes somewhat irrelevant.

The Work You Do Must Bring You, Joy.

A job in graphic design isn’t one that you can just pretend to love. In order to be successful, you must like what you’re doing.

The work of a graphic designer who dislikes what he or she does is going to show it.

As a matter of thumb rule, work for customers on the side while pursuing your degree. If you become quickly irritated or burnt out, this might be a sign that you’re a good fit for the job.

Other than that, my buddies and I all agree that we’re blessed to have a job that we’re enthusiastic about.

Regardless matter what you’re doing, you can always find joy in it. This is an excellent time to be a designer since there is a lot of demand for it.

There are a plethora of events taking place, as well as an abundance of skilled individuals and innovative concepts. You’ll have a great time collaborating with other creatives.

So, overall, it’s a good thing!!

Paying Attention to the Little Things can be quite hard

Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of graphic design. Even the tiniest adjustment in hue may make a huge effect on the overall balance of an artwork.

If you don’t pay attention to the finer points of graphic design, you won’t be able to market your items.

You may be subjected to constant Critique

In my perspective, the most difficult aspect of being a graphic designer is “other people’s opinions/criticism”

I don’t believe that “thick skin” is stressed enough as a crucial quality for a graphic designer to possess. So many individuals consider themselves creative and believe that their work will be lauded by the general public when they pursue a career in graphic design.

When in reality, even the most basic design decisions, such as the choice of font type or colour, may lead to hours or even weeks of back and forth.

Freelancing vs. Contracting Vs Graphic Designer career: Which Is More Stressful?

  • Graphic Designer Freelancing:- Very Stressful
  • Graphic designer JOB in  Major Advertising and Marketing company-Highly Stressful
  • Graphic Designer in a small Company – Less Stressful.
  • Being a graphic Designer as a Contractor- Can be Stressful.
  • Graphic Designer as Hobby-NO Stress.

Hobby Vs career -Graphic Designer

To put it another way, if you can make money doing something you like, it may be considered a profession.

In order to prevent misunderstanding, though, we might dive even farther down the rabbit hole. In my opinion, hobbies are activities you like doing without the expectation of financial gain.

You like it so much that you want to learn more about it whenever you can. When you decide how much money you want to make and when you want to make it, interest becomes a profession.

Because at the end of the day, work is still working, the cliché “Choose a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life” isn’t quite as accurate as it seems.

Even if you like what you’re doing and look forwards to getting up in the morning to do it, there will come a point when your enthusiasm will be tested.

This is a job if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make money doing what you love.

We listen to music when we’re bored because we have nothing else to do, therefore if this interest is only for fun, it’s not a niche that you can utilise to make a career out of it.

However, if you’re a fan of Graphic design and have a creative mind, and you’re able to spend any length of time in this business without becoming bored, then it’s a terrific career choice for you.

As a Graphic designer, you might pursue a career in management roles in the Advertising/Marketing industry as well.

The idea that a hobby is something you do for free, or at least not enough to warrant an income, is a fundamental one, but it isn’t entirely accurate.

Several individuals I know are making a lot of money doing what they love. So, if you weren’t forced to have a career, what would you do instead?

So, my thoughts on this are that it doesn’t matter. You should have a career that you like and that provides for your future both professionally and financially.

How to make your Graphic design job less stressful and more enjoyable?

Let’s look at the brighter side of the Graphic designer Job and tips to make your Graphic designer job less stressful

Be careful not to make your endeavours a burden on yourself.

Don’t push yourself too hard, but don’t overdo it either. When you take too many assignments in a short period of time, you are merely putting yourself under more stress.

To meet a deadline, don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Avoid the unprofessionalism of failing to meet expectations by being upfront with your customers about what you can and can’t accomplish at any given moment. Remember that your work is supposed to be fun!

Do business in a systematic manner.

You’ll be more stressed out if you don’t plan ahead of time for your tasks.

Make it a habit to get up at 6 a.m. every day as a graphic designer to begin your day’s work.

Determine how long each job will take, then write it down.

The vast majority of your to-do list will be completed flawlessly even if you can’t do it all. This will keep you going because of the happiness you get from it.

Make friends with other graphic artists.

Being part of a professional community may be a terrific way to enrich your life.

Colleagues can help you come up with fresh ideas and stay on top of the newest advances in your industry.

As a result, you’ll be more energised and able to deal with stressful situations.

As a graphic designer, you’re certain to experience some level of stress.

It might have a negative impact on your productivity and cause you to become dissatisfied with your job.

Your health and productivity will both improve if you learn how to deal with stress.

Competent graphic designers have a bright future.

Due to the increasing digitalisation of our environment, you will also have quite high future career chances as a graphic designer.

Indeed, if you remain current with the newest graphic design tools, the likelihood is that you will never struggle to obtain decent work.

As a result, your future work possibilities will be rather favourable as long as you are prepared to constantly study and grow.

After learning about all the benefits of working as a graphic designer, you may believe that this is the ideal profession for you.

However, it is not all positive; we must also discuss the disadvantages of a graphic designer profession so that you can obtain a more realistic image of reality and determine if you want to continue working in this sector or not.

Get assistance from others to overcome your shortcomings.

If you believe you can achieve anything, you must be prepared for a collapse at some time. Delegating some of your duties, even if you believe you know everything, is essential.

A designer may face certain jobs that seem to be difficult and complex. The burden isn’t yours to bear alone. Look for specialists in the field and ask for their assistance. Your work will be easier and more fun as a result of this.


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“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

A bit of stress is beneficial for your career

Stress and distress are two different things.

Stress is inherent in every non-boring/Exciting job like Graphic Designer work, which is why it’s thrilling, exhilarating, and rewarding.

Whether you can handle the stress relies as much on the people you work with and for as it does on what you provide for them.

Well, A  little bit of stress is beneficial. There are no excuses for procrastination, and you have the chance to improve yourself on a regular basis.

A better option could be to reframe the way we think about stress — as something that can be used for good rather than for ill — as a positive force.

My thought is supported by scientific evidence. Recent research has shown that a little amount of stress is really beneficial to your health. Your body sees it as a “survival strategy,” which helps to improve the health and lifespan of your cells.

Of course, we are all aware that an excessive amount of stress may be harmful. It might have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health.

However, according to this new study, it has the potential to have a good impact on your life, including your performance at work.

Everything may cause Stress in you  –

  • Make a decision if you don’t like it.
  • Too much and too quickly might be dangerous, especially if you “want/agree.”
  • People and resources might be a problem if the work environment is unfavourable.
  • Because of the continual pressure to perform at a level above your abilities.

Is Graphic Design a stressful job?

That it’s difficult to define what constitutes “stressful” since it varies from individual to individual (are designers more stressed than other professionals, such as Nurses or surgeons? ).

I’ll be tempted to focus on the factors that I believe distinguish design from other professions. Keep in mind that graphic design is a huge discipline. Whether you work in print, on the web, or in motion, you have the option to undertake artwork, game design, or programming.

The graphic designer job can be stressful however, like any other job you can try to overcome it with some minor changes

You may reduce the stress in your everyday life by improving the way you connect with your customers.

Just as your customers will be interested in their project, they may also want to know what you’re going to do once the workday ends.

Having basic time management skills is essential for a graphic designer. As a self-employed designer, you’ll need to keep track of your time.

Setting and adhering to a strict work schedule is the first step towards improved time management.


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