How to export Nomad 3d sculpt art to procreate for coloring
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How to export Nomad sculpt to procreate for coloring

The New procreate update allows you to paint 3d objects, Very exciting! but if you plan to paint your 3d model created in Nomad it is going to be tricky. 

Why? Procreate supports UV painting and the 3d model exported out of Nomad Sculpt is not UV unwrapped.

However, Nomad Sculpt quickly caught up with this, and with their 1.6.2 version released back in Nov 2021 they came up with the option of ‘UV Unwrap’. 

I could successfully export my 3D sculptures from Nomad into Procreate after  Nomad update 1.6.2. 

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I Create ( 3D sculpt) Custom Figurines on Nomad Sculpt and Print them on Anycubic 3D printers.

I would suggest that Nomad can absolutely be utilized as an excellent beginning point for professional work. 

The approach is comparable to sculpting in Blender or Zbrush but (in my view) considerably more user-friendly and works well for less complex models.

You may finish the full sculpt in nomad and export it out of the application and bring it into Blender or  Procreate to paint and add texture. 

Why export from Nomad to Procreate?

Nomad itself has great painting options, alpha for brushes, layers, blending, etc. So why would you want to export in Procreate when you can paint in Nomad? Here are the reasons why. 

1. Familiarity: You have been using Procreate for a while so you fancy using the same for the 3d model. 

2. Painting Experience: Procreate is one best 2d painting apps on tablets and you want to continue utilizing the same. It is possible to import 3D models and utilize all of the Procreate brushes, tools, and effects directly on the 3D model, on your iPad, which is the most significant feature of this version. 

3. Augmented Reality: In addition to the new 3D painting tools, version 5.2 of Procreate also improves the existing ones. In addition, an augmented reality viewer has been included in this release. 

4. UV Painting: 3d model is made of mesh. Mesh is “unwrapped” in order to produce a 2D texture for a 3D object that matches the mesh’s dimensions. Basically flattening the 3d into 2 images. This is essential in the workflow of video games and animation. Nomad Sculpt has Vertex painting, not UV.  ( check below for more explanation on UV and Vertex Painting)

In most cases, it is required if you want to texture your item very precisely, either in Blender or an external image editor like Substance Painter. 

5. Compatibility: Once you have your 3d model painted and ready in procreate, you can export the 2d Textures of your 3d Model to Upload and view in other 3d Programs/software. When you upload your 3d file in other 3d programs it will ask for 2d texture to accurately display your model with textures.

Check out My Youtube Video on Exporting From Nomad sculpt to Procreate

If you don’t already have an iPad, be sure to check out the roundup of the greatest iPad collection on Amazon 

The combination of Procreate 5.2 plus an iPad or iPad Pro is a powerful bundle that will transform the way you create digital art forever.

Procreate is quickly becoming one of the most popular and versatile tools for digital painting, and for good reason. 

In addition to its accurate replication of real-world painting methods and textures, it has simple menus, tools, and a large assortment of brushes, making it suitable for painting, comic art, and now 3D painting…

Zbrush Vs Nomad Sculpt which will you use:A Beginners Guide

Have a look at this Video to know In-depth  Details about Nomad to Procreate for Coloring.

What are UV maps?

A UV map is required for each 3D object you paint in Procreate.

Consider a UV map as a 2D skin that wraps over your 3D object. It’s best to think of a UV map as a sheet of paper that wraps around a cube, deconstructed.

3D models imported into Procreate as.USDZ and.OBJ is represented by the cube. It exists only in the 3D space.

The cube’s skin is unwrapped and flattened in 2D space to create the UV map.

While Procreate may import models with UV maps, this does not guarantee that the map will be suitable for 3D printing.

Be aware that the modeler may not have made the original to be painted on if you’re using a downloaded file.

The UV maps may include missing or overlapping portions, as well as gaps and omissions.

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I Create ( 3D sculpt) Custom Figurines on Nomad Sculpt and Print them on Anycubic 3D printers.

The 3D printing method is fairly simple to master in Procreate

The 3D printing method is fairly simple to master. To be honest, if you’re already familiar with Procreate, there’s not much to learn here. 

You can utilize your current abilities and process in 3D, which is the beauty of this upgrade.

You begin by importing the model that you wish to paint onto your computer.

In the same manner that a flat document includes layers, this one does as well. 

It’s as simple as tapping the section of the model you want to paint and you’re ready to start. 

This implies that you may improve your painting with reflectivity and select how much your material needs to seem like metal by using sub-layers for roughness and metal-ness.

Lighting and the surrounding environment may now be accessed via a new 3D tab.

You have the option to add additional lights, adjust their colors, and alter the HDRI (backgrounds that will reflect in your model). 

A smudge is an excellent tool for blending paint that has previously been applied to the model.

Additionally, you have the option to view your texture flattened, allowing you to put in other photos or textures in a more 2D fashion.

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Nomad Now supports UV!

Nomad Sculpt does support  UV after its version 1.6.2   So, How is it possible to Export Nomad Sculpt to procreate?

In screenshots below it is demonstrate how to export objects from Nomad to Procreate after UV unwrapping in Nomad Sculpt.

If your sculpture has more than two objects then you will need to perform these steps for each object. 

Also, there is the option of Decimation within Nomad Sculpt.

It creates a lighter file of your sculpture as it breaks down your mesh in triangles from quads.

Triangle can carry more details than quads in the mesh bringing down file size. 

However, avoid decimation if you can since quads are a cleaner version of the file. 

Is Nomad sculpt worth it ? The Complete Guide

Once hit unwrap you will see UVs of your model in the background if nomad sculpt was able to unwrap UVs successfully.
Use option OBJ to export the file to your files folder or tablet. And import the same file in Procreate.
Once imported into Procreate. It’s ready to paint in 3D. 🙂

What are triangles and Quads (Nomad Sculpt) in 3D Modelling? 

Every 3d model is made of mesh consisting of a Polygon ( 3 or 4 5-sided)Triangles have three vertices(Corners) and quads have four vertices. So quads are heavier when it comes to filing size.  

3D Models made out of quads are more desirable in the complex modeling and animation (gaming) industry.

It gives more close to desired results during deforming when needed. 

While converting 3d models from quads to triangles can make the file sizes smaller and lighter for painting.

Less desirable for gaming and animation. 

Triangle in Quad
Quads in 3d Modeling

How to Export Nomad Sculpt to Procreate for Coloring

Import 3D Models in Procreate

Before commencing, be sure you transfer your 3D object files to your iPad using iTunes or any of its substitutes. 

Alternatively, you may also download open-source and free 3D files right onto your iPad.

Free 3D assets are only a search away. So, have your item ready before we begin to import and export 3D files in Procreate.

Supported File Formats

As per the developer notes, you can only utilize OBJ, USD, and USDZ file types with Procreate.

These are very trustworthy 3D file formats, although each has its own limits. 

USD or Universal Scene Description is a fundamental data format for 3D elements. It is the official file format of Pixar Animation Studios. 

USD holds critical layered data, including geometry, shade, animations, and surface-level data.

You may not be able to locate USD outside of the Apple or Pixar environment.

Prep Your Sculpt Ready for the Export.

Make and design your 3d Sculpt on Nomad.

  1. Check the mesh is clean and Detailed enough
  2. If you have too many components in the Nomad sculpt- Re-mesh them into One mesh
  3. So, In order to export to procreate, you will need to have just one object, If many the actual UV mapping will be very complex. This is one Limitation to face while exporting Nomad sculpt to procreate.
  4. Combine the Objects to make a 1 single mesh
  5. Make sure that the mesh is Not too heavy so that you can export it.

if you are unable to import in procreate either the file size is big or the UV is not unwrapped. Of course, the file should be in a format supported by Procreate.

Import Into Blender(Free)/Forger(Paid) then to Procreate

Option 2: Complex UV Unwrapping:

 It’s necessary that you Move yours.OBJ file from Nomad to Blender(Free) or Forger(paid).

Generate the UV map In there and then Import on to procreate.

Let’s begin the step-by-step way:

  1. Now, Go to file in Nomad Sculpt and then go to Export- select.OBJ file
  2. Export it directly to Procreate?
  3. Voila, an error occurred Saying”this artwork cant be imported to procreate”. This could be Because, as I said earlier NOMAD sculpt earlier versions than 1.6.2 do not support UV mapping.
  4. So, now go back to the export Option and select the OBJ file, and Import in Blender(Free) or Forger(paid).
  5. Create the UV map in your selected App to Generate Automatic UVs
  6. Export to 3d Model and Import directly to procreate
  7. It’s as easy as that

Color Away On Procreate

The process of enabling three-dimensional painting on Procreate App:

A 3D model must be imported into Procreate before the 3D Painting canvas can be activated. 3D Painting will open instantly when you choose that model from your Gallery.

To view the 3D Painting interface, you must first import 3D models into your Gallery and then open them.

One of my favorite new features in Procreate is support for importing OBJ files so you can easily use your existing assets inside of procreate! 

Procreate 3D Painting

In Procreate, painting on a 3D model’s UV Map is exactly the same as painting on a 2D canvas.

Make use of the Model pack by opening a 3D model, selecting a brush and color, and then painting on the 3D model .

It’s possible to paint the model without seeing any color if you touch the region where you want to paint until it momentarily flashes blue. 

You should now be able to see color emerge on your model after painting that region again.

A decent 3D model will have at least one Base Layer when you open it.

The paint you apply will show up on both the 3D model and the Layers Panel’s Base Layer if you have one chosen. 

It’s also possible to construct your own paint layers.

Using this method, you may 3D paint without destroying the Base Layer.

Bring your Sculpt to Life… Sculpted On Nomad Sculpt, rendered in Nomad sculpt and augmented in procreate, finely sliced in Lychee Slicer, 3d printed in one piece on Anycubic Mono X, and hand painted with acrylics.- You can sculpt Anything!

3D Objects are Easy to Import and Export with Procreate!

You may quickly import and export 3D models in Procreate by following these simple steps: 

There’s a good chance you’ll have to wait for an official update to see the aforementioned choices in the Procreate app on your iPad. 

You may import and export 3D models once the Procreate 5.2 upgrade is generally available.

Now, as many of you may know, there are currently no plans for an Android edition of Procreate. 

These finest alternatives to Procreate for Android will have to suffice. 

The top Procreate alternatives for Windows 10 are also available for PC users.

If you have Windows 11, you may use that as well.

Don’t forget to show us what you’ve done with the new 3D Procreate beta version if you’re one of the select few. 

We can’t assist you with your work, but if you’re having trouble figuring out what to do next, feel free to post a question in the comments section.

Our staff is here to assist you as soon as possible.

My preferred method of Exporting Nomad sculpt to Procreate

Anyone who has visited my blog before will be aware that I do portraits on iPad using Procreate and also I do 3d Models On Nomad Sculpt.

During the shading and final likeness stages of any Sculpt, there is a final step which is painting the sculpture to bring the style more in line with classic drawing strokes. 

If it’s Complex UV Unwrapping, I normally use .OBJ file to export from Nomad Sculpt App. However, before the 1.6.2 update Nomad, dint support UV Unwrapping so I used forger to Create UV maps for the Nomad Sculpt and then I Import it to procreate.

After activating the 3D Painting canvas, I will first import a 3D model into Procreate. 

Select that model from my Gallery and it will automatically open in 3D Painting.

Voila, I start painting!!

Note: You need to import 3D models into your Gallery and open them to be able to see the 3D Painting interface.

How to export Nomad 3d sculpt art to procreate for coloring

Check out this Video on How to export Nomad 3d sculpt art to procreate for coloring

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