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How to imitate an art style? Best ways to Get Inspired by the Art style

I’m becoming increasingly interested in picture editing and abstract art.

I have discovered a few artists I admire and used them as inspiration for several of my pieces.

I’m not stealing their work, but it made me wonder if it’s a good method to practice till I establish my own style.

Let’s begin the blog with a question Is it ok to Imitate?

Is it Ok to Imitate?

It’s a Positive thing Nothing happens in a vacuum. You can figure out what kind of art you appreciate by looking at the work of others.

While creative, you are certainly familiar with the rewarding feeling of being caught off-guard by a burst of unexpected inspiration that fuels a productive period. Sadly, that doesn’t happen on a daily basis. 

The likelihood of being in the appropriate mood when you want to create a new project is rather slim.

By merging your favorite aspects of your favorite artists, you begin to develop your own style, which can alter and vary on its own.

Unless you’re explicitly copying, there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the work of other artists. Rather, it is a good thing.

“Great artists steal.” – Picasso

There’s a whole movement in Los Angeles right now that’s basically a parody of the cartoons we grew up with. Some of it is really cool.  

Some of the artists in that clique are deliberately pushing the bounds of what they can copy and get away with.

I mean, it’s art. Have fun. Do what you want, especially while learning or exploring. If you want to sell something then be careful. But if it’s just for you? Copy. Steal. Whatever it takes to get where you’re going.

Is copying an art style illegal?

The Full Federal Court has reiterated the fundamental legal principle that copyright does not protect ideas or concepts, but only the manner in which they are represented. This principle has the consequence of prohibiting the copyrighting of a style or technique.

Where to Look for Inspiration

There are many ways you can get inspiration for your art.

Magazines and books

The world of images – inspires me to make my surreal, narrative handmade collages. I have always been attracted to creating images that are dreamlike and tell a story that is interesting and challenging.

Have arty friends

Having arty friends or a community that is enthusiastic about art is the first step. 

People’s journeys and tales motivate me. I create one-of-a-kind storytelling pieces that commemorate their significant life moments by mixing them with my personal experiences and cultural heritage.

Many artists get inspiration for their art comes from life – an encounter, a moment captured or a glimpse of something undefined. 

Some artists love to translate these things into created works that speak to the heart of a viewer.

Some artists are drawn to old fairy tales, myths, and stories full of magic and fantasy, especially if there’s a dark twist woven somewhere into them. 

Obscure legends of old gods and goddesses from different cultures are also a great source of inspiration to me


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Get to know famous Artists and their Style

The strength of art, fame, and talent is added together with subjectivity, making it impossible to judge which artist is better or which is more prominent. While it’s practically impossible to definitively identify “the best” or “the most famous,” the past could nevertheless help you with your search.

Fame transcends generations, and people across history tend to remember the names of great artists, so knowing who the great ones were would be fine.

10 Most famous artists 

Visit Art Galleries

As locations to visit, art galleries can be both stimulating and confusing. 

As the art enthusiast goes from room to room in a gallery, an increasing sense of bewilderment pervades.

While it is possible to get a handle on it, and even understand it, art is often mysterious and made up of concepts and symbols that are hard to understand or fathom. 

Let me provide a few basic bits of advice to help you better enjoy your next visit to an art gallery.

How To Visit Art Galleries

Also, in at least one room, set up camp for a bit.

In my opinion, art galleries should be savored at a more sedate pace, when there are a few strong personal connections in lieu of several fleeting views.

Do your best to reject the big-name product’s allure

Sometimes you can physically feel the need, as if blood is rushing through your arteries, to see the most popular pieces of artwork on display in art galleries. 

Anyone who has ever gone to the Louvre in Paris knows the experience of being pushed and pulled by large throngs of eager sightseers, all with the goal of getting to a certain gallery in which the Mona Lisa is located behind bulletproof glass.

Hold back from the plaque

Whenever I go to an art gallery, I try to play a little game with myself. It is called Resist the Plaque. The game basically amounts to trying to read (or guess) what the work of art in front of me is about before I step up to the little information plaque on the wall to find out more.

Worrying about not knowing enough will not help you learn anything.

We all feel imprisoned by our lack of understanding in art galleries like these. However, I’m not someone who thinks that your interpretation of a work of art cannot ever be incorrect. The works may be characterized as a sophisticated and subtle message based on an expertly chosen collection of signs and symbols. With this knowledge, your involvement with the project will be richer.

Look into Social media Instagram & Pinterest

There is one thing that is obvious: social media is redrawing the art world. 

According to a study in Gotham Magazine, 80% of Generation Y art purchasers purchased fine art in the past year, and half of the buyers used Instagram for fine art-related objectives.

To put it another way, how precisely is social media influencing the art world? Social networking platforms are making a major statement by making selling easier and sidestepping galleries.

So, this makes many Famous artists and their art is on Social media you can get Inspired.


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Other Artists

Do you find yourself copying more than you’d want because you look to other artists’ work for inspiration? 

Are you getting nowhere in your quest to discover your own unique artistic style? 

Do you have trouble producing the amount of creative artwork you want?

Those who are unable to mimic anything just bring nothing to the table. 

In this piece, I will share one of the ways I employ to ensure that my artwork remains original, while still maintaining a constant flow of inspiration. 

This approach is an excellent technique to find and nurture one’s own unique artistic style. It’s also incredibly fun, too!


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The act of copying is a highly charged subject in the world of art, and the mere mention of the word tends to set many of us on edge.

Let us attempt to relax and acknowledge that every one of us has been constantly influenced throughout our lives by people, experiences, artwork (and by “artwork” I mean films, music, theatre, and literature), the settings in which we have lived, advertising, and pretty much everything else.

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING, has an effect on us, whether conscious or unconscious, and so on the work we create as artists.

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